Ahhhh that’s a huge deal for me. For those of you that remember me, you know I hateeeeee running. It was semi nice outside today, and I just couldn’t imagine going to my dark, dingy gym.. so I had the brilliant idea to run outside. Now, I haven’t run in MONTHS. It was NOT pretty, and I hated every single second of it.. but I didn’t stop until I finished the path I wanted to complete, and I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

Not only that, but I walked my dog when I was finished… andddd after dinner I rode the exercise bike in my basement and did some calisthenics. TWO workouts today and I feel great. #win

For the anon who asked about my ab/oblique exercises

I start by doing a series of crunches.. I do 30 of each kind. Then I start with the oblique exercises.  I hope this helps! :)

1. Crunches with legs flat on the floor

2. Crunches with knees bent and feet on the floor

3. Crunches with legs straight in the air

4. Crunches with legs bent to the right side

5. Crunches with knees bent to the left side

6. Pelvic lifts

6. Planks (I hold for at least 30 seconds)

7. Side planks (15 seconds at least on both sides)

8. Russian twists with a 10 lb weight (30 twists, rest & repeat)

9. Side bends with at least a 15 lb weight