pixelpukes asked:

For toriels character I can see her being a menacing ex of asgore that tries to get back with him so she can murder him and take the crown and kingdom from him and be the new ruthless queen!

Thats a cool idea, but the most important thing that needs to be decided for Toriel’s character is how/why she and Asgore split up. Otherwise I’m leaning more towards keeping her in a relationship with Asgore and having an epic boss battle at the end where you fight the both of them. 

I’ll be leaving the decision to a poll in the near future, and if people would prefer her in the Ruins then I’ll consider applying your idea to her!

For me personally, I like thinking of her and Asgore being like Gomez and Morticia from the Addams Family hehheh. 

MORE OF THE APOCALYPSE AU OCs !!!!!!!!!!! now with a handy height chart explaining how petri is the shortest little badass medic ever and wow oops he and tatu accidentally have the same expressions but eh i’ll blame that on the brother-thing