height adjustment


Just a Rack set

Just a Rack (two swatches, 816 poly) and Just a Hanger (115 poly), new meshes.
Plus 18 pieces of in game clothing made deco (already on the hangers), each with at least two swatches: Activist Tee (997 poly), Bikini Top (480 poly), Bomber Jacket (1012 poly), Bows Top (1265 poly), Casual Jacket (798 poly), Cross Straps Top (482 poly), Denim Jacket  (1594 poly), Dinner Blazer (1615 poly), Evening Dress (849 poly), Floral Dress (726 poly), Halter Top (630 poly), Heart Sweatshirt (1565 poly), Hoodie Jacket (1171 poly), Long Sleeve T-Shirt (985 poly), Shirt (1622), Silk Jacket (1336 poly), Sweatshirt (794 poly), T-Shirt (981 poly).

To place clothes on the rack please activate bb.moveobjects on. Height is already adjusted. The rack is in misc deco and the rest is in clutter, but it’s easier to just search for “flop”.

Credit to @peacemaker-ic for his wood texture I used on the hangers.

after unzipping please delete the ds_store file (it’s just a mac system thingy)

movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0

lordmushroomkat  asked:

Writing request. Klance. Mutual pining. Supportive mechanical telepathic cat-parents.

man i feel like I could easily write 15 000 words about this haha. Trying to make this idea small is hard, but let’s give it a go. 

“So what do we do? We’re a paladin down now.” Pidge states. It’s a topic they’ve been dancing around. Shiro is gone, and yes of course they will find him again, but until then they can’t just… not form Voltron. 

“Keith takes black. Yeah ok, so that’s resolved.” Pidge continues.

“Are we honestly…” Lance starts to interrupt.

“But there’s STILL five lions.” Pidge shoots Lance a look. She knows he wants to argue the leader Keith point, but that’s another discussion. 

“We need another paladin.” She concludes. The group all stare at each other, not sure of what to suggest. The air is stale. 

“I….” Allura starts. Coran grabs her arm protectively. She turns to him with an understanding smile, pats his hand, and steps out of his grip.

“I will fill in.” Her commanding voice rings in the Lion’s hangar. Hunk nervously wrings his hands. Keith looks skeptical. 

“Princess, we need you to…”

“Who else do we have?!” Allura implores. “No one knows the lions like I do. I’m already a part of this team, so it’ll be easier for me to bond than some outsider!”  

The others all share a look. It had to be Allura. Of course it did. But it was a shame that it had to come to this. 

“Who will you pilot?” Hunk moves the discussion forward. Allura smiles and taps her chin thoughtfully. Her eyes move around to look at all the lions. She sighs at a fond memory. 

“My father was the red paladin, and if Keith is piloting black then…” Allura steps towards the red lion. She smiles and places her hand on its barrier. It vibrates under her touch, but does not break.

“It just seems logical.” There’s fondness in her blue eyes. She leans forward and places both palms on the barrier.

“Of course there is the issue of the red lion being the most temperamental so…” Allura laughs. The barrier doesn’t budge under her. Still keeping her out. Keith shakes his head. 

“She doesn’t like it when you call her that.” He sings.

Allura winces. She pats the barrier gently. 

“Ah, sorry girl. I didn’t mean it.” She coos. “I understand how important your paladin is. I know how much you need to trust them. I don’t want to push, but please… please I need you to…” Allura pauses. Her mouth goes taut. She stares at the giant beast in front of her trying to sense it. She leans against the barrier with a frustrated sigh. 

“How did you do this, Keith? I can tell this isn’t working at all.”

“I blasted myself out of an airlock if you must know.”

“Guys, guys,” Lance holds up his hands. “You’re going about this all wrong. For blue and I…. it was like love at first sight!” Lance saunters over to where Allura stands. 

“Your lion is your lady, and she has to know that you are going to love and respect her. You can’t grovel, you gotta woo her.” Lance stands next to Allura. 

“Mind if I show you?” He grins. Allura rolls her eyes.

