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Selections from Tatsu’s spam on Zakki’s Twitter Account (lol)

[ for the original tweets, visit zakki’s twitter ]

Hey guys~! This is Shi-ma-za-ki No-bu-na-ga (all in katakana) speaking~

My icon is a girl, but I’m actually a guy! Sorry for keeping that a secret until now~

We just finished Free!’s stage greeting~

It was so much fun! Ahahahahahaha!

– Well, or something like that I guess. I haven’t played with other people’s phone for a long time.

Hello, I am a certain somebody who was there on stage (with Zakki).

This must be a shocking amount of tweets to Nobunaga’s followers.

Sry guys ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

I’m just gonna keep tweeting like this!

I mean, there’re only 140 characters to write, how bad could it get?

Ah, beer for me please.

Nobunaga will go with Highball.

Ah, I’ll pay the bill.


The two of us haven’t sat together like this for such a long time!

It feels so gooood to have a drink after work!!

The typhoon hit us today. Is everybody all right?

Both-of-us-are-fine. (all in katakana)

Nobunaga is talking to my manager.

He already drank five times from his Highball.

It looks delicious (。-`ω´-)

Beer is delicious after all!

Nobunaga has a weird habit of sighing after he laughs.

The people who know this are Nobunaga freaks.

How did my last tweet make people feel?

I’m scared.

But, this is not my (account) so I guess it’s fine.

Hey! Nobunaga! Your battery has only 15% left!

You need to charge it!

‘Kay, I’m gonna keep going until the phone shuts off.

Nobunaga took out his charger stylishly.

He’s hesitating.

Btw, don’t try to hold back your burp!

Let it out.

Phew. All thanks to the charger.

Feel like I can keep on living.

We can even walk around with a cell phone charger nowadays.

Could’ve never imagined that back in the flip phone times.

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In A Heartbeat headcanons plz!!! <3

♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥  ~ so the powernap I mentioned earlier, I’m afraid it was a tad too long and seems to have messed up my rhythm since I can’t sleep now u.u So here’s some more in a heartbeaty headcanons for you<33

❥ cutie Sherwin is toootally the type to say “I’m not ticklish!” and even when he’s giggling and laughing adorably as Jonathan tickles him he’ll keep insisting “hehehe I’m n-nohohot ticklihihish!”

❥ Jonathan will be all smug like “awww? Then why are you laughing~?” and Sherwin just curls into a ball but can’t really fight it.

❥ Jonathan leaning over him and tickling him and teasing & taunting him is something Sherwin’s heart APPROVES of though!! His heart will eventually melt because it likes the attention.

❥ It turns into a joke between them that no matter how badly he gets tickled, Sherwin will always keep claiming he isn’t ticklish in the most hilarious ways, and knowing how much being confronted with it embarrasses him and makes him all shy, Jonathan teases him a lot with it.

    – like any random moment of the day when they’re not together he’ll just casually text Sherwin like :hey dear, how’s it going? You ticklish?:)  -and Sherwin on the other side dies on the spot.

❥ One moment tho when they’re in bed and believe it or not but Sherwin ends up being the big spoon and he just gently traces his finger over Jonathan’s back and side, and he squirms softly and wiggles. 

❥ It’s moments like these when Sherwin enjoys tickling him the most, because Jonathan will be in rest- mode and just groan and throw his head back while he sneakily tickles him into that low, charming laughter, and being the big spoon Sherwin just bends over him and tickles him playfully.

❥ Jonathan actually lets him to, until at times it may become a bit too bad since his tummy is incredibly omfgveryhorribly ticklish, so Sherwin manages to wriggle his hands between the mild barrier Jona’s arms form and he tickles him relentlessly, and at a certain moment Jonathan will just be so done (doesn’t happen always tho) and suddenly return the attack.

❥ cuz I guess we all know if he wants to Jonathan can win any battle since by just SMILING at Sherwin he can already make his heart weak and his body turn in to pudding, and he can do with him as. he. pleases. :)))

Trick or Treat (Vocal Team)

Request: Trick or treating with vocal team? Like in a reaction type format??

A/N: A bit late, but like I said, I was on vacation and bit busy dealing with my stuff heheh! But here it is, sorry for the wait anon >.

Joshua: He would be so happy to go trick or treating with you! He’ll be super excited and smile all the time and will even be willing to give half of his sweets to you. he’s such a sweetheart please protect him

Originally posted by jishooua

Jeonghan: He’ll probably spend half of the time begging you to let him try from your sweets and will challenge you to games like the one who collects the most sweets in 30 minutes will do the winner’s wish for something.

