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Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay

more fun taz animations! still getting the hang of looping them in just 24 frames

Gary dance appreciation.

~Blog Appreciation~

Okay so I just got a message from someone saying some rude shit about my latest post, the mtmte Halloween category ask.

Naturally, that’s got me feeling pretty shitty because last night, I worked hard on that request. It was the first time in a while that I had my inspiration up and was able to write a lot. I felt good! Great even about my work!

And then someone messages me that my post was too long and I should consider writing less so ‘people will actually be interested’.

Look, lately there’s been a lot of hate on tf blogs. I mean, everywhere on Tumblr. But it’s sad because I know a lot of the tf blogs are run by wonderful people and it’s disheartening when we receive hate for just doing our best!

Like I know @cybertronianrecords recently had to deal with hate and I’m upset because they’re an amazing writer? And now I’ve received hate two days in a row? And I’m sure many others have been experiencing this.

So I just want to say to all the writers out there who might be going through the same thing, just know you are amazing, you work hard, and your work is ALWAYS appreciated.

I’m not going to let nasty people get me down or make me feel bad about my writing and y'all shouldn’t either.

I also got an ask recently about recommending some good tf blogs! Now I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before but that’s okay. I love supporting other blogs and I know it will boost everyone’s mood. 

So here are all tf blogs I love, go check them out!

@sporadicinsomniac (A new blog I found that writes awesome imagines and loves Rodimus as much as me! :D)



@cybertronianrecords (They write such long, detailed posts, it’s amazing!! I love their work and they did not deserve that anon hate!)

@peachcanwrite (One of my favorite blogs that I’ve been following for ages!)

@peacheswritingattic (peachcanwrite’s NSFW blog)





@orangeimagines (One of the nicest people you will ever meet, I kid you not, and good content too!! )

@mycarhasasecret (Someone I consider a friend and they always put out top notch headcanons and imagines!! )

@fortheloveofsinkind (Has become a personal close friend, fantastic person with even more amazing art skills, discord buddy ;) )

@robotrashcentral (A great person who once helped me out and runs a really awesome blog too!)


@writeyouin (They’re writing a fantastic Swerve fic that actually inspired me and Silver to start our own fic! Great writer~)



@tranformers-4-life (A close friend who has shown me countless support and helps cheer me up! Also an amazing writer <3)

@anonymous-human-girl (Really freaking cool blog and even cooler person!!! Discord buddy and friend)




@transformers-headcanons (The first blog to not only promote me but send in an ask when my blog was first starting. I’ll never forget it <3)


@smstransformers (Still one of my favorite blogs ever!! And I just wanna say, Pan pride <3)







@more-than-meets-the-canon (They’re back!! yay!! I love this blog so much!!)





@rocksinmuffin (One of the best and most hilarious sin blogs ever!!! Also has a lot of other great content and is a cool person all around! Definitely a big inspiration.)


@transformershitposts (Hehehehe super funny shit here dudes)



@self-indulgent-scribbles (Ahhh still one of my favorite blogs!! Great, quality content and an awesome person!!! :D)


@blitzy-blitzwing (Makes beautiful tf comics!!! Seriously fantastic art!!)

@patchworkgremlin (Finally adding you!! I found your blog right after I made this post lol. I love your writing , it’s so detailed and beautiful. I just know your blog is going to become huge!! Check out this blog!)

@zenxenophilia (We live together and are close friends so it should be obvious I think highly of her BUT SHE’S AMAZING AND SO ARE HER WRITING SKILLS IF YOU AREN’T FOLLOWING HER, YOUR LIFE IS DEVOID OF MEANING, ALSO AN AMAZING ARTIST AND EXTREMELY KIND PERSON MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TF BLOG *choked up* Love ya Zen <3)

These are all amazing and wonderful blogs run by great people who deserve love and respect! Feel to add to this list or tell me about awesome tf blogs that I might not know about! <3 <3 <3 

Oh and shout out to my perfect friends and admins, @lulumaximal (Silver) and @taestfulsins (Tater). Love ya both!! <3 <3 <3 

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anonymous asked:

I’m new to Chanbaek and I just wanted to know what you thought the most iconic moment of theirs is❤️


and anonie.. 

