heian art

The night is dark and full of terror ! Melisandre of Asshai commission for @histruequeen ♦♦♦


Some character designs and concepts I did to participate to a project (I wasn’t chosen at the end, but whatever). It should have been an erotic-themed story settled in the closed environment of the Japanese nobility of the early XIII century, a love story between Kiyou (daughter of an important government officer) and Utahime (a blind koto’s teacher). For this plot I took heavily inspiration from a novel written by Tanizaki Jun'ichirou, “Shunkinshou”.
I’m sorry if I haven’t been so active lately, but I’ve been very much busy.


❘Amazing demonstration of Karate, by two little childs : brother and sister

Smol Queen of the Underworld trying to impress husband. 100% mission accomplished.
Anyway, I’m trying to create a unique “wardrobe” for each of the greek gods (also bc I grew sick of peplums, chitons or random pieces of cloth to be wrapped around genitalia). So for Persephone-queen-of-hell outfits I’m mixing an Eastern style (especially from Chinese Tang dynasty and Japanese early Heian period) with european elements such as late Greek or even early northern Middle-Ages. What do you think? Have you got any suggestions?