Even without factoring everyone’s particular strengths and weaknesses, there is a 4.16 percent chance of victory. And in the beginning, with everyone rushing toward the horn-shaped, weapon-filled “Cornucopia” building, those chances become totally random. What if you’ve trained for the past month to grab the spiked mace, only to watch the jerk from District 7 run away with it? And if you’re trained with any kind of long range weapon, those first few minutes are going to be the most dangerous, because bows work way better when you’re twenty feet away from someone than knee deep in their personal space.

Those first few minutes are going to be a bunch of people swinging wildly with weapons possibly not built for swinging wildly. Your odds of winning, or at least not being decapitated by multiple ubiquitous swords become way better if you can train in something long range, and immediately leave the frenzy. If you try to do your dystopian warrior-slaying in the big melee, your chances are basically randomized. Learn how to use a bow and get the hell outta dodge. Then pick people off as they try to figure out what to do with a little dagger in a massive jungle. If it helps, repeat “I’m Jennifer Lawrence. I’m Jennifer Lawrence” to yourself.

5 Ways To Survive Any Deadly Movie Scenario With Game Theory


dm me a # from these prompts and the character you want.


1 / “i wish i was a potato so i could always be baked.”

2 / “what if butterfly’s are just really small pterodactyls.”

3 / “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, i like you, fuck you”

4 / “i hope a shark eats your family”

5 / “if i saw you running at me in a dark ally way i’d probably just squish your cheeks”

6 / “was that a threat or just kinky?”

7 / “i feel like i need to bathe in holy water.”

8 / “we’re so going to hell for laughing at that”

9 / “kinda wanna ride a T Rex but i kinda don’t wanna get outta bed”

10 / “i just want a small army of dogs so i can take over the world. Is that to much to ask?”


11 / “you’re beautiful you know that right?”

12 / “I hate myself for loving you”

13 / “when we first met it was like fireworks” “babe we met of the 4th of July”

14 / “You’re my Cinderella” “bitch these shoes were expensive i’m not loosing them”

15 / “you are squishy. But you’re my squishy”

16 / “i want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole”

17 / “ i kinda, sorta, maybe, well actually i do..like you way more than i originally planned”

18 / “Happiness looks gorgeous on you”

19 / “since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than i used to”

20 / “My life is like a romantic comedy. Except there’s no romance and it’s just me laughing at my own jokes”


21 / “It hurts when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were”

22 / “i am the type of person that will cry in the bathroom. But then i’ll walk out like nothing happened.”

23 / “when you cry so much, it makes you realize that – Breathing is hard”

24 / “did i change or did you just stop loving me?”

25/ “pain is the only thing that makes me feel alive”

26 / “but they all don’t see the little bit of sadness in me”

27 / “sometimes the right path isn’t the easiest path”

28 / “i wish i could ignore you like you ignore me”

29 / “sadness is the deadliest poison that kills you slowly in misery”

30 / “i’ll be alright. One day. Some day. Just not today.”

31 / “just lie with me and tell me you love me”

32 / “my attitude depends on how people treat me”

33 / “you can’t stand me? Then sit the fuck down”

34 / “maybe you should eat some makeup, so you can be pretty on the inside”

35 / “my feelings? Don’t worry about those. No one does”

36 / “sleep isn’t sleep anymore. It’s like death. Just not permanent”

37 / “they tell you to be yourself. But then they judge you”

38 / “i haven’t felt alright in a really long time”

39 / “i see beauty in everything but myself”

40 / “i feel like such a disappointment”

March Hunger Games Event!

((All right y’all. I’ve spent some time in the simulator, adding and adjusting events, making things just a little more toonish and comedic, and I think it’s finally time for me to hold my very first Hunger Games this March!!))

((In order for me to add you onto the list of tributes, I have three little rules.

1. We must be mutuals.
2. You must like this post (or inform me if you want to submit a sideblog muse).
3. You must send me an icon of your muse for use in the Games.

Until those 3 things are solid, I can’t put you on the list. Judging by how fast the slots fill up, the date is yet to be decided. Ready for needless betrayal, everybody??))

16/24 Slots filled: Lily, Spike, Snitter, Wolf Boss, Tawna, Millie, Daffy, Negaduck, Yakko, Oswald, Taz, Betsy, Phoebus, Jackson, Steelbeak, Babs

anonymous asked:

Hi Holly, I love your Hunger Games AU so far! I don't know if you've already posted something like this (sorry if you have) but would it be possible to get a list of the competitors and their districts (+ what each district is)? Just because I find them super complicated to keep straight in my head haha. Oh and I love the fact that you're including so many characters, especially Thanisson! And he's a little baby in this :'D And Finn, cause I get the feeling he's gonna be Important somehow?

Hey, thank you!! Here are the ones I’ve revealed so far (everyone else is OC background people): 

-District 1: Rodinon and Unamo (the “Luxury” District)

-District 2: Hux and Phasma (the “Masonry” District)

-District 4: Poe and Pava (the “Fishing” District)

-District 5:  Thanisson and a powerful girl who hasn’t been introduced yet (the “Power” District)

-District 6: Mitaka (the “Transportation” District)

-District 9: Finn (the “Grain” District)

-District 10: Rey (the “Livestock” District)

-District 12: Ben and Barley, the only yet-named OC (the “Coal” District)

I feel bad for involving all of them, I’m such a wimp– but Finn is indeed important and the reason why will be revealed in the next chapter. Thanks again for the note!

anonymous asked:

Is it bad to have lost weight on ADHD meds and be happy about it? I was overweight due to gaining weight in the past few years, but since going on meds I've lost about 15lbs in 3 1/2 months. I'm well into my 20s so I'm done growing. I don't feel sick or anything and I still eat a decent amount, I just eat less than I used to. I've also been working out regularly for the first time in years so that could be part of it I guess. Is it okay that I'm happy with this weight loss if it came from meds?

I don’t think this is bad, since you say you were overweight to begin with. That’s not a dangerous amount of weight to lose in that length of time, either.

Do keep an eye on how your attitude changes over time, though; if you start consciously limiting how much you eat, overexercising, or set a new lower ideal weight after reaching a healthy weight, that’s a sign that things are starting to go south.

Followers who have (or had) eating disorders, have you got anything to add?