If you ask ME what their MOST iconic moment is ——-

ITS THIS..!”!!!!!! KYAAAAA..!!!!!


I can never get over this tho T_T They really did THAT on LIVE TV..!! OMG.. 

So yeah anonie.. In my opinion, THIS is the most recent and yet the most iconic moment Chanbaek had.. 


this and some other moments.. like –

That one day when Chanyeol saw a GIGANTIC Chanbaek banner at concert he HAVE to show it to Baekhyun and say “Chanbaek” with his own mouth.. That smile on Baekhyun’s face tho T_T


That one time in THAT year when Baekhyun broke down to tears at their concert and Chanyeol HAD to walk pass every other members and check on him.. When he saw that tears, his face changed and see how other members just back away letting Chanyeol do the coaxing… T_T I love this moment.. Eventho it broke my heart seeing our happy puppy Baek crying like this T_T 

(if you don’t know, 2014 was a shitty year for Chanbaek and EXO in general - don’t look it up if you wanna spare yourself a heartbreak

My other fav moment is 

should i call it MY fav moment or EVERY Chanbaek shippers’ favourite moment..?? hehehehe.. 

This is during Roommate Season 1 when Baekhyun visited the Roommate house and they are all learning to dance to Overdose.. When everyone’s attention were on Seho, there is Baekhyun, sneakily stealing a skinship with Chanyeol.. 

When I said “sneakily stealing” its because the skinship only lasted for few seconds.. Thats definitely impromptu.. and done very cautiously.. T_T 

“Why can’t I hold you in the streets  [Uncover: Zara Larsson]”

I don’t know if you know about this but TEL Shanghai memorable to me.. 

After the dark event - FINALLY chanbaek did this at the concert T_T I don’t know what happened, but somehow, after this concert, they are back to normal again.. I’m so thankful T_T

Last but NOT the least, is THIS ..!!


This footsie would be a totally different moment if Chanyeol reacted differently to it.. If he JUST move his leg so that it won’t be touching with Baekhyun anymore, this will be totally different.. but he DID THAT.!! WTF IS THAT…!?!??! 

omg.! how can i forgot this one moment.!!


This is ONE other moment NO FIRELIGHTS should forget.. The 1st day of The Exo’luxion Concert in Manila - Oh Sehun, The president of Chanbaek Land - made Chanbaek do THAT on stage.! kyaaaaaa..!!! You should go to youtube and see the 100s of fancams on this moment.. kyaaaaa.!!! hehehehe… 

so anonnie..

Those are my fav and in my opinion the most iconic Chanbaek moment there are.. I bet there are  A LOT MORE that these, but its getting late here.. hehehehe.. 

once again - WELCOME to the Firelights family and always believe in Chanbaek ^_^

love -Ai-

anztxn  asked:

Hi Jakei, how are you today?

Heheheh here some news of this weird artist:

I’m fixing my sleeping scedule, so finally I can wake up early again and sleep the necessary hours, yaay!!

But now I’m having a bit of pain on my hip, this is something that I’ve been dealing many years ago, but a long -and sometimes painful- massage can fix it!

I’m improving my piano lessons and my fingers really hurt (this is like a stretching session now lmao)

I finished the script for Underverse 0.3 - 2 ….BOI……BOIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!

And also I’m about to finish the last part of The Truce, it was the easiest comic for coloring because I had to use -black and white- in some pages ~

So I’m fine :3 !! The tension thing will come when I start to animate battle scenes ;w;

katalyna-rose  asked:

For DWC! 💰 “they’re NOT my sugar daddy!” For Solas x Surana because I love that ship way too much...

