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Okay omg could you write one where Evan comes out?? Idec who to. Or Connor honestly!!

I’ll one up you and give you two very different coming outs!


“Mom can we talk?” Evan asked. 

Heidi glanced up from her position on the couch and smiled softly at her son, though she was tired she would always make time for Evan. “Of course sweetie, what is it?” Heidi asked.

“I-I’ve been wanting to tell you something and I don’t want you to hate me for it because I can’t control it but I need to tell you this or I might explode because I’m tired of hiding it so please don’t hate me.” Evan continued to ramble before Heidi shut him down.

“Evan I would never hate you.” Heidi reached out and pulled her son down on the couch beside her. “You can tell me anything.” Heidi assured him.

“I-I’m dating a boy…” Evan trailed off. “I-I’m gay.” He whispered.

“Oh honey, I will always love you, no matter who you love.” Heidi touched her son’s face. He was the best thing in her life, she could never hate him. “Who is this boy?” Heidi smiled.

“His name is Connor Murphy, he’s a little rough around the edges but I-I really like him.” Evan smiled. Every single time he thought of Connor his heart was instantly filled with warmth.

“I’m so happy you found someone!” Heidi smiled. “I can’t wait to meet him!”

“I can’t wait for you to meet him either.” Evan told her.


A few nights later…

“Where the hell were you?!” Larry’s voiced boomed. Connor didn’t flinch or jump as he shut the front door behind him. His mother and father stood in the entrance, Zoe lingering in the back.

“I was out.” Connor snapped. He’d been out to dinner with his boyfriend, Evan and Evan’s mom. He’d been in a good mood up until he walked through the front door.

“That’s not an answer Connor!” Larry snapped. He was tired of his son being so careless and reckless and never being home. “You can’t do this! Now tell us where you were!” Larry yelled.

“Larry please.” Cynthia tried to calm her husband down. But Larry was having none of it.

“YOU WANNA FUCKING KNOW WHERE I WAS DAD! I WAS OUT TO DINNER WITH MY BOYFRIEND AND HIS MOM!” Connor lost it. He was seething, his parents never seemed to care about things until it annoyed them.

“Boy…Boyfriend?” Cynthia gasped. 

“I-I can’t even look at you right now.” Larry shook his head. He needed time, time to think about this. About his son being…gay…

Larry left the foyer and slammed the door in his office. Cynthia turned to her son, Connor had angry tears spilling from his eyes. “I should go…” Cynthia spun around and hurried off into the kitchen.

This left Zoe and Connor standing alone. “It’s okay, they’ll come around.” Zoe told him before she headed upstairs to her room.

Now Connor stood alone, feeling angry and upset. He hated this family, none of them would even care if he just disappeared. Would Zoe care? No…she hated him, even if she did accept his sexuality.

“Fuck.” Connor muttered and wiped his eyes. He was done.


Day 13

Imagine Being The Volturi’s Secretary

Part 3 (Final)

All eyes are on you as Demetri and Heidi help escort you to the guards banquet table.

It’s Jane and Alec’s birthday ball and even though you’re exhausted from carrying your child they insisted you come. You couldn’t resist their puppy eyes so you agreed to sit at their ball.

“This is Jane and Alec’s party why does everyone stare at me?” you grumble as your vampire help you sit down. You’re dressed in a form fitting red dress that shows off your large bump.

“Because you look radiant,” Heidi coos.

“I don’t feel radiant,” you grumble. Your stomach is covered in bruises from hard kicks and one of your ribs is cracked. Luckily because the Volturi feed you blood you haven’t lost any weight or any of your own nutrients.

“This will be over soon and then you’ll be an immortal goddess,” Felix assures and kisses your cheek. You blush and tug at your hair nervously.

“And we will have an amazing child,” Heidi adds.

“Of course,” you say and lean back.

All around you the Volturi and their guests are dancing gracefully.

“Go dance loves I will be fine,” you urge and nudge them away. “Go!” Heidi and Felix each kiss you before taking to the dance floor.

