heheh this is my icon for my other blog

So I recently 4.5k and I’d said I’d do something special when I hit 4k so I’m a bit late, but better late than never. I’m shocked that so many people chose to click the follow button on my page, like thank you so much. I love you guys so I thought I’d do something fun for you all :)

Hence, my very first blog awards I’m really excited about this



  • Best band URL
  • Best Luke URL
  • Best Calum URL
  • Best Ashton URL
  • Best Michael URL
  • Best bromance URL
  • Best 5SOS related URL
  • Best 5SOS blog OVERALL


  • Ashton girl
  • Luke girl
  • Calum girl
  • Michael girl


  • best theme
  • best icon
  • best writer
  • best AU memes
  • best edits
  • funniest blogger
  • nicest/kindest blogger
  • dirtiest blogger (hehehe)
  • raddest blogger (pretty much best blogger)

What You Will Get

  • a follow from me if I’m not already :)
  • A spot on my blog on a special page I’m going to make
  • Promos whenever you want
  • We can be friends if you want
  • My eternal love

How To Enter/Win

  • send me a message nominating yourself or someone else
  • reblog/like the post with the nomination
  • whoever gets the most reblogs/likes will win
  • there will be at least 2 winners in each category.

It’ll end when this has enough notes and enough people enter. Good luck! and I hope people actually do this