@4vrafangirl, @elfsplaining

Glimpses: Absurd


Rating: M

Genre: Romance

Verse: Confessions of a Teacher’s Pet

Pairing: Solas x Surana

Warnings: Teacher x student, age gap, mention of sex work

Sequel to A Quiet Evening Alone

She sat back, kicking her feet underneath her where they hung off the hood of his car. His car. She closed her eyes, attempted to focus herself on the physical realities of this moment and not the excited, electrified terror gripping her chest.

It wasn’t his fault. He was nice to her, sweet to her, and always so encouraging. He did nothing inappropriate or untoward. Even this, even taking her to get dinner after dark, involved an impressive lack of awkwardness between them. Maybe there was a line somewhere, and maybe this was on it, but it didn’t feel wrong to be with him like this.

He shifted, the car moving slightly under his weight. She smirked and glanced at him, holding her french fries close to her chest for warmth. “Poor car. I think we’re too heavy for it.”

He sighed and closed his eyes as he lay back, moving until he was comfortable. She couldn’t keep her eyes from drifting, from falling to his hips as they moved against the cold metal. They lingered there for far too long, stuck on his hips, her thoughts going to places they shouldn’t when she saw it didn’t look like he had much extra room in his pants. “I needed an excuse for a new one anyway.”

She turned away quickly and scoffed. “No way do they pay you enough for a new car.”

“What? You do not know that.”

“Yes I do,” she said, smirking. “They’d never pay an elf enough for new cars as you please.”

He winced, still smiling slightly. “I want very badly to disagree.”

“You can’t though, it’s true.” She ate a few fries and hummed softly. “It sucks.”

Solas opened his eyes and looked at her. “Speaking of which, as much as I trust that you are an excellent athlete, I am curious as to how you managed to earn a full scholarship.”

“Well,” she started, shifting to cross her legs under her on the car. “Obviously,” she looked at him over her shoulder. “I slept with the athletic director.”


Eirwen sighed and shook her head. “No, she’s way out of my league, to be honest.” Eirwen ate another couple of fries, then held the box out to him. He hesitated, then took a few and thanked her. “Have you ever met her?”

“I do not believe so. Perhaps in another capacity. What’s her name?”

“Aveline Vallen. She’s a redhead and gorgeous. Also, probably married.”

“So… does she have a soft spot for Elvhen?”

Eirwen cast him a wry glance. “She has a soft spot for talented athletes, hahren.”

He grunted softly and sat up, raising his eyebrows at her. He was so close now, close enough for her to see the subtle laugh lines on his face, the first hint of crow’s feet around eyes. Like this, when she could see the signs of his age up close, she always expected some sort of revelation. Maybe she’d finally realize on a deeper level that this wouldn’t work, that the spots and scars in his features would only divide them. But she always found herself memorizing them, committing every piece to memory for when whatever this was inevitably fell apart; she didn’t think it pessimistic to assume that one day this would be a memory. 

“You know I am not implying you aren’t talented,” he said softly, that little smirk making her heart race. He had an almost dreamy look in his eyes, reflecting the yellow streetlights around them. 

“Well… you are just taking my word for it…”

He turned his head, narrowed his eyes, giving her a look that seemed to smolder in the dark. Her lips parted softly, her gaze flickering over his face, hesitating on his lips. “I have every bit of faith in your abilities.”

“You have no proof, hahren,” she replied softly, smiling at him.

“Mmm… is watching you compete truly the only way to know you excel at something requiring so much skill and grace? Honestly, da’len, I think not.” He leaned toward her slightly, and her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t respond, her words buried deep down in her chest. Her eyes widened, her heart pounding in her ears, heat flooding the blood in her veins.

“I- I have to go to the bathroom,” she said suddenly, surprising both of them. He blinked and pulled back, nodding, eyes wide as if shaken from a dream. “I’ll be right back.” He gave another nod and she slid off the car, grabbing her phone to take with her.