Watching them dance is like seeing a dream.

To think this all started with you taking a secretary job.

Of course you’ll go back work as the secretary once your ‘maternity leave’ is done. You don’t want to join the guard but you want to do something.

“(Y/N) you came!” Jane exclaims suddenly appearing before you. You jolt and squeak in surprise at her sudden appearance.

That’s when you feel a sharp pain in your stomach making you keel over. I’m no time Heidi and Felix are by you.

“(Y/N) what’s wrong!” Felix exclaims and his arms wrap around you. Heidi is kneeling before you holding your hands.

“Just a bit of pain nothin-” you scream cutting yourself off and another pain rips through you. “No, not okay. The baby is coming!”

“We need to get her to our room,” Heidi hisses and Felix picks you up.

In a second flat you’re lying ok your bed and Heidi is pressing a washcloth to your face.

Heidi happens to be the resident doctor so she’ll take care of you.

Pain washes over and everything goes back.


Days pass while you writhe in pain as venom burns through you.

When you wake Heidi and Felix are waiting.


Everything is focused and clearer. You can see and hear everything.

Felix and Heidi told you you’d be thirsty but you feel only a dull ache in your throat.

You’d rather see your child than hunt.

“The baby?” is the first words out of your mouth.

“Babies, twins, a boy and a girl, both gorgeous,” Heidi answers and you smile widely.

“You did so well,” Felix praises and you shake your head.

“I passed out if you don’t remember. Now let me see them,” you demand. Pausing you glance aside and see a mirror placed in the room. You look…flawless. “Wow I look-”

“Perfect,” Heidi and Felix finish.

“Yes,” you agree then your focus returns to your kids. “I have to see them.”

“They have human blood (Y/N),” Heidi states and you frown.

“I only feel a dull ache. Please just let me see them,” you plead and flash your puppy eyes.

“Alright love,” Felix relents and takes your hand to lead you through the castle.

You make it a few steps when you smell blood and hear matching heartbeats. You sprint from your mates and burst into re throne room.

Jane and Alec are each holding a small dark haired baby. They turn and that’s when you see your children’s faces. They have the sweetest faces and the most lovely dark hair.

You speed up and smile at them.

“Can I hold them?” you whisper. Jane and Alec each carefully hand you a baby and you cradle them close easily with your strength. “They’re so pretty.”

“Just like you,” Felix compliments as him and Heidi come up behind you.

“Aro read their minds and they want you to know they love you,” Heidi utters and rubs the head of the boy.

“They’re also sorry they caused you pain,” Felix says and lets the little girl grab his finger.

“Aw it’s okay, it’s okay Ariana and Caleb. It’s okay,” you coo and kiss their foreheads. “I love you.”

To think this all started with you taking a secretary job.

And now it’s ended with you having two amazing mates and two wonderful children.


Favorite BDJ moments in Something Rotten! (Brian’s final SR! performance countdown 4/10):  7 - Right Hand Man (Part Two)

“There’s no problem that’s too big;
when you’re married, that’s the gig.
So don’t be a sexist pig!

I’m not a fan of either Otep or Butcher Babies but when I read what Otep said about them I just… What the actual fuck? “One of ’em, if I see her I’m going to give her the option of like ‘do you want your jaw broken or your ribs broken? Just let me know which your sugar daddy can fix easier.’” Jesus Christ, lady. Stop trying to sound like some tough guy. It’s easy to act like a badass from afar but I’m willing to bet she doesn’t have the spine to say it to Heidi’s face.

I Had A Though And Then My Finger Slipped

A/N: I know I usually write Poe Dameron, but this one has been sitting on my desktop for a long while. I like it. It’s Twilight though… You can skip it. I won’t be mad. I just wanted to put it up. I don’t really know where to go with it, so if there are any thoughts on the matter, message me… unless your thoughts are mean, then you can shut the hell up.

