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Dirty Designing - a FitzSimmons Dirty Dancing AU

Rating: M                             Chapters: 4/15
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, “Mack” Mackenzie/Elena “Yoyo” Rodriguez
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - 1960s, AU - Teenagers, AU - Summer Camp, AU - Dirty Dancing Fusion, Summer Romance, POV Jemma SimmonsAwkward Flirting

When men scoff at seventeen-year-old Jemma Simmons for entering the science fair at her summer resort, she refuses to be pushed aside. Fellow teen and resident gadget guy Leo Fitz isn’t allowed to sign up because he’s resort staff, so she suggests they team up. And maybe it’s just the summer air, but the longer they work together, the more it seems like there’s something else heating up between them.

{ You can find the full artwork above, done by the incredibly talented @eclecticmuses, here! }

From this chapter:

“But I still have another hour before my shift,” Fitz grumbled, glancing up from where he was sorting parts on a worktable. 

“Yes,” Jemma sighed, dropping her arms to her sides and catching a glimpse of Fitz turning quickly away again. “But I have to shower and get ready before dinner tonight.” 

“It’s just dinner.” He was decidedly not looking at her as she finished tidying up her space on the workbench, and she let out an annoyed huff. 

“Maybe to you, but I have to make myself look nice for dinner with my parents, or my mother will never let me hear the end of it.” 

“You look nice like that,” he retorted, a bit waspishly. 

“I mean pretty,” she countered. 

“You always look pretty –” he snapped automatically, and then clamped his mouth shut and turned pink all in the space of two seconds.

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Day 9: Magnus + flirting/innuendos 

Magnus was in a good mood. Scratch that. He was in an excellent mood. After two of the most busiest months in his life–and considering how long he’s lived, that’s saying a lot–he finally got time off. Time off to see old friends, go hunting for new books and clothes, and time to finally hook up with Alexander.

And so, he began operation get Alexander to know just how badly he wanted to get into his pants. Except the thrill of the chase was in being subtle about it.

“Alexander,” Magnus called out one morning, just as Alec was about to head out. He ran an appreciative eye over the fitted black tee and jeans Alec had on. Alec had been training intensely every day and was at the moment ,unaware that his clothes were starting to stretch across his body showing every defined curve and muscle. Magnus of course was thankful for Alec’s disdain for shopping. It meant he would be able to enjoy ogling his boyfriend for even longer, until Alec finally decided to go shopping and got new clothes, unfortunately. 

“Magnus,” Alec called and Magnus realized that he’d zoned out for quite a bit. “Is something wrong?”

Magnus shook his head. “No. I was just wondering. If I told you that you had a beautiful body,” he grinned “would you hold it against me?”

Alec’s forehead furrowed. “Of course not. You say it all the time. Why would I feel offended?”

And with that his slightly dim boyfriend walked out of the house, shoulders straight and mind already on whatever the hell he was planning on doing that day.


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i FINALLY found n got the squishy thing i always wanted so after letting the glue dry for another hour imma put the case on my phone along with strapping my cute mikorin keychain to it :3c

Okay okay. So now imagine Leon and Kamui just sitting in her room having a pleasant chat when Leon randomly says “I’m bored.” Kamui replies by saying “Than go entertain yourself.” Suddenly, she’s pushed down on the bed and Leon hovers over her and says “No, I want you to entertain me.”

Then five minutes later, poor Joker walks in and has to witness a naughty scene… (¬‿¬)

Squealing Santa 2k14: Asking For It

AO3 link (x)

my fic for poesparakeet’s squealing santa :)

A/N: I find it very fitting that I got the wonderful person who actually helped inspire me to make this blog as my squealing santa recipient. I hope that you have a wonderfully fantastic holiday season and wish you the best. you’re wonderful, an inspiration, a fabulous and awesome human being. and I hope that you enjoy your gift fanficsandfluff!

of all of the prompts you gave, the one that popped out at me screaming “write me write me!!!” was ‘some kind of demon!Dean fic where he is the victim and then gets revenge on his tickler (preferably Sam or Cas)’ because I miss demon!dean and I think we could all use some more of him in out lives, also I have to draw the headcanon from strings that demon!dean is a snarky little shit who pretty much taunts you even if you’re tickling the crap out of him and who feels zero shame about liking tickling. also, kind of a UA where basically the cure didn’t work and Dean is still a demon but more humanish and not so bad. so yes. long introduction, sorry. on with the actual fic.

