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The other way around... THE END

Yup…. I’m sorry I havent updated for weeks. Busy with stuff and technical difficulties.

So Yeah! This is the last part of the other way around. After this, maybe I’ll write some one shots, just to unwind. Thanks for reading and staying with meh and sorry for the grammars and spellings.

Palette belongs to @angexci (I cant tag… y? :-(
Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy

Third Person POV

Wait that’s it?? Fell! Goth thought to himself. He put the phone next to his bed and prevent himself for thinking any further, Why didnt he questioned if I was alright? Did he not care about me? Is he with someone else? Did he have plans… On leaving me? As (Fell!) Goth was thinking about that, he didnt realize tears were forming in his eyes(sockets) and was already falling down to his cheeks. Once he realized he was crying he keep wiping them but a new set of tears were falling down.

As much as (Fell!) Goth denied, he’s always emotional when getting sick, he wants someone to be with him, he was longing for attention, longing to be loved. Heh, that’s maybe the reason why he keeps on putting himself for Fell! Palette even though he knows he cant be more than his toys. (Fell!) Goth was getting sleepy, maybe he was tired thinking and crying or maybe his fever’s rising up, he didnt really care. He closed his eyes and slowly drifting himself to sleep.

Fell! Goth was standing, he didnt know where he was, it was black, he cant see a thing and when he blink the scenary was change, he was in the park, children was running, lauging, playing, couples were sitting on the bench iling at each other. In the park, he saw Palette, smiling at him, he didnt had second thought and start running his face didnt hide his emotion, he was smiling from ear to ear, he didnt know but happiness filled his heart when he saw him smiling. But in the corner of his eyes someone was running, it was him but not him, he stopped running, when he saw who it was, it was Palette’s childhood friend. When Goth was in front of Palette, they hold hands and smiling to each other and started walking. Suddenly (Fell!) Goth’s eyes betrayed him and started crying. He was running, trying to catch up with them, screaming “Palette! Palette!”, but the distance seems to grew larger every step he made. He tripped by his clothes, and fell down, he was crying, and saying “Pl-please *hic* d-dont le-le-leave *hic* m-me” between his sobs, he was grabbed by his chin, there he saw his childhood friend, smirking at him, “Aww~ looks like your boyfriend left you” he said with his creely smile. “HAHAHAHAHA” he suddenly laugh maniacally and said “no one will love you”

“NO!” (Fell!) Goth suddenly got up to his bed. It was just a dream, it was just a bad dream, he thought to himself. But he cant stop crying. Suddenly his door was opened forcefully, there he saw Palette panting, like he was running from a marathon. Palette saw Goth’s eyes, he was crying, he run into (Fell!) Goth and embrace him, caressing his head and saying “Shhh…. Shhh… It’s alright.. Shh… I’m here. I’ll never leave you” when (Fell!) Goth hear the last phrase, his emotion burst out and started crying loudly while Palette was comforting him.

The end

Once the drama is over, palette sit on (Fell!) Goth’s bed. “Why are you here?” Goth questioned Palette. “Hmm? Well, I was going to suprise you, and I came in your house finding you were asleep, thinking that I shouldnt bothered you, I was going outside your house, when I hear you screamed so I ran to your room and you know the rest.” Palette said smiling, (Fell!) Goth was embarassed when he remembered what happened, and then he felt dizzy. Palette saw the discomfort and gently push him down in the bed “w-wait! what a-are you d-doing?” Goth asked while blushing. “Hm? I’m laying you in the bed, so you can have some rest” Palette said, “A-ah ok” Goth said blushing even deeper, suddenly Palette’s hand was in (Fell!) Goth’s forehead, getting the other skeleton flinch. Palette put a cold and wet towel into Goth’s forehead to lessen the fever. “Well now let’s get some rest” Palette said while laying down and hugging Goth “W-wait! Are you not going home?” Goth turnedasked while again blushing. “Hm? No.” Palette answered lazily, “B-but why?” Goth asked him again and Palette opened his eyes and kiss (Fell!) Goth’s forehead and said “Because I love you” (Fell!) Goth blushed on what Palette said, “Not my fault if you get my fever” he said trying to be intimidate by pouting but it turns out to be cute. Palette chuckled and said “Alright, alright lets sleep” “Mmmkay” Goth said then slowly closed his eyes. The next day, Palette was in (Fell!) Goth’s bed coughing, while Goth was standing crossed arms, “I told you, you would get my fever!” Goth said to Palette “hehe *cough* *cough* no regrets” Palette managed to say while coughig. “Ughh, wait here I’ll go get some meds for you” Goth was walking, when Palette grab his hand and pull him to an embrace. “I love you” Palette said to Goth which caught him defendless, and said “I-I love you too, jerk” Goth said while blushing.

Today’s going to be a great day.



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Who Knew Games Could Lead To This? (Boyf riends)

Author’s Note: this just in: emma can’t title for shit. Hooooly shit. That’s all I have to say about this. Willow and I kept talking about Jeremy with a tickling kink, and that lead to us writing this together. And, this is the sequel to this like I promised I’d give you all! Just like last time, they wrote Jeremy’s parts and I wrote Michael’s! We maay have gone a bit far, but we had fun, haha. I hope you all enjoy this! (also, I’m very proud to say this is the longest fic I’ve written, with the help of a friend of course. Thank you Willow~ <3).

**I guess I should leave a bit of a warning for bondage? There’s a bit of that in there, but it doesn’t get too bad ^^

Description: It started with a few video games. It led to Michael giving Jeremy exactly what he wanted, and maybe a bit more.

Word Count: 6,068

“Okay, seriously?” Michael mumbled. “You’ve gotta be cheating, Jeremy…”

“Well, if you call taking a chill pill cheating, then maybe?” Jeremy winked.

“Is your chill pill really an excuse for you beating me in these past 13 levels?!” Michael asked, putting his controller down and looking over at Jeremy.

Jeremy looked at him. “Sore loser, are we~?”

Michael glared at him playfully. “I never said that!”

“I think you’re being a very sore loser indeed,” Jeremy frowned. “That’s not nice…~”

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3 AM Conversations

NCT Mark X Platonic Reader (Gender Neutral)

            “Hey, can I tell you something?”


            “I’ve never told anyone this before so it’s a big deal.”


            “Sometimes when people curse, my mind like automatically bleeps it out. So like if Yuta drops the F-bomb, I’ll hear a nice little ‘bleeeeeeep’ and yeah. That’s my secret.”

            “Y/N… what the f***?” Mark groaned. “It’s like 3 am.”

            “See? It just bleeped it out. Magical.”

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tenkaaaa thank u and the others at ms for the chapter it came out so quickly and brightened up my day (except now it's night but wtv) (((: i was literally tora when kenma referred to them as his friends aaaaaahhhhhhhh precious pudding head has advanced a level in his "relationships" node hehe. also, if it's not too much trouble, what was the original pun in japanese that fukunaga made? i can't believe silent cat child opens his mouth only to dish out puns i love him even more now

ahaha anon you caught me before bed, aaa thank you for your message!! my god did you know i had a crazy bout of insomnia last night and i haven’t slept for 48 hours but for some reason i haven’t gone to sleep yet… :p

anyway! fukunaga said exactly what you read in the bubble “nice toss salonpas.  In japanese it would be 


so i guess he was going for the SU thing? I added the hyphen so it would roll off the tongue like “ tossa-lonpas “ or something in english hrmm.

Other things i hc fukunaga to say would be stuff like 
- what’s up chicken butt
- winner winner chicken dinner
- seeya later alligator 

ahaha i love him he’s so dorky with his puns

good night cute anon

The other way around... part 5.... (kind of?)

Sorry for my late update…. so many things to catch up lately. Well hope you like this!

This is not going to get dark, sorry bout that one, and sorry for short update.(Maybe a hint for my next work, after I finish this story) annnnndd my english sucks. Sorry for the messy set up. My writer’s block hasnt passed yet

Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy
Fell! Palette belongs to @angexci (it’s not letting it tag :,( Sorry!!)

3rd Person POV

The boy was standing at someone’s house Hey _____! What’s taking you so long? Said the boy. Well I have a hard time on getting permission. His friend said to him, his face formed a sad smile. No worries! Since you’re here now we can go on an adventure. Hehe. The boy grab his friend hand and started running. They’re having fun playing around, running and catching butterflies. But everything turn black there’s only one figure that can be seen, You traitor!

He suddenly woke up, Ughhh… that dream again. Since when can I sleep peacefully. He thought

Fell! Palette POV

After what (Fell!) Cray said, I didnt give it a secong thought and storm out of the Muffets. Just who does he think he is? He’s not fucking helping. Does he think, I don’t know what he’s talking about? I know, I know it very well than anyone. But I can’t, I can’t go back. My phone was ringing , who the hell will call me up this late? I answered the phone without looking it. “Hello? Who the fuck are you and why th-” he cut what I’m about to say “H-hey i-its G-Goth” he said. I was suprised, I looked into the phone and it was him “Ohh Hey Goth sorry for abouting at you” I said “Ah n-no I sh-should be the o-one to apolog-gise. Sorry for disturbing you” he said sincerely. Hehe, why do I feel relaxed when I’m with him? I smiled on what he said “By the way, why are you calling me?” I asked “Ahhh w-well I th-thought…. we-well I-I’m…. I-I just w-wanna h-hear i-if y-you know umm… if you’re doing fine.” He said stuttering. I know that’s not what he wanted to say but I just go with it. “Hmm of course honey. I’m okay, but its still lonely without you here” I said seductively. “Wa-wah! Umm…. H-hey lo-lo-look a-a-at th-the ti-ti-time, w-well i-i-its t-time t-to g-g-go to bed. Goodnight!” He said and hung up. Hehe, he’s so cute when he stutter. I foun a couch and I immediately lay down “Maybe, mavbe I can learn, maybe I can learn again.” I said to myself and I closed my eyes