“Oh yes please. Demonstrate for all of us.” 

Lance rises to the bait. He clears his throat. 

“Hello Red, you look radiant as always. Would it be ok if I spent the evening with you?” He raises his hand to knock on the barrier. 

He immediately falls through. With a vibration and a crackle, he stumbles into the red lions perimeter. He catches himself before he eats cement. He turns to beam at everyone. They look on with disbelief. Particularly Keith.

“See!” Lance exclaims happily. His voice sounds distant and crackly inside the barrier. “Just like that!” He turns to shoot finger guns at the red lion. “Thanks red, you’re beautiful. i love you. Ok Allura, if you just want to…”

Lance bumps against the barrier.

He stares at it in confusion. He tries to step forward and bumps against it once more.

‘What…?” He whispers. 

“Oh no…” Allura stares. Pidge’s eyes widen. Keith starts to look manic. 

Allura, Hunk and Pidge all touch the barrier. None of them can get in.

And Lance can’t get out.

Lance starts to push harder against the barrier. 

“Guys, I can’t…. how do I…?”

“Lance, Lance…” Allura shakes her head. She holds his gaze through the barrier. 

“She’s chosen you.”

Lance’s chest goes cold. He turns over his shoulder to look at the monstrous lion. The red glow around him is bright and hurts his eyes. Nothing like the soothing aura of Blue.

“What?! No! No! Nononono! Blue’s my lion! I’m not giving her up!” Lance beats on the barrier. it flickers underneath his fists. 

“Let me out! Keith! Come talk to your lion! Get me out of here! Tell her I can’t do this! I WON’T do this!”

“Lance, it’s ok. I’m coming I’ll…” Keith smacks into the barrier. So confident that it would peel away for him, that he hadn’t even tried to slow down. He rubs his knee that collided and hisses. He raises his hand to the barrier and pushes. It firmly pushes back. 

“Lance…” He breathily whispers. Lance places his palm opposite Keith’s, so they look like they are touching, but the barrier crackles firmly between them.

“I can’t get in.” His breath shakes with emotion. “She wants you. She’s chosen you.”

Lance blinks away tears. 

“B…but Blue. Blue’s mine. No one can….”

Soft footfalls echo across the hangar. Allura has taken off and runs towards where Blue stands. At a full sprint, she charges forwards and Blue’s barrier easily dissolves around her.

“Alright!” Alurra gives a victorious cheer. Blue lurches forward, opening its mouth ready for Allura to board. 

Lance’s heart breaks. He falls forward. Keith worries his lip and presses himself as close to Lance as he can. Hunk and Pidge wisely walk away. 

“Lance. Lance, I’m so sorry.” Keith whispers. His voice rattles in the comms of Lance’s helmet. 

“But out of everyone here…Red has chosen you. She needs you. Can’t you feel her?”

“But she’s yours, Keith. She’s yours and you’re hers.” Lance’s voice trembles. He looks up into Keith’s face. 

“I know. And she’ll always be mine so….” Keith swallows. “I’ll need you to take really good care of her. She’s trusting you, Lance. I’m trusting you.” Keith looks up with glassy eyes. Blue may have let Allura in, but here Red was actively locking her own paladin out. A surge of sympathy courses through Lance.

“Keith, I’ll…”

Metallic whirring causes lance to turn. Red has bowed down and opened her mouth wide, inviting Lance in.

“You have to go.” Keith states and turns to leave. Lance goes to grab him, but his hand smacks painfully against the barrier.

“Keith wait!” He calls. Keith pauses. His eyebrows knit together and he waits. Lance steps back from the barrier with a frustrated sigh. 

“If I…If I could hug you I would.” He announces. Keith’s eyes widen. 

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Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 2)

sorry it took so long! special thank u to Ashley (@thesaltyspice) for helping me come up with ideas for this a million years ago xx

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

[Following anyone/everyone who leaves some form of thoughtful feedback x]

- Knuckles Playlist

“Look at that one.”