Words: 1470

Sam was in the kitchen, enjoying a peaceful moment alone as he prepared himself a coffee to keep him company while he worked on research through the late evening. He sighed, running a finger through his hair as he contemplated what things would be like when his brother was finally cured. The mark of Cain had proven formidable, preserving Dean in his demonic state despite the cure being administered. The human blood, to some consolation, had however shown a positive effect; Dean was more like himself. A sort of downgraded level of bad but with a still-twisted demonic soul.

He mixed in one packet of sugar to tone down the bitterness, swirling his spoon a few times around the mug. Tonight would be another long night, he was determined to find some way to return Dean to his former self. Somehow.

Not even two steps out of the kitchen and Sam was drawn from his thoughts by a loud shriek, followed by a few thuds before cackling, hapless laughter broke out.

Oh great.

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Twitter Q&A From Jade Hassouné’s Takeover

Q: What do you most love about the shadow world?

JH: Tough one, I love a lot! My favourite thing: the variety of mystical beings. Also the magic & runes & Clary’s power to create.

Q: What do you think about my Meliorn makeup?

JH: I love it!! I saw it a few times fantastic. Excited for you to see what’s in store for Faerie beauty this year. 

Q: I’m so so so exited for this!!!!! See ya in a week!

JH: See you in SIX days! ‪#Shadowhunters

Q: What’s the name of your cat? It’s so cute! I have a cat too, 2 haha

JH: Hi! My cat’s name is Tiger & he’s a MaineCoon just like Stella & Rajah (Alberto and Dom’s cats). Aren’t felines brilliant?

Q: What do you have in common with Meliorn?

JH: I have a lot in common- I commune with Nature, I meditate, and have a grounded/thoughtful approach to life. Namaste

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Hope you have a safe flight, Kristen! 😊💚💜💙💛♥️💗 I can't think of any Sicily puns...Erm, it's a shame I can't espresso myself well. I cannoli only do so much with words. 😅 But seriously: I send olive my well wishes with you! Hope you have fun and stay safe. 😄🇮🇹

hehehehehe LOVE THIS!!! thank you so much!!!! :) 

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i'm liking this game tbh it's like a new exciting thing you're doing! i'm so clueless but i like the mystery!!!

hehehehehe, it’s a fun game I started doing when I started this blog back in november XD

it’s a fun way for each person to get to know a bit more about the muses, and even though my blog has become slightly less safe for work since then, safe for art work, I dont like to post things that are reeeeeaaally NSFW, so the game still applies XD

and here are the “rules” if you want to play :D

Send me a nsfw headcanon + a number on ANONYMOUS. (eg. “Kara likes neck kisses - 30″)

I’ll make a post with your number saying if the muses agree or disagree. (eg. “30: you’re right, she loves them”)

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"Wait, are you naked?"

Rhack sentence prompts!

This got a little long oops but enjoy. Thank you for the prompt! c:

It’d been a long ass and frustrating beyond belief day for Rhys. The kind of day that had one too many hoops to jump through, far too many papers to file, and one very demanding and pissy boss. He wasn’t sure whether it was better or worse that his boss was also his boyfriend, especially when they’d just moved in together not even a week prior, and he was trying to adjust to not only seeing Handsome Jack throughout the day but having to deal with him afterwards.

