Height-related {Sentence Starters}

“Need me to help you reach that? 

"Now, who said that?”

“Get down here and say that to my face!”

“Have you ever considered taking up basketball? You could just drop it in the net!”

“Life’s too short. I’m not!”

“Did you shrink since I last saw you?”

“Lean over so I can reach. More. More.”

“I’m down here!”

“Are you standing on the counter to feel tall?”

“I’m not short, I’m fun-sized!”

“Do I need to get you a box to stand on?”

“You wouldn’t happen to be part giant, would you?”

“Who are you calling a shrimp?!”

“If you were an I-Pod… you’d be a Nano.”

“Ha ha! I’m taller than you now!”

“You could probably still pass as a kid.”

“How’d you grow so much?!" 

"Should I put you on my shoulders so you can see?”

anonymous asked:

The other day you mentions your height and said it good thing, like there are perks of being short. I also am short trans guy. Can you tell what are the good things of being short?

Just a random few. There´re alot more perks.

1.    ”Handsome” does not have a height requirement.

2.    You never have to bother about leg space.

3.    You can be both the little spoon and the jet pack.

4.    You have a low center of gravity, which makes it harder to tip over.

5.    You´re easier to hug, also easier to kiss.

6.     It´s eaiser to hem too long pants than fix a pair that´s too short.

7.     You don´t have to worry about hitting your head into things.

8.     You will never block peoples view at the theather.

9.     Easier access to the front row in concerts and events

10.   You´re never to tall for a bed.

11.   If you´re building muscles, you don´t have to fill out as much.

12.   You can fit small spaces.

13.   You can avoid chores.

14.   You can easily work your way around the tall people in sports.

15.   You´re great whatever your height.

Princesses by Height

I scaled all the princesses to the same head size (seemed most logical) and arranged them accordingly - Its possible these are slightly off. Areas where princesses looked equal I just took a guess which one may be taller.