guys guys guys guess what i’m working on

With the inspiration drawn from of this @meganhufflepuffwriting post and the help (and permission) of @megan-hufflepuff herself and @riseofthehufflepuffs , I’m going to work on an incredibly long Bucky x Reader fic for y’all! 

I don’t want to give too much away but…

It’s going to be a Hunters (think Supernatural) AU where all the Avengers are hunters fighting supernatural beings around the world. It’s going to be focused on you, the reader, fighting a certain deadly sin in an angsty-ish, action packed, fluffy, smutty fic. It’s going to take place in North Carolina during 2017+ (I’ve yet to pick whether it’s current or in the future) in a world where most of the society doesn’t know supernatural beings such as angels, demons, the seven deadly sins, etc., exist (like the Supernatural universe basically). As not to give severe plot points away, I’m just going to leave it at that. 

I hate specifying locations in fics besides the known Avengers Tower, Stark Tower, T’challa’s badass mansion house place, Peter Parker’s apartment, but I need certain buildings to exist in whatever area the fic takes place in and it works for it to be in NC. Plus, given that I live in the state, I have that advantage. 

So, yeah, I’m going to try to work on that tomorrow (or I may work on it right now, I can’t decide because I’m actually really excited to write this???) and get it out whenever I can. I don’t want to rush it because I’m genuinely excited to write this and I’d hate to fuck it up because I worked too fast. 

Let me guys know what you think of this idea! You’re more than welcome to try to guess what sin is going to be used in the fic but I’m pretty sure it’s rather obvious. Feel free to let me know if you guys have any ideas to add onto this fic! It’s already going to be pretty long because I’m too lazy to split it up into multiple parts so I’m totally fine with more ideas to make it longer! 

Let me know! 



(O ///w///O) my homage to the ever funny and talented @randomsplashes who’s birthday it is! <3 <3 <3 may your day be INFINITELY MAGICAL!!!! thank you so much for always blessing our dashboards with your amazing comics and artwork!!! (^   O ^) you are a gift to every fandom you embrace! i wish you the very best in your year to come and every single day after that!!! *throws confetti in the air*  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*


Taemin Han AU: The Squad

!!! DO NOT REPOST THIS ON FACEBOOK OR ANYWHERE ELSE. These are only AUs and I don’t really feel like it should be circulated because most people get confused and just complain a lot without understanding. Please leave them here on tumblr or IG !!!

‼️‼️‼️ PLEASE READ: This is a different AU from the previous RFA Family posts. All RFA kids in this AU are different kids from the previous RFA family posts I made (except for Taemin Han; because here, MC marries Jumin) . The previous kids are all MC’s kids in different routes so they can’t exist together ✨ Also, Yoonri is a girl.

These doodles were all from my Instagram – people were requesting more of the RFA kids in Taemin’s au so I doodled one page but then it got out of hand because everyone wanted more so I ended up doing three pages today >v< ♥ Most of the ideas (and names) from this AU came from suggestions and I really appreciate every input ♥ It was so fun chatting with everyone in IG today ^o^ 

Some AU stuff under the cut!

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