Just saw spiderman: homecoming. I thought it was going to be “fine” but it turned out to be super fun. With that I just wanna say:

  • Tom Holland is a gift to the world. He was born to play Peter Parker. 
  • hot Aunt May and her fashion sense
  • that “surprise mothafucka” scene (im not gonna discuss this cause *spoiler) it gave me a heart attack
  • father figure Tony Stark. Amen
  • I want a bestfriend like Ned whom I can build Lego death star with
  • unhappy Happy Hogan hehe

Oh and in the beginning they play the glorious spiderman theme song that made me teary eyed a bit haha GO SEE IT DUDES

z-sans  asked:

Quick question, who is your favorite music maker from the Lapfox Trax team? I was thinking of drawing something special for you ;v;

Ooohh I really like Kitcaliber, they music is great! I love them! And Mayhem is super cool too with most of her songs. Rotteen I also love with that hardstep afdghjk and nor forget Emoticon hehe

Oh really!? :O *gaaaasp*

pfff, forgot to put up a summary thingy the other day OTL turns out I also didn’t take any full shot photos of our stall either. Oh well, thanks again to everyone who came by! :D I was really surprised to sell out of a few things ^^’ and to get a request for the sold out Garnet doodle XD hehe

Oh! and I should be ready to open my online store today, where I’ll be selling the rest of my stock!…hopefully…probably.