Originally posted by jeonghney

Woozi: He would be super quiet and just smile all the time simply because he’s with you. He may drop compliments for your costume sometimes and get so shy about. it iuegwhro i love you jihoon

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

DK: He’ll be really playful omg. Like rush to the doors to knock first or will hide behind bushes and jumpscare you in the dark lol. But it will be super fun with him and he’ll have such a great time.

Originally posted by hanwooz

Seungkwan: Expect a lot of screams, all the time. He’ll get scared from everything aroundd omg even from the decoration outside the houses but you both will have a lot of fun nontheless.

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jdkdjdjdj so we have these printers at school and basically you don’t pay anything to use them, just bring your own printer paper. and i was printing a document and this guy next to me was searching for something in his bag and then he was like “oh shit” and i could tell he forgot to bring paper so i literally said

“hey, do you need some paper?” 

and like i didn’t think about it until i got off my bus and it hit me as i walked home and i started giggling 

HEY quick question does anybody have a Type: Null in Sun or Moon that they don’t want?? I’ll trade you an Ultra Beast for it :0

Sex with Mino means

What would sex be like with Song Mino? Hehehe

A/N: this was a wild ride but i kind of loved writing it? i wouldn’t be opposed to more requests like this when i open requests again! anyway i hope you enjoy!

  • i feel like mino is all about touch
  • like sure it’s nice that you’re naked in bed with him but he wants to run his hands over you he doesn’t just wanna look at you
  • he’s very much the type where he partially gets off on touching your body
  • more than that i feel like he gets off on seeing you get off so 9 times out of 10 he’s gonna finger you or go down on you or a little of both
  • and he takes his time with it too like he wants a show it’s not just something he has to get out of the way
  • there’s always an odd time when he’s tired from work or whatever and he lets you take control 
  • and he just lays back and let you ride him
  • but most of the time he likes to be in control just because he likes to set the pace and make sure you come too
  • asking whether he enjoys oral is honestly not even a question like he LOVES seeing you go down on him
  • he straight up has to close his eyes most of the time because just the image of you on his dick like that is enough to send him over the edge
  • he’s very into encouraging dirty talk like he isn’t gonna call you a slut or whatever but he’ll be like “that’s good baby like that”
  • or “you feel so good baby”
  • or “i love your mouth on me baby”
  • i feel like he’s a soft dude outside the bedroom so even though he’s great in bed he’s never gonna be into the really dirty talk bc that’s just not him
  • but that’s not say he’s not capable of being rough
  • because he totally is
  • and afterward he’s definitely a naked cuddling type of guy like he just wants you to lay on him and feel you panting and worn out and hold you
  • because it’s not only a testament to how good he was to feel you exhausted and unwilling to move but also he just doesn’t want to let go of you yet
Rajigaze Dec 16: The Return of Abe-Chan

Reita: Now…the segment that holds this show together…

Uruha: Yes

Reita: The Dark Side Segment…

(there is of course sinister music playing)

Uruha: (giggles) Yes

Reita: Can I read one?

Uruha: Yes ofc

Reita: Okay….there is no ring-name on this one…“Reita-san, Uruha-san, good evening. Since this month’s theme is Christmas, please listen to this Christmas story from me, a 46-year old, twice-divorced, preparing to become a Buddhist priest: Abe-chan. (trying not to laugh) It was about 10 years ago, on Christmas Eve. I got off work early, so I bought cake and chicken and decided to dress up as Santa and surprise my husband, who was waiting for me at home. I got home, and quietly opened the front door…and I saw a pair of black high heels in the entrance. I thought it was strange. I went into the living room. There was no one there. Then, I heard noises coming from the bedroom that sounded like a crazy cat. When I went inside, I saw my husband cheating on me with some woman I’d never seen before. In a fit of anger, I dropped the cake on the womans face –”

(Uruha snorts)

Reita: “– shoved the chicken into my husband’s mouth –”

(both trying really hard not to burst out laughing)

Reita: “ – screamed MERRY CHRISTMAS, and stormed out of the house.”
(dies laughing) “Since then, Christmas has been a very painful day for me…so, my first divorce was because of my cheating husband.”

Uruha: (giggling) Is this real?

Reita: This person Abe-chan – you don’t know about them, do you?

Uruha: No.

Reita: Abe-chan is the Rajigaze Dark Side Champion.

Uruha: Oh I see.

Reita: Last time they sent in something like, “I’m gonna become a priest by next year” (laughs) and Ruki was obsessed with them.