A/A/N: There is some changing of scripture here because I wrote this on a whim and was too lazy to go and check the books. Deal with it or shut up. Peace *gangsta’ chest pump and finger sign*


You have been a vampire for only a few years. You had never known who made you. You were sure that you were never intentionally made into a vampire though. As a human, you had had an anxiety disorder. Anything and everything made you clutch the nearest thing in panic as you tried to get a decent breath in your lungs. As a result, you had a “power” as a vampire. Not only could you sense what a persons’ worst fear was, but you could also manifest it into a physical being that could torment them (or you – mostly you), hurt them (or you – usually you), or even kill them (again…or you). It tortured you inside, the things that came out of out. Horrible things. Demented, disturbing things. But then you found him.When you had seen Demetri for the first time you had felt a tugging in your chest like you had never known before. The thought of not being with him made you hurt inside. Made your heart fall into your butt, made your head spin, made your chest tight. You soon found out that he was your mate. The one you were meant to be with. Unfortunately, being with him meant being a member of the Volturi. Needless to say, Aro was very interested in your ability. He saw great potential in you, and he had you use your ability on anyone who defied them. But Demetri always made all of the sinister things about the day worth it when you got to spend the evening in his arms. Being held by him, kissed by him, and loved by him.You had always been warry of Heidi. Not just because she was beautiful beyond compare, and not just because her ability had people do anything she wanted them to. But because you knew that before Demetri had met you, the two of them had had an intimate relationship. Demetri had assured you that that was in the past and that you had nothing to worry about.“I have waited over a thousand years to feel as wonderfully happy as I am when I am with you. I wouldn’t jeopardize this just for some pretty face life Heidi. I much prefer your beautiful face.” He said to you when you were feeling insecure (which was frequently).Heidi had never liked you. When she was made a vampire, she was intended for Demetri. Although she knew that he wasn’t her mate, she was still very attached to him, and so she hated you for taking him away. When you moved into the Volturi castle it soon became apparent to you that she was trying to get him back.  Demetri of course denied it, and tried to reassure you that her attempts were in vain.Until one day when Aro had you use your ability on another vampire (a particular nasty aberration of a man bent backwards and strung up with barbed wire around his feet and neck, walking around on his hands, coming after the vampire, spewing acid vomit from his mouth), you noticed that Demetri had not been there, which was very unusual. And so when they had finally killed the rogue vampire, you went to look for Demetri. You found him in your chambers, between Heidi’s legs as he moaned out her name.You broke. Your heart shattered into pieces too small for even a vampire to see. He tried to apologize but you kept manifesting barriers between the two of you. You hid in Jane’s chambers until you had caught word of a group that was going to investigate a possible Children of the Moon sighting. For the first time in weeks people saw you come out into the land of the living (…well, living dead). Demetri was part of the group that was going, but you managed to keep any conversations with him strictly about the job.Secretly you had a plan that was going to take every level of skill you had with your ability and every mental and emotional strength you had. It went down with hardly any problems. When everyone had gotten to where the sighting was, it was discovered that there wasn’t actually any werewolves. So you made a few. And when you had found the best hiding spot you could while keeping an eye on everything, you made a decent replica of yourself. The werewolf went after the fake you and attacked you. It ripped of your fake head, killing fake you. Demetri roared and charged the beast and then he and Felix ripped it apart as the other in your group took care of the other werewolves that you had made. Demetri held the headless carcass of your fake body in his arms and wailed for you. If he had had the ability to cry, he would had been a sobbing mess. His cries of mourning could be heard through the city. After a while, when they had already started a fire to throw the werewolf bodies into, Felix caringly put a hand on Demetri’s shoulder, then took your fake body from him, and threw it into the fire as well. You sighed in partial relief. While your fake death went off without a hitch, you knew that Demetri would still sense you around. You hoped that he would think that he was just catching the others’ memories of you. You waited in your spot until the vampires gathered themselves and left. You ran. West. You didn’t know where you were going. Just that you had to get far away from there. You were in Germany, feeding on a particularly douchey looking guy that had stumbled drunkenly out of a night club, the smell of roofies in his “date” was something even a human couldn’t miss. You had no remorse from eating this bastard. You had just finished draining him when you caught sight of something in the corner of your eye. Something, or rather, someone, had just whizzed past the alley way where you were. You followed it down a different alley, looking around, smelling, trying all of the ways you knew to track it. You knew the scent to be familiar, but were having a hard time sifting through your catalog of memories to figure our who it was. You kept on after the vampire, trying to catch up to him. He was always one step ahead of you and you were growing frustrated. He was obviously a tracker (not Demetri though - you would never know that Demetri was even there). And a good one too. Demetri had taught you some things about tracking, so you were fairly decent at it. But this guy just kept evading you.It had been two days of chasing this vampire when it hit you like bus. You remembered a tracker that used to be with the Volutri, but, like you, had run away. And since he was also a tracker, he knew how to stay ahead of Demetri and anyone else who tried looking for him. Eventually, the guard gave up and let him be. And so you smiled and spoke, knowing he would hear you. “How long are you going to keep avoiding me, Allistar?"Then a body emerged from the shadows across the street. "Do they know that you’re by yourself? Isn’t your mate worried for you?” he said in an almost sarcastic tone, but you could tell that he was concerned that there were members of the guard with you. You quickly remembered the scene of Demetri wailing over your body, but then removed the memories from your head as you shook your head at him. Allistar saw the sadness in your face and he came up to you and put a consoling hand on shoulder. That was how you and he became friends. You told him why you left and how you left. He told you his reasons for leaving as well. From then on the two of you stuck together. Always having each others’ back. Always being a steadfast point in a lifestyle that meant never staying anywhere long.

