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Imagine [12] || Zach Dempsey x Reader.

Request: “Can you do a Zach fake instagram with a date kinda like the Jeff sushi one”

Hey loves ! Hope you’re all doing amazing 💕

This imagine was requested by @otaku-fangirlse
I’m sorry sweetie bc it kinda sucks 😕 but that’s all I could come up with so yeah here you go hope you like anyway xx

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Sam loves Cats. Cats-Cats-Cats-Cats-Cats-Cats-Cats-Cats-Cats. "Hey Cat...want to go grab a lager?"..."Hey Cat...want to go grab some sushi?". "Hey Cat...want to go play some ball?"...heehee

It’s cute as hell and I can’t believe there is actual handbag swinging over something that the Cait literally let out of the bag herself. Twice. But he does love him some kitty. 😻😻😻😻

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Hello again!! Sorry for asking another question but whatever happened to that cousin who wanted to marry Keith? The one who was small and adorable when Shiro met Keith's family? I just really love this au (you can probably tell 😁)

Oh no! It was baby Makoto who wanted to marry Keith ;A;

[The Voltron Family] Little Makoto grew up crushing on his older cousin, Keith. Everyone in the Kogane + extended family knew of this and they didn’t exactly stop the little boy either. Keith even found it adorable. When Makoto first saw Shiro, the boy was threatened his place as Keith’s husband was at stake. Keith told him it was nothing.

Another year and another time Shiro visited the Koganes. Little Makoto had seen Keith and Shiro kiss in a corner and he panicked, so he ran away a little heartbroken. Keith found the boy in the corner of the living room, hugging his knees, sobbing. He sat beside him to find out what was wrong.

Keith: *nudges the kid* Hey, baby boy, you okay? 
Makoto: *sniffles* Keith onii-chan doesn’t love me.
Keith: *shocked* What? Yes, I do! *pulls the boy closer to him* Who told you that? I’m going to kick their butts.
Makoto: *tries not to laugh because he’s crying*
Keith: Come here, Mako-chan. *lets the child stand in front of him so he could wipe his tears* Don’t you ever doubt my love for you, okay? You’re my favourite cousin because you’re The Best Boy. Alright? *smiles at the crying child*
Makoto: *nods* *sniffles*
Keith: That’s a good boy. *smiles and tries to kiss the child on the cheek only to have the little kid’s hands on his cheek to pull him in a different direction*
Makoto: *gives Keith a peck on the lips* *giggles*
Keith: *smiles so wide* SNEAKY.
Makoto: *laughs and hugs Keith* I love you, Keith onii-chan.
Keith: *hugs the boy back* I love you more.

As soon as the little boy ran off somewhere in the house, Keith stood up from the floor and dusted his pants. He didn’t know that Shiro was by the corner observing them.

Shiro: Quite popular aren’t you? *snickers* *bites a chocolate bar*
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* He’s been like that with me for years actually. He’s a good kid. *approaches his boyfriend*
Shiro: Tough act to follow. *winces* I can’t compete with that, Keith!
Keith: *laughs* I know. *grabs Shiro’s chocolate bar*
Shiro: Hey, that’s mine! *absolutely offended*
Keith: You’re in the Kogane Residence. Mind your manners. 

When Shiro and Keith announced they were getting married, Keith got an overseas call from Makoto’s mom saying that her child was acting a bit strange when they got their wedding invitation. When the call ended, he just sighed.

Keith: God. I should’ve ended it when he was young.
Shiro: *studying* *scribbling stuff* End what?
Keith: Remember my cousin, Makoto? So apparently he isn’t taking the whole wedding thing as positively as I’ve hoped for.
Shiro: *looks up at Keith* Ah. Well, you wouldn’t have known considering we’ve been together for 8 years, he might’ve gotten the idea already.
Keith: *rests his head on the table* *groans* He apparently did not get the idea. It was a cute crush back then. *frowns* He should’ve known I’m too old for him. And we’re related. 
Shiro: Didn’t stop the royals. *smirks*
Keith: *glares at Shiro* NOT. HELPING. *kicks his shin under the table*
Shiro: Ow! You are so brutal! *sits father away from Keith* But relax, babe. He’ll come around. 

