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She is single and ready to mingle. We are now on a search for Han’s next top lover

Qualifications: (verbatim)

  • nice hair
  • kinda weird
  • appreciated if you live in the DFW metroplex but distance shouldn’t be too difficult
  • Also a few inside tips she has a thing for white girls tall and lean that has really cool short hair. 
  • She gets all antsy and nervous when she see’s a pretty girl. Literally will run away from you and hide behind a friend (please don’t find it offensive just means you’re pretty) 
  • must enjoy going out and getting drunk with her friends. 
  • Likes longs walk on the beach and staring at the sky for God knows what. 
  • OHH one more thing.. please do not be one of those socially tumblr fan awkward when in sight of her, that knocks you off your chances.

SO if your interested and meets these qualification please send your photo and short BIO to me.



*sock sobbing noises*

ok ill admit, i had this deep in my drafts and didnt finish it. enjoy my very soft headcanon, where tom and sock are good friends and they discuss problems of one or the other. theyre talking about jonathan…. and meph being mad

also yes hello this is snapple-the-crapple’s/shingeki-no-potatostuck’s art blog go follow