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Poirot gets a rose named after him at The Chelsea Flower Show 1935

“Smoulder” - Digital Oil Painting

You know I’m a sucker for funky lighting, but just LOOK at this gorgeous man. I love the lines of his nose and mouth, and of course he has amazing eyes. This painting also has the distinction of featuring the lesser seen eyebrow lift from the Ninth Doctor!

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There for You pt. 2 (Jimin x Reader)

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Saturday had arrived and you were screwed. It was 3pm, you were due at the studio at 4pm and you hadn’t cooked up a good enough excuse not to go. Your roommate was thrilled that you had plans again with Jimin and wouldn’t assist you with any kind of copout. Thanks to your diligent nature, you’d even finished all your chores and other things you needed to have done. You resigned yourself to die and began looking for workout clothes.

It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy spending time with Jimin. In fact, you loved spending time with Jimin. He was thoughtful at all times, and naturally cheerful as well. Even when he was stressed, he often just needed a long talk, a listening ear, and a hug and he was much better. It was easy to make him happy and you appreciated that about him. Undoubtedly you felt he worked harder than you in this friendship to cultivate and maintain it. You shook those thoughts from your head, hearing him scolding you cutely in your mind, and smiled unconsciously. You changed into yoga pants, and a too big crop top you’d bought long ago, worn just right by many, many cycles in the wash.

You meandered out the house, your strap on bag secured around you, water bottle in hand. You didn’t want him to have to worry about keeping you hydrated on top of everything else. You arrived to the studio fifteen minutes early and texted Jimin that you’d arrived. He called you briefly, explaining that he was two minutes away and would be arriving shortly to unlock the door. You wondered if Hoseok was already here, as he was primary owner of the space, but you had no time left to continue contemplating as Jimin had arrived.

He bounded out of his car and you smiled again at seeing him in a black tank, loose gray sweatpants and his favorite pair of sneakers. He returned your smile double fold and engulfed you in a big hug when he got close enough. You loved his hugs and brought your arms around his slender waist. You made to pull away after what you liked to call the acceptable time to have your body this close to a beautiful man like him. He whined a little in protest and you froze. He was pulling this stunt with his mouth right against your ear.

“Jimin,” you addressed him slowly. It seemed he was reluctant to pull away but he did and he went in his pocket for the key. You kept your eyes on the back of his head, which was missing its usual customary snapback, and followed him as he wound his way to his favorite practice room. He let the both of you in and busied himself with setting up the sound. You took a seat in the middle of the room, beginning to stretch. You hadn’t been here but once, but it was comfortable and you loved the hardwood floors and mirrors.

“Y/N!” You heard the scream of your name from the doorway and Hoseok ran in, diving to tackle hug you on the floor.

“Hobi! No need to kill me!” You hugged him with just as much enthusiasm though. He was one of your first friends at university and you’d met Jimin through him. He was so busy as owner of the studio though that you often didn’t see him as much as Jimin.

“I’ve got an evening workshop to teach today so I won’t be able to join you guys!” He said, his lips in a pout. Instantly they transformed to form a smile though. “Have fun!” he said, gave Jimin a double thumbs up, which he promptly returned with a matching smile and closed the door behind him. The figurative sun had came and went just like that.

One of your current favorite songs (for there were many) started booming from the speakers and you instantly started dancing while stretching. Jimin jogged over, sliding down to join you on the floor and began to stretch as well. Another song came on you loved and then another, and after shooting Jimin an accusatory look, you deduced he must have stolen your playlist off your phone at that gathering you and Y/B/F/N hosted a couple weekends ago. You couldn’t help but sing along before Jimin decided you both had stretched enough and pulled you off the floor. A sassy salsa-sounding song came on next and you felt taken aback. This one wasn’t on your playlist. You liked it instantly though.

“You ready to learn?” Jimin asked, suddenly appearing in your line of vision. He was close suddenly and you looked up to meet his gaze. Somehow, his hair was already tousled, his forehead on display under the lights that didn’t seem bright enough.

“Wait. What are you teaching me? This sounds…sexy,” you admitted. You felt apprehensive, but didn’t shy away when he placed a hand on your hip. He smiled, eyes crinkling as usual before he responded, “It’s definitely fun. You can decide if it’s sexy.” At that, he began to slowly take you through the steps. It was challenging but definitely enjoyable. After just ten minutes, you were sweating, sleeves rolled up as far as possible and you bent over to allow air up your top when he would go back to start the song from the beginning. After thirty minutes of going through the steps, he revealed that the song was actually only at 70% speed and he was going to kick it up.