One day, when you were staying Puerto Vallarta for a while, some friends of Allistar’s had come to find him. They needed his help; something about witnessing for a hybrid child. But it meant seeing the Volutri again. You had begged Allistar not to go. But he felt he had a debt to pay to his friend Carlisle.“You don’t have to come with me.” Allistar explained. “The hell I don’t!” You responded and started to pack your few belongings. While you were sure that the Volturi were not looking for you, the thought of being by yourself scared you. It’s not that you couldn’t take care of yourself. It was that when you weren’t with Allistar, your mind wheeled around and took you to some pretty dark places that your abilities couldn’t help but manifest. The horrible, disturbing, and terrifying things that your mind could conjure scared you. And if Allistar was gone they would all be let out. So you had no choice but to go with him to a little shit town called Forks.The way there was shaky. Literally. You didn’t like flying, and your anxiety about it caused more turbulence than was necessary. But you found that Carlisle’s soothing hand on yours helped quite a bit. He was a very nice man, Compassionate. You could see why Allistar liked him so much. Trusted him. Carlisle’s mate, Esme, was one of the sweetest people you;d ever met. These seemed like good people. Especially for being vampires. The car ride to the Cullen’s house was silent. You and Allistar sat in the backseat while you watched the city turn into forests of giant trees and greenery. It truly was a beautiful place, but the staleness of the air fostered a small image in your brain, thinking of all of the hiding places there must be in those trees, and then it hit you; who was hiding in those trees? The sudden realization that anything could be watching you - hunting you - disgorged from you and caused the earth to shake and road to lift up and crack. Carlisle hit the breaks and the car swerved to a stop. In the same second, Allistar unbuckled his seat belt and slid over to you, wrapping his arms around you, holding your head to his chest, and gently shushed you, rocking back and forth.“Shh shh shh shh shh..” was the only sound in the car as Carlisle and Esme looked at each other, making sure the other was alright. You saw them smile lovingly to each other. They weren’t scared? Most people would be afraid and eager to get away from you. You continued to watched them, you saw Esme look back at you with concern.“It’s alright. The road is still drivable. The car is fine. No harm done.” she said. You took a shaky but stabling breath and they continued the ride to their house. As soon as they pulled up you could smell it. Dog. Just dog. Everywhere. And you could see them moving in the trees. You remembered what Carlisle had been saying on the plane while he was trying to distract you. “There are shape-shifters in the area. We have a good alliance with them. They will help us if things with the Volturi go sour."You only caught glimpses of them for a second at a time, but you could tell that they were wolves and they were huge. They bore a striking resemblance to the children of the moon that you hunted down with the Volturi. And they stank the same as the children of the moon too. Like perpetual wet dog. Gross.The car stopped in the driveway. Other vampires were outside in the yard, and there it was. The child that you were here to witness for. Allistar came around to your side of the car and, sensing your apprehension, grabbed your hand as the two of you walked over to meet the child. She was currently standing with a vampire that held a tiny tornado in his hand. You looked around to the other vampires. You recognized Garrett, a nomad that really hated anything British. He nodded to you, acknowledging that you two knew each other. Carlisle introduced you to Edward and Bella, the parents of the child. And then Edward introduced you to Renessme. Allistar bent down to her level, and she touched his cheek. You watched Allistar’s face go from guarded to welcoming, and then to amazement."So it is true.” Allistar said in barely a whisper, but you heard it. Then everyone looked at you. It was your turn to see whatever it was that Renessme was showing every one. But you didn’t want it. You had an easy enough time feeling peoples fears without being in their heads. You didn’t need this too. You trusted Allistar’s judgement, and did nothing when Renessme motioned for you to let her touch your face.“It’s alright, Ness. You don’t need to show her.” Edward piped up and he gave you a knowing look. You had heard that he could read minds, and now you supposed that it was true. You gave him a thankful nod before Esme was introducing you to the other vampires present. And then you heard a howl and the galloping footsteps of padded paws.Three giant wolves came ambling into the yard. Your guard was immediately up and quiet groan that only Allistar knew what it was (and Carlisle figured out what (who) it was) ripped through the forest around everyone. Carlisle turned to you and explained, “These are the shape shifters that I told you about.” You eased up a bit, the air growing less tense. Trusting Carlisle you took a better look at the wolves. While they were enormous and stunk to high heaven, you had to admit that they were beautiful. Their fur looked soft, and the colours of it was amazing. One of them had the most beautiful eyes. Something about them made your heart feel full. Although you could admit that the feeling was pleasant, it was still unnerving.  