“That one over there?”

“Yeah,” you confirm with a pout. “I want it.”

Ashton chuckles and looks to you at his side. “That’s the fourth dog you’ve said you wanted since we got here.”

It’s true, but you can’t help it. You always get dog-envy at the farmers’ market, exposed to too many cute pups at once for your little heart to handle.

“We should get one,” you say passively, adoring a large german shepherd trotting by with its owner. “Y'know, if we ever live together.”

Ashton smirks, turning his head. “I love how you’re not even worried about scaring me with plans for the future.”

Your cheeks redden, having not noticed the implications when you said it. It’s only been three months since the fight that started it all, since you and Ashton agreed to give your relationship a title, and you suppose you should be more careful about vocalizing your whimsical thoughts. Your guard just naturally falls around him, the pressure to play safe wiped away by his equal and obvious feelings toward you. Talk of commitment doesn’t affect him the way it does most people. If Ashton was going to run, he would’ve done so by now.

You glance down at his fingers between yours, smiling because you don’t think he’s let go of your hand all day. With his hectic training schedule for another upcoming fight and your demanding attendance at university four days a week, the two of you have recently been missing each other more than actually seeing each other, and it appears Ashton wants to make up for lost time in the form of suffocating your palm–not that you mind. For someone whose fists can be classified as lethal weapons, he has quite a gentle grip when it comes to you.

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be there. 12x12 coda. deancas. (ao3)

Dying is different when it happens slowly.

Concern is rolling off of Dean in waves, and underneath that is fear and desperation and a dozen different types of longing that, for reasons Castiel still doesn’t understand, Dean has never acted on.

Dean tells him it’s not that bad, that he just needs time, but no one is a good enough liar to make that one believable. Even if Dean were, it wouldn’t matter. Castiel knows exactly what Dean’s denial looks like.

He knows exactly how this is going to go, too, in spite of Dean’s protestations. He can feel the rot radiating out from the wound, spreading through his chest, crawling down his arms and numbing his legs. Time moves on, and the last thing it’s going to do is heal him.

Castiel gathers the last shreds of strength left to him and takes a deep breath. These will be his last words, and he wants to make sure they’re good ones.

He knows it’s cowardly to tell the Winchesters how he feels only now, when he knows it won’t cost him anything, when he won’t have to deal with the fallout. I love you feels strange and unfamiliar in his mouth, but he doesn’t regret not saying it sooner. The words scare them all, especially Dean. He can see it in the way Dean can’t meet his eyes when he says it. He recognizes it for the rejection it is, and some small part of him is glad he won’t have to live with that.

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Broken Showers

Spencer Reid x Reader

Smutty smut smut!

You hadn’t spoken to your colleague and boyfriend the whole ride back to your apartment building. You were pissed at him and he knew it.

“Y/N…. ” Spencer began and you shot him a look. Now was not the time, not whilst you were driving.

So he waited until you were home, following you into your apartment, two floors below his. It was one days like this that you wished you’d never followed his recommendation and moved into his building. You just wanted to be angry at him for a bit, take a shower and go to bed.

“Y/N please…. You can’t get annoyed at me everytime I do my job,” he looked at you with puppy dog eyes - the eyes he’d come to learn over the five months you’d been officially dating - worked on you almost every time.

Not this God damn time though.

“I’m not annoyed that you did your job. Because you DIDN’T! You defied a direct order from Hotch and put yourself in danger!” you glared at him, kicking your boots off angrily.

“Yes but it paid off didn’t it?”

He didn’t get it did he?

“It doesn’t matter that it paid off. You defied an order. Spencer, anything could have happened. What if he’d have shot you like he threatened? What if your reverse psychology hadn’t worked?”

“Then I guess we’d be having this conversation from a hospital.”

Your eyes widened at his words and you pointed to your door, “Leave.”

“Y/N…. No! I’m not leaving when you’re angry at me. I just don’t get why you’re so angry at me. Hotch has already ripped into me, I thought you’d be happy that the case was over.”

