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Gender: Female obviously~

Star Sign: Aquarius yo ♒️ It’s the best sign! hehheheh

Height: 5′9″ it’s only good for reaching the top cupboard TBH. Other than that I’m taller than all the cute guys I know. *sigh*

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. I can back that up because I took the test on pottermore LOL and my patronus is a St. Bernard.  

Favorite Color: I love peachy colors. I always paint or use them on the computer for some reason. It’s just such a happy color. 

Favorite Animal: That’s a hard one.. but I’d have to say deer are my favorite. They’re so beautiful and graceful. No one can argue with that.

Average Hours of Sleep: usually 8-10 hours. I slept for a solid 12 hours last night though lmao

Cat or Dog Person: Both! (but i’m more of a cat person if I’m being honest)

Favorite Fictional Characters: Nick and Judy obviously (I mean look at my name), Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, Dipper and Mable from Gravity Falls, Star and Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and all of the characters from Night In The Woods!

Favorite Singer/Band: That’s hard man. I can’t choose!

Dream Trip: Thailand! The food, the people, and THE BEACHES! Plus it’s extremely cheap for everything. 

Dream Job: Once I graduate, I’ll be working in Interior Design and Architecture and I hope to have my own firm one day!

When was this Blog made: I think around December? Maybe January. But I really didn’t start really using it until February and becoming active with the fandom and drawing!

Number of Followers: I’d rather not talk about that lol

What made you decide to create this blog: All the art and fanfictions inspired me to create my own art and it helped my get out of my three year art block! I just love this community so much. You guys are all the best. 

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Types partying/drunk  [personal experience]

What types are like when drunk/partying based on what my real life friends with that type have said/done

ISTJ - says “he doesn’t really wanna drink tonight” and refuses to come out when invited, but then later texts, completely wasted, about how awesome drinking is and then adds the details of a programming task with a screenshot and three source files that he managed to finish (while absolutely buzzed), which was actually due 5 weeks later from then
ISFJ - *giggles after her first sip of wine* hehehhe I believe I am very wasted haha forgive me if I say something stupid hehheheh… Oh dear, I really shouldn’t have more of this.. I am so drunk hahaha this is so awkward I feel ashamed!! *was actually given alcohol-free wine* *i love you ISFJ you’re the cutest*
INFJ - *looks like a wasted sloth in a corner while everybody else is yelling, dancing and laughing and then grabs your arm after observing you for a while and quietly murmurs with a very creepy voice* I…seeeeee…you..  *tries to point at your nose but hits your cheek with her finger*
INTJ - disappears because he felt the need to go on a walk to stare at the stars and when he’s looked for and you ask “WHERE WERE YOU” or “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE” he begins the sentence with “Did you know…” and becomes the Wikipedia of astrology
ISTP - sits quietly with his bottle of whiskey most of the time and doesn’t say or do much, and mostly leaves early, but when you actually take the time to sit next to him he may as well put his (absolutely fucking well developed) perv side on and go like “Hey, how would you perform blowjob on someone? My girlfriend is a newbie at this and I’m wondering if you have any tips.” with the straightest.face.ever. When you are like “WTFFF” he doesn’t understand what’s wrong and offers you whiskey. Then repeats the question.
ISFP - Very happy and clumsy, for example my mom pushed a vase off the table and when she tried to catch it, her foot got stuck in the laptop wire aaaand off the table went both vase and the laptop and my mum was on the floor along with both items, laughing at her misfortune and completely ignoring everyone and everything else. Total 100% from quiet sweet mom to YOLO when she’s drunk.
INFP - professes undying love/care to you, would never actually even mention it in the first place and it comes unexpected for you. Then decides it’s a great idea to walk off and disappear into crowds, leaving people wonder and worry where the heck he is and then of course forgets his phone in his friend’s purse and then noone can contact him about his whereabouts and everything’s fucked.
INTP - If he actually manages to come out and party instead of being drunk home alone as he usually prefers, he begins philosophical debate with everything that breathes (and always wins). Is usually the one who downs the most drinks but still looks as sober as before. Also super cute because he gets so drunk he dozes off on your lap and you can tell when he has sobered up a little because when he opens his eyes, his whole being freezes completely when he realises he’s on your lap (OH MY GOD HUMAN CONTACT). Bonus points for if you stroke his hair and hear his heart stop. (i fucking love intps)
ESTP - *to a very handsome tourist guy*  "What do you mean you wanna take me to your hotel? Lol thanks I’m flattered but like, I just wanted a drink and you got me one, soooo… sorry but you have served your purpose ok BYEEE" *turns around, grabs your arm and walks off calmly and confidently like nothing happened*
ESFP - all over the place, happy and manages to do a lot of stupid things, for example runs off alone while smashed at a beach party and then noone knows how the fuck she gets the idea to climb on top of the lifeguard tower, then falls off and breaks her pelvis and then has you all worried in the emergency department the whole night and then comes out laughing in a wheelchair and makes pelvis jokes and then spends the whole summer in bed but still has pelvis-themed parties where everyone makes jokes about it at her place.
ENFP - Full of fun, wants to play truth or dare every god damn time and manages to get all the kissing dares somehow so he ends up kissing everybody in the room (and liking it), then probably does it again with 6 new random people the next day. Even though with not many boundaries, still manages to be very caring and in control all the time and will bring glass after glass to make sure you drink plenty of water
ENTP - usually is fine for ages and makes jokes about others who are drunk BUT then just one fateful sip manages to turn her into a ridiculous jellyfish so you have to pretty much carry her around, hold her up on the bus, protect her not only from perverts but also very fatal things like roads for example, then take a taxi with her, tuck her in her bed and promise her she didn’t ruin the night about 23 times and she still won’t believe you before you agree to stay over for the night and watch cartoons with her
ESTJ - is usually quite disciplined when it comes to drinking but if drunk, she gets way more communicative and actually tells you her lifestory (which you are NOT allowed to mention afterwards when the alcohol fades) and flirts with the bartender and dances on tables and then suddenly with a snap of fingers she’s sitting on the nearest couch, looking half asleep and asking if there are any spare beds or sober drivers because she suddenly got tired of that shit
ESFJ - becomes a total full-on energy bunny and finds 8 new friends within a night and gets their contacts and has selfies with all of them. Already gets in awe with them without knowing them and makes 4 years worth of plans with them all included without them knowing. Will still remember them next day. Also a very amazing listener and definitely the shoulder to lean on because she will forget her own drunkness if you need to be taken care of.
ENFJ - (this is based on myself because I don’t know any other ENFJs in real life) *becomes an overly caring mom* YESSSSS OF COURSE I WILL BUY YOU THIS DRINK SWEETHEART hey actually *taps on other friend’s shoulder* would you like one too? *realises everyone has less money than her because they don’t work* No wait I will buy a round of shots for EVERYBODY! YES! GATHER AROUND ME FRIENDS. *next day, checks bank balance* Fuck. Ok next time I will NOT do that! *does it again next time*
ENTJ - centre of attention, becomes everyone’s favourite quickly because of his dark/sarcastic/well-fitted humour brought to everybody by his need to shine, doesn’t really hold back with drinks, is always the last one to leave a place because, for example, he gets so caught up with chatting about quantum theory and why he thinks it’s got flaws with the hosts of the party place who just stare at him with their mouth open, but since that gives him plenty of time to clean he always leaves the place nice and cleaned up after him and everybody else.