(Uruha laughs)

Reita: So this is the second letter from Abe-chan.

Uruha: Ahhh….they actually did that?

Reita: (dying laughing) Dropping cake on the woman…

Uruha: And what did they do with the chicken again?

Reita: Shoved it in her husband’s mouth, and screamed MERRY CHRISTMAS and dipped.

(Uruha laughing)

Reita: What a great Santa…

Uruha: Ehhhhh….is that why they left to become a priest?

Reita: Well they were divorced twice…and this was the first time.

Uruha: Oh

Reita: Maybe they’ll send us another one and tell us what happened next.

Uruha: Ehhhhhhhh……..

Reita: But you know what’s kinda weird…this happened on Christmas Eve, right?

Uruha: Mhm

Reita: Like, on Christmas Eve, you know your wife is gonna come home.

Uruha: Mhm.

Reita: Like…did [the husband] seriously think he wasn’t gonna get caught cheating?

Uruha: Hmm…do they live together? – Oh wait, of course they do, they’re married.

Reita: Mhm…well she did say she got off work early so I guess he thought she was still gonna be a while?

Uruha: Ahhh…Double booking!…Dude is so dumb tf

Reita: But I mean…was he tryna get two rounds in?

Uruha: Well like that’s what would have ended up happening…

Reita: Maybe he wasn’t tryna do it [with Abe-chan] too…I mean, I don’t know what kinda relationship they had up until then, so…idk if he was tryna get two rounds or what…

Uruha: He’s such an idiot

(both laughing)

Uruha: That’s crazy man…

Reita: Yeah

Uruha: But I mean….it would happen. If you had cake in one hand…you’d probably do it.

Reita: Well, I get dropping the cake on the woman’s face. Cause you just go BAM! But wouldn’t it be pretty hard to shove chicken in your husband’s mouth?

(both laugh)

Reita: And to top it all off she screams MERRY CHRISTMAS at the end.

Uruha: Lol…damn…….

Reita: Yeh…

Uruha: What would you do in that situation?

Reita: Which one am I?

Uruha: Uhh…

Reita: The dude who was cheating?

Uruha: Yeah sure let’s say that

Reita: Okay

(Cute Uruha Giggle)

Reita: In that case, I would calmly catch the chicken in my mouth.

(both laugh)

Uruha: Yeh u would…

Reita: Okay…so Uruha-kun, what if you were the woman? You come home, and your husband is cheating on you.

Uruha: Oh I’m the woman?

Reita: Yes, you get off work early and you go buy cake and chicken, and you go home dressed up as Santa.

Uruha: Mhm.

Reita: And then, you see black high heels at your front door.

Uruha: Mhm.

Reita: What would you do?

Uruha: Hmmmm

Reita: Would you go inside? If there were high heels at the entrance.

Uruha: Well I mean, you’d be shocked, right?

Reita: Yeah

Uruha: Would you be angry in that situation? Or would you be scared?

Reita: Idk man…

Uruha: I feel like I’d probably leave the house. Wouldn’t you wanna get out of there?

Reita: But I mean, you can’t know whether or not he’s cheating just from the heels. Maybe someone came to sell something.

Uruha: I guess I wouldn’t know for sure, but it would definitely seem like that. So I would just give him some space, and then probably call you.

(both laugh)

Reita: Oh like telling me what happened?

Uruha: Yeah like, this just happened, what should I do?

Reita: …Come over.

Uruha: Hehehe~

(Reita laughing v hard)

Uruha: But I wouldn’t want to make a scene [like Abe-chan]…

Reita: I don’t think I would get than angry – I mean, I guess I wouldn’t know unless I was in that situation…would I be dropping cake and shoving chicken….?

Uruha: I’m just not the type to act out on anger.

Reita: Yeah me neither ~ I don’t even know how.

Uruha: Same…u might get stabbed.

Reita: Yeah – wait what!? That’s scary –!!

(both laugh)

Reita: Tbh I would probably just eat the cake and chicken myself.

Uruha: Oh cause ur angry?

Reita: Yeh I’m angry…..n I’m hungry…….

(Uruha giggles)

Reita: Hmm…

Uruha: Hmm…

Reita: Yeh

Uruha: Yeh

Reita: Well, I think Abe-chan will let us know what happens next.

Uruha: Ah –! I’m looking forward to it.

Reita: I mean, Abe-chan is a favourite here.

Uruha: Yes. They’re made up tho right? ….They’re not real, right? (laughs)

Reita: I wanna start…maybe…giving out presents for future mail.

Uruha: Ahhhh~

Reita: We’ll measure the depth of the Dark Sides (*and I guess give a present to the deepest person?)

Uruha: Oh, well if we could plan that, that would be fun!

Reita: Okay, then can we get them presents with your money?

Uruha: With my money?

Reita: Yes, is that okay?

Uruha: …Yeah okay!

Reita: Oh, really? Okay, then get them measuring tape

(both laugh)


Taeil || Soulmate

Originally posted by jonqins

request: Hello! I hope you are doing fine 💕🐥 like always I’m here cuz I need more Taeil (NCT) stories 😭 (why there aren’t a lot of stories for him? 😭) well for this request I thought about what Taeil said on EnNaNa “we are all connected even in our dreams ”. So maybe taeil and the reader are in love but that is only in dreams cuz in real life they have never met until one day they find each other 😭💕 hehehe it’s a weird and even more fictional plot but … yeah it’s weird. Thank you 💕🌙🍀

A/n: sorry I didn’t do a full scenario I went writer block on it

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SolidS Unit Song Series COLOR -RED-

Soliradi Special Mini mini edition (ver. RED)

Drama || Translation index

Tsubasa: Ehh, SolidS fans from all over the country, sorry for the wait!

Shiki: Thank you always for your support!

Rikka: We are delivering to all of you this live broadcast-style radio…

Dai: … SolidS radio, also known as Soliradi…

Tsubasa: Special mini mini edition… it’s~ sta~rting~!!

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If you could ship yourself with one person in Naj, who would it be and why?

This is—
A very hard question???
I mean ffffff L!Goth is sooo hot but I honestly don’t think he’d be like… my type?? Like I love how he looks I’m not sure I’d like his personality all that much despite CC!Palette and L!Goth getting along xD (I actually ship L!Goth with a friend of mine haha ;) )
I mean
If we’re talking in a way that is ‘just pick cause they’re fictional’, then- heck, Error’s mine xD I love original Error a ton so NaJ Error would be…. heheh– 
Personally speaking I wouldn’t mind a lot of them - Fresh is cute, Paper Jam is hot… Palette is adorable, I’d love Cil - Quill would be– oh my god I love him so much but–
If I actually was in NaJ? 
The person I’d most likely get with would be Xahji xD
Because I actually like girls more than guys xD I think guys are hot, sure, but I’m not a fan of dating them - Xahji on the other hand, if I liked her, I’d actually try and make a move
Well I do <3 
Because in RL even though I like guys, I’m less likely to say anything to them for, uh… reasons–
But yeah, there’s your answer xD 

Quick confession though… writing and thinking during this made me actually think that I like NaJ!Quill, uh… a lot— askjalksj–

Episode 63 UGH I forgot about Haga

Things start out pretty cute.

Mai and Jou greet each other with a high five cause of course they do! 

Yugi is literally half Mai’s height today, good times.

They compare how many Locator/Puzzle cards they each have; Jou has two, Yugi has three and Mai…


Meanwhile, Anzu and Honda drop by the Game Shop hoping to pick up Yugi but he already left (rude) so they end up picking up Grandpa instead. 

Speaking of picking people up, Honda’s still being inappropriate towards Shizuka and says he phoned her again…


Anzu is on Team Ugh.

You tell him, Anzu. For the record: weird older boys constantly calling you when you’re currently blind and in hospital and also like 13 years old is, yes, the opposite of comfortable. It’s uncomfortable. UNCOMFORTABLE, HONDA.

Anyway the three duelists have split up and Jounouchi is immediately approached by this weird kid who asks for his autograph, which strokes Jounouchi’s “did everyone hear how well I did in that tournament?!?” ego until…

Turns out the kid is just playing the odds. 

(It immediately becomes clear that this kid is lying, and later becomes clear that there are multiple layers of lyingness going on with this kid, so you’d wonder why he came up with this as a lie, seems like it’d be easier to just agree with Jounouchi’s assumptions, but okay.)

(a) What’s up with him calling him “big brother”, like, they literally just met and it seems really presumptuous? Is this a thing in Japan, calling random strangers by family bonds? Cause I don’t remember it ever coming up before…


oh who are we kidding we all know he’s going to–


And ~fanservice~? Well, that is some hot forearm-baring action right there…

Having literally just handed it over, turned away and closed his eyes (?!?!?!), Jounouchi makes it clear just how terrible an idea that was.

I mean, I’d complain, but he’s actually done things with his actual life that are more careless than handing it to a random stranger…


Luckily, ACTION HONDA is here to save the day and catch the little thief. (Oh yeah the kid ran off with the Duel Disk, that seemed so obvious that I didn’t even bother to screencap it…)

And Honda presumably breaks both his legs, I mean holy shit!

So they interrogate the kid and the kid tells them he stole the Duel Disk cause he super wanted to play in Battle City but you need a rare card to stake to enter and someone stole his. It was at this point that the horrible realisation struck me…

Ugh. No. Seriously, there are worse people in YGO, like, people who should get longer jail time, but I actually think Haga is my least favourite person.

So he describes him and Jou, Honda and Anzu come up with a picture as he’s describing him, like, piece by piece, that looks like this:

And they’re all like “inSeCtOr HAgA?!” but he describes him as having a beetle-shaped head, bug-eyes, short, and a stupid laugh. You’d never get this picture from that description. You need a description like, “bowl cut seafoam hair, Harry Potter glasses, sleepy eyes, smug grin”.

So Jounouchi obviously immediately runs off to challenge Haga to a duel. Thereby falling RIGHT INTO HIS TRAP. Sigh.

Because indeed yes…

Omg Haga thinks he’s cool. No amount of hiding in the atmospheric shadows of sketchy alleyways is going to make you cool, fucker.

Case in point.

(Instead of giving the kid the rare card he promised him, he gives him a common card, then when the kid complains, he pulls his INSECT GUN and … squirts him with… I dunno man, insect goo of some description? Sigh.)

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Shizuka is making a friend…

“How the fuck would I know, lady, I’m blind.”

In fairness, she does know; she can hear the runaway patient breathing in the room which would be TERRIFYING except it turns out it’s just a little kid who doesn’t think he should have to go to school if he’s sick enough to be in hospital which frankly seems eminently reasonable. Shizuka doesn’t even lie to the nurse, she just asks questions that lead the nurse to believe she doesn’t know where the kid is. The school-skipping child is grateful enough to immediately adopt her into his immediately family.


So back in the city, the Nerd Herd finds Haga and they - only now, when they have found him - disagree on the approach to take!

Anzu thinks they shouldn’t engage with him cause he’s a cheater and a bad person and they should just report him. (Yes!)

Honda thinks they should just beat him up. (Okay!)

Jounouchi thinks he should DUEL HIM. (Pls no.)

Obviously Jou wins because it’s fucking Yu-Gi-Oh! and it wouldn’t be Yu-Gi-Oh! if people weren’t trying to solve problems with card games that should almost certainly be solved via other means. But I really think they should have had this conversation BEFORE they arrived.

By the way it’s not at all plot-important and I have no joke to go with it but I had to share with you Anzu’s “ew Haga” face

I feel you, girl.

Now importantly, the writers know that Jounouchi doesn’t have magic plot powers to win every duel, unlike Yugi/Yami, so Jounouchi duels can actually be suspenseful, because he might actually lose! And that’s why they had to go out of their way to remove that suspense in case the thrill of actual uncertainty meant you missed the minutiae of the card games.

Yes, Haga insists Jou bets both his Locator cards and you can only be in the tournament if you have at least one, so if he loses, he’s out, and it’s his second duel so we all know he can’t be disqualified this early, so good job, writers, suspense thoroughly neutralised! 

Shizuka gets her new friend to help her follow the duel action, getting him to look Jounouchi up in the KaibaCorp Duel System!!

… Okay that’s pretty cool although I expected a blue and white theme rather than the always stylish purple and yellow. But okay! That’s a better website than some present day non-fictional ones have…

Well I guess that confirms that the Rare Hunter only changed Jounouchi’s status on his own computer and not on the network. That or he did change it on the network and Kaiba noticed and changed it back… which I would also not rule out except Kaiba would be spitting fire if he figured out that the Rare Hunters were hacking into his system like that.

Obviously it would be too much to ask Haga to have come up with a strategy that isn’t “irritating disgusting insect shit” so we’re back to this:

“I’m pointing at the gross cocoon thing just in case you didn’t recognise it from EVERY FUCKING TIME I DUEL ANYONE.”

But now with added levels of cheatery!

with uncomfortably hentai-esque imagery, and turn their left arms into insectoid growths. Apparently.

…. Why would these cards exist? The parasite card and the parasite-triggering card. Is there a use for these cards that does not rely on pre-duel duplicitous shenanigans? 

