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100 Follower Special: Six Same Faces, Six Different Tickles - Osomatsu-san X Reader

Words: 843

“Boys?” You knocked on the door again. No answer. “Hello? Hmm…they said they’d be home today…” You froze as Todomatsu’s unmistakeable girly scream came from the house.


“The hell?!” You threw the door open, rushing inside. What if something bad happened?


You skidded to a stop, only to find all of the brothers in a pile. Good, they were just playing like the immature babies they are.

“SAVE MEEE!” Todomatsu screeched from the bottom of the pile.

“What the…?” They were…tickling him? He clawed desperately at the ground, but then Choromatsu glanced up to see you. He alerted the others, and they immediately stopped and stared at you.

“Oh…” Osomatsu rubbed under his nose. Their mouths curved into evil smiles.


“New victim!” Jyushimatsu cried, and they charged at you.

“Don’t you dare!” You only took one step before falling flat on your back.

“Oh, we dare! This is for not helping me!” Todomatsu’s cheeks were still pink. “Punishment!”

“You pieces of shi-”

Sixty fingers all over your body.

“Coochie coochie coo!”

“Does this tickle? How about here? Oh, and here?”

“Uwah, she’s so cute!”

“I guess she is, isn’t she?”

“Aw, (Y/N)-chan’s smile is pretty!”

“Take it like a man!”

That’s it, you were done for. “NO, NO, NOHOHOHO!” You squirmed the best you could, trying to buck Jyushimatsu off your legs. “LEMME GOHOHOHO!”

“No mercy!” Osomatsu snickered. “My precious baby brother Choromatsu has a sweet spot riiiiiiight about here!” He poked your neck, and you flailed. “Ooh!” He ignored Choromatsu’s glare.

“(Y/N)-chan has ticklish knees, (Y/N)-chan has ticklish knees!” Jyushimatsu sang.

“And she’s ticklish here.” Ichimatsu had wrestled your shoes and socks off and was now tickling your toes.

“Heh…” Todomatsu watched Karamatsu poke your belly button with wide eyes.

“Quit it, Pervymatsu!” Osomatsu pulled him away. “Don’t poison her mind with your freaky kinks!”

“HIS WHAHAHAT?!” you yelled.

“He likes be-”

“THAT’S IT!” Todomatsu tackled Osomatsu, hands traveling up his hoodie.

“H-hehehey, (Y/N) is the victim, not mehehehe!”

“Tough titties!”

“Get your butts back over here and help us!” Choromatsu flinched when your arm almost got free.

“NOHOHOHO, GOHOHOHO AWAHAHAY!” You couldn’t handle being tickled in so many places at once, it was torture! “I’M SOHOHOHOHORRY!”

“Are you really, really sorry?” Todomatsu asked, bending down to blow a raspberry on your tummy.


“Guys, raspberries! They destroy her!”

“Roger that!” Ichimatsu took care of your knees, Osomatsu got your neck, Karamatsu had your sides, and Todomatsu stayed where he was. “So cute!”

“Cute (Y/N)-chan!” Jyushimatsu held down your arms so you wouldn’t smack him in the face.

“Heh…she is really cute,” Choromatsu admitted bashfully.


“Are too!” Karamatsu poked your belly button. “Who agrees?”

“I!” they all shouted simultaneously.

“FUHUHUHUHUHUCK YOHOHOHOHOU!” One of your arms broke free and reached for Jyushimatsu, but he just tickled under your arms. “DAMN YOU!” Your arms snapped back to your sides.

“Coochie coochie coo!” Osomatsu sang, raspberrying your ribs. “Your laugh is so cute!”

“Maybe we should stop, we might kill her.” Choromatsu backed off.

“What? She’s fine!” He gestured to your red face.

“She obviously isn’t!”

“What was that?” All of them stopped, turning to face him.

“Um…gottagobye!” He made it two feet before Karamatsu grabbed his ankle.



“Heh…heheh…” You sat up slowly, watching them trying to wrangle up Choromatsu. “Suffer!”

“(Y/N), you-ahahaha!” He desperately tried to crawl away, especially when Osomatsu nuzzled his neck. “WAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT!”

