For the anon who asked about my ab/oblique exercises

I start by doing a series of crunches.. I do 30 of each kind. Then I start with the oblique exercises.  I hope this helps! :)

1. Crunches with legs flat on the floor

2. Crunches with knees bent and feet on the floor

3. Crunches with legs straight in the air

4. Crunches with legs bent to the right side

5. Crunches with knees bent to the left side

6. Pelvic lifts

6. Planks (I hold for at least 30 seconds)

7. Side planks (15 seconds at least on both sides)

8. Russian twists with a 10 lb weight (30 twists, rest & repeat)

9. Side bends with at least a 15 lb weight

Ok here’s the before and after.. I was at my heaviest weight on the left.. and I’m horribly embarrassed by that picture.  You know how I got here?  NOT by starving myself.. NOT by cutting carbs or sugar from my diet.. NOT by exercising like a maniac every day.  I did it by eating in moderation, controlling my portions, finding fun workouts, and realizing that I need to find a lifestyle that I can stick with.. not just a quick fix.  So yes.. I eat pizza.  Yes, I eat chocolate.  Yes, I’ll take more than one rest day from the gym.  But you know what?  At least I know I wont fall off the wagon and gain all of the weight back, because I didn’t change my diet.. I changed my LIFE.