hehe this was cute

today i went into a white people store !!!! i bought a PEPSI hehe it was so pretty !!! i didn’t know what the words said on the bottle but it looked pretty :o i don’t even like the flavor of white people food it’s too weird lol but i got it to take pictures of :p it’s so “cute!!!” hehe

this is what white girls who take pictures of asian food sound like to me

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Id so have a crush on the green haired girl of yours wow she's so gorgeous and cute and seems goofy nshxbeb

UR SO CUTE hehe im glad u like her!!!🌱💖

🔑✨thrifty witch aesthetic✨🔑

• Gets half of their magickal tools at antique shops
• Is pumped at the thought of finding old gardening or divination books
• 1OO% skilled at putting anything to use
• Has the most lovely, history-scented altar
• Would live in vintage clothing if given the option

🎨✨artist witch aesthetic✨🎨

• May or may not have several paint markings on their clothes and skin
• Determined to have a beautiful book of shadows
• Knows in their heart that going to museums is a very magickal practice
• Finds solace in watching the sky change colors
• Presses flowers in art books


Ken was born to be L♡VED £2   

↳ P.S. I love how their heads naturally turn in his direction and their gazes are fixated on him. This is true love ㅠ.ㅠ


lucy lou + leaves