“Spencer, I am happy that it’s over. But I’m not happy that you put yourself directly in the line of fire without a God damn vest. You could have died today. I have waited far too long to find someone who I truly love, just to have them torn away from me like that,” you were yelling at him now and he looked taken aback.

“What did you just say?” he mentally replayed the conversation in his head, as did you.


That was not how you wanted to tell him.

“Y/N…. You love me?” Spencer asked, his brown eyes full of hope.

“Erm… ” Ah fuck. You’d never said those words to another man before because you’d never really been in love. Sometimes you would argue with yourself that how could you tell this was love if you’d never fell it? But you knew. It was just…. there. Your heart hurt when you were away from him, your skin prickled when he was close.

Spencer stepped closer to you and you stepped back, hitting the back of your couch.

“Say it again…. Please,” his words were a whisper, almost as if he couldn’t believe you said them.

Alright fine. It was out in the open now anyway.

“Spencer… I love you. That’s why I’m so angry at you. I thought I was going to lose you without ever getting the chance to tell you.”

“Are you sure?” he asked and you stifled a small giggle, your anger fading but only slightly.

“Yes I’m sure.”

“Okay…. I know we’re not done arguing but erm… I love you too. So much. And… I’m sorry. I won’t defy Hotch again.”

“Because he threatened to fire you or because of me?”

“Bit of both….” He grinned and you sighed knowing you couldn’t be mad at him for much longer. That was one of the most annoying things about him. He could wind you up no end, but then he’d smile his glorious, perfect smile and that was it. “Can I kiss you now?”

You rolled you eyes and nodded, allowing him to tug on your blouse and pull you forward, sinking his mouth onto yours.

What started off as a sweet, soft kiss, soon turned into fire, Spencer nipping at your bottom lip with his teeth, his hands quickly pulling your blouse loose from your pants and pushing his hands up your torso.

“Hey hey hey… ” you pulled back from him, seeing his brown eyes dark with desire.

“Hmmmm?” he wasn’t deterred and attached his lips to your neck, just below your ear.

“Spencer we’ve been on the road for two days… We need to shower. I stink.”

He muttered something into your skin and bent his legs, gripping you just below your butt and picking you up. For someone so tall and slim looking, the guy was surprisingly strong, something that had shocked you the first few times you’d gone to bed together. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he walked you to your bathroom.

Within minutes both sets of your clothes had been discarded and you were standing under the hot stream of water pouring from your shower. Spencer was stood behind you, his hands roaming your body as he licked and sucked at your neck, the water running between you. You leant forward, resting your head on the cool tiles as he caressed your breasts, rolling a hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger gently. You gasped out in pleasure, rolling your hips against his groin and hearing a delicious groan from his own chest as you made contact with him.

A hand slipped between your legs, feeling for your special place and massaging it carefully. You quickly pulled him away.

“Nope… ”

“No?” Spencer asked, his lips suckling your neck.

“Remember the last time? We broke the shower rail.”

“You need a better bath and shower,” he whispered, turning you around and lowering his mouth to your chest, pursing his lips around a nipple and slipping his hand back between your legs. You gave in, knowing you wanted this. He could buy you another rail if worst came to worst. Reaching out with your hand, you felt for him, taking his hardened length into your hand and slowly stroking up and down it.

His fingers working their magic on your clit and your working yours on his dick had you both moaning and gasping for each other shortly after.

“Let’s try this again shall we?” he asked, removing his hand which was wet with something other than water, and gently pushing you to the wall. Your shower was angled in a way that you now weren’t getting any of the spray, instead it was sluicing down Spencer’s back and running off the curve of his ass.

He nudged your legs apart, picking one of your legs off the bottom of the slippery tub and resting your foot on the ridge. You reached up, feeling for the bar that the shower head could be slid up and down to adjust it’s height. You gripped it, making sure you had a firm hold. Pressing his body close to yours, Spencer took his cock in his hands and positioned himself at your entrance, pushing inside slowly.

