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New Disney Q Posket! ^o^

This is so exciting! Let’s get started:

Two new Q Posket (14cm) presented: Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’! In their most popular outfits: Ice Queen Elsa and Winter Gear Anna (without her white hair streak, though).

I’m not sure how Elsa’s expression will look like in the final figure, I like wide-eyed Q Poskets better… And Anna is the first one looking straigh ahead. I know lines evolve and change, but Q Poskets have a very simple formula and I prefer they’d stick to it.

And two new sets of Q Posket Petit (7cm) featuring:

  • Villager Belle (I lover her pose, and the fact she has a book)
  • Tinkerbell (we knew she was coming, she’s so cute)
  • Tiger Lily. TIGER. LILY. I can’t believe my eyes O.o (can I have real hopes for Wendy now? Also, TIGER LILY).
  • Aurora in blue (1st logical recolour, hehe)
  • Arielle in pink (I love getting all of Arielle’s outfits)
  • Sofia (now that was unexpected… Will Elena join in the future?)

I am running out of room for these… but they are so cute… I’ll manage!

Also, ouch my wallet. Just when I though about not buying any more Petits they give us Blue Aurora, and Pink Arielle, and TIGER LILY, and… Geeeeez, Disney knows how to make money, that’s for sure.

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hi!! my first request? AHAHHA i spent a great time this morning reading all your asks .... :") so good!! hehe , may I request a cute!! fluffy!! Scenario in which the s&m bois confess/show their love to their bride? like .. out of the blue unexpectedly? thanks!!💞

Anonymous said: Can you do a scenario where the boys confess their real feeling to their S/O when they think she’s asleep but near the end they realize she been awake this whole time

I am sooo sorry this took so long, to be honest, these two had me stumped so I combined them for the most part. I hope you don’t mind!


Shu - Read his heaven prologue for HDB… there you go.

Reiji - He’d be blind when he says it due to him being ready for himself, you curled up and stuck to his side only half asleep. He’ll blurt it out and kiss your temple before throwing an arm around you and going off the sleep.

Ayato - To be honest Ayato is usually asleep before most time since if his head hit the pillow he’s out, he’d probably say it after waking up from a nightmare and attaching himself to your back, unaware that he woke you up in the process.

Kanato - Kanato probably blurts it out to you anyways, but that has no meaning other than the underlying “you’re mine.” Since he is never asleep he tends to talk to you while you’re in your slumber and that’s when he says it. You’re not sure if you should take this seriously or not, though he does sound more vulnerable and sincere than usual.

Laito - He doesn’t need you to be asleep to say he loves you, he does that often… though without any tact to it but he will still wait til you’re awake to tell you.

Subaru - You’d probably be curled on his chest, only half awake, as he runs his hand through your hair and he’d finally whisper it before dozing off himself, it would leave you with a blush on your face to hear him utter a vulnerable phrase.


Ruki - You would more than likely be piled on his lap, taking a nap. Yet you would still be aware of your surroundings. Ruki would be reading until he sees you sleeping, pressing a kiss to your forehead he’d say it and go back to his activity, leaving you with a huge blush.

Kou - Are the constant compliments and declarations of love enough? NO! Dammit, he’s gonna tell you while you’re asleep, awake, eating, bathing, during the dirty… Don’t try him, he’ll wake you up at 4 a.m. to tell you. But when he does whisper it you are left trying to hide a blush from him as you feign sleeping.

Yuma - He will not tell you to your face, he’s not the romantic type, but he may just murmur it when you can’t hear. He’d probably be looking you dead in the face, your eyes closed and asleep, lay a hand on your cheek and say before rolling over and sleeping like a rock leaving you with a huge blush.

Azusa - Azusa makes sure to tell while you’re awake, what’s the use in using those heavy words when you can’t respond?

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idk if this is unusual or not but i thought it was cute. my chicken, gabby, is molting a bit and getting her adult feathers totally and today she's legit dropped her two dropped feathers on me. first time was on my arm, second time she held it for a moment until i held out my hand and she put it in my hand. she's so sweet.

Aw! Rex likes to give me her little down feathers then take them back and eat them hehe. She puts the big ones in her nest.

BTS Reacting to s/o doing aegyo

  • Hello! This is my first reaction and I thought I should start posting hehe anyways you can request if you want!
  • This is really short. I’m sorry in advance.


He would squish your cheeks and tell you how cute you are, after that he’d cuddle with you while watching movies together.

“You’re so cute.”

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A cute little smile would creep on his face as he watches you. He’d laugh at how cute you are.

“I love you.”

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Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope:

He’d problably join and you two would compete against each other.

“You’re cute, I’m cute. Let’s be cute together!”

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He’d look at you in awe and hugging you out of nowhere.

“You’re so cute Y/N~”

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He’d be flustered and would give you a kiss and hug you.

“Ah Y/N I just can’t resist your cutness!”

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He’d be confused why you suddenly started doing aegyo but would be just laughing at how cute you are.