Each of the wolves went behind a tree and emerged a few seconds later as humans in tattered clothes. You didn’t take your gaze off of the one with the beautiful eyes. Out from behind a redwood came a young boy, innocent and naive looking, like he had never known hardship. His adorable smile reached from ear to ear as he and his pack mates walked up to you. He looked at you with such adoration and knowing, it made you uncomfortable. You had never known anyone to look at you like that. Not even Demetri. And after the whole ordeal with him and Heidi, your self worth took a mighty blow  and it never fully recovered. In your mind you didn’t deserve the look this young wolf was giving you. It made you angry, feeling like he was only looking at you like this to mock you. All you could do was glare suspiciously at him, much like Allistar (except he was glaring because of his general mistrust of everybody).With the young boy there was another boy, obviously older, probably the alpha, and there was also a girl that bore a resemblance to the young boy. The alpha looked at the young boy confused, the girl looked mad, “Are you serious!?” She exclaimed angrily. Edward was snickering to himself, trying to contain his laughter. Everyone else had no friggin’ clue what was happening. The one you knew to be Rosalie smacked Edward and gave him a scolding look. He cleared his throat and straightened himself out, getting serious all of a sudden. “This is Jacob,” Edward started to introduce you to the pack, the alpha responded to his name and waved his hand, “I appreciate you coming to help us.” Jacob said.“And this is Leah, and her brother, Seth.” Edward continued. The girl, Leah, simply glared daggers at the both you and Allistar. The boy, Seth, although still grinning from ear to ear, was blushing profusely. You sensed there was something more to be said. You looked back at Edward who had an embarrassed and awkward look on his face. You gripped Allistar’s hand tighter as the whole situation had you uneasy. The trees around you creaked loudly, images of creatures emerging from the wood - faceless demons that you knew that if they got a hold of you would rip you apart - danced in your head. Allistar pat your hand reassuringly. You took a steadying breath. You looked to Edward for an explanation.“It looks like Seth has imprinted on you, Y/N.” he said. The ones you knew to be Emmett and Jasper erupted with laughter. Jacob couldn’t hold it back anymore either and he too joined in chuckling heartily. You gave Edward a look like, Was that supposed to clear things up? The feeling of the wood creatures still crept up in your mind and you know that it starting to manifest, you could feel it in your stomach.“Uhh, I’ll let Jacob explain.” Edward waved over to Jacob. Jacob looked a bit annoyed, like all he’d been doing lately is telling people what an imprint was. “But you’re so good at it.” Edward added you knew because of whatever Jacob was thinking. Edward turned to you and said, “Renesmee is Jacob’s imprint.” You raised your eyebrows a tad and smiled in a sarcastic way that caustically said, That’s nice. You could see the shadows of the creatures in the woods…they were coming.Jacob sighed and walked closer to you, taking Renesmee in his arms he started to speak,
It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves… suddenly. It’s not the earth holding you here anymore, she does… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend.
Allistar put a protective hand around you. “How about none of the above.” he said sternly. Seth’s face dropped. He looked like he just saw someone die or something. Seeing him like that hurt your heart for some reason. You tried to shake the feeling. You didn’t even know this boy. The two of you hadn’t even spoken a word to each other. You told yourself that you were being ridiculous. And still there was something that was pulling you to him. Something that made you want to walk over to him and hold him. And then you noticed that while your thoughts were so focused on the boy the creatures’ shadows in the forest had dissipated. Your curiosity got the better of you and you found yourself squeezing one of Allistar’s hands reassuringly and slowly walking over to Seth. Jacob had to tell Leah to calm down when she got protective of her brother and growled at you.He looked worried and hopeful at the same time. You looked him over once, walking around him in a circle. You stood behind him, you poked one of his ribs, he jumped. “You’re fast.” you mentioned more to yourself than him. Still behind him, you ran one hand through his hair. Then you rubbed your fingers together like you were feeling what residue was there, but there wasn’t any. “Clean.” you added to your list. You walked around to the front of him. The top of your head came to his shoulders. Standing on your tip-toes you leaned your head towards his heart and listened. “Healthy.” Another pro. Quickly and without warning you licked a thin strip of his skin causing him to moan slightly. It made you  smirk. “Gamey.” You said, the first con on your list. You leaned back and looked Seth in the eyes. You let out a “Hmm,” as you pursed your lips, silently judging him. Then you lean in and take a strong wiff of him. Dog. Wet dog. Sweaty, gross, wet dog. But there was an underlying scent that made you feel like you wanted to breathe him in again. Something like earth and pine. It was pleasant. But you wouldn’t admit it. Never out loud. So instead you lean back with furrowed eyebrows and turn to head into the house while saying, “You stink.” “So do you!” you heard an unfamiliar voice say. You stopped in your tracks and slowly turned on your heel. Seth was looking at you with a proud smirk on his face. You sighed incredulously and looked to Allistar. “Attic?” You asked Allistar, trying to determine where you would be able to find each other on the house. “Attic.” He confirmed and jumped up from the driveway onto the roof of the house. You turned around, disregarding what Seth had said to you, and headed up to the attic with Allistar.

