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So basically now we’ve gotten an adorable canon old married couple, A guy with a huge ego and an even bigger ass, An insecure but beautiful little kitten, Siblings who are WAAAAY too loving…, And a sick dog that, even though he’s not real, will be on my mind every dayfor the next week.

Ten Times Ben Told Leslie He Loved Her, Before He Told Her That He Loved Her

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The Misadventures of Prince Kim (royalty AU)

Future rulers from all over the world attend the Françoise Dupont Academy for Royalty and Nobility, and unfortunately for Prince Kim of the kingdom of Lê Chiến, he soon realizes that his reckless personality makes being a good prince very difficult for him indeed.

[Chapter 1] [AO3]

Chapter Two

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If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.


Donghyuk’s cute pillow fight~ (^ ▽ ^) …wait! Donghyuk??
[D-469] waiting for my ☾[D-471] waiting for my ☼ 


Kannao Log #5

Husbando and waifu life Kannao.

Kanji and his mother.

Bifur Appreciation

I would like to do another shout-out to one of the fantastical members of the Company of Throin Oakenshield. No he is not of the line of Durin, HELL he only has TWO lines in three movies. And it’s in Khuzdul. That’s right:


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