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I've been trying to gather sources on Irish and Norse deities. Not anyone specific yet because I feel i don't know enough. Unfortunately my searches aren't turning up resources that are actually useful and don't involve marvel -.- maybe I'm using the wrong keywords? anyway, do you know of any reliable books/websites that talk about Norse and Irish Deities?

Here are some links right here: 

Resources on Germanic, Nordic, and Anglo-Saxon Resources on Celtic, Gaelic, Gaulic and Druidic:

There are some others who have information from the Caw Squad. 

They are: 





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I'm still in the beginning stages of Paganism and I always hear about Celtic variations, but I find it harder to find anything specific to Germanic Paganism, which I prefer since I am German. Do you know of anything or have any resources?

Germanic paganism is difficult, since the Germanic kingdoms weren’t unified as one country for many centuries. A lot of the mythology wasn’t recorded or written down. This is, according to many historians and the American college-level education systems, why two young men, the Grimm brothers, took it upon themselves to collect folktales and legends from around the Germanic kingdoms.

Here are some links that may help: