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Vampire Juice
逆巻アヤト (緑川光)、逆巻カナト (梶裕貴)、逆巻ライト (平川大輔)、逆巻シュウ (鳥海浩輔)、逆巻レイジ (小西克幸)、逆巻スバル (近藤隆)
Vampire Juice

Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition tokuten:
ヴァンパイア★ジュース ~届けられたお歳暮~

Vampire Juice ★ Year-end gift


*tastes the food*
Reiji: Hmm… It tastes fine. Excuse me, would you mind setting the table, please?

*you take the dishes*
Reiji: No, they are not right. Why are you using those plates with a course like this one? The colour is wrong. You do not get even the simplest things, do you?  

*bell rings*
Reiji: Hm? Who could it be at this hour? I am sorry but could you go open the door, please? I will reach you as soon as I turn the fire off. 

*you open the door*
Reiji: Why are you getting so stiff? …I am terribly sorry for making you wait. Oh? Familiar spirits from the hell(1)? Huh? A present from Christa-sama (2)

*takes the package*
Reiji: What is it? A gift for the end of the year(3)? For Subaru? Ah, I have to sign, right? Is it fine here? Perfect, so it is accepted then.

*familiars go away*
Reiji: It is pretty unusual, don’t you think? A gift to Subaru from Christa-sama… besides, it is really heavy… I wonder what there is inside.
Kanato: Reiji, did something happen? Making such a noise at this hour…
Reiji: Oh? Did you wake up, Kanato? Anyways no, not really. I have just received a end-year gift for Subaru.
Kanato: You mean that package over there?
Reiji: Yes.
Ayato: An end-year gift? Why? Well, who cares. Let’s open it! Heheh

*attempts open the package*
Reiji: Ayato? Since when—- Woah! You can’t open it! It is Subaru’s! 
Ayato: Eh? But Subaru’s surely sleeping inside his coffin. Besides he’s more or less our little brother, right? In other words…
Kanato: Subaru’s things are ours too.
Ayato: Just right. And our things are all mine of course.
Reiji: That sounds a bit questionable to me.
Ayato: Shuddap. If Subaru gets angry then you’ll apologize and the problem is solved. Come on, Kanato. Let’s open it!
Kanato: Sure.

*start opening the package*
Reiji: Why should I take part to your pranks?! Don’t even joke about it…!!

*grabs the package and starts pulling it towards himself*
Kanato: Let it go Reiji!! We’re just trying to check what’s inside!
Reiji: Not now! You can do it when Subaru opens it!
Ayato: Stop being so annoying! It’s fine if it’s just a little, right?!
Reiji: Let it go…!
Ayato: Huh? Shut up, Chichinashi(4). Mind your own damn business!
Kanato: He’s right…! Besides we’re not fighting…
Reiji: …you, don’t just stand there! If you have nothing to do then help me!
Ayato: You’re too obstinate, Reiji!
Reiji: Nnngh…!!
Kanato: Let it… GO!!

*the package breaks and the content flies away*
Raito: …OUCH!! It… HURTS!!
Reiji: …ah! Raito?!
Kanato: Heheh, great timing.
Raito: Shut up! I was wondering what was all that noise so I came here… what was that just right now?! You hit right my face! It hurts awfully, you know!
Ayato: Hahah, look at all that blood! A vampire with a nosebleed—- hahah!
Raito: Wha—- Ayato-kun, there’s no need to laugh! …what is this bottle? And why did you throw it to me?! If you don’t have a good explanation I won’t forgive you!
Reiji: Nobody threw it. Those two were trying to force open Subaru’s gift and the content flew away. Then, it accidentally hit you…
Kanato: Reiji! You’re into this just like us! 
Reiji: Hmpf, I was only trying to stop you. I am not responsible for the fact that that bottle hit Raito—-

*steps approach*
Shuu: You’re all so noisy… What time do you think it is? You’re not children, don’t make so much noise this late.
Raito: So even Shuu woke up.
Shuu: Hm… Raito…? You’re face is covered with blood…
Raito: I know that! It’s Ayato-kun, Kanato-kun and Reiji’s fault!
Ayato: It’s not our fault! It’s you who were right in the trajectory of that bottle!
Shuu: Huh? Bottle? What is this supposed to be…?