“Oh fuck… ” You groaned as he filled you. His hand joined yours on the bar as he started to move inside you, his other hand tightly grasping your hip and holding you close to him.

Biting down on your shoulder he started to move faster, hitting against your sweet spot perfectly, your free hand digging into the flesh of his back. He thrusted too hard and you cried out as your head knocked back on the tiles.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry,” he asked slowing his pace until you nodded, signalling for him to go on.

“I’m fine… Promise,” you assured him squeezing your inner walls around him and seeing his eyes close in bliss. He resumed his thrusts, grunting and groaning as he pushed in and out. Your own moans started to come thick and fast and you felt your leg begin to tremble, struggling to hold yourself upright.

“I’m nearly there Y/N,” Spencer rasped into your neck, his teeth grazing your skin. You’re not but it’s fine. You know Spencer will finish you off afterwards. This feels good enough for now though and you squeeze down on him, releasing and then slowly doing it again.

“Oh fuck… Ugh… Fuck… ” he gasped again and a few thrusts later you felt him releasing himself inside of you. He moved a few more times, losing momentum as he finished himself off, placing both hands on the wall either side of you and pressing his forehead to yours when he stopped, slipping out of you.

“I’m impressed,” you told him. “We didn’t break anything this time.”

Spencer chuckled and placed a tender kiss on your mouth.

“Practice makes perfect,” Pulling away, he looks you in the eyes. “I really do love you Y/N .”

“As I do you, Spencer. Just.. Try not to give me heart attacks at work anymore. I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

“I won’t. I promise. Now….” He smirked at you, licking his lips. “Let’s get you cleaned up and onto the bed. I’ve had my turn, I believe it’s yours.”

You grinned, knowing what’s coming once you get out the shower. Spencer slowly backed away from you and you settled both feet down on the floor of the tub watching in horror as you boyfriend suddenly started to slip.

Reaching for the shower curtain, he successfully steadied himself.

Unfortunately, his tug on the curtain was way too hard and you winced as it came clattering to the ground, the thin rail snapped in two.

“We’re not doing it again in here, are we?”

“No Spencer, we’re not.”

Sing us a song!

Hello Sunny!

So I was out at Pikes Place market and I saw something that reminded me of you!

here we are.. let me get it!

Tada!!! A miniature Piano! dont think I havent heard you humming all those tunes under your breath when youre taking care of the kids! I thought you might like to give an instrument a go!

what? why yes of course its all for you! I really hope you enjoy it!

It even came with a little matching stool! it might be a bit short but lets give it a look see, if it is to short I can always adjust the height for you later.

There we are! yup just like I thought the bench is a little short but it should work. you wanna give the piano a few hits?

There we go! tickle thoose Ivories! 

Im glad you like it! Ill leave you alone to figure it out now :)

Sleeping with the Enemy

Originally posted by kanjiklubs

Request: “ Ooh but how about this concept? Emperor Ren has a secret relationship with one of Luke’s new apprentices. They meet through the First Order capturing her and her “escaping” (actually being Kylo releasing her), until one day he refuses to let her return to her Master.”

Summary: Luke’s newest apprentice is entrusted with a mission after months of training only to get taken out by the First Order. When she returns the Resistance is more than thankful as well as Luke to have her back. Though behind her happy smile at the reunion, nobody knows the secret she has newly acquired. A dark and brooding secret. Her life at the Resistance and as Luke’s apprentice resumes, but not without some complications. 

A/N: Ok, I love forbidden love AU’s. I was gonna add more to the end to make it more action filled or something but it was getting a little lengthy, but the point still got across. Hopefully you all enjoy it!

Sitting at a table in the command room you felt your heart beat faster in your chest. You had been through the scenario so many times before and yet, it had taken on a whole new weight. The scenarios before had not been nearly as dangerous but not as risky for both you and the Resistance itself. Many would likely say they felt the same about their intel missions, but this, this was different.

Suddenly Luke’s voice broke you out of your train of thought, nearly causing you to jump in your seat. 