Because indeed yes, although Honda is appalled at Jounouchi’s apparent idiocy in deck-building…


Also I’m feeling a great kinship with Anzu generally this episode. Likes: Yugi, friendship. Dislikes: straight boys creepin on younger girls, parasitic insects, cheating.


The kid stole the Duel Disk to slip the parasite card in.

Haga’s super pleased with himself because he’s fundamentally misunderstood the idea of preparation. 

By PRACTICING, asshole.

His defense is “if you didn’t want that card in your deck, you should have gone through your deck before you started the duel” which is … actually not a bad point since the deck was briefly stolen. Sure, you don’t expect someone to add a card to your deck but that kid could easily have also taken one.

So Jounouchi declares an attack on the big awful cocoon and Haga’s all hehehe and Jou is all TaKe A CLOSER loOK and Haga’s like

(it has 0 ATK and 2000 DEF) 

and I’m like, pls be over, and then Haga’s like lol jk

… and he has an insect-type barrier because of course he does.

And fuckin Grandpa has the gall to be impressed with this dickery!


Anyway thankfully they skip pretty sharpish through Haga increasing his own lifepoints (above 4000 too!) and decreasing Jounouchi’s until:

Butterfree I choose you!

starlight-ciel  asked:

I'm currently listening to the graffiti playlist and iT'S SOOOOOOOO GOOD AAAAAAH I'M GETTING SO MANY COOL VIBES FROM IT AANDNFJSISBJDJSHAJ. I genuinely like this type of music too so i may be a little bias hehehe bUT ITS SUPER GREAT AND IT MAKES ME SUPER EXCITED FOR YOUR FIC ! I CAN'T WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT !!! :~)

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH YAY I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE THE PLAYLIST!!! :DDDDD that playlist contains all the emotions and moods that happen throughout the entirety of the fic, so it makes me really really really happy to hear that you like the playlist’s vibes that much ^-^ 


les amis laughter headcanons

i was thinking about different types of laughter the other day and things kind of spiraled out of control?? so enjoy this giant list of headcanons i guess

Courfeyrac: really contagious, warm, open laugh, kind of “huhuhuh!”

Combeferre: most of the time he’ll just let out a “heheh” chuckle, but when something’s really funny he’ll literally explode into maniacal, uncontrollable laughter, clutching his stomach and wearing an expression that’s almost confused-looking, like “no stop lungs listen to me”

Bahorel: vaguely Santa-esque “aHAHAHA,” complete with lots of knee-slapping and tear-wiping

Jehan: really quiet laugh, really more of a mumble or murmur, “hmmhmm”

Joly: sounds eerily like Spongebob, only cuter

Bossuet: really warm, rich, nice laugh; also prone to deep chuckles

Enjolras: rarely laughs but when he does it’s usually the silent, shoulder-shaking kind, and everyone agrees pretty unanimously that it’s very attractive

Feuilly: similar to Enjolras—the only way you can tell he’s laughing and not just grinning really hard is that his shoulders shake a ton

Marius: super duper awkward laugh, face gets really red, kind of sounds like a dying seal

Cosette: silvery giggles 24/7

Grantaire: four stages of laughter. 1) amused snort/sharp exhalation through the nose, “hmmpf”; 2) one short “ha!” when something is surprisingly funny; 3)  Loud, boisterous “haAHAHAHA” that’s about half an octave above his normal voice range; 4) lying on the floor gasping like a fish

Eponine: rough, scratchy, somewhat reminiscent of a barking dog: “HA! HA! HA!”

Gavroche: 50% snickers and 50% high-pitched giggles desperately trying to pass as snickers

Musichetta: only Joly and Bossuet have ever seen her laugh, and according to them it both sounds and makes her look kind of evil

Dark Fate Azusa Ecstasy 02 Translation

Dark Epilogue     Maniac Epilogue     Ecstasy Prologue     Ecstasy 01     Ecstasy 02     Ecstasy 03     Ecstasy 04     Ecstasy 05     Ecstasy 06     Ecstasy 07  

-Scene: Castle Bedroom-

Yui: … … … …

*Bed Rustling*

Azusa: … …Ggh… …

Yui: Ah, Azusa-kun! Good morning.

*Azusa Sits Up*

Azusa: … …Eve… …? … …Good morning… …

*yawns*… …

Yui: Did you sleep well?

Azusa: … …Mm. The bed had your scent on it, so it made me relax… …

Hey, Yui-san. Do you want to take a little stroll in the garden… …?

It’d like to get some fresh air. … …What do you say?

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Jikook (long post!)

