fun stuff!!!1!!1!!1!!1111!!!!

for those of you that didn’t see one of my earlier posts this is mike-ro-wave (aka katie) blogsitting for ellie currently and I decided why not do something fun like write 3 sentence fanfics ;);)

If you want a 3 sentence fanfic then you…

  • mbf poopsos (aka ellie not katie)
  • reblog this post
  • submit an ask with a quote/sentence (it can be funny inspirational anything) and a fandom/person/ship
  • and then wait for the magic to happen!!

an example of the glory that is to come:

* “its a chocolate milk party!!” & 5sos

“IT’S A CHOCOLATE MILK PARTY!!!” michael screamed to calum.

“not when you’re pouring it over my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” calum retaliated back  as he took luke’s ‘satchel’ and proceeded to wack mikey with it

“what the fuck are you doing with my bag??” - luke

so yep that is all fam have fun:)) submit as many as you like after you’ve followed and reblogged this lovely blog:)))))