• Isayama: Oh hey look. Chapter 57.
  • Isayama: Remember Capt. Ackerman?? His name is Kaney and-
  • Isayama: WHOPP he almost shot Levi.
  • Isayama: But he didn't.
  • Isayama: Lol.
  • Isayama: He just killed hanji's squad.
  • Isayama: What's that? You thought I was gonna kill Levi because I gave away too much information about him and his past?
  • Isayama: PSHHHHH. NO.
  • Isayama: OH WAIT WAIT WAIT.
  • Isayama: Kaney just pointed a gun towards Levi.
  • Isayama: And he only has swords to defend himself with.
  • Isayama: AAANDDD that's all you get for now.
  • Isayama: You have to wait next month again haha
  • Isayama: Hm? Oh don't worry. Levi won't die.
  • Isayama: Well...not yet.
  • Isayama: Lol.
  • Isayama: This is gonna be fun.


IT IS EVIL THAT THEY MADE TWO COVERS. (The one on the right is special edition with a book case and the prologue chapter.)

Cover slip says WHY SO PRETTY HEICHOU?! (Ok, it’s a comment from Hisayama who said “this Levi is soooo pretty!!”)

Shounen Magazine also has attached this week a special Heichou cover for Vol 13, which was very tempting. I WANT ALL THE HEICHOU!

Levi: So, for the record, I got the shitty little brat back for kicking off at me today.  Here is photographic evidence.

Eren: Heichouuuu…  You didn’t have to post this!!
I guess I don’t feel so bad that he punished me because because if you look in the background of the photo you can see that Jean is with his new girlfriend. HAHAHA.