You spent most of your time up in the Attic with Allistar, only coming down every once in a while when there was a ruckus down stairs, or if you were hungry and needed to feed. A couple of days after you had arrived you came down to go feed. “Jasper and I are going too. You should come with us.” Emmett said warmly gesturing for you to join him and his brother. You looked around the room; all of the Cullen’s were present as well the Egyptian vampires and Amazonians, and Seth and Jacob. Every one looked at you waiting to see your reaction. “Sorry, I’m not into your granola lifestyle.” You joked. Everyone snickered but Seth laughed harder than all of them. You shook your head. “Kiss ass.” You whispered to yourself as you went to the door. “I’ll keep you company.” Seth said coming to meet you at the door.“That’s alright. I’m sure you don’t need to see any of what’s gonna happen.” You countered, your feelings of the bleakness of your way of life apparent to anyone who saw your face. Seth reached out a comforting hand placed it on your arm. You walked out of his grasp and headed outside. He followed,catching up to you in a second. You felt his hand on the small of your back as he stepped in front of you to prevent you from going any further. “If it bothers you so much then don’t do it.” He proposed. You looked up at him, his eyes were bearing into you with concern. You felt calm under his touch. Something about him made you feel safe, like it was with Allistar, but still somehow different. Like as if Allistar was a shelter in a storm, Seth was a place where you never had to worry about storms. You were still apprehensive though, about changing what you ate. He saw the self doubt in your face and encouraged you, “You could do it. I know you could.” Now his hands were on your shoulders, holding you in place, close to him. You could smell the dog, and the pine. He radiated a heat that you were unfamiliar with but found entirely comforting. You looked into his eyes. You knew that if you chose to be like the Cullens that he would support you and help you. Okay. You made your decision and nodded turning around and walking with him back into the house to go hunting with Emmett and Jasper.