“Jiminnnn!” Your hands came up to his shoulders, gripping them to somehow show your frustration. “Shhhh. It’s fun isn’t it? You feel loose don’t you?” He asked, both hands taking position on your hips. “Yes,” you responded and couldn’t stop the smile from forming on your lips. You did surprisingly well for the speed increase and Jimin clapped for you when he stepped away again to finally adjust to 100%. Except this time, he tugged you a lot closer when he returned to take you through the steps.

“Hmmm. I don’t think we were this close before,” you actually managed to say in a teasing tone. Really you were feeling both thrilled and terrified but resolved to stay cool. You and Jimin were friends. Friends. Friends. Your chest was touching his, your eyes level with the mole on his neck, your hips he cradled so carefully against his own. You were gonna lose it. Lose it all right in the middle of the freaking studio.

“Did you decide if it’s sexy yet?” he asked, in the middle of a step, his head bent again close to your ear. You didn’t even have the advantage of having your hair down, instead it was messily thrown into a high ponytail. You cursed quietly under your breath, endeavoring to complete this dance even if it killed you and buried you underneath the beautiful hardwood floors. It was agonizing to dance with Jimin, he made sure to hold you close every time the steps called for you to come together and he was pinning you with an intense stare you’d only seen on him a handful of times.

It finally ended and you were breathing heavily in the last pose, a hand gripping onto his bicep. You closed your eyes, feeling something akin to exhaustion taking over your body. You were aware that you and he were covered in sweat, but you only smelled his cologne you liked so much and something like cinnamon on his breath.

And then you felt as if your world was going into overdrive. His hands were still tight on your waist, but now you felt soft hair brushing against your forehead and lips against yours. Your hand tightened around his bicep and the other came to grab him by the nape of his neck. He pressed closer and you parted your lips. You felt really hot now but you weren’t going to stop a sweaty Jimin from kissing you in the middle of his dance studio. He tugged you even closer if that was possible and you tilted your head, mouth fully opened now. He was an excellent kisser, and he tasted like that cinnamon you’d smelled earlier.

Before you could just lose yourself even further, a bang sounded throughout the room and he pulled away, the same gaze he’d worn earlier pinning you in place. He looked away only after a couple seconds and in the mirror you could see Hoseok, jaw dropped, mouth open.

“Jiminie, I know what you were planning today but damn!” he remarked and you blushed, dropping your head across Jimin’s shoulder.

“Hyung,” he responded in the most deadpan voice you’d ever heard coming from him and looked up to see a highly annoyed expression gracing his features. Hoseok threw both hands up and backed away, “I’ll let you get back to it!” His loud laughter continued to resonate even after he’d left the room and closed the door and you clung to Jimin, refusing to look up again.

“You never answered my question,” he breathily said.

“Ughhhh!” You slapped his arm, and he laughed, throwing his head back, his glee a stark contrast to the judgement crossing his face moments ago.

“Yes Jimin. It’s a yes,” you admitted. You forced yourself to finally step away from him, intending to get a drink of water. All these sexy times were making you absolutely parched. He refused to cut off all contact though and kept hold of your hand as he waited for you to drink. You felt like you were in the vortex. Your closest guy friend had kissed you, kissed you good, it was hot, you’d learned a dance, a lot was going on.

“So Y/N,” he began pulling you close again once you’d put down the water bottle. Was one kiss all he needed to keep you close and warm? You would’ve tried it long ago.

“Will you go on a date with me?” he asked with bowed head, seeming now almost shy, looking up at you from under his long lashes.

“Hmmm, shouldn’t you have asked me before giving me a kiss like that Jiminie?” you teased.

“Yahhhhh,” he whined and you giggled. He was cute. Really cute.

“I’ll make your dreams come true and go on a date with you.”

“Yes!” he cheered like he always did when you gave in to him and he grabbed you up in a hug, not forgetting to top it off with another kiss, this one much shorter but still sweet.

“Let’s go now,” he said, walking away to tidy up quickly.

“Wait no! I’m all sweaty! You’re all sweaty!” you spoke up again when you saw him diligently shutting down everything.

“We don’t need to be clean to have a good time Y/N,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Yah! Park Jimin!” You swatted him again but he danced out of your reach before circling around to grab you around the waist and haul you towards the door.

“Now, with me Y/N. You won’t regret it!” he promised.