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Nerdy emoji 🤓x Cool emoji 😎 school au (keep it spi cyyyy 👅👄👄💦💦💦💦💦


🤓 was walking thru school 🏫 when she saw the hottest boy in class 😍😳😤 it was 😎
“dang 😔” she said. “why can’t he notice me 😭😭😭” she looked his way and he smiled 😁😉 at her.
😳😳😳 omg did he rly look at her?!
“HEY 😡😡😡” said 🙎🏼 rude white popular girl thottie. “r u looking at my boyfriend u LOZER?! 👿👿👿”
“chill 🅱️” he said 😎 “see u in class l8️⃣r, 🤓”
“w-w-wow” she said 😍💦 as her panties soaked. “i can’t believe 😎 knows my name 😍😍😍”
later after skool, she dropped her books on the floor 📚 every1️⃣ just walked by 🚶‍♀️🚶 “damn 😔 no 1️⃣ even notices me 😭😭😭”
“hey” said a familiar voice. “u ok 🅱️”
she looked-⬆️…it was 😎!!!
“oh 😳😊🙃” she blushed. “heheheheheehhehe i’m fine giggle” 😝
“hey ur 🤓 aren’t u???” 😎 asked.
“yes,” she said “dat me”
“well 😔” he said. “i kinda suck at school 😭😭😭 ik u r smart af…can u tutor me? 📚🤔😊”
😳😳😳 omg did he rly ask her that?! “y-y-yes!”
“cool 🅱️” he said. “imma pull up in the crib round 8 😎🚙🏡”


🤓 spent all evening getting hot af which took a lot of work bc she’s ugly and not cool 💄💋👙👠👛👑💍👄💅
ding ding. 😎 had arrived.
“hey 🅱️” he said. “ready 2️⃣ study 📚”
“ok 😍😍😍”
so they studied and then got rly close.
“wow 😔😔😔i suck at learning 😭😭😭 i might be the hottest coolest guy in skool w/ a 12 inch cock 🍆💦 but i’m so dumb. i hate me”
“hey thats not tru 😳😳😳” said 🤓 “ur so much more than just a cool dude…😍😍😍”
“tru i am also a HOT dude 🔥🔥🔥”
“what i mean is…u r smart. it just takes some time to learn 😌😌😌”
wow ,,, all his life… 😎 was used 2️⃣ being treated like the coolest guy ever…but dis girl…she see him 😳😳😳 for who he rly is.
“hey 🤓…ur beautiful 🅱️😍😍😍”
💑💋💏 (((they kissed omg 😱😳😍)))
but then there was a knock at the door…it was 🙎🏼!!!
“i saw that u 2️⃣…🤓, get ready 2️⃣ PAY!!!!!!”

2️⃣🅱️ cuntinued…………………..