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(eddiesrichie hehe please do that one) CONGRATS BABE HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU ❤️ my headcanon is that richie is super smart (well I mean he is) and he tutors the other losers all the time!

HELLO THANKB YOU I LOVE YOU  💕 💕 💕 listen up this is canon ok

- Richie goes around all day citing weird fucking shit he reads in random books anyways

- “Did you guys know Napoleon was attacked by a pack of wild rabbist once?” “Richie, I’m not sure even our history teacher knows that. Where do you get all this shit from?” “Uh, I read?”

- So any time they have any homework that seems to be challenging they go to him bc Ben is very good at Biology for example but needs Richie’s help with Math, while Mike loves Geography but absolutely hates Physics so Richie ends up tutoring him over the weekend

- Richie’s favorite subjects are History and Chemistry

- Literally no one in the losers club understands Chemistry besides Bev and Richie so they have to give small pep talks about atoms and covalent bonds to the others bksfss sign me up

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Youre doing a good job sweety! May i request some sombra? Thanks!

aww, thank you, hehe~ sure! i love sombra, she’s my babe. ♪

Today is April Fools’ Day~ But it’s not just that!! 
Today is 1st birthday of our Dalnim as well~ ^^ 

Do you know, how? Do you remember Hyukjae’s April 1st joke? :) 

It’s been a year since Hyukjae changed his DP as moon and his name as “Dalnim” on April Fools’ Day. And he had tweeted about he being “Dalnim”. This was Hyuk’s April 1st joke for ELF ^^ 

AllRiseSilver: Hello I’m the moon. Tell me your wish, I’ll listen to it. (c)

AllRiseSilver: Didn’t sleep well and my face became a half. Did you eat well (c)

AllRiseSilver: you guys like me? You thought I didn’t know right?? * Dalnim’s pic says: Dalnim knows (c)

AllRiseSilver: ah…My skin is ruined (c)

AllRiseSilver: I tried making some atmosphere (c)

AllRiseSilver: gonna sleep bye (c)

Our Dalnim loves the moon so much, right? :) Even when he was asked “What will you do 10 years later?” He said:

And he said in his letters: 

“When the night comes, please look at the moon. I also think about you guys while looking at the moon every night. The moon here is really bright and I can see it very well. It feels like everyone is staring at me I am so shy.”  

This is not a joke now. This name describes our relationship with Hyukjae perfectly. When we look at the moon we will think about him and he will know it and think about us as well. Even if we are miles apart… it doesn’t matter we are together as long as we look at the moon.



Then let’s celebrate our Dalnim’s rising~ ^^