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*whines* I guess that’s it, I’ve run out of Sundays….is it Christmas yet?

Anywho, much love to all who liked and reblogged, liked and retweeted these drawings, I appreciate every single one of you (even if I’m a bit of a slacker and don’t always reply), I honestly do…

So thank you and I guess I’ll start these up again nex-

*record scratches*

Gran: Doesn’t Call the Midwife start here (Canada) soon? It’s usually in April.

Me:…. *looks at camera*

I’ll see you guys in April

Everyone’s given so many great recs for M/M romance novels in response to SaucieMel’s request, and I’ve put them all in a list, as a resource for all M/M fans.  I’ll update if more recs get added to SaucieMel’s post.  Some of the books listed here as part of a series have planned continuations, and other series are complete.  This list features the recs of amirosebooks, SaucieMel, a-quick-drink, larchwood, ngpeltier, alecdvnpt, ashleystubler13, purplefauxhawk, sherbiedibdab, and revielle. Please visit their rec lists directly, because some have given short commentaries on many of the novels, while this is just a list.

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Did you watch the Emmys last night? Fresh Air producers Ann Marie Baldonado, Heidi Saman and Molly Seavy-Nesper had a viewing party (any excuse to eat cheese) and noticed that we’ve got quite a few interviews with this year’s winners. Here’s a round-up: 

David Mandel, director and executive producer of Veep

Jeffrey TamborTransparent 

Sarah PaulsonThe People v. O.J. Simpson

John OliverLast Week Tonight

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan PeeleKey & Peele

Dame Maggie SmithDownton Abbey

Louie AndersonBaskets

Regina KingAmerican Crime

Jill Soloway, creator and director of Transparent

Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, writers and creators of Master of None 

One of our favorite moments: 

Celebrities + Rising Signs
  • Aries Rising: Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis Jr., Barbra Streisand, Joan Rivers, Shakira, Kourtney Kardashian, Stevie Knicks, Lea Michele
  • Taurus Rising: Queen Latifah, Serena Williams, Kate Middleton, Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus
  • Gemini Rising: Charlie Sheen, Mick Jaggar, Mitt Romney, Neil Armstrong, Drew Barrymore, Amy Winehouse, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock
  • Cancer Rising: Babe Ruth, Ben Affleck, Billy Joel, Robert DeNiro, Cher, Judy Garland, Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler, Molly Ringwald, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Tyra Banks, Meryl Streep
  • Leo Rising: Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Eddie Murphy, Betty White, Marilyn Monroe, Lena Dunham, Miranda Cosgrove, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Tina Fey, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood
  • Virgo Rising: Walt Disney, Woody Allen, Jane Austen, Kathy Bates, Ariana Grande, Dolly Parton, Emma Watson
  • Libra Rising: Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Katy Perry, Halle Berry
  • Scorpio Rising: Prince, Martha Stewart, Megan Fox, Nicole Kidman
  • Sagittarius Rising: Elvis Presley, Nicolas Cage, Prince William, Jaime Lee Curtis, Mila Kunis, Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys, Anne Hathaway, Ellen Degeneres, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Scarlett Johansson, Princess Diana
  • Capricorn Rising: Queen Elizabeth II, Lauren Conrad, Lorde, Zooey Deschanel
  • Aquarius Rising: Orlando Bloom, Alicia Silverstone, Adele, Audrey Hepburn, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicki Minaj,
  • Pisces Rising: Dr. Phil, Mario Lopez, Ellen Pompeo, Ashley Simpson, Gwyneth Paltrow,