Not-so-little Makoto attended Shiro and Keith’s wedding. During the reception, Keith found the boy by the sushi section.

Keith: Hey, baby boy, you okay?
Makoto: *stops and looks at Keith* 
Keith: *smiles*
Makoto: You used to call me that when I was a kid.
Keith: *nods* I did. Makoto, I—
Makoto: *smiles* It’s fine, Keith. *goes back to getting food* I mean, I’m just being stupid. I should’ve been over my crush on you ages ago but—
Keith: But?
Makoto: *deflates* I couldn’t. *frowns* *looks at Keith* But, I am now. Over my crush on you, I mean. *flushes*
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* You sure? You’re not gonna attack my husband or something? *smiles*
Makoto: *chuckles* Nah, he’s bigger than I am. *shakes head* It’s cool now. It’s chill. *hand in front of him*
Keith: “It’s chill?” *eyebrows still raised* Where are you getting—
Makoto: *hugs Keith* *whispers* I’m really happy for you, Keith. I’m happy you found a wonderful man to spend the rest of your life with. I’m sure he makes you happy as much as you make him happy.
Keith: *hugs back* Thank you. That means a lot to me coming from you. 
Makoto: *lets go and Keith* *beams at him* *leans in to give Keith a kiss on the cheek* Consolation prize. 
Keith: *smirks* SNEAKY.

When Keith got back from his talk with Makoto, Shiro looked at him worriedly.

Shiro: All good?
Keith: Yeah, all good. *smiles* *interlaces his fingers with Shiro* *sees Makoto smiling at him from one of the tables*

A Fight for an Iron Heart -Winteriron Alternative Ending

This took for FUCKING ever but I was finally able to come up with something that didn’t irritate me or sound stupid. So thank you for your patience. Watch out for the cut and please like or reblog, it literally makes my everything (day, week, night, etc.)

Link for opener/part 1 is here

It all started about three weeks after the ‘Rogue’ Avengers returned home and with all the new people trying to coexist in the compound things got…hectic. And for Tony, it became utter chaos.

Handing the CEO position over to Pepper will always be the best decision of his life. His position as head of Research and Development kept him plenty busy with projects and his portion of shares kept him in the loop with the board.

Next was the Accords that he and T’Challa were working on timeously to improve which took up a great deal of time with lawyers and the UN. Let’s not forget all the attention that Iron Man and the Avengers require. Team dynamics (read: team bonding), upgrades, training, missions, debriefing, the list went on. He was lucky he could skip on somethings. Less important board meetings, movie nights with the team, which he mostly missed because he was at a gala for the Maria Stark foundation.

So when it came to the team trying to spend time with him he really didn’t have the time to spare.