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Basically a mix from Jin, Jimin and V :)

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You know what they need to make the PJO/HOO books? Not a cartoon. No no no.
An anime.
Think about it.
•A cute anime kid (Percy) grows up and stuff into this sexy anime boy lol.
•Then percabeth.. oh I’m in love already..
•All these cool animated monsters and stuff.
•And Aphrodite showing up as a different looking female every time she appears.
{Like fairy tail, it’s long but there’s actually romance and stuffs.}
•Piper as the rebellious teenager who’s so hot every guy drools over her.
•Jason’s just lucky enough to have her haha.
•Calypso with her stunning beauty and cute angry face.
•Leo always having the blushing lines when he’s around her. Even if there’s only two on each cheek hehe.
•Paul Blofis looking like Rick Riordan. Just yes.
• Awesome fighting scenes. Like the sword scene where Percy wins in dueling in camp the first time Luke teaches him how to sword fight.
•Reyna kicking butt and looking hot but also intimidating.
• Nico as the smol emo son who grows into a man who smiles occasionally. Known for his talent with swords in the battle field.
•Percy’s better at swords than Nico tho.
•All the girls at camp swooning over Percy making him red.
•Angry intimidating Annabeth who’s ready to murder anyone who touches her man.
•Sad crying from Annabeth when Percy goes missing. Also Piper crying in Rachel’s cave when they first arrive to CHB.
•Hazel’s golden eyes glinting and sparkling around the sunlight and fires. Pretty jewels popping up everywhere she goes.
•Frank as the innocent cute bub. What we need more of in anime 😂
• Leo acting like Natsu Dragneel occasionally. (“I’m fired up now!”)
•Getting to see Percy’s sea green eyes up close during intense scenes.
•Piper’s eyes changing color every time the screen switches back to her.
•The fandom would go crazy I assure you.
•Luke literally shifting between himself and Kronos. The constant battle of trying to take control of his body again.
•Zooming in on characters as the character who is narrating describes them. The scene shows what the character is describing.
•Festus the dragon awesomeness.
•Percy not remembering anything except for Annabeth. And not wanting to take off his faded orange shirt.
•Annabeth disappearing once she puts her cap on.
•Watching Reyna literally lose strength and hope as she sends confidence and strength to her teammates. Since she receives their doubts and all.
•ZOÉ NIGHTSHADE GETTING A CONSTELLATION IN THE SKY!!! •"The dam snack bar.“ •Thalia finally seeing Jason again and crying and hugging him. (I’m crying right now btw😂)
•"WE DON’T HAVE ANYMORE GAS! …oh that came out wrong.- I MEAN-!“
•Percabeth getting thrown into the lake scene. As the camp Carries them to the lake they hold hands and look at each other with dreamy eyes. Blue and green “bubble” thing around them so that it looks like they’re the only people in the world.
•This is one of those animes that doesn’t ever end.. like ever.

•But it takes forever for the new season to come out.

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Regarding the howl's moving castle au, what made you cast yuri(o) as markl and minami as calicifer? I'm curious just because I personally saw Yuri(o) having more in common personality wise with calicifer than markl. Love your work, - curious anon

Hey there anon! 

At first I have thought of Yurio as Calcifer but then I realised two things:

1) Yurio and Markl both wanted to be taught under the person they admired! Tiny little cute apprentice Yurio with leopard printed items was a must. 

Yurio, like Markl, at first he was weary of Sophie but then slowly opens to Sophie and is determined to try his best to learn. That reminded me of Yuuri and Yurio’s relationship hehe but a little bit grumpy cute apprentice makes it all better XD

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Originally posted by studioghiblishy

2) Minami is also voiced by the same voice actor as Hinata who I also casted as Calcifer in my HQ Kiyoko’s Moving castle AU~ so why not again! :D

At first Yuuri thought Minami was his enemy, like how Sophie thought of Calcifer, but it turns out they just had a big crush on them ahaha. Minami personality is soo bright and exciting like fire, therefore I felt he would fit the role perfectly! Getting compliments and encouragement from Yuuri just like how Calcifer got from Sophie, was honestly the same reaction xD

and imagine when Yurio disguises as an old man its his grandfather xD

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Seventeen - Why couldn't you have kiss me instead?

Seventeen reaction where you were dared to kiss another member


He was a gentleman, so he was mostly fine with it. But on the other hand, while he was happy for his lucky member, he couldn’t help but feel an internal silent jealously towards him. It wasn’t as if it was that serious though, just a simple, small and short kiss. Nothing more, nothing less.

Joshua: “As long as they’re fine with it, I’ll be alright.”

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Like Joshua, he would also be silently jealous. However, he wouldn’t let it show, on the other hand, he tried to act happy and pretend it didn’t bother him, when in reality, it did.

Jeonghan: “… I wanted to kiss her…”

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Without being overly obvious, he would be a little more honest with how he wasn’t really okay with you missing another guy. Even so, he did his best to bite his tounge and not say anything.

Seungkwan: “I don’t really want to, but I guess I’ll have to be okay with it.”

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He knew it was just an innocent kiss, but he was really concerned with the fact that you may not be comfortable with kissing another member. When you had told him it was okay, he calmed down and relaxed a little.

S.Coups: “Alright, if you’re sure Y/N!”

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No doubt about it, he knew he wanted to kiss you, but there was no way he would have told you that in person. Rather, he kept his thoughts to himself.

Jun: “One day, you’d better be ready to get the kiss of your life from me… just you wait and see…”

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This little squishy cutie. Even though he isn’t one to believe in love at first sight, it didn’t stop him from thinking about you, and how happy it would make him if HE was the one to kiss you instead.

Wonwoo: *Sigh* “Well… There will be other days… Other days when you’ll hopefully notice me instead… Still, no point lingering over something I can’t control.”