She went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, immediately turning around to put her back against it. Her breathing was too fast, her heart pounding in her ears. But this wasn’t a panic attack; she’d had them enough times to know this wasn’t the same thing. She was still on-edge, still hot and shaky, and the feeling wasn’t exactly good, but it wasn’t an all-consuming burn either. She closed her eyes and let her head drop toward the door behind her. As soon as she took a few deep breaths she could go back. She needed to be more realistic about this. Everything, all of the closeness, every overmeasured breath, was an overreaction. He just wanted to help her, and she was turning it all into something it wasn’t.

With a renewed, forced calm she went back outside into the night. From the side of the restaurant where the restrooms were she couldn’t exactly see his car, and as she stepped out of the dark and toward the streetlight her ears perked at the sound of his deep voice. At first she couldn’t make out what he was saying, but knew he was talking to someone and wasn’t particularly happy about it. 

She crept closer, staying just out of the light and well-away from his line of sight. “That is not what this is.” He had a subtle growl in his voice, a noise that should have frightened her but instead did something else. “This is not any of your concern, either.”

“Man, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I just asked a question, you didn’t need to take it so personally.”

“It is not an apology if you only make it to excuse your poor behavior.”

Eirwen smirked at that, ever-impressed by his bluntness. She emerged from the shadows behind the lamp, smiling a bit as she approached his car. “Something going on?” She asked, glancing between them.

Solas sighed and looked at her, shaking his head slightly. “If you are finished, we should leave.”

Her eyes flicked from Solas to the man talking at him. He was probably about Solas’s age, some kind of vague professional, and significantly less attractive. Not that he was bad-looking, per say, he was just human and… generic. Eirwen frowned and crossed her arms over her chest. The man took a deep breath and put his hands up, stepping back. “Just asking a question.”

“What were you asking?” Eirwen tilted her head, genuinely curious. 

“Eirwen,” Solas started.

“Listen, I just wanted to know how he got you. Like… I’m not saying anything disrespectful, it’s just… you’re very beautiful, and I was wondering how I could get someone like you.”

“An… elf?” Eirwen asked, raising a brow at him. 

“No! Fuck, an escort.”


“Eirwen!” Solas cut in, blinking at her and pushing off the car. “Can we please just go?”

She nodded and stepped back, watching the man warily. He mumbled something under his breath and turned around, presumably heading back to his car. Solas unlocked his doors and she got in, looking out the window as he watched the man leave. He finally got in and closed the door, then looked at her with raised brows. “Craigslist?”

She smirked and shrugged. “He wanted an escort.”

“Don’t tell people you’re an escort!”

“Technically I didn’t. I just didn’t disagree with him.”

Solas closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Eirwen…”

For a few minutes she didn’t say anything, just pursed her lips around a smirk that pulled at her cheeks. He started the car, and in the silence between them she finally spoke. “It was pretty funny, though.”

Solas gave her a wry side-glance as he pulled out of the parking spot. Despite himself, he smiled. “You are an absurd person.”

She shifted and let the side of her face rest against the seat. “Well… you haven’t kicked me out of your car yet.”

He paused and looked at her, fully smirking now. “I did not say it was a bad thing.” Then he laughed and shook his head. “And I would never kick you out of my car.”


“Well…” He considered that. “Maybe if you threw up without warning, or smelled particularly bad.”

She snorted as he turned to look back at the road. “Dick.”

He chuckled, and the sound made her heart skip again. “That’s not very respectful, da’len.”

“Mmm neither is throwing someone out of your car because they’re a bit stinky.”

“It does explain why I keep our meetings after you have practice as short as possible.”

Her jaw dropped and she sat forward, stunned. “No way, you are a dick!”

He laughed and pulled out of the parking lot, on to the highway. “I am joking, you really don’t smell that bad.”

“I actually don’t believe you.” 

“Well, you would know better than me.”

He continued on to the main road, bringing her back to campus where she shared an apartment with three other girls. Comfortable as they were with each other, and as loudly and easily as their conversation carried on through the drive, still he dropped her off far from her residence hall, leaving plenty of space for no one to associate them with each other. He did it without having to explain to her, without having to justify the distance between his parking spot and her home. She knew without having to be told that even this was not allowed.