*picks the bottle up*
Shuu:A Vampire Juice made in Hell for my beloved son
Reiji: Hmpf, that seems to be a end-year gift from Subaru’s mother.
Subaru: Huh? From my mother you said?
Raito: Oh? Even Subaru got up?
Subaru: That’s because you were making such a noise that I couldn’t sleep! Anyways, that juice… is it really from my mother?
Kanato: There’s the name of the sender… it’s written “Christa”.
Subaru: Huh? Is it written on that torn-apart paper?! Speaking of that… the bottle too is almost broken—- Aah! Even the package’s been broken to pieces!
Raito: It seems that who did that were Ayato-kun, Kanato-kun and Reiji. And thanks to them that bottle hit my face and now I’m like this.
Ayato: Ah..! Raito, you bastard! Don’t go blabbig it!! 
Shuu: Raito, don’t provoke Subaru. If that brat gets angry and destroys the house I’ll be the one to be told off.
Subaru: What do you fucking mean with “brat”?!
Shuu: Don’t start quarrelling over it, Subaru. Ah… I’m sleepy…
Subaru: Tch. More than that, don’t you even think about drinking it!
Kanato: So you mean that you want us to drink it, right? Huhuh
Subaru: It’s not like that at all! Th-this thing…!
Ayato: What a bother. Hey, Chichinashi! Come here!
Reiji: What are you planning to do, Ayato?
Ayato: From what Subaru was saying drinking this juice could be dangerous, right? So I was thinking to make her drink it first.
Kanato: Ah, I see! It’s a pretty good idea, isn’t it? Heheh
Reiji: Well, that is a gift from Christa-sama, so I do not think that it should have dangerous effects but… as it is you who have to drink it, I am not so sure anymore… heheh
Raito: I think so too. But you know, I look forward to seeing what will happen to this Bitch-chan here♪ 
Shuu: Same here. Hey, if you have time to make such a dumb expression why don’t you have a taste of that?
Subaru: Wait, don’t—-!!
Kanato: Subaru, don’t try to stop us.
Subaru: Tch. I won’t take any responsabilities for what might happen, okay?!
Ayato: Then…

*opens the bottle and pours the juice*
Ayato: Come on, Chichinashi. Drink it.
Raito: Eeeh? You don’t want to? You don’t have any right to refuse, you know? Bitch-chan, we’re not asking you to drink it. We’re ordering you so. 
Kanato: Come on, it surely tastes good… heheh, don’t worry. We’ll drink it too… right after you.

*drinks it*
Subaru: …hey, are you alright? …huh?
Ayato: It tastes unexpectedly good? Tch, boring. I got all worked up for nothing. You were supposed to say that it tastes terrible, weren’t you??
Kanato: I too was looking forward to enjoying your disgusted expression… all for nothing.
Ayato: Well, if this Chichinashi here says that it’s good then it’s okay right?

*ayato drinks it*
Ayato: …it’s true. This thing’s pretty good, isn’t it?
Kanato: Then I’ll have a taste, too.

*kanato drinks it*
Kanato: …it’s really as you said… it’s good… Teddy, would you like to drink it too?
Raito: Eeeh? It’s good? It has such a strange colour that I was sure it tasted bad.

*raito drinks it*
Raito: …ah! It’s true! In spite of the appearance it has quite a  fresh taste.
Reiji: Hmpf, it seems that there was no need for a food taster. Well, since I am a bit thirsty I will try it too.