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Mainly because he has no dating experience, I think he would be curious as to what it’s like to kiss a girl. So effectively, he would be a little jealous because it.

Hoshi: “I’m sure I’ll kiss a girl someday, I just have to be patient!”

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Its not because he didn’t like you, he honestly just doesn’t have that much of an interest in kissing people. That said, he was a little more jealous that he would have liked to admit.

Woozi: “C'mon Jihoon, it’s j-just a little kiss… But… If that true, why am so upset? Maybe I like Y/N more than I realised…"

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When he saw what was happening, he was just like a little kid, getting excited by the situation before him. I mean, yeah, he was a little jealous, but he was mostly excited for his member who was getting to kiss you.

DK: “WOO! You go hyung! Kiss Y/N!”

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Addmitidly, he would get all giddy and the fact he was watching his hyung kiss someone. He wouldn’t be jealous, rather, he’d just be fine with it and not mad at all.

Mingyu: “Ahh!! He’s leaning in! Are they really- they’re kissing!! Oh my God!! Daebak!!”

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It’s safe to say that he would be a lot like Dino, and find the whole thing kinda odd, but rather funny as well. His hyung and you were sort of weirded out by the peculiar dare, making the whole thing even funnier for Vernon.

Vernon: “Haha! This is brilliant!”

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Probably the one who made the date in the first place, unaware of how awkward it would make his hyungs feel. Out of all honesty, he thought you and his hyung would be really cute together, so that’s why he dared you two in the first place.

Dino: “Sorry hyung, I had to!”

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Happy The8 is just that: happy and carefree. To be fair, he’s just a kid, so he wouldn’t take anything like this seriously, rather, he’d just let it happen.

The8: “Hehe… We should do stuff like this more often! Can I kiss someone next time though? I wanna know what it’s like!!”

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Hello! first, I want to say that I really love your work! It makes me laugh a lot an it's beautiful, so, thank you for all your effort and talent destined for the SasuNaru, hehe. My question -that's more a question than a request- is: what can you tell us about Kurama and Tomoe's relation? how is it? or what think Kurama about this cute and crazy 'product' from two dorks? Sorry if I'm too annoying and thank you very much for accepting my question

Thank you so much! Super happy that you’re enjoying my work! 

Tomoe first met Kurama after she acquired her sharingan. It was during the time she refused to speak to Sasuke because he had “assassinated” her pet turtle. In order to cheer her up, Naruto invited her to meet Kurama and Tomoe was absolutely blown away by the amount of fluff. She was quite a pest really and constantly wanted to visit him. After a while Naruto had enough and declined her requests to wander into his subconscious, so Tomoe came up with a plan. She sneaked up on Naruto while he was sleeping, poked his eye open and forcefully used her sharingan on him in order to visit Kurama. She was caught in the act though and got a severe scolding. 
Tomoe still visits Kurama rather often and there are some things that she can’t tell anyone but him. (Naruto has agreed to not eavesdrop on their conversations.)
In the beginning Kurama was pretty annoyed by her. He found her obnoxious but after a while he warmed up to her. Apart from Naruto, she’s the only one who actually tried to befriend him and although he’d never admit it, he’s become quite fond of her company. 
I have headcanons about teenage Tomoe sitting in front of him, complaining about teenage stuff and Kurama getting all riled up with her. 

RFA High School [dating] HCs First Meeting and Asking Out

Lovely anon-san, just for you. <3

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th(cont) 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

Music I listened to while writing: “Innocent Blue” from BroCon, Yuri!!! On Ice Soundtrack


  • You had just entered high school as an incoming freshman
  • The Junior class pres went up to speak at the opening assembly
  • You locked eyes with him and it was just like BAM!
  • Something totally sparked between you two.
  • After the assembly he sought you out
  • You were standing by the front doors playing a game on your phone It’s MysMe we all know
  • And he just stood in front of you until you acknowledged him and his beautiful bangs
  • “Um… Can I help you?” *blush*
  • “Yes. I’m Jumin Han.”
  • “Junior… class president?”
  • “Yes. I just wanted to say that I like your cat backpack. Will you go out with me?”
  • “… excuse me?”
  • Let’s just say that he ended up getting your number after you rejected him.
  • He texted you at the most strategic times ever
  • Like, you would be walking home from school and he would text you, leaving you no excuse to make but to text him back
  • Or he’d text you in homeroom on a day when you were doing literally nothing, causing your best friend to ask which guy was texting you 
  • This resulted in you two planning out really specific responses that were “absolutely perfect” for the situation and Jumin could totally tell it wasn’t you 
  • You only slightly regretted giving him your number.
  • Eventually you gave in and promised him one date
  • Just one date, Jumin.
  • But we all know you can’t just go on one date or spend one night with Jumin.