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girlfriend! sunny

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  • always having her variety/music show appearances recorded, even the ones you don’t particularly like. it sparks such pride in you to see her on the screen enjoying her job.
  • the both of you plan a healing trip to the mountains each fall. on the drive up there, it stays completely silent. no music, no talking, it’s really relaxing to just enjoy each other’s presence.
  • soonkyu tosses and turns so much while she sleeps. that the only resolution in keeping you from being kicked and annoyed was to invest in a huge body pillow. it separates her side and your side of the bed, and sometimes when soonkyu wants to cuddle she’ll throw it off the bed only for you to put in back in it’s place halfway through the night.
  • spring cleaning really just consists of trying to find more space for plushies and action figures.
  • soonkyu finds it absolutely adorable when you steal her bomber jackets. when she asks you about the missing ones she can’t help but giggle at how pouty you look when saying, “no, I’ve had this for a while. you just forgot about it.”
  • saying “i love you” often is a struggle for her. It’s not that she forgets or doesn’t want to tell you. it’s just difficult to express herself to the vulnerability the phrase can have, especially since her relationships in the past haven’t been successful.
  • never eating at fancy restaurants. soonkyu and you have dinner dates that consist of walking around alleys trying to find that perfect, quiet, family-run gem of a restaurant.
  • you really admire soonkyu’s ability to bargain. every time you visit myeongdong you just cross your arms and wait for her to persuade all of the ahjummas. she argues that bargaining is “in her blood”.
  • she’s constantly reminding you to drink more milk. since she knows how hard it can be to put health first when you’re busy. but you continuously remind her to take good care of her hair, which means no dyeing it bright colors and less time wearing a hat. although you will always love her, even if she loses all of her hair tomorrow.
  • spontaneous kisses! watching her focus on something before grabbing her face and pulling her into a sweet kiss. sunny prefers kissing you all places other than your lips since to her it feels more intimate; neck, shoulder, collarbone, etc.
  • whenever you two fight, which is not too often, she’ll create playlists. it’s her own sincere way of apologizing since expressing herself verbally is difficult.
  • each time you go grocery shopping alone, you call soonkyu to ask her want sushi she wants as she loves to eat it as a snack. “hey, I’m getting sushi. what do you want this time?” “oh get me the crunchy dragon roll if they have it this time!”
  • for some reason sunny proposed to take up couple knitting. and at first it was unbelievably difficult for the both of you, getting used to the hand technique and the hand cramps. now, it’s full of excitement and contentment of just sitting together talking calmly while knitting a warm blanket.
  • talking about having children together one day. seeing soonkyu’s eyes light up at the thought of raising babies with you. despite the sentimental future you two will share, playful arguments ensue concerning who is going to have who’s last name when you’re married.
  • sex with sunny is extremely intense due to her being dominant in the bedroom. you swear her tongue is both a blessing and a curse. sex doesn’t necessarily occur as often as some would think, she hates the thought of a physical act being the only passion/drive in the relationship. and despite her dominance in the bedroom, she has her days when playful, gentle touches are the most wonderful thing.
  • if she’s your sun, you’re her moon.
Monday Mornings Aren't So Bad With You

Angelica Schuyler x fem!reader

Note: This was a combination of two prompts people sent me, I’m not sure if they were supposed to be for drabbles or fics but whatever the case, I put them together and came up with this so I hope you like it! 

Request: Anonymous asked: Hey girl! Please take whatever time you need for yourself, but when you feel better, if you’d want to do “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.” (it’s from the fluffy/blushy sentence starters) with Angelica (I know you said you wanted some with her) then I’d appreciate it! I hope you have a great day, you deserve it!!

@librarychild asked: “You’re a terrible cook.” With Angelica, please

Warnings: this is just fluff, nothing to warn you about!

Word Count: 1,441

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Monday mornings used to be the worst time of your week. Forcing yourself up out of bed at your alarm for the start of another long week was always a struggle until Angelica came into your life.

Now Monday’s are your favorite mornings because Angelica is always there.

You wake up with her, snuggling into her, feeling her smooth skin against yours as you slowly wake up. She smiles at you, waiting in bed with you for a few minutes, not saying a word because she know’s that you don’t do well with pre-coffee conversations until she get’s up and heads into the kitchen to start on breakfast.

This morning as you make your way out into the kitchen, Angelica’s old college sweater pulled over your pajamas, your hair a mess atop your head, you find her at the stove, eggs and bacon cooking in the pan, two cups of coffee sitting on the counter.

After taking a sip from one of the coffee mugs, the warm liquid moving through your body, helping to wake up you reach for Angelica.

“Good morning,” you mumble, snaking your arms around her waist as your chin comes to rest on her shoulder. “How come you never let me help with making breakfast?” you ask.

