hei being a derp


Hey guys! Some of you know that I really love to draw, so I’ve decided to do something cool- I have officially started my very own art shop!

What I do: Drawings of none other than Dan and Phil! (Also horses, more info here: (x)) I’ll be selling some drawings I’ve already made and I will be doing commissions as well!  Check it out here! (x)


How they work-

I will do a drawing based off of any photo (for maximum accuracy) of Dan/Phil you choose whether it be a photo of yourself meeting them, or just a picture you find really cute (It’ll probably end up being mostly derp photos but hey I’ll do those too). (Also please don’t steal anyone’s photos unless you got permission!)

How to get one:

  1. Email me at- figure8fineart@gmail.com -or ask my art blog
  2. Include details like small or large? portrait only or full body?
  3. Payment. I can’t start the drawing until it’s paid for, which is what’s great about the shop. Once I get the information on what you want, I’ll make a special listing on Etsy just for you!

I will send you a link to the listing, when you place an order on the listing, Ill get started on your art! (Note: It takes about a week or less for me to do one drawing so it may take some time, depending on how many drawings I’m working on!)

Options and Prices:

Drawings (Graphite only)

Small (9" x 12") 

  • $20  Portait 
  • $25  Full body 

Large (24" x 30") 

  • $30 Portrait 
  • $40 Full Body

Currently I can only ship to the US, but I hope to expand eventually!

To see drawings I’ve done in the past look here: (x) 
(To be updated soon!)

Have any questions:

Email me: figure8fineart@gmail.com
Ask me: figure8fineart.tumblr.com/ask