  • You both entered as freshmen at the same time, and friendship bloomed easily through your mutual love of MMORPGs when you caught him playing on his laptop that he always brings to school
  • “Hey, isn’t that…”
  • You didn’t have any classes together, but you made up for that through all the time spent outside of school logged in to your game
  • You both had reallllllly high-quality headsets
  • This meant that you could hear each other’s voices perfectly moan for me, baby
  • “Yoosung, behind you!”
  • “Ah, I got it! [y/n], go get the power booster! It spawned near the cliff!”
  • One day, after a particularly extensive dungeon, Yoosung seemed awfully quiet
  • “Hello? Superman Yoosung? You afk?”
  • “… Ah! I-I’m here.”
  • “You got something on your mind?”
  • “…”
  • “It’s just us in this channel. Spill it.”
  • “I… I’ve got a mission request for you.”
  • “What? I didn’t know that was possible? Player to player missions?”
  • “J-j-just! Will you… acceptYoosung’smissionofgoingonadatewithhim?”
  • “Wha…”
  • It’s takes a while for it to sink in. Then you realize…
  • “Omg, Yoosung, you just asked me out!”
  • “Y-yeah, kind of…”
  • “What do you mean, kind of? Yes! Let’s do it right now!”
  • It was awkward meeting outside of the game since you two hadn’t ever done it before, so you both agreed to postpone it and play more LOLOL relationship goals


  • Oddly enough, you met sophomore year when you both had a cooking class together.
  • One day the teacher paired you two up on baking day and you were inseparable since
  • Much like Yoosung’s, Jaehee’s relationship started with a friendship but unlike in MysMe there’s no friendzone please love me Baehee
  • At the end of the class you were supposed to make a food and drink for a panel of teacher judges
  • Jaehee made hella awesome coffee, and you had perfected your apple walnut bread
  • Let’s just say that you both knocked it out of the park
  • Celebrating afterwards… you took the moment to tactically invite your hidden crush over. “Hey, Jaehee, want to come over to my house and make some that we can actually eat?”
  • She blushed an adorable pink
  • “G-Go to your house, [y/n]?”
  • “Yeah. You don’t want to?”
  • “That’s not it…”
  • You both ended up going to your house and having a cooking spree
  • When you were sitting at the table sipping coffee, Jaehee suddenly grew very serious
  • You had just been laughing about how everyone else’s presentations had failed I love evil Baehee
  • So you asked her what was up
  • “It’s… I think I like you, [y/n].”
  • You took a breath. She… liked you back??
  • HUG
  • “Bae- I mean, Jaehee, I like you too!”
  • “D-does this mean… we’re dating?” inexperienced jaejae is so cute


  • This boy.
  • He thought nobody was prettier than him until you came along.
  • Nothing could hold his attention like the way you flipped your hair... after which he had to do it too just keep up his self esteem
  • But he’s the popular Junior everyone knew about and you were the new freshman
  • You would pass each other every day in the hall, Zen surrounded by people, and you by yourself with your earbuds in
  • Contrary to what both of you thought, you were both aware of the other
  • There’s that white-haired kid. 
  • There’s that headphones girl/boy.
  • Then one day you were holding a stack of freshly copied papers that you were taking to your French teacher
  • Zen walked towards you alone, this time with his headphones in, and didn’t notice until it was too late
  • Shaaaaaaa
  • The papers went flying all over the floor
  • Zen immediately took off his headphones and helped you pick them up like the gentleman he is
  • Your hands brushed and your eyes met
  • You didn’t believe in love at first sight but omg this was seriously it
  • Zen must have felt the same way because:
  • “Hey, I’ve seen you in the hallway before. Want to… go grab some coffee after school?”
  • There was no way you could refuse this pretty boy him.


  • God, or not, someone help you.
  • You didn’t know it yet, but you had a stalker.
  • Seven had spent an absolutely devastating freshman year, so when the next year began, he was so ready to give them what he had gone through
  • Then he saw you
  • And all thoughts of revenge disappeared from his mind
  • He cross-dressed to school every single day after that
  • You, being the lonely otaku you were, sat by yourself in Chemistry until the day a girl with long, red hair transferred into your period
  • “Class, this is Lucy.”
  • Strangely, you got along surprisingly well with this girl
  • The next semester came, and you had Web App Development
  • The first day, you came in and noticed a head of strikingly-familiar red hair… except it was short.
  • It confused you, but you shook it off. 
  • Seven, on the other hand, was freaking out
  • Shit! I totally forgot that schedules change at the semester! 
  • The IT teacher paired you with Luciel for a programming project, and that’s when you fell head over heels for him
  • His charms… his humor… his computer skills…
  • You still had Chemistry with “Lucy”
  • And, being the best buds you were, you had to tell her about your newest crush
  • “Lucy! There’s this guy in my programming class… and he’s so nice and talented and just…”
  • “Do you like him?”
  • “What? Um… yeah. I think I do.”
  • Strangely, Lucy’s face went beet red. adorable FEM!Seven
  • You didn’t get a chance to ask if she was alright because the Chemistry teacher called for attention
  • When the bell rang you tried to approach her, but she left really fast, disappearing into the sea of students in the hall dunno how she hid her super obvious red hair
  • As your affection with Luciel grew, you noticed your friendship with Lucy was fading
  • Then came the point when Lucy wouldn’t even talk to you in class
  • You approached her. “Lucy, have I done something wrong? Why aren’t you talking to me?”
  • “I’ll tell you after class, okay?” 
  • Her curt response cut deep into your heart, as she was your first friend in high school.
  • After class she took you aside and silently pulled off her hair
  • You were speechless, but then it all made sense, and you became a blushing mess, realizing all the embarrassing things you had said to her about herself
  • Luciel pulled you into a hug. He whispered into your ear:
  • “Hehe. Your blushing face is so cute.”
  • You two were inseparable after that.


