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ohh i didn't see your were back to hugtae ! :D

yeah! i just changed it this afternoon lmao but i’m still not sure if i’m gonna stick with this url or not :’)

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u the kind of person that doesnt give a fuck about anyone says like you follow your own rules and such. idk i've been following u for a while now and i really think that you skip school a lot and procrastinate school works but i guess u still get good grades? i dont see u postng that u take extra classes anyway hehuehue

who are you are we friends irl how did you get everything right i am creeped out ohgod. yes i skip school a lot, esp in junior year lol and i love procrastinating and yet i still get passing grades idk how ok dont ask. ya knnow i have a couple of senior classmates who called me hipster just because i dont like following rules. idk i thought rebel was more appropriate than hipster

tell me what you think of me based on my posts :-)