height and size difference

Imagine your size difference OTP: when smol person A gets angry, just before they leap at their target tol person B picks them up and just holds them while A is just a wriggling angry smol shouting “LEMME AT ‘EM, LEMME AT ‘EM!”

Bonus: B kisses their smol to try and calm them down


–The time has come.

Steve and Tony: height and size differences (the list edition)

  • steve is taller than tony which means that tony has to look up at him most of times (when he’s not wearing the armor).
  • but this also means that he has to stand on his tip toes when they kiss and sometimes, steve likes to be difficult and not bend down to meet tony halfway. he finds it amusing and adorable at the way tony crinkles his nose in frustration. in the end, tony just pulls him down and it’s all good. 
  • when it comes to sharing each others’ clothes ( @ishipallthings, i blame you for you this with that beautiful commission @hellogarbagetime did), tony’s clothes are too tight on steve while steve’s clothes are too loose on tony. 
  • that doesn’t stop tony from wearing steve’s sweatpants ( he just rolls them up at the ankles, no biggie, and ties the drawstrings as tight as they will go) and especially his shirts because they’re so warm and smell of steve. it’s comforting. 
  • steve also loves wearing tony’s shirts because 1) all his usual shirts are tight anyway and 2) he always loves seeing how tony looks at him when he wears them, eyes dazed and lips parted because damn, those muscles are lethal. 
  • tony’s smol so steve carries him whenever he has the chance. to bed, after a mission, loving the feeling of how tony fits in his arms. it’s the same in bed, curling himself around tony, both of them fitting perfectly together like puzzle pieces. 
  • steve’s swole so tony loves how steve’s body covers his, protecting and shielding him for whatever the outside world throws at them. he wraps his arms tightly around steve and enjoys the strong arms that wrap around his waist, tony feels safe. 
  • they also both have a bit of a size kink, steve holding tony up as he fucks him against a wall or tony pulling steve down on top of him, wrapping his legs tightly around steve’s hips. it’s exciting for them both. 
  • also, it’s the small things like tony sitting in between steve’s legs during movie nights or how well he fits underneath steve’s arm due to his height. it’s how steve bends down to whisper ‘i love you’ in to his ear and get a kiss goodbye when he lives for a mission. 
  • it’s how tony reaches up for him sometimes, his arms around steve’s neck as he smiles up at him. it’s the sight of tony wearing his clothes, completed with his dog tags around his neck. 
  • tony is steve’s smol and steve is tony’s swole. 

If you’d like to add onto the list, please do!

Do you have trouble keeping your Tols’ and Smols’ proportions consistent?

Do you agonize over figuring out their exact height difference?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how tol your Tol is??

Do you wish there were an easier way???

Download Grace’s Giant Height Calculator here!

All you need is a sketch of your tiny (it could even be a stick-figure) and an idea for their general size compared to your giant’s hand, face, or foot. The handy instructions will guide you through the rest!

Finding the instructions confusing? Just send me a message and I can guide you through it. You’ll be calculating heights in no time!

Are your giants on the shorter side? Here are special instructions for using the calculator to determine a mini-giant’s height:

  1. Complete steps 1 through 3 as above, but draw your character on the left instead. If the proportions of your giant are different from those on the left (more or less than 7.5 heads tall) draw your giant character as well with proper proportions, keeping your character’s head the same height as a head unit (☺).

  2. To find g, count how many ☺’s tall your shorter character is. You may need to write this as a decimal. Use as many significant figures as you want for accuracy.

  3. Solve the “Ratio” equation above to find how big your giant’s ☺ is.

  4. All you need to do next to find your giant’s height is multiply 7.5 by ☺. (If you drew your giant with different proportions, just use however many heads tall you drew them as)

Have fun!

Any calculations you find using this tool are yours to use however. No need to credit me for the math, the reference, or your final numbers unless you are redistributing the calculator itself, which you are free to do with proper credit. Thanks!