*reiji drinks it*
Reiji: …mmh, it is quite tasty for something which seems to be bought in the marketplace…  pls Reiji
Shuu: Even if it was bought in the marketplace we’re talking about a made in Hell product, right? …well, I too wanted to drink something since the moment I got up so this works just fine… well, to speak the truth I’d rather have your blood but…

*shuu drinks it*
Shuu: …well, it’s not bad, isn’t it?
Subaru: Huh? What is it? If I drink it? No, I’m fine. Why did that woman sent me something like that? To be honest I thought that drinking that thing would cause some strange effects to happen… but you seem to be pretty fine, right? Then I guess it should be safe…?

*ayato opens the bottle again*
Ayato: Hey Chichinashi, pour me another glass.
Kanato: I’ll have one too, please. Huh? What is it? 
Raito: Are you worried that we’ll drink too much? Like usual Bitch-chan do a lot of worries, don’t you think? It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll have one more too!
Subaru: Hey you lazy-asses, do that by yourself!
Shuu: Hey, I want more too.
Reiji: Then me too, if you do not mind.
Subaru: Listen when people speak! I don’t care about what might happen later! Shit!

・゚:*✧・゚:**: *:・゚✧*:・゚ *:・゚✧ *:・゚: ・

Ayato: We drank a lot… there’s no more?

*bottle rolls away*
Ayato: Nngh… my heartbeat… is getting awfully faster… it’s strange… Huh? Chichinashi, you… you can divide?! Th-there’re two Chichinashi! It can’t be—- could it be that you are that thing?! That thing that… disappears in the smoke… it’s something japanese… what was it…?
Reiji: …a ninja.
Ayato: Ah yes! That! A ninja! Hey Chichinashi, show your real form!! Wha—?! Don’t run away! Here..!! —what? Hey Chichinashi, I’m telling you to stop! Huh? You’re not running away? Don’t lie!
Shuu: Ha…hahahah…! What is Ayato doing…? Hahah! He’s getting angry facing a wall… hahah, it’s so funny… hahah…!!
Subaru: …ah, that’s why I warned you… Hey, what are we going to—-
Kanato: You… is there something wrong? Huh? If I am drunk? There’s no way I am! Besides you also drank it and you’re fine now. Leaving that aside… won’t you come closer to me?

*kanato hugs you*
Kanato: Mmh… what a good scent… ne, won’t you caress me a bit? Won’t you? Please…
Subaru: Hey you, stop touching her—-
Raito: Wait a moment, Kanato-kun! Don’t cling over to Bitch-chan without me saying so. Besides… stop doing something so perverted such as hugging her! She’s feeling uneasy!
Kanato: You’re so cruel! What are you doing Raito?!
Ayato: He’s right! Hey Chichinashi! You’re a ninja, right? Then try doing some amazing stuff… you know, like getting naked without using your hands(5)…  stuff like that heheh
Raito: Ayato! Don’t try courting Bitch-chan, please. Speaking of that, you too Bitch-chan! What do you think you’re doing? Letting two men courting to you… are you happy with that?! Since when have you turned like this? Bitch-chan, do you get it? Since there’re all these vulgar guys here who try to get close to you, if you’re not determined enough you’ll be in danger!
Shuu: HAhahah why are you so angry Raito? Aren’t you the one who courts her the most? Hahahah it’s so funny! Hahah I’m crying..!!
Subaru: Tch, shit. You’re noisy Shuu!! You too, don’t stand like that with your mouth open! We don’t know what they might do, come here!

*subaru grabs you*
Ayato: Wait a sec, Chichinashi. How is it that you can divide but you can’t make your breast bigger? In the end you’re always a Chichinashi.
Raito: WHA—!! Why are saying something so rude to Bitch-chan, Ayato-kun?! Don’t say something so vulgar like “breast”!!
Reiji: Sniff… Raito… you finally came to understand it…

*reiji punches Ayato*
Ayato: Ouch..! What do you think you’re doing, Reiji?! Don’t joke with me!
Reiji: Shut up! In the end… even Raito succeeded in correcting his behaviour… This is such a happy thing… don’t obstacle my happiness!
Ayato: Gwoaah—!