“No waiting, no mercy!”

“Yeah! Hmm…” Jyushimatsu quickly dragged Ichimatsu over, tickling his tummy.

“JYUSHIMAHAHAHATSU!” He grabbed of his hands to tickle him back.

“NII-SAHAHAHAN!” They fell over into a laughing heap.

“Gotcha!” Todomatsu grabbed Karamatsu’s sides.


“STUPID ELDEST BROTHER!” Choromatsu retaliated by digging all ten fingers into Osomatsu’s ribs, smirking as his grip loosened.


“Idiots,” you murmured.


“Not while you’re in that position!”

“SHEHEHEHEHE’S RIGHT!” Karamatsu tried in vain to sit up.

“Oh no you don’t!” Todomatsu pushed him back down.

“NII-SAHAHAHAN, NII-SAHAHAHAHAHAN!” Jyushimatsu bucked his hips, tears forming in his eyes.

“I’LL STOP IF YOU STOP!” Ichimatsu choked out between snickers.


“Bye.” You stood up, heading out the door.

“Nohoho, wahait!” Osomatsu stumbled over, his five red-faced brothers following. “Wehehehe’re sorry for torturing you, (Y/N)!”

“Oh?” You turned around.

“Y-yeah, it was a shitty thing to do…” Choromatsu rubbed his head.

“Shouldn’t have treated a Karamatsu girl like that.”

“’m sorry I didn’t stop when you told me to.”

“Sorry…I couldn’t resist, you were just too cute!”


“You guys…” You looked away with a blush.

“We wanna make it up to you. Maybe you could go on a date with us?” Osomatsu beamed.

“All of you? That doesn’t sound like a very good idea.”  You put your hand on the doorknob.

“Oh?” They wiggled their fingers at you.

“Actually that’s a wonderful idea!” you squeaked, prompting all of them to laugh as they walked you outside.

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Naruto & Hinata for 31? With Hinata getting her feet tickled, if you want?

Naruto (NaruHina / lee Hinata + feet) - 31: “But your laugh is so cute!”I ship Naruhina so hard but still I’ve been saving this prompt until second last because… idk?! I just couldn’t find the inspiration. This might turn out sucky but I did give it a try<3 

“Uhm. H-hi sir. I’m here to see Hinata.” Naruto uneasily watched the tall, long-haired man as he stood before him. Then, without giving him any answer, Hiashi turned and walked away, back into his room.

“Um okay?” Naruto scratched his head. Well, that was awkward. He carefully took a few steps forward and curiously looked around the Hyuuga mansion. If her father wouldn’t tell his daughter’s boyfriend of her whereabouts, how should he find her?

“Psst Naruto! Over here!” Naruto looked up and was surprised to see Hinata’s younger sister calling him over.

“My sister’s room is over there. She’s had a rough mission so she might be resting,” Hanabi explained as she led him to one of the rooms, and Naruto nodded.

“Sure, thanks Hanabi!” he said thankfully. He really should think it over when he planned his next surprise visit. If it wasn’t for Hanabi, he’d still be wandering around the mansion like an idiot. Hanabi nodded with a friendly smile, giggled and then ran away, leaving him alone with the door to Hinata’s room.

“H-hello? Hinata?” Naruto knocked twice and then carefully opened the door. He closed it behind him, quietly, when he noticed her sleeping figure on the mattress.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” he blushed and sat by her side, watching how she slept soundlessly. Looking at her arms, he noticed the fresh scratches and wounds. Why didn’t she tell him she had a rough mission?

Noticing one of her feet sticking from under the blankets, Naruto crawled closer and carefully traced his finger down the sole of her foot where a few scars were left from her training-on-bare-feet habits. He smiled. He just loved this about her. She wasn’t like the other girls, she–

“Ehehe!” Naruto was pulled from his trance when, accompanied by a giggle, Hinata’s foot swiftly disappeared under the blankets. Blinking, Naruto watched her in surprise, and he grinned. Hinata was… ticklish?