jon snow: his baby with you

ANON REQUEST: Could you please do a fluffy Jon Snow x reader where the reader is pregnant? :) loved you last Jon Snow story

Something nudged you awake and you opened your eyes, but the sunlight from your eyes blinded for a second. You groaned once you saw how wide the window was open. You look at your ceiling and you saw two pair of brown eyes looking at you.

“Father, is mother awake?”

In a hushed voice, “I think so.”

You saw him grin and Rowin laughed. “Mother!” Rowin shook you awake and you propped yourself to sit, your big belly constricting you to make anymore moves. You saw him smile and you held your arm for him. “Good morning!”

You kissed your boy atop of his head and mussed his hair. “Good morning to you too!”

Jon crawled next to you and pecked you at your lips. “Good morning, my love." 

You kissed him and greeted him back. Rowin knocked on your belly and placed his ear to it. You laughed, "Why are you knocking at my belly?”

“To wake her up!” Rowin placed his head on your belly and his curly hair bounced as he moved and moved to hear your baby kick. He cupped his hands around his mouth and greeted your belly, “Come out now!”

Jon played with your hair and kissed your nose. “How are you holding up?”

You groaned as the baby kicked, “I want her to come out already.”

Jon kissed you and smiled. “Just a little while longer, my love.” Jon grinned at you and played with Rowan. He asked him, “What are you going to call your sibling?”

Rowan sat next to you and placed his arm around you. He looked at you with his big brown eyes and smiled, “If it’s a girl, Adelaide,” he started. He moved between you and Jon and pushed himself down to be in between of you to. “If it’s a boy, Gavin.”

Jon kissed and fixed Rowin’s hair. He tamed it with a tie and still his curls popped out. You pinched his cheek and kissed him, “Looks like you’ve been thinking about this for too long.”

The door opened and came a Maester. He bowed down and called for Rowan. “Come, child you have lessons today.”

Rowan grunted and preteneded to sleep. Jon carried him off and placed him in front of the Maester. “Go, Rowan.” Jon grinned.

Jon proceeded to come with them but you pouted and called for him. “Jon,” you whimpered. “Where are you going?”

He closed the door and sat beside you on the bed. “Does my love need me?" 

You held your arms and Jon hugged you. You stayed in his arms and he played with your hair. None of you said a word as he hummed and rubbed your belly. He kissed you on the brow and stood up.

"Jon,” you pouted. “Stay here, with me.”

He kissed you on the forehead, “I have work to do.”

You whimpered and pouted more. “Your wife needs you.”

“That’s not going to work on me.” Jon said. But you cried out in pain and he immediately went beside your side. “What’s wrong? Should I call for help?”

You poined at the side of your belly and he jumped instantly by your side and once he was there beside you, you held him down with your leg and your arm and hugged him. “Stay.”

Jon puffed out his breathe and laid beside you, hugging you back. You sighed in contentment and you went to pull him close to you. “Why do I fall for that every time?”

You looked at him and smiled at him. “Because you love me so dearly!”

Jon kissed you on the lips long and kissed your nose too, “I do love you.”

He hugged you closer and you stayed like that for the rest of the day, him not leaving your side. He also slept with you holding you close to him. If he woke up he’ll play with your hair and hum a song to make you sleep and rest. You felt him caress your cheek and kissed it softly. “I love you.”

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Comic by @rikun85

Voices by me

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