Panem Et Circenses

Roma’s monologue from the latest chapter was what interested me the most more than any bloodshed depicted. (Yes, even more than Urie getting owned.) In particular her light reference to a latin phrase. 

Bread and Circuses or “Panem Et Circenses”, it’s a phrase used to describe appeasement of the masses, most particularly in the form of government. That public approval is best gained not through exemplary of excellent public service and police, but through distraction and satisfaction of the most immediate and shallow desires of the populace. 

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Blessing in Disguise // Scott McCall

Summary: As a newlywed you were anticipating a blessing coming into your lives until you were ready. A cold night brings a new member into your family while also juggling the pack. Are you and Scott ready for the responsibility?

Characters: Scott McCall x Reader, OFC!Andy, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall, Jackson x Ethan, Nolan Holloway (a reluctant pack member), Theo Raeken, Mason x Corey, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar, OC!Reese, and OFC!Lucy.

Words: 4181

Disclaimer: I do now own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own any gifs that appear in this either or images because they’re probably off google images.

Warnings: Possible swearing, mention of death, car accident, angst, fluff and fighting.

Author: Caitsy.

A/N: A twisted version of the movie Life as We Know It with Katherine Heigel and Josh Duhamel.

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You stood there in the room staring at the little baby girl in a carrier ever so carefully set on the Sheriff’s desk. All she was did was sleeping through what you would consider the most life changing and heartbreaking thing. When Sheriff Stilinski called you into the station following a huge devastation in your life you didn’t expect this.

You twisted your ring on your wedding finger as the repercussions of losing your best friend impacted your life. Yesterday you were just a new wife of barely two months and now you were a mother also. And not in the traditional sense you had envisioned. Instead of happy, exhausted tears after a birth your face was painted with streams of watered down makeup and pain filled heart.

“W-what happened exactly?” You meekly questioned as a social worker stood stationary near the baby.

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Der Schrecksee in the Allgäu is Germany’s highest alpine lake at 1813 m. From the saddle, you can cross into Austria. Lake Schrecksee lies squeezed in the Bavarian Alps. Especially during summer, this location is popular for a swim in the cool alpine lake. To get there, drive towards Hinterstein and follow the main street to the large car park at the end. Leave your car (paying the fee) and follow the signs for “Hinterbachhof”. Follow the restricted road for an easy 20 mins until you reach a power house on your left. The trailhead is after crossing the bridge on your left at coordinates 47.454759, 10.438807. It’s signposted but a little hidden, and you have to climb over a fence. From there it’s a contentious uphill hike. The area is used for cattle in the summer months. Note: Officially it’s not allowed to camp up there; German law only allows to bivy, so it’s really important to leave no trace and never leave your gear unpacked during the day. Photo by Philipp Heigel.

Signs as Chick flick heroines

Aries: Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) in 10 things I hate About you
Taurus: Loretta Castorini (Cher) in Moonstruck
Gemini: Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston) in Along Came Polly
Cancer: Ally Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) in Notebook
Leo: Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) in How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
Virgo: Sally Albright (Meg Ryans) in When Harry met Sally
Libra: Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) in Legally Blonde 
Scorpio: Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) in Bad Teacher
Sagittarius: Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) in Mean Girls
Capricorn: Abbie Richter (Katherine Heigel) in The Ugly Truth
Aquarius: Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman
Pisces: Amélie Poulain (Audrey Tatou) from Amélie