Shuu: Hahah Ayato doesn’t seem to get up hahah
Reiji: Such violence… it is not like me… however… Ayato disturbed me… right when I was praising Raito for becoming a better person… It’s for the good of the family… I had to punish you… you too understand, right? I’m doing this for you too…!
Raito: Wait a moment, Reiji! No matter how many vulgar expressions Ayato said, you can’t use violence to solve problems! What will we do if Ayato dies?! 
Reiji: …you are so noisy!

*reiji pounches raito too*
Raito: Gwoahh—!
Shuu: Hahah Raito can’t wake up too…! Hahah Reiji is too strong…! HAhah
Reiji: I was… speaking… Why did you interrupt me?!
Shuu: Hahahah Reiji cries while being angry..!! He got so worked up hahah…! …you, are you angry too? Because we made you drink this stuff…? hahah
Kanato: Wait, wait, it’s not fair if it’s only Shuu! Look at me too! 
Subaru: Good grief, not you again… Hey, don’t come near her!
Kanato: Ah… it’s hot… you too are, right? 

*kanato starts stripping*
Kanato: Huh? You’re asking me what I am doing? It’s hot so I’m taking my clothes off… isn’t it obvious?
Subaru: K-kanato, stop it!
Kanato: You know what I am thinking about? Couldn’t you come here and stroke my body gently? …HEEEEEEEEEY!

*kanato tosses his upper clothes away*
Subaru: Wh— DON’T LOOK! Keep your eyes close!

*raito wakes up*
Raito: Nnngh… my stomach hurts… h-huh? Kanato-kun… what happened? Why are you chest-naked?! It’s so indecent!!

*ayato wakes up too*
Ayato: Shit… My head hurts… Oh, I see! Kanato, you’re a ninja too! That’s why you were able to strip in a second!
Subaru: As if it wasn’t already getting enough complicated…
Ayato: You’re a vampire and a ninja too! That’s so cool! I want to become a ninja too! I’M CRYING Hey Kanato, how can I become a ninja?!
Subaru: You prats, cut it out and sober up!! You can awaken as a vampire, a ninja, I don’t care! Just don’t try dragging her into something troublesome!
Raito: Subaru-kun! Why can’t you speak without using such a vulgar expressions? Your big brother here is always telling you so! Using vulgar words is bad!
Subaru: I never heard anything about that! And what are you doing now? Acting like a big brother…

*ayato grabs subaru*
Ayato: What are you doing, Subaru? Are you refusing to listen to what your great big brothers tell you?
Subaru: Why are holding my shoulders now?! …hey you, what are you laughing about? Don’t just watch and help m—- KANATO! DON’T TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS TOO!
Kanato: Nnnngh… Subaru is so annoying! Since when have you become like Reiji?
Raito: Kanato-kun! You can’t! Stop undressing!
Ayato: Are you going to do that ninja-stuff again? I finally get to take a close look!
Subaru: You… CUT IT OUT!!!

*and the roof gets a hole*
Subaru: Huff, huff…
Reiji: Whaa—- Subaru, what a cruel thing… now… there is a hole on the roof… it is so sad… why did he get this angry…?
Subaru: Huff… I-it’s not my—
Reiji: Sniff… what is it? You are giving me a handkerchief because I am crying… Y-you really… 
Shuu: Hahah Reiji crys a lot, doesn’t he? Hahah
Reiji: It is fine because these are tears of joy… however Shuu! I always want to shed tears when I see how lazy you act..! From now on get a hold of yourself, please..!
Shuu: What did you say…?

*shuu grabs reiji*
Shuu: I always… had to control myself… because you’re my blood little brother… yet you always speak to me in such a cheeky way…
Reiji: Shuu…
Subaru: H-hey—!
Shuu: You really—-!! Hmpff—
Reiji: Aah…! …huh?
Shuu: HAhahahah that expression, Reiji..! Your eyes are full of tears! What a terrible expression..!! Hahahah
Reiji: …you are really nothing but… a good-for-nothing! …ah, you’re so cruel…!!