  • You both entered as freshmen the same year
  • But you had never heard of “Saeran” before until now
  • “[y/n], he’s there again…”
  • Yup. The strange, dark boy was crouching in the shadows, staring at you again with his glowing blue eyes.
  • At first it creeped you out a ton
  • Eventually though, you got used to it, and even came to expect it
  • He was always there, in that same shadowy corner
  • Sometimes you waved to him, the mysterious boy.
  • He never waved back.
  • It made you kinda sad, but you went on with your day. If he wasn’t going to make any move but stare, it wasn’t your problem.
  • That was, until one day he wasn’t staring at you.
  • He had… his head in his hands?
  • The small change was a bit disconcerting, and you felt a bit off-put
  • Is he… crying?
  • You approached him from the back.
  • Touching him on the shoulder, you innocently asked, “Are you alright?”
  • You swore he jumped 10 stories at your touch
  • His eyes immediately met yours and they were filled with a sudden fear that you didn’t understand.
  • “I’m… fine,” he mumbled, before putting his head back between his knees.
  • “No, you’re not,” you pressed. He’s never been like this after all. “Every day, you’re staring at me, and today you changed that. Something’s different.”
  • His eyes widened at that. You noticed? It wasn’t just him looking at you?
  • The lightest blush coated his cheeks. ahhhhh *faints*
  • “Want to hang out sometime?” you ask him, gently. It’d be better than just having him stare at you every day.
  • “Mm…” he hummed neutrally, but nodding his head yes.
  • You smiled. This cute fuzzball will be the death of me

ENGAGEMENT CARD for @t-w-a-m-p

Hey there ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

This is my gift for the @hannigramholidayexchange 2015 and I really hope you like it! >o< I’ve been stalking your blog for quite a while now and you’re really cool! This gift was a real odyssey since I basically repainted the whole drawing after the first time I thought it was done hehe. Aand figuring out Hannibal’s face with the different light sources probably took me the same amount of time, but now it’s done - so: Hurray! I thought it would be cute to have them wear their engagement rings on different hands because Will and Hannibal are identical different. ♡ 

I wish you a merry christmas <3 (In two weeks ;)) And a happy new year! All the best for 2016! :)


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RFA + V going along with otaku MC to Comiket. She's actually pretty secretive when it comes to this otaku thing, but opens herself up only to her boyfriend. That's the reason why they're invited to go with her ; w;

I had to look up what Comiket is. But know that I have a basic knowledge of it, I can finally write this one out.


  • Yoosung doesn’t have a strong interest in anime or manga
  • occasionally he will sit down to watch a few episodes from an anime or read a chapter from a manga
  • you on the other hand have an INTENSE interest in all of that
  • but you felt self-conscious about it 
    • because you know how certain people have a negative reaction to “otaku culture”
  • when Comiket was happening, you NEEDED to go
  • and Yoosung actually wants to go
    • “I can get the manga adaption of LOLOL there!”
  • spends some money he’s saved to buy a pass
  • Yoosung has cosplayed in the past so going in costume isn’t a problem
  • this actually went better than you thought???
  • he doesn’t think you’re weird for being an otaku
    • if you can stand and listen to him ramble about LOLOL,
    • then he can stand to listen to you talk on about anime


  • your otaku life is in your vault of secrets with this woman
  • she’s the prettiest woman you’ve ever met and she’s older than you
    • she wouldn’t understand your interests
  • but Comiket was happening in Summer and you NEVER miss one
  • you casually express interest in going
  • it doesn’t really tickle her fancy at first but she saw that there was going to be a truck that sells coffee
    • she’s been to this truck once in her life and it was the BEST coffee she’s ever tasted
    • for years she’s been tracking it down but she could never find it
  • “WE’RE GOING!”
  • only lightweight cosplays so you’re still not a weirdo in her eyes
  • she dresses pretty casually for the event
  • the entire time you’re looking at mangas, she’s imbibing a new coffee drink every few hours
    • how is she still functioning?
  • when she’s not drinking coffee, she’s by your side
  • you have to explain a lot to her and point out ones you like
  • it’s okay because she’s actually interested in your explanations


  • this man is the most handsome man on the planet, a successful actor, and part-time model
  • he is the LAST person you want to tell your otaku life to
  • when you hear about Comiket, you were planning to go by yourself
  • but Zen ASKS you about it first
    • !!!
    • wonders if you’re going
  • you don’t want to lie to him so you tell him you were going because you were…intrigued
  • this marshmallow pulls out his phone and brings up your Instagram
  • which you forgot contained pictures of you and a few friends at your last Comiket
    • as well as some other pictures of you in a store touching a poster from your favorite anime
  • (⊙_⊙;) aggressively pats sweat
  • “uh…I can explain”
  • but he actually wants to go with you
  • ???
  • he said that he was offered a part in a new show based on a manga
    • so he wanted to be more acquainted with the character and the environment
    • you definitely read it so squee
  • cosplays as the couple from the manga
    • and everyone is taking photos of you two


