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Prince Jonathan

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Come one! Come all! Where we watch men fight over the hand of the Prince Jonathan Glades, the wealthiest of all other kingdoms combined, now 21 is ready to be wed by a knight that survived the deadliest challenge! And now for the worst of all a fight! To the death! How clique.
Jonathan was still in his room, fixing his cape like robe, and crown, looking presentable for once since he’s always in rags when home. Hearing the bell of the church he knew it was 5, meaning the challenge was about to start. Shutting the door behind him, he ran off going up to his seat where his father,mother, and older sister were waiting.

“Oh great your here, the jester’s jokes are brutal, but his acts weren’t bad” Sylvia groaned.

“Yeah… I was just trying to look presentable” Jonathan told her as she fixed his crown up. While doing so, his father had ordered the jester to stop. As he walked off to the side he made eye contact with Jonathan and waved. He waves back and smiles.

“Welcome all to the final challenge! To see which knight takes my son’s hand in marriage” Jonathan’s father voice booms as the crowds cheer.

“Evan Fong! from Nulia!” Jonathan’s mother said as the man came in riding a white horse. He stops the colt and steps down. Removing his owlish helmet, revealing his short, spiked black hair. He smiles and bows down to the royal family.

“And Luke Hunter! From Merlirid!” His father said as Luke came in with a black mare. He steps down throwing his helmet off fixing his patch on his eye, smirking and bowing as well.

“These two were the only ones to survive! And now a fight to finish it all” Sylvia said.

Evan and Luke pull their sword from their scabbard. Circling around each other as they wait for a signal.

“I’m amazed you got this far Hunter”

“Same to you Fong, thought you would have died by the first challenge”

“Well I had some encouragement from the prince, see we knew each other since we were twelve” Evan smirks.

“Let the battle begin…”

“How cute, I knew him since we were in diapers” Luke smirks back stroking his beard.

“NOW!” Jonathan yelled as Luke threw off Evan.

Stumbling, Evan still blocked his hit.

“Not too shabby Fong”

“Same to you Hunter, thought you would of choked up during a challenge”

“Thought the same from a pretty boy like you, styling his hair every five minutes” Luke told him, angering Evan.

Evan’s blade was close to cutting him, but missed when he heard another horse’s winnie. They stopped and turned around to a man in a pig like mask. His horse kept running off as he jumped off.

“Who the hell are you?” Luke asked.

Throwing off his helmet, he whispers something to the jester.

“He is Tyler Gates! From Etivia!” The jester shouted as loud as he could from where they were. He scurries back to his spot,Tyler continues on about him

“I am from Etivia as the jester said! and I am here to take the handsome Jonathan’s hand in marriage!” He yells out, removing both swords from their scabbards.

“Even if it mean killing you two" he smiles

Luke and Evan turn to each other and nod.

“Well then I hope your ready for us” they said.

“I’ll be ready to take down a boring ass wise owl and a wannabe pirate who’s gonna need more than vitamin C after I’m done with you” he boasts.

The boys are both angered, while Tyler stands there and smiles, waiting for their first hit, which would be hard since he’s probably 10 feet tall compared to the two.


Jonathan watches from his seat bored out of his mind, sure a new player but it’s gotten a bit old, he could probably take all three down himself. He keeps watching the jester running and walking around making some laugh.

“I’m guessing your not liking your husbands to be?” Sylvia asked sitting next to him.

“I mean I like them, yeah maybe a little more, but I think someone else stole my heart” he told her.

“Oh really? Who then if not them?”

Jonathan mumbles.

“Who is it Jonny?”

“It’s m…” He mumbles again.

“Jonathan?” She asked trying to coax him.

“It’s the jester! Okay? We’ve been talking and dating for a while, and now I have to marry one of these three buffoons” Jonathan pouts, slouching. Sylvia laughs.

“What’s so funny?!” He said as his cheeks grew red.

“Jon, you know ten minutes into a fight you can choose who you want to marry right? It doesn’t have to be them”

“B-but mom and dad…”

“That was before this is now! I mean I married a villager from Glade, so why can’t you?” She cuts him off.

Jonathan shuts his mouth and looks back at the jester that’s
making others smile. He sighs. Getting up from his chair, he stands in front of his parents and cups his mouth.

“STOP!” He shouts, everyone stays quiet and the three stop hitting each other. With Tyler’s blades on their necks almost cutting them.

“I HAVE…. I have made a decision!” Jonathan states going down to the battle field. He cleans off his cape. They get out of their position and get on one knee. Jonathan scoffs and runs over to the jester.

“J-Jonathan? What are you doing?” He asks as he shakily looks back at the king.

“Come with me to the battle field, because I’m naming my husband,” Jon smiles, he nods.

They walk together and stand a few feet away from the Knights.

“All three of you served a magnificent battle, but I have made my decision” he said taking off his crown.

“And now the soon to be prince of EverGlade will be…”

The Knights hearts are pumping, waiting who will be picked. The crowds and even his parents are quiet, while Sylvia nods and smiles at Jon.

“MARCEL! From the Village of Alunis!” Jonathan shouts as he takes off Marcel’s goofy looking hat and replaced it with his own crown.

“WHAT?!” The Knights shout in Unison.

“Marcel has won my heart, meaning he’s won the throne next to me” Jonathan smirks.

“Your crazy!” Luke shouted.

“He’s fucking Delirious!” Tyler yells.

“Jon, I can’t take this crown, or the throne…”

“Oh come on Marcel! You are worthy of this! I love you!” Jonathan told him.

“No I was just saying that this kingdom isn’t ready for us!” Marcel said taking back the crown and placing it on his head, Jonathan laughs. Marcel grabs Jonathan and dips him.

“Shall we deal our love Jonny?” He asks wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re so cheesy” Jonathan told him locking lips with Marcel.

“A hand please! For my son in law Marcel!” Jonathan father shouts as the crowds cheer. They stand up now and look at the Knights.

“So does that mean we lost?” Evan asked.

“I mean, you guys are aloud to come in at any time, y'all are still my friends” Jonathan smiles.

“Well if it means anything, I am happy you found your love Jonathan” Evan told him.

“Thanks Ev”

“Stop being so modest Evan” Tyler shoves him.

“I’m serious!”

Jonathan shakes his head.

“So when our wedding, because I wanna be all over you soon” Marcel winks.

“Soon, hopefully” they chuckle, leaving the Knights to yell and fight with each other.
Word count: 1251

I hope y'all enjoyed :3 this was fun to write, and hopefully more Fics after words.
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