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this is gonna be a total shocker...EldGun


falls asleep on the couch: Both have at many different occasions. But Gunther especially. Gunther displays a remarkable ability to sleep in MANY DIFFERENT PLACES and the couch is most certainly one of them, and Eld complains liberally because the man is IMPOSSIBLE TO ROUSE once he’s fallen asleep and if he wants to sit on that goddamn couch or get him to bed there will be IMMENSE SUFFERING INVOLVED. 
makes friends with the neighbors: Eld’s naturally a pretty friendly, outgoing person and probably worms his little way into the neighbors hearts, despite his propensity for loud music and the occasional bout of loud yelling. Feelings on Gunther are mixed. Mostly depending on whether or not he’s completely blundered an attempt to be social. 
is the adventurous eater: Eld is somehow convinced that his stomach is comprised of sheet metal and obsidian and that no matter what he just THROWS ON IN THERE he’ll be alright. Sometimes he’s correct, like when he tried raw squid. And then there’s the ‘chili-left-out-on-the-counter-for-3-days’ incident which is really not a fun topic in the erdgun household let me tell you.
hogs the covers at night: Gunther. The man cocoons himself in a fortress of fluffiness and slumber. Until he’s kicked off the bed by a very cold, very lonely, very whiny boyfriend of course.
forgets to do the dishes: Eld. Gunther was gone for about a week due to work and came home to find him eating off a goddamn frisbee straight up Parks and Rec style. It is not cute. Much Eld shaming ensues. 
tries to surprise their partner more often: Perhaps the emphasis lies in try. Eld is the one who succeeds more, and takes great delight in ‘that cute little baffled look on your face’ that ensues when the other is taken off guard. Gunther is far more subtle, but…somewhat awkward in his attempts at surprising Eld. The results are usually a little jarring (’we are eating dinner together yes pass the salad thank you we are still eating dinner–I GOT YOU THIS) but they generally leave Eld clutching his face and bellowing out endearments while Gunther blushes up a storm.
leaves dirty laundry on the floor: ….Eld. That son of a fucking bitch. The man walks in and shimmies out of his pants and just KICKS THEM OFF RIGHT IN FRONT OF GUNTHER. One time he hit him in the face, which is incidentally a very cute story overall, but the beginning was pretty VITRIOLIC.
stays up til 2 AM reading: Neither. Gunther’s the one who reads more in bed but the man has the sleep habits of a narcoleptic sloth. There are a lot of pictures on Eld’s phone of a giant, unconscious man with a book just plopped over his face. It’s fucking adorable.
sings in the shower: …Surprisingly? Gunther. (though please don’t misunderstand, Eld ROCKS THE SHOWER SOLOS and it’s every bit as embarrassing as you imagine). Eld snuck in to record it at one point all giggly but his thought process was essentially SNRRK OMG I HAVE TO RECORD GUN SINGING THIS IS HILA-…..well jesus h christ that’s just beautiful. gosh. wow. *sits on the toilet and listens*. Then the shower curtain opens and Eld’s standing there looking pensive with a camera and GUNTHER IS YELLING AND ELD IS YELLING AND ITS JUST FUCKING CRAZY SOUP FROM THERE.
takes the selfies: Eld. Most of them are involuntary and either depict Gunther’s unintentional resting glower or a strange blurred abomination that results in Gunther noticing the camera and fleeing.
plans date night: Gunther occasionally plans simple, sweet things to do, where Eld can get…a little excessive. Sometimes he needs to be reminded that the man isn’t exactly high energy, and gets a little worn out if there’s 400 METICULOUSLY PLANNED ROMANTIC EXCURSIONS PLANNED, but it’s just because Eld is a fucking besotted dork, so it works out alright.