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YAYYY I WAIT THIS HAPPEN, AND YOU OPEN REQUEST ON MY GRADUATION DAY ;;W;; IM SOO HAPPY can i request a Kurokos oneshot? what if he trying to surprise his lover on her graduation days but it mess up since Aomine and the others show up heheh after that is up to you make it fluff and lemon please hehehe thank you very very much :L

Spring had arrived and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom as the students worked their way across the stage to receive their diplomas. You were incredibly nervous, partly because, well, you were graduating, and partly because it was possible for you to fall face first when walking. 

When it was your turn to make your way onto the stage, you took a deep breath and took step by step, your shoes clacking against the floor as the audience erupted into cheers. That voice. Your ears perked up. 


You quickly whipped around to see the familiar head of blue hair blending into the audience. He was smiling and cheering aloud for you, obviously proud of his lover for making it this far. The two of you went to the same school and he graduated just last year. Though, you expected him to be miles away from here because of his job. Biting your lip, you grinned and gave a shy wave back at him. He gave you two encouraging thumbs up. 

After the ceremony ended, you were quick to jump into your boyfriend’s arms. It had been months since you last saw each other and the distance had exhausted the two of you. “You’re here,” you whispered.

“Of course, I told you I’d come. This is a huge moment.” He smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead. Kuroko may seem innocent but he was all smooth jazz when it came to romance. He opened his mouth only to be interrupted by a smack on the back, which propelled the two of you in one direction. 

Kuroko sighed and stared at Aomine. “Aomine-kun, can I help you?”

“Don’t be like that, Tetsu. Your babe here was friends with a cousin of mine. Yeah, the basketball player. He just graduated today too.”

“Alright, that’s good to know. But I’ll appreciate some quiet time since I haven’t seen my ‘babe’ in so long.” Kuroko cringed at the awful term of endearment. He then turned to you and opened his mouth again.

“Midorima’s sister goes here too so he’s picking her up today! We should have a reunion. I know Satsuki’s in town too. Akashi’s free today and so is Murasakibara. Hell, let’s get Kagami in on this! It’s been a while since we all met.” Again, before Kuroko could utter a single word, Aomine was already gathering the whole crew for a huge gathering.

Although you were a teensy bit disappointed, you didn’t really mind meeting everyone else. It had been a while and you sort of missed the whole rainbow gang too. Everyone was as rowdy as ever.

Kuroko leaned over to whisper in your ear, “I’m really sorry about this. I was hoping we could grab a nice dinner on our own but Aomine seemed to have different plans.”

“It’s fine,” you grinned, tapping his nose. “This is fun too. I’ve missed them.”

“We can go for dinner tonight after everyone leaves.”

“Hey, let’s go to a bar after this!” Kagami flashed his brightest smile as he hooked an arm around Kuroko’s neck.

Kuroko looked about ready to jump and leave. You smiled, “Thanks for the offer, we’d love to, but Kuroko already made reservations for this really good place.”

“Ah, man, oh well. And oh – oh, is he staying with you tonight?” A devious smile danced on his lips as he untangled himself from his former teammate. “Stay safe, kids! Protection first!”

Kuroko nearly murdered him on the spot but he sighed and turned to you. “Thank you, but I haven’t made a reservation yet. I was planning to—”

“We can go to McDonald’s and I wouldn’t care.” 

“I love you.”

A few hours later, the whole gang was gathered in Maji Burger once more. “Wait, Kuroko, you haven’t left?” Kagami asked, raising an eyebrow.

The two of you, with no place else to go, decided to stay at the burger joint and share stories of the past. “Yes.”

“I thought you had a reservation somewhere.”

“Right here.” He smiled, eyes darting towards you who winked at him knowingly.