  • yeah you weren’t going to tell him about your “secret life”
  • it would smear his reputation if the media found out that Jumin Han’s girlfriend is an otaku
    • even just THINKING about it made you feel so much shame ;-;
  • your otaku side rises when he leaves the house on a business trip or for work
  • it goes on for a while until you hear about Comiket
    • you want to go so badly
    • but you know Jumin would interrogate you
  • honesty nips at your conscience, forcing you to tell him about attending Comiket
    • you leave out being an otaku and all
  • he actually agrees to go with you
    • not to be rude, but you didn’t even invite him
    • and actually WANTS to go?
    • are you okay? did you hit your head recently?
  • mainly interested in the potential business ventures
    • who knows he may be inspired for a new project
  • you don’t want to go ALL out so you just put on a pair of cat ears
    • you give your donut a pair as well
    • gosh darn you two are hella cute
  • he asks a lot of questions about what things are
    • and he looks genuinely curious so he listens to every word you have to say 


  • you were reluctant to say anything
  • Seven likes games, but he doesn’t LOVE games so he doesn’t talk about it all the time
  • so you pretend to only show lightweight interest in anime
    • “oh yeah, kill la kill? hehe yeah I…never heard of it.”
    • *nervously pats sweat*
  • then Seven brings up Comiket with you
    • “oh yeah, Comiket? hehe yeah I…heard it through the uh…grapevine”
  • but he has this look on his face :>
    • why is he looking at you like that?
  • omg
  • he brings up PHOTOS of you from last Comiket
    • you thought you deleted those
    • oh yeah he’s a hacker (;⌣̀_⌣́)
  • why is he still staring at you?
  • “Let’s go to Comiket, in these!”
  • incidentally, it isn’t a joke
  • you two walk around in matching catsuits -_-
  • but you feel comfortable to show off your otaku side after this experience


  • hot damn you heard Comiket is happening this year
  • but the guy you’re dating is a mature man who has no knowledge of your otaku life
    • shamefully hides all the pillows and posters in your storage unit
    • no don’t look at my fanart
  • you really want to go but >->
  • but you decide to be honest with him
    • minus your obsession for anime
  • at first, he has no idea what Comiket is so you had to explain it to him
  • “You like anime? Hehe, it’s so cute.”
  • (*ノωノ)
  • V doesn’t want you to hold back because of him
    • he wants you to express your interests
  • takes pictures of you and the crowd
    • mostly of you, even though you were against it
    • “not when I’m in my cosplay!”

leafeonlover  asked:

my dude! that fanfic i said i'd write in 72 hours? took 72 1/2 hours! blegh! but it's up under FlareonFan on ao3, so you can read it and tell me how it is. it's my first time publishing the nasty so i'm not sure but hopefully it's good?


I totally read it before I even saw this ask xD I had no idea it was you! (I even read the note that mentioned both @yumebaah and myself and didn’t put two and two together xDD I’m so slow.)

IT WAS AMAZING. I was very pleased with it! They were so cute and fluffy and the smut was just so nice and hot *—-* You did fantastic and I want more works from you asap!! Hehe~~

For those of you who haven’t read it yet:

So Good by FlareonFan
[Non AU][Fluff][Praise Kink][Barebacking][Smut]

I was laying in bed to sleep xD I had to bust out my laptop so I could answer this ask hehehe

anonymous asked:

You have no idea how grateful I am for this blog XD I've been trying to find a smrookie scenario blog for ages!! So thankyou :) Can I request a scenario about Johnny comforting me over my weight insecurities? Cus I'm a chubby girl and I need some angsty fluff atm haha :D

We’re so happy to hear that!! We decided to start the blog since we didn’t see any SMROOKIES scenarios blogs around & it’s our first time running one hehe, so we hope everything is alright. Sorry for making you wait so long, but here it is, some cute angsty fluff for you cutie! :-) 


Johnny and you couldn’t stop laughing while exiting the theatre room. You were just finishing up your popcorn while Johnny kept imitating the main lead’s hilarious antics. As the two of you walked along the hall you saw Johnny’s friend, Taeyong ahead and greeted him. Beside him stood a tall beautiful girl with long hair and a perfect body. Taeyong introduced her as his girlfriend and proceeded to easily wrap his arm around her slim waist. She smiled and greeted the two of you and Johnny hit Taeyong’s arm slightly, teasing him for hiding such a pretty girlfriend. You looked down at the finished popcorn box in your hands and looked over at her small Starbucks coffee…oh why did you finish the popcorn. She was kind and friendly but you couldn’t help but feel intimidated by her, you were sure that Johnny would rather be with a girl like her instead of you…he even said she was pretty. You wished you could disappear right now. When you first dated Johnny you already felt you weren’t good enough for him, and now seeing the types of girls his friend dated confirmed that suspicion. Once you parted ways with Taeyong and his girlfriend Johnny turned to smile at you asking you where you wanted to eat for dinner. You shook your head slightly and told him you didn’t feel like eating. He then reached for your hand but you didn’t let him hold it. You looked around the theatre and felt like everyone was judging you, thinking to themselves that you weren’t good enough for him. Johnny worriedly bent down to your height and placed his hand on your forehead, asking if you were sick. You told him you wanted to go home and he sent you back to your apartment. When you got home, he tried to help you take off your coat but you told him you could do it yourself. He then went to grab the usual shorts and fitted top that you wore at home but you told him you wanted to wear something else. By now, Johnny knew something was up, you never acted this way. He held your hands and made you look into his eyes, not letting go unless you told him what was up. You then sighed softly and whispered, “I’m just not good enough for you…you should be with someone super pretty and skinny like Taeyong’s girlfriend.” Johnny stayed silent for a moment but let go of your hands. He then handed you your fitted top and shorts and told you to change into them in a firm voice. You didn’t feel like talking back so you just did what you were told. When you finished changing into your clothes he entered your room and grabbed your wrist softly, leading you to the full body mirror you had in your room. You didn’t feel like staring at yourself but did as you were told. By now Johnny’s gaze had softened and he spoke in a soft and gentle voice. He placed his hands on your shoulders and told you how beautiful your body line was. He turned slightly pink as he described it in detail; your full chest, curvy waist and booty, and your honey thighs. He then hugged you from behind and gave you a light kiss on the top of your forehead while apologizing to you, “I’m sorry I never voiced out these feelings earlier and made you feel so conscious about yourself, I thought you knew how beautiful you are.”

