hehe...not used to hearing my voice

you are offered the ability to time travel and you take it, sweeping the world from one end to the other, visiting countries and learning new things, past and future

the catch is that when you arrive back to your own time, a clock appears that’s not yet begun. you hear a voice say, “use your time wisely, for the time on the clock is all you have left of your life and when you blink, the time begins.” 

the clock reads: 2 hours and 16 minutes 

you blink and press “play”

Yoosung's Lullaby
  • Yoosung's Lullaby
  • Mystic Messenger

I was thinking about you… You called just in time!
You must have felt it.

MC: I want to hear a lullaby.

Oh! A lullaby? Hm… My voice isn’t that good right now but I’ll try…

Go to sleep~ My baby~
The birds and baby lambs~
are all sleeping~
in the front yard~
and the mountains~

Oh! You can’t fall asleep for real though. I want to hear your voice longer.
Aren’t you tired and anxious with all that’s happening?

Cheer up. I’m here for you.

I heard that it helps when you think about the person you like.
And… you really boost me up just by relying on me. Hehe…
That’s when guys feel really proud! So use me as much as you want, okay?

MC: Thank you! I’ll cheer up. I can’t wait to see you too.

Me too~!
You know, let’s have our first date at the movie theater.
There’s a really good romance film I like and it’s a really good film.
But they’re screening it again soon.
Isn’t it such good timing?
I get to love again after meeting you and now my favorite movie about love is opening again!

I want to hold you hand tight in the dark, hehe.
Talking about it does make me feel better… but I want to do something to make sure the situation is safe…
You just stay there and stay safe…
If… if you have some time to spare, you have to spend all that time thinking about me. I can get greedy…

Oh… I should hang up before I start blabbering again… I’m sure you need some rest.

Uhm, you know Romeo and Juliet, right?
They met at the balcony to avoid everyone’s eyes.
Let’s meet in our dreams.
Then I’ll tell you I love you as much as I want and give you a huge hug.
Good night.


My review of the Loki Box!

It potentially shows how the Loki Box functions, but I think it’s just to make the toy interesting, probably not how things go in the movie…