Ok so I was watching the Show Champion behind the scenes with a friend and she said something that I’ve been thinking about since then regarding Jimin and Jungkook…

At first, she was gushing and making strange noises over how stunning and beautiful Taehyung is

Friend: “OMG he’s so pretty, he’s like a fairy asdhgeojdfg WOW!! My eyeballs are very happy right now…”

Then she was laughing at how ridiculous and dorky Jin was being

Friend: “Jin…what the, what’s he on?!?! Was he always like this? I don’t remember him being like this”” *amused but puzzled af*


Friend: “Ugh, Jhope!!! I LOVE HIMMMMM! *heart eyes*”

Friend: “Holy shit, they all look soooo good with these clothes, I like I like”

Then came the Jikook interview/section where they talked about abs, 1st win ideas, and were generally just being Jikook…but my friend was DEAD QUIET for most of it until she says…

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ONE OK ROCK’s Ideal Type of Girl

This was from their appearance in Monster Rock way back in 2011. They had a bus tour to show their gratitude to their fans. This is just one portion of it, though. I don’t have a clear copy of the video; hence, the poor quality caps. lol. Sorry.


Daisuke Han: Does anyone here have a question for any of the OOR members?

[Fans raise their hands]

Tomoya: They’re so energetic.

Daisuke Han: Let’s have this girl.

Taka: Hello.

Girl: Hello. Hehehe.

[OOR laughs]

Taka: Don’t go “Hehehe” on us.

Daisuke Han: How is it, seeing them upclose?

Girl: They’re so cool.

Daisuke Han: “So cool,” huh?

Girl: I feel like dying.

Taka: You can’t die. You can’t die.


Daisuke Han: So, what’s your question?

Girl: Which type of girl do you like?

Taka: Type of girl, huh? Hmmm…  For me, someone who’s like a cat.

Daisuke Han: Someone like a cat?

Taka: A “tsundere?” I think that’s what it’s called. [You can read more about “tsundere” here. It’s basically someone who acts really mean most of the time, but deep down, he/she is actually very sweet. It’s a very popular personality type for anime characters. Lol.]

[Everyone agrees]

Taka: That type of girl is nice.

Daisuke Han (to the girl): He said “tsundere” girls are irresistible. How about Ryota?

Ryota: I like the “tsundere” type, too. And someone who’s a bit mature. Mature and “tsundere.” A mature “tsundere.” [I think he got his wish. :P]

Toru: As long as she can read the atmosphere, I’m fine with anyone. [He meant someone who’s not insensitive. Haha!].

[Everyone laughs]

Tomoya: I like someone with a well-defined face.

Daisuke Han: With good bone structure?

Tomoya: With good bone structure. But, then, I also like “tsundere” so… 

[Everyone laughs]

Tsundere-loving OOR. Hahaha!

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Most likely Bakugou doing the biting. Have you seen Kiri's teeth, those are dangerous haha! But that's a cool headcanon! I'd imagine there would be some light teasing as they rubbed each other's bellies, like "mm, you got so nice and fat" and then just "heh, you got just as chubby as me". And they continue to feed each other. Fun times :3

Are you kidding? Kirishima’s teeth would be the EXACT reason why Bakugou would want to be bitten ;) heheh But Bakugou also seems like the type to need a release by biting back. 10/10 there would be teasing and heavy petting while stuffing.

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Could you please write scenarios or headcanons with Kuroo, Akaashi, and Oikawa where they're playing hide and seek with their female S/O in the city using Snap chat? Just one character of the three is fine if you'd like to scenario it hehehe, thank you :D

I don’t have a snapchat, but I assume it works with just taking pics and writing a short description across it right ?(ο´・д・)??


“Come find me ;)” is the message across the screen. The picture is of his girlfriend making the peace sign. A plain white wall is behind her.

Kuroo smirks as he texts her. “How am I supposed to find you with a white wall as a clue?”

[Name] chuckles when she gets his text. Typing back, she can only shake her head in amusement. “You’re smart, babe. Figure it out like you made me do >:D”

The middle blocker realizes that it’s payback for the last time they played this game. He had only given her vague pictures of his surroundings last time and she hadn’t found him for hours. He had been hiding right in front of one of the many convenience store along the shops downtown.

As Kuroo wanders around the crowded shopping areas, he keeps an eye out for anyone who might look like [Name]. A few minutes later, he gets another notification. This time, she’s posing next to a mannequin wearing a barely there lingerie.

