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170722 Music Core pre-recording fanaccount #1
  • Chen: You've been here since 8pm last night?? Isn't it dangerous?
  • EXO-L: Yes~~
  • Chen: Wah... You guys are tough...
  • Suho: How is it possible to be dangerous when there are 300 of them? They just have to say they are EXO fans and no one would touch them. We (EXO) are people who have superpowers.
  • Chen: If i earn a lot of money, i'll turn the EXO-L lightsticks into tasers.

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Imagine being Bucky's wife and having a son together. One day you say to your son that he needs a haircut and he gets mad and refuses. "And why not?" You ask. "Cuz I want my hair to look like daddy's." He says pointing at Buck who's hair is pulled back in a bun, sitting on the couch watching tv. Buck looks at you and shrugs, giving you his famous smirk. "What can I say doll, he takes after me."

Heheheheh this is so cute and they have little man buns together

Daddy Wednesday™

[160426] Star King FANACC 2


Jimin is really thin and his face is small. He looks like a kid but when he stands up he’s like an oppa. But he really shouldn’t be thinner anymore ㅠㅠ

Maybe due to too many practices (?), he looked like his waist is in pain and can’t really sit well. Whenever there’s a break he would stand up and stretch/massage his waist before sitting down. Hoseok helped him to massage too. During recording, he couldn’t stand up whenever he wanted to so he had to keep shifting his positions ;;

BTS received lollipops and at first Jimin only had one but after that Hoseok’s one was with him too ㅋㅋ

After he had gotten the lollipop, he kept playing with it and dropped it 2~3 times. He dropped it once when it was really quiet and the sound was quite loud ㅋ He blanked out and looked up at ARMYs cutely (t/n: aka the innocent face he always show HAHA)

Whenever there’s a break, he would come to talk to us and even sat on the stairs ㅠㅠ

Rap Monster:

Namjoon is really too cute. Whenever a song played, he would tap his feet along with the tempo like a kid and listened to the hosts attentively. He would laugh hard at all the jokes too ㅋ

The whole process I felt as if Namjoon is really analyzing and asked sharp questions (like those that makes you mind blown) He indeed has a sexy brain ㅋㅋ


Hoseok really likes to touch people, just like what Taehyung said. He kept touching Jimin from his shoulders to waist then shoulders again. (not explicitly!!)

When it ended, all 3 of them bowed and I think everyone likes them a lot. They went to talk to fans later on and kept reminding us to eat and reach home early and safely + thank us for staying with them etc!

From OP: Although the program was only 50+ mins, it took them almost 12h to record and it was really hard. No matter what happens, or how many new fans they gain, please don’t forget how much you’ve first liked them and the first intention. Let’s go together for a long time! 💖
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Pranks- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Carl x reader where they have a prank war and Carl keeps scaring her? Thanks!”

Word count:

Warnings: mild swearing.

 this is short af but i really like it cause it’s so cute hehehehehe. added in some rick bc bae.


You now regretted telling Carl how much you used to love April Fools Day. Now all he did was prank you, and you couldn’t seem to get him back. 

You’d tried scaring him with a fake snake.

You giggled to yourself quietly. Carl was leading himself right into your trap, you barely had to do anything to get him there.

He sat down and you watched as he looked to his left, seeing a snake there. But instead of jumping, Carl moved toward it.

“Hey there, buddy.” He mumbled, stopping himself as a look of confusion coated his face. Then realisation. “(Y/N)!” He called and you sighed in disappointment.

You’d even tried spraying him with his sink, but that backfired.

“Hey, Carl?” You called. His head snapped up, asking a simple,

“What’s up?”

“Can you get me some water?”

“Sure.” He smiled, walking to the sink when Rick stopped him, handing Judith off.

“I’ll get it, (Y/N). I’m getting some anyways–”

“Rick, No!” You screamed, but it was too late. He was soaked in a mere moment. Carl dry and you very embarrassed.

But of course, everything Carl had done worked out perfectly.