interwebseriesfan24  asked:

Hi! Could I get a be more chill, NEWSIES and dear Evan Hansen Ship? I'm 5'1 with tan skin. I have dark brown eyes and dark brown, wavy, mid-length hair. I have lots of freckles and rosy cheeks. I love 80s movies, books, reading, writing, sketching, singing, show tunes, cookies, blankets and mountain dew. My home and school life is horrible. At first, I'm shy and timid. After, I'm motherly, protective, a jokester, angry, sad, and romantic. I have depression and social anxiety. I also have glasses

Be More Chill:

I ship you with Jeremy! You two will always watch 80s movies together, while cuddling, of course. Cuddling is essential. He loves that you are so passionate about the arts and will support you in whatever you do. He will occasionally drink mountain dew (hehe) but is then traumatized by the squip experience and gets all grossed out when you drink it so it’s funny and cute. He likes both sides of you, but loved seeing you come out of your shell. I #shipit


I ship you with Jack! He likes that you and him like most of the same things. You def draw each other all the time and its actually #goals.He will buy you cookies whenever you want and honestly how could you not love a man who buys cookies for you? He jokes around with you all the time but he is def a hopeless romantic. I #shipit

Dear Evan Hansen:

I ship you with Jared! You two are glasses buddies and one day you decide to switch and it doesn’t go very well. He loves 80s movies but his fave is Heathers cause why not? Will drink all the mountain dew and leave you with nothing but then buys you more soda so its all good. He will always tell jokes cause he’s Jared and is shook when you reply with a witty joke and it makes him love you even more. I #shipit

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Batman pushing Joker on a swing?? Everything is calm and the two Gotham Gays just wanna have a good time, I guess. Just sounds cute to me.

This cute leaves brush hehe. I usually don’t draw them in a “sane” and “cute” way so I underlined the MARSHMALLOW EFFECTTT but I actually like it. i’ll maybe do more fluffy Batjokes !

LOVE YOU GUYS. I LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS JOKER LOVES BATMAN. ( yes, this is a compliment . )

Thank you, anon, for asking me this! 

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(There might be a few spelling/grammar mistakes only because I quickly wrote this and didn’t really check so sorry about that)


Everyone in school always questioned your and Calum’s relationship. How did you two become? Who made the first move? Who liked who first? But none of those questions were answered because you and Calum didn’t care what they thought. The main reason why people in school asked those questions was because you were both exact opposites; you were the shy, quiet girl who loved to read books in your spare time and was always on top on homework whilst Calum on the other hand he was considered the school’s ‘bad boy’ that no one dared talk wrong to, who was always getting in trouble with not doing his homework and having regular visits to the principal’s office for some stupid pranks he pulled with his friends.

You two became close whenever Calum was falling behind in English and your teacher greatly expressed that you needed to tutor him with you being the of top in class promising to give you extra credit if you did. And from then on the two of you met every day afterschool at either of your houses and you helped him which had excellent results as he scored a B in nearly every test. You both admitted to your feelings one night and the rest was history as you both walked into school the next day holding tightly onto each other’s hands.

It’s been 6 months since then and you two were still as strong as ever. You were currently lying in bed reading your favourite book ‘The Great Gatsby’ for what seemed like the 10th time whenever you heard your front doorbell buzzing. You ran down the stairs to answer it when you were shocked to see who was standing there. Calum stood leaning against the door post with several cuts and bruises to his face.

“Hey Y/N” he whispered smiling up at you “Can I come in?”

“Oh my god! Calum, what happened to you?” you asked him in shock pulling him into the house and reaching his arm to go around your shoulders so that you could bring him upstairs to clean him up.

“I got in the fight. No big deal” He winced shrugging his shoulders. What made you angry was that he was acting like it was no problem for him and that he wasn’t at all worried but you on the other hand were extremely worried.

You finally got him into the bathroom setting him down to sit on the closed toilet seat whilst you searched for the first-aid kit. Then you soon found it and went straight to work tending to his busted face. You used the cleaning alcohol to clean everything whenever he winced you continued to apologise to him.

“Who did this to you?” you asked with tears forming in your eyes at the thought of someone doing his to him. See in school and everywhere else he was to be feared and had a reputation but with you it was a completely different story. He was so soft, gentle and caring towards you always pulling you into hugs and wanting cuddles from you. He looked up at your face seeing the tears that you tried to hide from him but failed to do so. 

“Hey. Baby, please don’t cry. I’m okay. I’m going to be okay.” He reassured you reaching his hand up to gently caress your cheek lightly rubbing his thumb across your cheekbone wiping the tears away. Once you had finished cleaning him up he gently placed his hands at you waist and pulled you to him leaning up to leave little kisses on both of your cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and finally on your lips. You smiled into the kiss as you wrapped your hands around his neck moving to straddle him when he stopped. He just looked at you lovingly before he spoke.

