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Oakeshott Type XVIIIb w/ Hollow Pommel

Editor’s Note: This sword is arguably as much a XVIa as XVIIIb, but, like all medieval swords it was not crafted with the Oakeshott Typology in mind. Please note that the text below has been automatically translated by Google.

The sword is one of the historically grown existence of the “Black Burger armory”. Information about the previous owner, about the timing and nature of the acquisition are not known. The blade has a wide, flat hollow ground in the upper third, the handle knob is designed as a flat ring. The wooden handle shows remnants of the original leather coat. The guard is spirally cut with rosette-shaped massage nodule at the ends. The inlaid in brass brand refers to a possible Italian labor. [Jens Henkel]

L: 118 cm, L: 92 cm (the blade), B: 4.6 cm (blade), G: 1400 g

Second half of 15th century.
Principality of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

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