You walked along up the stairs after Rick had called you up. You still felt back for spraying him yesterday, but he said it was okay.

You walked along the hallway, until something screamed, making you jumped back and fall on your butt.

“Shit!” You screamed, reaching for your life until the figure started laughing. Rick walked out from behind the figure, also laughing hard.

They high-fived and you instantly realised it was Carl. You sighed, trying to slow down your heartbeat as the father-son duo calmed themselves.

“What the hell, guys?” You asked, finally calm.

“I mean, you did prank me.” Rick chuckled, “I had to get you back.”

“Assholes.” You muttered with a soft smile as you looked at Carl, realising maybe you liked him a little more than you let on.



Actually, if I do it consistently I would probably be on day 20++ ! LOL. Sadly I don’t have the time! Sesonghamnida ! 

Anyway…Day 13 is………..SEBAEK

Sehun and Baekhyun…. Hmmmm where to begin… From the look of it, they seem really close and also LOVE to give fan service! Such as Baekhyun lay down on Sehun shoulder, or hold hands during their live shows and more! Hehehehehe. They are so cute together ! 

Okay..okay. Enough chit chat.. lets reveal their PDAs! hikhikhik !!~



how suho reacted when suzy lost her balance (ft. tao who was matching his height with suho)

#32: how you sleep together

comments: i mean sleeping in bed not doin’ the dirty. lol 

Mark:You’re both heavy sleepers and lazy bums, so comfort to you both is everything. Your legs are spewed everywhere and he’d wake up in the middle of the night all the time just to push you back into place. Sure, it wasn’t that special or romantic, but having a comfortable relationship where you guys could sleep like complete idiots was important to you, and plus the part where he’d fall of the bed sometimes was cute.

Jr: You’d always fall asleep talking to each other, as Jinyoung loved to hear about your day and talk about his. A smile would creep over your face as you see him slowly nodding off to sleep in front of you. And when you’d fall asleep before him? He’d kiss you on the forehead and whisper, “I love you,” just so you wouldn’t wake up.

JB: When his arm was wrapped around you in bed, that’s where you felt safest. Sometimes he’d be off in his own world, thinking about something else. So much so that you’d fall asleep before him sometimes, and he would just let you lay on his chest, kissing the top of the head until he fell asleep himself.

Jackson:  It wasn’t bed time unless there was a pillow fort being built before it. Sometimes he’d surprise you with it. “Yeah, I know. I’m awesome,” he’d say right before you both would go inside. And you’d spend the next few hours talking until he would fall asleep and you’d have to bring in a blanket so you could both sleep warmly in the fort.

BamBam: What was even sleep to you guys? You’d stay up for hours, sometimes watching movies or shows or even playing games and talking. Your sleeping schedule was a complete mess, and whenever BamBam would try to get you both on track, you’d distract him with something else, and like kids, you’d stay up for hours into the night. When you finally did fall asleep, though, he’d sigh, wishing you were awake, and would have to resist every temptation to wake you up to spend even more time with him.

Youngjae: He was an early sleeper, no doubt about that. “Youngjaeeee, it’s only 9PM!” you’d say as he would head upstairs to bed. “Beauty sleep, Y/N! You might want to try it sometimes,” he jokes back at you, and you only can shake your head to let him get his rest after a long day. When you finally get upstairs to get ready for bed, he’s rolled up in a cocoon, hogging all of the blankets, and you always want to laugh a bit, but hold it in so he doesn’t wake up. You sigh as you get another blanket out of the linen closet and snuggle in next to him.

Yugyeom:  You’d wake up in the middle of the night, cold, because Yugeyom stole all the blankets again. You look over and scowl and how much space he’s taken up and how hes got the blankets tucked underneath his back. You don’t even care about waking up (nobody steals a blanket from you!!!) and tug the blankets from him and take it all for yourself. A few hours later, Yugeyom wakes up and finds himself cold — without a blanket. He laughs and takes half of the blanket away from you, knowing exactly what happened. “You’re such a weirdo,” he’d say, and go back to sleep.