Rhys told himself he didn’t mind it. It was part of Jack’s charm… He guessed? But that could only take him so far before it got obnoxious. Handsome Jack? He’d turned that title on its head real quick in the span of a day. He was now Annoying Jack for Rhys. And as he snuggled up deeper into the covers of the empty bed (he’d made Jack sleep on the couch after one long yelling session over… Rhys couldn’t even remember what started it anyway), he was still fuming.

Just because Jack was his boss didn’t give him the right to treat him so poorly. Jack had always claimed that Rhys was special or Rhys was the best or some other stupid claim. But Rhys was starting to rethink that now. He wasn’t even sure how he was going to face Annoying Jack in the morning, God forbid the rest of the workday.

The sound of a soft click filled the room, making Rhys’ eyes fly open. The bedroom door slid open and Rhys could just barely make out a figure in the darkness as it slipped within, immediately closing the door. Right away, Rhys knew it was Jack. Maybe if he pretended to still be asleep Jack would go away.

And so pretend he did. It was an easy enough task, the room was nearly pitch black as it was. Jack’s soft footsteps grew closer to the empty side of the bed before Rhys could feel Jack slipping onto the mattress. It wasn’t exactly the most subtle climbing into bed either and Rhys had no doubts that he would’ve been stirred awake by the movements alone if he really was asleep.

“What do you want, Jack?” Rhys finally spoke, his tone as pointed as it was annoyed. Jack stopped moving immediately, silence filling the room then. Was he really trying to act like he wasn’t there?

Jack…” Rhys growled impatiently, not wanting to turn around. He didn’t want to give him the satisfaction just yet.

“Shit, you weren’t supposed to be awake,” Jack said with a heavy sigh as he settled further into the bed. “You still sound mad. Are you still mad?”

Rhys could feel his body curl into a tighter ball, a literal pout crossing his lips, “What do you think?”

A moment of silence followed Rhys’ rhetoric before he felt Jack moving once more, his body growing closer.

“What if I said I was sorry?” Jack began once more, inching even closer.

That was a surprise that Rhys couldn’t help but scoff at, “You? Sorry? Since when?

“Since now,” Jack hummed, Rhys feeling Jack’s body growing flush against Rhys’ back. Rhys didn’t move, not denying his touch but not embracing it either. “C'mon cupcake, I’m sorry. It was a stressful day.”

“What was so stressful?” Rhys asked quietly, feeling one of Jack’s arms slowly wrapping around his torso. “All the yelling you did at me?”

The gentle feeling of Jack’s lips on the back of Rhys’ neck made Rhys shiver slightly, but he refused to lean into it or acknowledge it as Jack spoke against his skin, “Don’t be like that… Us fighting makes me even more stressed.”

Goddamit all, the cuddling, the featherlight kisses, the secure hold, it was all making Rhys melt into Jack. He didn’t want to cave in to Jack so easily. He really, really didn’t want that. He wanted to stay mad, he wanted to give Jack all his spite. But shit if Jack didn’t know all his weak spots…

“Why’s that?” Rhys murmured, finding himself slowly leaning into his presence.

“Because I can’t handle you being mad at me,” Jack whispered, planting a light suckle where his shoulder and neck met. “It hurts.”


Sighing to himself, Rhys moved his flesh hand back to brush it along Jack’s thigh, dragging his hand up and–

“…Wait, are you naked?

The ghost of Jack’s breath floated over Rhys’ neck, a clear grin in his tone, “Maybe?”

Suddenly, Rhys flew away from Jack’s grasp, rolling off the bed and onto the floor, “What the hell, Jack?!”

What?!” Jack asked, sitting up as Rhys pulled himself up from the floor. “You’ve never complained before!”

“We were having a moment!” Rhys stuttered out, probably a huge blush on his face. Thank God it was dark in the room. “Oh my God, were you saying all that just so we could have sex?!”

Silence passed between the two before Jack admitted slowly, “…Not all of it.”

Oh my God,” Rhys rubbed his flesh hand over his face, shaking his head as he did so. “I cannot believe you.”

“So…” Jack began again. “Does that mean we’re good?”