“I trust that you can handle yourself with such a task (Y/N).”

Adjusting yourself in your seat you easily brought back your composure. If there was anyone who would sense a slip in your conscience it was Luke. There couldn’t be a slip on your behalf or things would take an entirely different turn.

“Yes I can Master.”

Luke gave you a slow nod in acknowledgement. In the chair between you sat the General herself, Leia Organa. With a soft sigh she looked over to you, her eyes taking on a more nurturing appearance. Something you always admired her for. Being able to balance a nuturing spirit as well as one that would fight to the death for what she believed in.

“You’re sure this mission won’t overwhelm you?”

You rested your shoulders from their tense state as you returned her smile with your own, “I assure you General I can do this. With Luke’s training, my instinct and skill set I have this covered. It may be a tad more daunting this time…but I’m ready.”

Both Luke and Leia looked to each other before turning to you, smiles equally showcased on their faces. They didn’t want to seem too joyous considering the possibilities of what could go wrong. Especially being aware of the last run in you had had with the First Order. Nobody wanted you to get captured again.

“You’re certain a mission directly involving the Order won’t be too much?”

You nodded, “Given my past experience with them, I know exactly what to expect. I also am a little more familiar with the way they operate even off of the base.”

Luke gave you a small smile of pride. He always loved that you took your capture by the First Order as more of a learning experience than anything else. So many others would use it as a crutch and yet you used to further yourself.

Leia gave you a nod, “Then you’re just the person for the job. We’ll have preparations ready and awaiting you tomorrow morning. You’ll have plenty of time to review the mission and the maps leading to the system beforehand.”

You gave them both a nod and soft smile, “I will not fail you.”

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Hiya so this is basically just a small little pose dump, its just some of the poses I made when I didn’t have internet, and as I’m still clumping more poses together to release I thought I’d just share these for now :3 

Download Includes:

  • 23 poses in total (3 single, 10 couple)
  • Animation files
  • Pose Codes + preview pic
  • Non-pose list AND pose-list enable


This time around, because I know everyone's sims don’t have as big a height difference as mine. I’ve taken the liberty of adjusting the heights so they’ll fit sims with only a slight height difference!! 

Another thing I’ve done is I've actually made these few pose list enabled. So you don’t HAVE to put in the names of the poses :3

And that would be all. If you have any problems please let me know and i’d be happy to fix!

                                  ~~ DOWNLOAD ~~

Too sweet for me

Pairing - kang daniel x reader - fluff
Words - 450.
Warnings - quite short? other than that, none.

Originally posted by jamesandchriss2

It was spring. Pink cherry blossoms were bloomed everywhere, and you were busy taking pictures on your phone of them. While swiping the photos you took, you feel a sudden cold on your right cheek. Shuttered, you turn around, supporting your cheek.

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HK 433

Supposedly H&K’s newest rifle platform that combines the G36 and 416. There were two translations about the features but some people aren’t convinced if this is actually a real rifle since it wasn’t debuted at SHOT Show.

– Short Stroke Gas Piston System with rotary bolt
– 45/90 and 90/180 selectors
– Barrel change on user level
– All charging manipulations can be done while the safety is activated

- Modular and light construction. Compact dimensions.
- Barrel length individually configurable. Simple end-user level barrel change.
- Completely ambidextrous manipulation for right and left handed shooters.
- Non reciprocating charging handle with integrated forward assist. Switchable w/o tools.
- Lower receiver with ambidextrous manipulation for G36 and HK416 users.
- Drop safe according to AC225/D14 with and w/o applied safety.
- Upper receiver with full length STANAG rail in 12 o'clock position. Hand guard with Hkey interface on 3 and 9 o'clock position. Picatinny rail on 6 o'clock position.
- Length adjustable folding stock with height adjustable cheek weld. Weapon also usable with stock folded.
- Optional receiver integrated maintenance free shot counter.
- Tool less disassembly / assembly of major components.
- Weapon can be set to safe in all loading conditions.

