DaiSuga Week 2015 - Cliche

Give me an original TV movie where all the kids are thrown in a super tropey, maximum cheesy US High School setting and Daichi is the captain of the football team and he falls for the cute but kinda weird student council vice president, and maybe they’ll sing about their feelings or something.

Tonight You're Mine

pairing: jikook
length: one shot, 4.7K words
genre: fluff, smut, non au
rating: pg-13
warnings: mild smut (nothing explicit), swearing, alcohol consumption

summary: when jimin appears at jungkook’s hotel room door with a bottle of champagne at eleven pm, the last thing the maknae expects is to finally confess his love for the older boy. but just one night can change it all, and jungkook’s about to find that to be very true indeed. 

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sketch dump of my two fav boys and a birb lol,,,,

i failed the coloring of Ilima’s cheeks, but who cares smh - i hadn’t drawn for a long time and i suddenly felt the need to draw something, so i ended up drawing three things and then my brain gave up on me ahhaha