A few days later you had come down from the attic to find everyone quiet in the kitchen, just standing around the island, still as statues. You moved around the house, making your way into the living room where Jacob and Ness were watching cartoons on the TV and Seth was asleep on the couch. “Where’s Leah?” You asked, not really wanting to be near her. “She’s on watch.” Jacob answered not looking away from the show. You sat down in the arm rest of the couch on the side where Seth’s feet lay. You watched him as he slept. The rise and fall of his chest. The way his mouth was cracked open a little bit. The soft snores that came from his nose. You didn’t notice the small smile that crept up on your lips. It wasn’t until you heard, “Whatcha doin’?” from a teasing Alice that you realized what you had been doing. You shook your head to snap out of your lull and ran back upstairs to be alone with Allistar. What were you doing? How could you feel like this for someone else? A dog none-the-less!! You’re being stupid. You told yourself. You already have a mate. You can’t love someone else, especially some dog-shifter!Allistar must have sensed your turmoil. He walked up to and put a gentle hand on your shoulder. “We spent our whole human lives saying, ‘There’s no such thing as vampires. No such thing as monsters.’ Everything that we thought we knew was found out to be a lie. The laws of the world turned out to be more like suggestions. Things we thought could never happen happened. Maybe, what’s going on now, while incredibly unlikely, is actually real."He could read you like a book. He knew the guilt you felt. And also the hope. And the yearning to be loved like that by someone again. And he supported it too. He knew the decision you’d make even before you did.

That night you went out into the front yard when Seth was on watch. He laid out in his wolf form at the bottom of the steps.You sat beside him on the ground. He looked at you and nodded. If wolves could smile, you would have sworn he was. His tail wagged happily, banging on the step. You couldn’t help but chuckle. Before you knew what you were doing, you had moved yourself to sit between his front and back legs so that you could gently pet along his neck and back. He seemed startled at first; not expecting that kind of attention from a vampire. He just stayed still for a few minutes, looking at you, trying to read you, what this all meant. After a while of you petting him, he leaned his face towards you and nuzzled the crook of your neck. It tickled and giggled. You put one hand under his giant wolf chin and the pat the top of his head. And again, before you realized what you were doing, you leaned down and kissed the bridge of his nose. Then you changed your position so that you were lying with your head resting on his stomach. He stretched his head so that it rested on your legs. The two of you stayed like that for the rest of his watch.


Game: Star Crossed Myth
Pairing: Leon X MC
Fluff/Romance/Slighty AU
Request: Leon’s reaction to MC being hit on at a night club after she performs a song on stage
MC’s Name: Heidi
Requested by: ladyolixia

Sorry for the wait and sorry it’s short but I hope you enjoy it Olixia!

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