“You mean the world to be Y/N. You’re always there for me and I’m always there for you and that’s all that matters. I don’t care about what other people think and I promise…I promise to protect you forever because Y/N, I love you.”

“I love you too, Calum” you returned leaning in again to press your lips against his soft ones before leaving gentle kisses over his face kissing the bruises that were forming. That’s when Calum stood up and carried you over to your bed, laid you down and climbed into the bed beside you.

“Can you please stay?” You quietly asked him looking hopefully at him that he would say yes. You knew your answer straight away when he removed his shirt and black skinny jeans and laid back down beside you with a huge smile on his face. You cuddled into him by nuzzling your head into his chest and tangling your legs with his as he wrapped his long arms around your waist. You lightly traced his tattoos on his arm something that you loved to do in situations like this and also something he loved you doing too but never admitted. You were tracing the bird on his forearm and lightly dragging your finger further up his arm towards with neck when you noticed something. He had a new tattoo on his collarbone with beautiful writing on it. You moved your head to read it and you couldn’t believe what it was. Written across his skin was “what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams”. This was a quote from your favourite book and what shocked you was that Calum knew this, that it was one of your favourite quotes that you told him the very first week you were together meaning that he remembered the whole time. Your eyes started to swell with tears again but this time it was of happiness.

“When did you get this?” you questioned him as you still lightly traced over it.

“Yesterday. I really wanted to get something that reminded me of you because I knew the idea of getting matching tattoos was completely out of the picture” he chuckled making you laugh as well because he was right, you wouldn’t go anywhere near a needle.

“It’s so beautiful” you said in awe looking up at him to see him already looking at you with a small gentle smile on his face.

“Just like you”

You rolled your eyes at his comment giggling at him. A smile never leaving both of your faces.

“Oh now you’re just getting cheesy” you teased him smirking a little. You laid your head in the crook of his head and breathed in his intoxicating scent. You both cuddled like this until you slowly drifted off to sleep not before you heard him whisper “You’re my world” and kissed the top of your head.

Edited Version of The Importance of September

I wanted to do an edited version of this post because everyone keeps reblogging the other one and I don’t like some of the things that I included so here a few things that I find interesting about September in relation to Larry Stylinson with a focus on the 28th of September. 

Originally I had included Ed Sheeran’s tweet in this post, since digging a little deeper into the Larry timeline I don’t think that this tweet actually has anything to do with Larry. For what I’ve found Ed was actually singing at his close friend Jake Gosling’s wedding that weekend so therefore no relation to Larry Stylinson.

I had also included tweets from Anne which I’m not going to include this time because to be completely honest I don’t trust any of the accounts that she has had as being actually her’s. I don’t recall any interaction with the boy’s accounts so therefore I’m going to tred lightly and not include them.

As for Ashton from 5sos’s tweet that night it goes hand in hand with the fact that they were actually playing a show that night in Charlotte, NC. So therefore his tweet is about their show. 

Below however, are interesting things that have something to do with september or the 28th specifically.

The live shows for the series 7 Xfactor began the first week of October, one could assume that the contestants moved into the XFactor house the week before. Which would have been around the time that there first video diary was filmed: as you can see Louis loves Harry’s curls. 

The final week of September in 2011, the boys were in Lake Placid, NY to film “Gotta Be You” video. 

Now September 28th, 2012 is shortly after the bullshit tweet. I can’t find anything specifically from that day but the infamous Germany interview was close to it. 

September 2013 was by far more interesting than other septembers in the past. First we have a little annoyed El: 

Then we have Harry killing us all with this tweet: 

Then Louis: 

I’m not going to pretend to know what any of those tweets actually mean, but Harry’s is by far the most interesting. :) 

Then of course we have September 2014, which I like to refer to as the month that Harry and Louis were ‘sick’ an awful lot. 

September 22nd -Harry and Niall in Austin.

September 23rd - Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

September 25th - Photoshoot, then show in New Orleans, Louisiana. Harry and Louis are sick. Gemma returns to London.

September 27th - Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Harry and Louis are sick. ‘Steal My Girl’ leaks.

September 28th - Show in Charlotte. Louis and Harry are still sick.

September 30th - Boys in LA filming music video for ‘Steal My Girl’.

Here’s a few cute photo’s from the Charlotte, NC shows. 

Now I’m also quite a fan of Harry’s rings so I of course noticed that it was around this time that Harry started wearing his  turquoise ring, the one he plays with whenever marriage is brought up in an interview. 

Along with these things of course we have the fact that Louis often wears the number 28. 

^^ I like the fact that he has two different versions of them. 

^^hehe even as recently as a few weeks ago :) 

And most recently we have Harry’s first color picture in around 8 months that oddly enough included the numbers 9/28. Think of that whatever you like but I do believe it was intentional.

This is the updated one curls-andfringe

anonymous asked:

i love your url bc at first glance it has a cute meaning but then it could also have a dirty meaning hehe ;)

Absolutely, nonny! Pretty much sums up how I feel about them:

Part “awww you’re so adorable”

and part “you two just need to fuck 'dance’ against the nearest wall already”

like just go


before the sexual tension kills us all

go do the freaking samba