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@underage littles: It is not bad to know that this is what you like. It's not bad to have sexual feelings. It is not bad to acknowledge them. Though part of being a little and in a relationship with a Caregiver requires a certain level of maturity and understanding, especially when it comes to the sexual aspect. Some littles don't engage in that, and that is 100% okay! Just please be safe while you explore, and stick to exploring with others who are also underage! ~~~A Big Little <3

Hehehe thank chu that suh sweet~

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Hello! I love love love your blog and I just needed someone to share the good news with! I'm 17 (legally consenting in my state), and I found my first daddy! We've been sweethearts since camp four years ago, and started dating six months ago and we just had our first daddy/little scene over the phone and it was ah-mazing!!! He looked through your blog to help get an idea of what I needed and it was wonderful. Thank you so much for helping us!!!! 💖✨🎀

Hehehe Awh thank chu suh much that suh sweet. 🙈☺️💜🌸

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I LOVE YOUR PAGE SO MUCH!!!!!! Your posts are adorable and I am so thankful that you post things about fake daddies. It is helping me stay safe as a little. Thank you 💕

Hehehe thank chu I’m glad it help chu ☺️💜🌸🌈