anonymous asked:

i love u so much!! youre literally the best,, you make me super happy when im sad, we watch cute ghibli movies sometimes!! (almost never) youre super nice and you take pictures of cats for me and you make me laugh really hards to when i can't breathe and u make me snort when i laugh and youre super cute and you have green hair and idk youre just the cutest person on earth and i love u so much!!! i hope u had a great day and i appreciate u. u v u* but ur still a fUCKIN nerd

I KNOW WHO THIS IS AND IM SMILING SO MUCH I LOVE YOU omg you are the cutest……….i love u so much omg omg omg omg im crying i love u

If you have a crush on me, anonymously tell me why. (or not anonymously idc !)