The text says, “I was thinking of getting this for your next birthday ( ˘ ³˘)♥”

His mind can’t but wander to a certain imagine of her in that getup. His smile grows wider and he’s glad she had him put their settings on private so only they could see these snapchats.

The Nekoma captain quickly shoots off another text while walking faster towards the closest lingerie store he knows. “Is that a promise?”

“Maybe if you’re good ;3″ comes her quick reply. Kuroo steps into the store and looks around. He sees the mannequin that she had posed next to. He heads toward the back of the store, ignoring the stares from other women.

“Come out, come out, [Name],” he calls. Like a cat going after prey, he stalks slowly through the aisles.

Suddenly he hears a laugh and turns just in time to see the front door of the store close. Cursing under his breath, he dashes out of the store. Looking around, he can’t spot her in the throng of people.

He gets another notification. This time [Name] has her tongue stuck out and is pulling one eye lid down; she’s mocking him. “As if I’m going to make that easy.”

He sends a text. “I’m going to find you and when I do, you’re going to be punished.”

She immediately replies. “I can’t wait <3″


Snapping a picture, Akaashi sends it through the app. He receives a text back almost instantly. “Akaashi can’t you make it a bit harder? I know you’re at the library…”

He can almost hear [Name] sighing. Walking out of the library, he starts to head toward a different destination. “Sorry. Let me try again.”

After a few minutes, he finds another place and snaps a photo. His text says, “Is this better, [Name]-san?”

Looking at the snapchat Akaashi just sent her, [Name] shakes her head. She had suggested they play hide-and-seek with snapchat. She had done it with her friends and it was fun. The setter, however was having a hard time actually hiding in places that weren’t obvious.

The picture was of him standing in front of their favorite cafe, the name of the cafe visible behind the male. He had cut himself off the picture so only half his face showed.

“Akaashi…I can see the name of the cafe >_>” She types and sends the text.

A few seconds later, she gets his reply. “Sorry, again, [Name]-san. Give me a minute”

Leaning against a tree, she waits for him to send her another snapchat. After a while, she gets a notification. Again a cut off picture of her boyfriend pops up. The background is unfamiliar to her as all she sees are trees and a few lamp posts.

“Okay, I can work with this,” she mutters to herself as she sets off. Wandering around, she tries to figure out where he might be. There were tons of lamp posts in the park, so she heads there.

After spending some time looking around the park with no Akaashi, she sends him another text. “Can you give me another hint?”

Another picture is sent. This time a large rectangular building is behind the setter. [Name] scrunches up her nose as she tries to place the building. Sighing, she stares at the picture for a while.

After a full five minutes passes, she sends him another text. “I give, Akaashi. Where are you?”

“At school,” is his reply. [Name] can only face-palm herself as she realizes the obvious. Maybe they won’t be playing this game any time soon.


[Name] sends the picture to Oikawa’s snapchat. She can’t help but chuckle. The picture is of her inside a gym. The caption says, “Let’s play Tooru!”

The third year, having gotten the snapchat, confidently walks towards Aobajōsai High’s gym. “This is too easy, [Name]~” he texts her.

Throwing open the doors dramatically, he’s greeted with an empty gym. He stares blankly at the gym before quickly sending her another text. “Send me another hint.”

Shaking her head, she snaps another picture. Behind her is a storage room full of volleyball equipment and brooms. “What did you say about this being easy, Tooru?” He can almost hear her teasing tone.

He narrows his eyes as he wonders if she’s trying to trick him. He slowly makes his way to the storage room and cautiously opens the door. The lights are off, but he can see that there is no one inside.

Biting his bottom lip, he texts her again. “[Name]…are you at school?”

The next snapchat is a picture of her tongue sticking out in the corner of her mouth and winking. “Of course not. That would be too easy (。•̀ᴗ-)✧”

Oikawa squints his eyes as he looks behind [Name]. He doesn’t want to believe it, but he thinks he sees a familiar shrimp and dark haired setter, though it’s a bit blurry. He sends a text, hoping he’s wrong.

“You’re not at Karasuno….right, [Name]?”

She sends another picture, this time the gym bleachers are behind her. She’s shrugging with a small smirk. The text says, “Who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

[Name] laughs to herself after sending that snapchat. Both setter and decoy of Karasuno just stare at her wondering why she is at their school’s gym.

Suddenly, her phone rings. Grinning when she sees the caller ID, she answers it. “Hellooooo?” she chirps happily.

“[Nameeeeeeeeeee] why are you at Tobio-chan’s school!?” Oikawa cries into the receiver. She can only laugh as she hears him continue his grumblings.