hei darker than black

Dolls can think (French)

Fandom : Darker Than Black

Chapitre(s) : 1/1

Rating : General Audiences / K

Warning(s) : No Archive Warnings Apply

Couple(s) : Hei/Yin

Personnage(s) principal(aux) : Hei, Yin

Personnage(s) secondaire(s) : //

Additional tag(s) / Genres : Fluff

Wordcount : 885

FFnet / AO3

Ten reasons to love Hei

Darker Than Black may not have many boys. Actually, it doesn’t really have hot boys, as a fan girl who respects herself wants. But, thanks God, we have Hei, who is better than another thousands anime boys. I mean, it’s better to have a true hot boy than a lot of mediocre guys.

Now that we agree that Hei is the hottest boy in Darker Than Black let’s see why we love him so much.

1. His hotness, obviously.

2. He’s merciless.

3. He’s cold.

4. He’s mysterious.

5. Almost every girl in the show like him. Even Misaki.

6. But he still has a thing for Yin.

7. His way of fighting.

8. He cooks.

9. His deep dark blue eyes.

10. These pictures.

I found out that i easily got attracted to anime/manga dude that i like must have…

1.Short black hair with fringe

2.Slender eyes

3.cocky smile

lol where can i find in this real world??? not to mention it does apply to real man as well XD

the characters in the pic are:-

Roy mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist

Hei from Darker than black

Onime no kyo from Samurai deeper kyo

Kerberos from Detective school Q