@my vertically challenged trans brothers and nonbinary pals, I’ve got some nifty gear to show you.

How could I forget, I got these handy dandy mothersuckers in the mail last week and wanted to make a little post about them.

They’re inserts for your shoes solely for the purpose of making you taller! Listen, I’m like.. 5'3" maybe 5'4" if I really stand up straight and slouch 0%. Not a tall guy in the slighest, pretty small actually. It never use to bother me very much, but in the last few months to a year, with realizing I’m Not A Girl and becoming more hyper aware of how people view me, it’s become something of an issue. I’m 23, puberty was over a long time ago and even if I ever decide to go on T, I’m not getting any bigger.

A few months ago I came across a post on tumblr about height inserts and boy has it been on my mind ever since. So I did a little research. I got this pair through Sears’ online store, because apparently height inserts can’t be found in person in any store? I checked. If you know of any, feel free to add them to this post- I know not everyone can order things online. There were a few different brands and types, these were from a company called CE Compass Inc. The height is adjustable - it came with 3 different pieces for each foot, so I can basically be 1, 2, or 3 inches taller, depending on how many I put in. It’s probably not that exact, but pretty close. If you put in two levels, you really should be wearing high top shoes or boots or else your foot will be falling out. Anything more than 2 levels hasn’t worked out for me very well. But I can still get up to a solid 5'6".

I was nervous about getting them because the reviews were totally mixed. Some people said they were great, some said they were terribly uncomfortable, didn’t even work, didn’t fit in their shoes etc etc. But it cost me $7 bucks, so the risk wasn’t huge. They are SO COMFY. I was expecting to feel like I was walking on rocks, but they’re surprisingly squishy? Not quite like walking on clouds, but bearable. I walk fairly often, holding kids, pushing strollers. Sometimes I walk 1-2 miles straight. And I’ve had barely any issue so far. The more height you add, the more it’ll strain your feet and legs. I was able to go for a lengthy walk with 2 inserts added without getting uncomfortable until the end. I’d say if you think you’ll be walking a considerable amount, use less height to stay on the safe side. Or just take the extra inserts out if you get tired, since they can just slip right out.

The most important part, I actually ALMOST have some confidence for once 😮. I mean, I still haven’t had top surgery yet, and that’s going to be a complete game changer in the confidence region, but listen. Feeling taller feels so nice???? My girlfriend and I are the same height normally, being an inch or two taller than her is cute, walking by grown ass men in public and thinking “holy shit I’m taller than him” feels good, standing next to cis men I know personally and looking at them eye to eye, feels good. The top of my head actually meets the top of my fridge now. Even if there’s no one else around, I FEEL bigger. And especially on days when I’m feeling pretty down on myself and don’t think I’m “passing” well, the boost is such a relief.

So, if your height is an issue for you and you feel totally defeated that you aren’t going to grow anymore, I highly suggest something like this. It may not seem like much, I have to admit “1-2 added inches” didn’t sound very impressive to me at first. But the difference IS noticeable, to me at least. Hope this can help someone else out too!

Here’s a “height chart that’s more a size comparison to each other” chart. :P

Yeah, just how tall my guys are to each other. I do have actual heights for them, but given things, I’m choosing not to say them out loud, currently. A few know them though. So yeah, just size comparison. 
This is a remake of one from long ago, just with Razor added this time.

I actually don’t mind if people adjust their heights, somewhat, when put into crossovers with their characters and whatnot like I do with my friends. Their heights do have a little adjusting room for that reason. 

Bringing back Snape height discourse

Snape adjusts his height depending on his mood and how he feels about who he’s speaking to/in the room with:

-He goes to eye level when he respects you

-He’s a couple inches taller when he firsts meets you

-He’s goes up half a foot when he wants you to know he’s angry with you and it’s best to keep your distance

-He’s a foot shorter when he’s ashamed or apologetic

-And finally, he’s at least ten feet higher when teaching all those little dunderheads at Hogwarts

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