The Drake brothers  Ah, If only these guys weren’t mass-murderers… 

Been drawing a LOT of Uncharted-stuff lately (I’m a bit crazy about these games) so had to upload something on this half-dead wall of mine. 

I’ve experimenting different designs on the whole cast, figuring out how much dot-eyes can express stuff etc., (especially eye directions are funny/weirdly challenging to do). I Like drawing out small scenes in my head (though I have NO idea what’s going on) but it’s so fun! Almost feel like animating again :) 

that awkward moment you’ve typed certain characters names so much your phone begins to autocorrect normal words to them….. bless the fact this piece of technology changes sorry to Soryu and memory to Mamoru. 😂😂😂

160719 めざましじゃんけん サンジ 映画「ONE PIECE FILM GOLD」 - 「ワンピース フィルム ゴールド」 - Dailymotion動画
めざましテレビ 160719 めざましじゃんけん サンジ 映画「ONE PIECE FILM GOLD」 - 「ワンピース フィルム ゴールド」


Sanji uses rock, paper, scissors to ask you out on a date to see One Piece Film Gold.  Smooooooth….


BAEKHYUN IS ME. HAHAHAHA look at him all exicted

Eren and Levi confessions
  • [Eren's turn]
  • Eren:I feel jealous whenever Levi looks at the Windex bottle. I wish he looked at me the same way.
  • Eren:Levi is like my anger, I can never live without him.
  • Eren:I love touching his shaved hair.
  • Eren:At night, I hear him singing lullabies to his cleaning products.
  • Eren:Levi's dust wand can reach places one could never reach.
  • Eren:There's one word that can make him blush."Daddy".
  • [Levi's turn]
  • Levi:That key has been in places. You don't want to know.
  • Levi:He yells "mom" in his sleep.
  • Levi:His eyes are the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
  • Levi:Don't tell him but I actually have him in mind whenever I see my cleaning materials. They both make me happy.
  • Levi:Eren likes it when I tie him up with my cravat.
  • Levi:And yes, the abs on his titan form are the same in human form. You're welcome.
Baby Marauders

Sirius: What?

Lily: *Yawns*

Lily: *grumpy* *mumbles to self* Where the heck is my Transfiguration book? *starts to search around the common room*

Lily: I’m Lily. Have you seen a first year Transfiguration book lying around anywhere?

James: …………….. Uh………….. No…… But…..

*Awkward Silence*

James: BYE Sirius……… *pointed look*

Lily: Nice to meet you James….Nobody….? *looks at Sirius*

Lily: Bye Nobody!

James: So… what are you doing… here?

James: Nice… nice…. Well I’m really cool……. and if you hang around with me you could be… super cool… too. *sweats*

Lily: Are you serious? Uhhh….no thanks? So I guess if you haven’t seen my book…I’ll just be…leaving…

James: *Panics* NO!!! …….. Uh…………. 

James:………. No one…….. Goodbye forever. *turns around and walks straight back to Sirius and slams his head on the table*

Sirius: So… did you woo the fair lady?

(( OOC: And James remained single for the rest of forever, the end. 

Baby Marauders starring my lil sis and lil cousin. <3 

Baby Marauder Version of THIS THREAD! :) ))