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Sometimes the ones we love are like butterflies,
flitting all over, and we have to sit and wait patiently for them to land.
Sometimes they never do, and that’s a risk we take.
But sometimes what they need most is to see us sitting still, patient, waiting. To understand that we’re going to be there no matter what, that we’re the ones who are always sitting there waiting, loyal, loving. Sometimes that’s more powerful than any words
—  Heidi Cullinan, Love Lessons
DEH Characters As Things My Friends Said At The Mall
  • Jared: No, I'm not hitting on you, I was talking about cannibalism.
  • Connor: I hate everything. What triggered it? I'm sitting in a crowded food court full of humans. What do you think triggered it?
  • Evan: I didn't know what to order when the waiter came so I just picked something and this is way too spicy but I'm going to eat it anyway.
  • Alana: We're getting weird looks. What did we do? I mean, I know we did a lot of things, I just want to know which one specifically people are staring at.
  • Zoe: Should I save this half a cup of ice cream for my brother? I know it's melted, but he's not picky.
  • Heidi: No, I'm paying for the ice-cream because I feel bad.
  • Larry: I have no idea where my family is, but if you really want to find them I can help.
  • Cynthia: Well, I'd rather just not say the Asian word than butcher it to death. The waiter got what I mean.
Dear Evan Hansen Characters as Random Shit I've Said
  • Evan Hansen: Excuse me, I'm gonna go cry-
  • Connor Murphy: You know what, why don't I just drop out??? I'll get a career selling drugs.
  • Jared Kleinman: You drank my fucking juice box, this friendship is over.
  • Zoe Murphy: Guitar majors are hot? Well, I have a Paper Jamz guitar that plays All-Star and I think that counts for something.
  • Alana Beck: I'm ready as hell for chemistry, I know my entire periodic table of elements. Yes, I'm very sad.
  • Heidi Hansen: Listen, I'm trying my best so shhhhhhUT UP.
  • Cynthia Murphy: I dunno, if my kid talked shit about me online, I'd eat their phone.
  • Larry Murphy: Congrats kiddo, you're a fuckin failure.
Off Screen: meeting Heidi Part 1

((This was supposed to go up last night but I finished it just now. So, this took place last night, and the next part will be up tomorrow. I’m sketching the most important parts out now.))

Abel: Do you think my mom will actually meet us here?

Kyle: It’s worth a shot. If I know her, she’ll come. This is really terrifying isn’t it? Meeting your mom without seeing her for ten years, you meeting her for the first time. It’s totally weird…

Abel: I’m kind of scared, Papa. What if she doesn’t even care that I’m here? Because I’m my dad’s kid…

Kyle: I know this is probably hard for you. It’s really hard for me too. Just try to calm down, okay? Everything’s going to be fine. She’s not going to hurt you. I’m usre she’ll care about seeing you. It’s going to be okay, Abe-

Abel: *gasp* Papa….

Kyle: Are you alright? What’s the mat-

Kyle: Oh….

Kyle: H-heidi…

Abel: M-mo-mom…


Kenny (in distance/whispering): Dude, watch your knee! You’re close to my junk!

Eric(whispering): Well, I’m sorry, stop getting in my fucking way, Kenny!

Kenny: Stop being so fucking wide, dude!

Eric: Wait, shut the fuck up. Listen.

Kenny: Woah, Heidi got hot. She has nice titties.

Eric: Fucking disgusting. Just listen, asshole. 

Kenny: Stan? You seeing this? She’s cute!

Stan: Dude, shut up, we’re trying to listen.


Heidi: Hey. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, Kyle?

But There Were Moments - TreeBros



Connor and Evan hadn’t really interacted much outside of Evan begging Connor to text him about the project and Connor replying with a meme every time. Evan was usually slow to anger, clearly with his friendship with Jared, but the fact that Connor was starting to really push him to his edge.

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For @ness-writes beautiful TAZ AU fanfic Refractory. Hi nesswrites! I’m Heidi! The one who tries to leave meaningful reviews on your stories but is always late in writing them. I really loved this scene so I doodled it for you! I hope you like it. Keep up the amazing work. I adore this story. 

Girls put down reading to cuddle kittens. Illustration by Clara M Burd. Heidi & Children of the Alps. Johanna Spyri. John C. Winston Company, 1924.

