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Pranks- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Carl x reader where they have a prank war and Carl keeps scaring her? Thanks!”

Word count:

Warnings: mild swearing.

 this is short af but i really like it cause it’s so cute hehehehehe. added in some rick bc bae.


You now regretted telling Carl how much you used to love April Fools Day. Now all he did was prank you, and you couldn’t seem to get him back. 

You’d tried scaring him with a fake snake.

You giggled to yourself quietly. Carl was leading himself right into your trap, you barely had to do anything to get him there.

He sat down and you watched as he looked to his left, seeing a snake there. But instead of jumping, Carl moved toward it.

“Hey there, buddy.” He mumbled, stopping himself as a look of confusion coated his face. Then realisation. “(Y/N)!” He called and you sighed in disappointment.

You’d even tried spraying him with his sink, but that backfired.

“Hey, Carl?” You called. His head snapped up, asking a simple,

“What’s up?”

“Can you get me some water?”

“Sure.” He smiled, walking to the sink when Rick stopped him, handing Judith off.

“I’ll get it, (Y/N). I’m getting some anyways–”

“Rick, No!” You screamed, but it was too late. He was soaked in a mere moment. Carl dry and you very embarrassed.

But of course, everything Carl had done worked out perfectly.

You walked along up the stairs after Rick had called you up. You still felt back for spraying him yesterday, but he said it was okay.

You walked along the hallway, until something screamed, making you jumped back and fall on your butt.

“Shit!” You screamed, reaching for your life until the figure started laughing. Rick walked out from behind the figure, also laughing hard.

They high-fived and you instantly realised it was Carl. You sighed, trying to slow down your heartbeat as the father-son duo calmed themselves.

“What the hell, guys?” You asked, finally calm.

“I mean, you did prank me.” Rick chuckled, “I had to get you back.”

“Assholes.” You muttered with a soft smile as you looked at Carl, realising maybe you liked him a little more than you let on.