“Because you’re a terrible cook,” she says, so casually that a grin spreads across your face, no other partner you’ve had has ever been willing to say things like that straight up, but Angelica says it, and that makes you love her even more.

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Dude I was the anon from a few days ago who had the dream where my mom gave me fake Hamilton tickets. Weelll yesterday my dad said "Hey let's go to sushi. Syke it's Hamilton"



I ate sushi once, the first piece I liked pretty much, even if it was wrapped in cold white rice. The second piece I ate, I couldn’t get off of my tongue fast enough. Needless to say I’m probably not ever going to eat sushi again.

I’m probably from now on going to be like the guy who said: “I ate sushi once, I cooked it, it tasted like fish”

(actually, I think Arnold’s grandpa said that on the cartoon show “Hey Arnold!”)


What is boredom? Why is it that small children and babies are rarely if ever bored? It is because they live in a state of full mindfulness.  Mindfulness, living in the now, is our natural state of being when we are young.  It is only later that we start filtering everything through our conscious minds.  When we do this we translate and reduce our direct sensory input to abstractions and symbols.

Thus, that lovely rose becomes not the thing in itself but an abstraction. A kind of amalgamation of “roses I have experienced before” and an abstract concept known as “flowers”.  So we don’t see that particular flower with its own individual beauty, color, shape, scent and imperfections.  When we are in this state we are bored easily unless our experience is either very new, very intense or very unique.

One of the things that happens to people when they experience their awakening is that they get caught staring at a flower or a stone intensely for a long period of time.  Friends may ask “what the heck is wrong with you it’s just a rock”.  But to the newly awakened it is not just “a rock or a flower” it is “THIS rock and THIS flower.”

People talk about being bored while they are at their computers on Tumblr or Facebook.  So, it would appear that boredom is not lack of stimulus or the opportunity for stimulus.

Boredom is a state of mind.  It is a sense of satiation with the world not lack of stimulus.  If you doubt this think about it for a moment.  You love sushi. You love it so much you’ve had it for lunch two days in a row.  Your flatmate says “hey let’s go get sushi” and you say “nah, I’m bored with sushi let’s get a nice curry instead”.  You still love sushi but you’re satiated for now. See?

๑ Samsaran ๑

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I want to draw a scene from a roleplay where arthur ran up to oliver and went "oh hey guys the sushi's here!" And oliver smaked him in tha face and ran away then jeremy nade whale noises to artur (I was jeremy)

And who’s stopping you? I’m waitin

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I'm also doing a Sleepover Saturday! ^-^ Here are a few this or thats: soda or tea, rain or snow, cookies or cupcakes, pizza or sushi. ~YetMorePrompts

Hey there, hope you have fun with yours and thanks for sending me this! ^-^

1. Tea!

2. Snow! We hardly ever get any here.

3. Cupcakes!

4. Pizza! I fancy pizza now. xD

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(i couldnt help myself)

Kim had to hold back a snort. He just noticed, but, from his vantage point on the diving board, he could see it perfectly. Alix, in all 4 ft of her glory, ranting to Juleka, wearing neon green floaties. He would’ve stayed there all day, giggling at the ridiculousness of her, if Nino hadn’t shoved him with a ‘hey man get on with it’.

Feeling cocky (as usual), he took a deep breath and shouted, “Hey Alix, check this out!” before executing a flawless swan dive.

Once he surfaced, he took a few languid strokes to reach her, smirk already plastered on his face.

“Sooooo, Alix, I’m loving the floaties.”

She just glared at him, “Well not all of us can be fish, like you.”

“I’m a fish now? I thought I was the biggest hunk and possibly the hottest guy ever.” He finished off with a wink.

Alix ignored him and turned back to Juleka, “Hey, you wanna get sushi tonight?”

Kim snorted again, “Hey Alix, speaking of fish, I bet you can’t ju-”

He couldn’t finish his sentence because suddenly his mouth was filled with water, courtesy of Alix.