“How! what! kittens!” shrieked Fraulein Rottenmeier. “Sebastian! Tinette! Find the horrid little things! take them away!” … It was all peace and quietness there now, Clara had the kittens on her lap, and Heidi was kneeling beside her, both laughing and playing with the tiny, graceful little animals. 

i was tagged by @lovelenanicole 💞 to list 10 songs/bops that i’ve been listening to lately

Charli XCX - Boys

Phoebe Ryan - Dark Side

Erika Jayne - Painkillr

Kesha - Fuck Him, He’s a DJ

Justin Bieber - She Don’t Like The Lights

Kylie Minogue - I Was Gonna Cancel

Britney Spears/Rihanna - S&M

Heidi Montag - Twisted

Courtney Stodden - Reality

Ariana Grande - Sometimes

i tag @iconicpopstar , @thesaddestlatinax , and @dasanispokeswoman plus anyone else that wants to 😘

Review - Dead Ringer by Heidi Belleau and Sam Schooler

There are not enough romances that effectively integrate disabled main characters, especially not queer ones.  Which is only one of several reasons why I loved Dead Ringer and why it heartily deserves it’s nomination for Best Erotic Fiction in the Bisexual Book Awards this year.

Bisexual author Heidi Belleau is a favorite of the blog not just because she writes us guest posts, but because she writes some of the best bisexual characters in romance today.  And because she has a commitment to diverse characters and stories that come from respectful dialogue with real people and comprehensive research.  She is joined by Sam Schooler, a queer and genderqueer co-author, and the collaboration feels seamless.  The end result is a positively delightful story that blends budding romance with the realities of ableism and disabled sex without ever becoming clinical or desexualized.  

Brandon Ringer is broke, unemployed, single, and just inherited his grandmothers mansion, including lots of memorabilia of his famous movie star grandfather James Ringer.  As his financials become more desperate, he turns to a celebrity look-a-like escort service to pay the bills, cashing in on his resemblance to his grandfather and house full of his iconic costumes.  Though sex work, he meets Percy, a home-bound, disabled, James Ringer superfan.  Despite an awful first encounter, they quickly establish a report… despite Percy’s need to keep Brandon secret from his caregivers and Brandon not coming clean about his family connection to James.  The POV switches between Percy and Brandon, giving you a window into both of their thoughts as they transition from sex work to friendship to romance.  

Some things are a bit too convenient (like Percy getting into college so easily) but I can forgive it.  Especially since the pair learn that Brandon’s grandfather was not only bi but poly with his grandmother’s blessing, not just a cheater like Brandon always thought he was.  I’m a sucker for all that, including the scene where they meet his grandfather’s ex boyfriend.  It was sad and yet really beautiful and infused completely with both the glamour and the harsh reality of old Hollywood.  

As the book progresses, Percy realizes his caregiver is abusing him and is finally able with Brandon’s help to escape her clutches.  The scene where this happens is an emotional rollarcoaster that had me on the edge of tears.  This is a story rooted in love but also ableism, forgiveness, and the celluloid closet. The end result is beautiful and moving.  

In all, a unique and thoughtful romance that meets the high stands for diversity in general and bisexual representation in particular that I’ve come to expect from Belleau’s work.  And heralds good things for Schooler as well.  Keep both of these on your list of queer romance writers to watch.  

- Sarah 

trigger warnings for: ableism, abuse, sex work


M.I.A. - “Bad Girls”

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Those You've Known
Spring Awakening Deaf West Cast

2015/06/14 -  Wallis Annenberg Center - Closing Night
Austin McKenzie (Melchior), Daniel N. Durant (Moritz), Alex Boniello (Voice of Moritz), Sandra Mae Frank (Wendla), Katie Boeck (Voice of Wendla), Krysta Rodriguez (Ilse), Treshelle Edmond (Martha), Kathryn Gallagher (Voice of Martha), Amelia Hensley (Thea), Lauren M. Luiz (Heidi/Voice of Thea), Ali Stroker (Anna), Miles Barbee (Otto), Sean Grandillo (Voice of Otto), Alex Wyse (Georg), Andy Mientus (Hanschen), Joshua Castille (Ernst), Daniel David Stewart (Voice of Ernst), Hillary Baack & Natacha Roi (Adult Women), Daniel Marmion & Howie Seago (Adult Men)