Still grinning like an idiot, he bent forward and slowly peeled the blankets off her feet, revealing her cute, scarred soles again, and he began to tickle her softly. Another giggle, but before Hinata could pull her foot further up, Naruto grabbed both her feet with one hand and pinned her ankles down. With his free hand, he fluttered his fingers lightly all over the bottoms of her feet, and he heard how his girlfriend awoke from her nap.

“H-hehehe thahaat tickles!” she laughed, and she sat up and met with Naruto’s playful gaze.

“Naruto-kun?!” she squeaked, probably having mistaken him for her sister, and she blushed a crimson red and slapped her hands over her cheeks.

“Y-you, I e-eh, I’m…” Naruto interrupted her cute stutters by crawling his fingers along the instep of her foot, and Hinata squealed.

“Morning sunshine!” Naruto sang teasingly, and Hinata giggled more and pulled up the blankets to cover her mouth when more tickling followed. Her toes curled and she shut her eyes, squirming and wriggling against her boyfriend’s touch.

“N-Nahaharuto-kun! P-please noohoho!” Embarrassed because of both being caught in bed by him, aaand getting tickled like that, Hinata fell back down and curled up in her blankets, her feet kicking weakly as they were still trapped in his grip.

“But your laugh is so cute!” Naruto chirped, and Hinata’s sweet laughter raised a pitch when he tickled her under her toes.

“Hmmphph noohoho!” Half muffled protests filled the room with Hinata burying her face in her pillow, and smiling widely at how cute she was, Naruto released her feet and crawled up like a predator, pinning her down on the futon.

“Yehehes!” he sang, copying her in a playful way, and he shoved his hands under the blankets in search for his girlfriend’s squirming body.

“NO Hahaha oh stoohohop!” Hinata was absolutely adorable. Having found her sides, Naruto squeezed her repeatedly and he blushed when his hands found bare skin since Hinata’s shirt had moved up during the struggle.

“Naruto-kuuhuhun!” Hinata giggled and struggled, but Naruto smiled knowingly, being aware of how she actually liked this little play. If she didn’t, he would’ve had to face the painful concequences already.

Naruto-kun!” Hinata gasped when he wriggled his hands between her and the mattress, fingers searching for her tummy and tickling her effectively.

“Can’t hehehe breathe!” Naruto smiled and finally stopped his wiggling fingers. Instead, he caressed her tummy lovingly and he leaned his head against her heaving back.

“You’re so cute, Hina-chan,” he muttered, and he didn’t even need to see her face to know she was blushing like crazy. Still resting his head against her, he moved one of his hands from under her and he traced his finger down her spine.

“… and ticklish,” he said, and the loud gasp that escaped her lips was the cutest thing ever. Without warning, Naruto threw the blankets over both of them, and he went to attack her with a second round of tickles, reducing her into a sweet pile of giggles while she squirmed and writhed against him. Now knowing her adorable weakness, there was no way he could ignore it!

Early Morning

Pairing: Aki/Youka

Words: 2,286

Rating: T (i guess)

Summary: Youka stayed the night at Aki’s house, and accompanies her during her school morning routine the next day. They’ve already been dating for quite a while now during this fic.

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Block B/Big Bang Reaction❤️


     “Could I request a Block B/BIGBANG reaction of them coming home to find their wife asleep on the couch in a really weird position that looks kind of uncomfortable? (Like that thing cats do all the time, ya’ know?) Thanks!”

here you go :)



Kyung: *thinks to himself* “How did i end up being with her?!Isn’t she just adorable???”

Taeil: *goes up to your face* “Aigooo what a cute jagi i have hehehe”

Jaehyo: “Oh my god….she’s drooling too……”


B-Bomb: *stares at her for a while before cracking up*

P.O: *goes up to your face and wakes you up* “Ahhh…Sleeping comfortable aren’t you jagi??”


G-Dragon: *snaps a photo so he can tease you later*

T.O.P: *confused* “How can she even be comfortable sleeping like that?!On the couch?!”

Taeyang: *stares at her* “Yeeep,there is definately something wrong with her…”

Daesung: “Awwww look at her!Curled up like a cute kitty!!!”

 Seungri: *after taking a photo of your weird sleeping position,thinks of another way to prank you so you’ll wake up!*