*you tell shuu something. probably to defend reiji*
Shuu: Huh? What? So you want to join us too?
Subaru: Hey, don’t talk so inconsiderately!
Reiji: To tell the truth it is since you came in this mansion that things like this keep happening… Our pace has being thrown out of order… why is it like this?! 
Shuu: You’re sweating… it’s not bad at all seeing you this nervous… hahahah
Reiji: Wait a moment, Shuu! You are getting too close to her! It was me who was talking to her!
Shuu: Hahahah don’t get so upset, Reeeeiji I’m sorry Why are you crying so much..? Hahah
Subaru: You’re both too close to her!! Aah, shit! What a bother!! And you! Try doing something by yourself!!
Shuu: Hahah even Subaru got angry… Hahaha..!! What’s happenning with you all today? Aren’t you getting too upset? Hahah
Reiji: Subaru… talking like that to us who are your big brothers… but I know that you are kind… why do you force yourself to behave like that? Your big brother—- your big brother is so sad..!!
Subaru: Why are you all suddenly acting like big brothers?! Tch. Hey, you two! You’re getting too close to her! Let her go!
Shuu: No.
Reiji: No, I will not.
Subaru: Nnngh—- LET. HER. GO. I. SAID. Aah, you! Come here!
Shuu: What are you doing? She was playing with us.
Reiji: He’s right!  We were right in the middle of a conversation.
Subaru: Ah, this is sickening… LET HER GO I SAID!!

*subaru punches them. or something like that*
Shuu: Ugh—!!
Reiji: Ugh—!!

*everybody aside from you and subaru fly off the hole*
Subaru: Huff, huff… ah, I did it again… More than that, why are you still fine if you drank that juice too? Huh? You’re totally fine? You’re pretty fast at judging things… Eh? Ah, let’s just ignore the—- sigh, you’re right. It’s a bother but let’s go looking  for them…

・゚:*✧・゚:**: *:・゚✧*:・゚ *:・゚✧ *:・゚: ・

Raito: Kanato-kun… why are you naked?
Kanato: …I was wondering the same thing… Ayato, why am I naked?!
Ayato: Why should I know something like that? Ah! Kanato! You’re all wet! Are there tears?! Ouch— My head hurts… I don’t remember anything since I drank that Subaru’s odd juice…
Raito: I don’t too… but I remember that you were obsessed with ninja… 
Ayato: Huh? I’m not obsessed with ninja!
Kanato: But… I remember something like that too… Raito was strange too… 
Raito: Eeeh? Really? I’m always the same right?
Ayato: No, you acted strange. I can remember that too. I don’t know why but you got very angry.
Raito: Eeh? I never get angry! You’re both quite rude, huh? Aside from that… why are we in this place? Besides… my whole body hurts… 
Kanato: And then… IT’S COLD!!
Ayato: Kanato, calm down! Let’s just go home now.
Raito: You’re right—- oh, for some reason there are our big brothers too right there… have they passed out? What do we do? Do we piggyback them home?
Kanato: I won’t do it! If it’s necessary you two will do it!

*ayato and raito piggyback the other two*
Ayato: Why are they unconscious by the way? What the hell happened?
Raito: Who knows… 
Kanato: Thinking that these two are our big brothers… it’s so shameful…
Raito: That’s right… Having to make such an effort to take them home… us who are their little brothers…
Ayato: True story…

・゚:*✧・゚:**: *:・゚✧*:・゚ *:・゚✧ *:・゚: ・

Subaru: It’s a while that you keep smiling like that… it makes me kind of sick. Huh? You’re glad that in spite of what we say we’re able to act like brothers? What?! You’re with us from a while now, what the hell makes you think somthing like that?! It’s that idiots’ fault if I’m here looking for them! Huh? It’s not like that? Ah… I don’t really get you sometimes… Well, from time to time it’s not so bad having five brothers to look after… Hey, I said “from time to time”! Stop laughing so much! Tch… come on, let’s look for them!

Another blurb for defcliff0rd’s blurb night!

Every day you and tattoo artist!Michael would compete to see who could design the best tattoo on a customer. For the most part, the score was even, Michael sometimes outdoing himself with details, other times, you receiving praise for paying such close attention to outlines and shading.

“Nice job, Clifford,” you said begrudgingly as Michael grinned proudly, clearly today’s winner. He shot you a flirtatious smile, his dark hair matching the tattoos scattered along his arms, perfectly accentuated thanks to the Def Leppard top adorning his torso.

“Thanks, kitten,” he smirked, and you rolled your eyes, “How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?”

“I’ll stop calling you that once you stop calling me Clifford,” he compromised, the devious smile still adorning his face–and for good reason, since he knew that you would always call him by his last name.

“Never going to happen,” you scoffed, only confirming his thoughts. You were in a bitter mood today, especially since you’d worked your ass off to tattoo the most beautiful mermaid onto a customer, the scales and texture of the hair done to perfection. It had taken you hours–now wasted, clearly.

“Then sorry, kitten,” Michael shrugged as though there was nothing he could do, “I’m sticking to that.”

You rolled your eyes and turned on your heel, grabbing your bag of the counter and stalking out the door, your shift over. You cut through an alley to get home, muttering under your breath about how stupid some people could be, utterly fuming.

Suddenly a voice echoed down the alley, “Hey, wait!”

You paused, recognizing the voice as Michael’s. Turning slowly, you saw him jogging to catch up with you, his frosty green eyes regarding you with a look you weren’t familiar with. He seemed almost apologetic for what he’d done.

“Look, I’m sorry,” he said sincerely, running his fingers through his hair and tousling it. You watched him skeptically, waiting for him to snap out of it and laugh at you, but he never did. He stepped closer to you and you hefted the strap of your bag securely onto your shoulder, standing up straight and trying to seem stern and intimidating.

Once you didn’t say anything, Michael continued, “Let me make it up to you, okay?”

“And how exactly do you plan on doing that?” You said, a bit sharper than necessary. He shot you a small, genuine smile, shrugging.

“Dinner at my place tonight?” He suggested. You regarded him warily, still waiting for him to yell a quick “SIKE!” and smirk teasingly at you. Going against your better judgement, your shoulders drooped as you sighed, giving up the bitter attitude for the day and nodding.

“Great,” Michael smiled, and he quickly pulled out a pen from his pocket, looking at you for permission. In response, you gave him your hand and he jotted down his address on the back of your palm. Gripping your fingers lightly, he stuffed his pen back into his jeans.

“See you then, Clifford,” you said, not knowing how to feel. He was still holding your hand, his green eyes staring at you in amusement. Looking at him now, you couldn’t deny the sudden tension that had built up between you two–in fact, it had always been there.

“See you…” he said lowly, chuckling. He brought your hand up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to your skin, where his address had been sloppily scribbled, “…kitten.”

And later that night, after the delicious lasagna and wine that you’d both shared, you were not only calling him by his first name, but screaming it as well.
Why the dinobots would be brought to Cade:
  1. Scaring indigenous wildlife
  2. Attempting to eat indigenous wildlife
  3. Attempting to eat humans
  4. Sleeping in the middle of farmland or public land
  5. Knocking over all the power lines
  6. Causing minor landslides due to play fighting with each other
  7. Not paying attention to local authorities
  8. Attempting to eat local authorities
  9. Stealing small vehicles and machinery
"Straw-hat! Is he.. really ok!?"
"Hm!? Zoro!? Don't worry about him!"
thingy for yokaidashi! uvu

[ yokaidashi ]

Chi peeked around the corner of an old abandoned building, eyes wide with curiosity and fear. Hazel eyes focused on a man clad in what seemed to be a long, black trench coat and…a mask? “Um, excuse me,” She started off fairly strong, though with her anxious nature, her voice was bound to crack. “…are you lost? This isn’t really the safest part of San Fransokyo to be in, eheh…”