Fell! Goth POV

“Ughhh” I have a fever now because of the fight last night. Sometimes when I get angry, like really angry, the next day will be hell for me because of this, weird right? This is why I hate to get angry. My phone was vibrating, and when I looked at it. It’s Palette. “Ohh hey Palette, sorry I can’t go today” I said to him. “Hmmm? Why? Are you alright?” Palette said, I can’t help but to smile, why can’t I control this feelings?! “Goth? Are you there?” I came back to reality when he speak again. “Ahh! Yeah! I’m here” I said to him, “Why can’t you go today is it about last night?” He said with a worried voice. I was shocked when he said that, “Huh? No! No, I just have a fever” I said to him to ease up his worry. “Oh! Okay. Well, go have some rest. Bye!” He said with a cheerful voice. Wait…. That’s it?!

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“So uh..what's say you and I go out next Saturday? Hehe..”

“Are you asking me out on a date Mat?” she said as she smiled slightly, “Well I think I can leave Saturday open since I sleep most of the time anyway.” she chuckled slightly, having her own sense of humor.

 She leans over to him and said calmly,“I accept on going out with you on Saturday..Heh,..Tell me what time and where, Mat..”


Inappropriate Tent Scene

Food is still involved, but only because Edea never stops thinking about it. Takes place in b2nd, involves Tiz and Edea having their own separate naughty dreams. Tiz, being the much lighter sleeper, is the one who has to deal with it.


It was a pleased little moan, nearly in his ears, that broke the silence of the night. A hand rubbed up his thigh, and he felt both guilt and a small thrill of pleasure. This was one of those nice dreams, wasn’t it? Where she had already been rescued, and she was safe and happy, and she didn’t care about her duties for one night, or maybe even beyond that… Of course, he knew how unlikely that was, so he really shouldn’t be having this kind of dream. But it was hard not to enjoy it when she pressed closer to him and whispered, right in his ear:

“Love you………………..Ringabel…”

Wait. …He wasn’t Ringabel.

Tiz snapped out of his remaining grogginess with a jolt. Edea, half-draped over him and still rubbing his thigh through his boxers, whined in complaint. After a few seconds, she rolled over on top of him, pinning him down and resting her head on his shoulder. “No…don’t you dare go again…”

He’d barely had time to process the situation he was in, and it had already gone from bad to worse! How was he supposed to get out from underneath Edea, let alone without waking her up?

Tiz cast his gaze up to the heavens, or at least where they would be if the tent wasn’t blocking them out. “Altair,” he whispered. “Altair!

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(Saeran x MC x Saeyoung) Error 707: Forbidden Love


MC finally reaches the last route: Saeyoung’s. An unexpected turn of events occur when she develops feelings for Saeran - someone without a route and someone she wasn’t supposed to fall in love with.  Will her love be influenced by her own will or by her fate? 

*A/N: Okay so I read a lot of Saeran hc’s and scenarios but it wasn’t enough so I started imagining things and here we go LOL. I’m not really sure how long this will be since I’m kinda writing it on a whim of my fantasies hehe. I also didn’t decide on who she’ll end up with soo hopefully I figure that out or I’ll let you guys pick! 


Selected Deep Story: 707

This was the moment Saeyoung was waiting for. He had always longed to be with you again but wore a mask over his feelings. What else could he do? You chose someone else’s route and of course, that meant you were bound to love them. It didn’t matter if you two had cared for each other deeply as lovers in the past. You had no memory of it and in this world, that relationship was nonexistent. 

But after grudging through the heartache of watching you in another man’s arms and repeating the process of you finding a new lover whom he shared close connections with, he believed his suffering would lead to eventual happiness. This was his chance to unveil his affection for you. To let his emotions burst out and escape from the heart he closed off to you. To let you into his thoughts and true self. And finally, to love you without feeling a hint of guilt, fear, or pain.

“MC! Hellooo~” he chimed on the phone.

Slowly, you rose up from your bed like a zombie crawling out from its grave, barely holding the phone up to your ear. Your hair was a bird’s nest and you could hardly lift your eyelids more than a millimeter. And under those eyes were circles darker than a panda’s. The sound of Saeyoung’s security cameras readjusting their position could be heard but you couldn’t care less about how you looked. The guy knew you were sleeping and even dared to wake you up with a loud an obnoxious attitude that you also loved. Not bothering to answer back with coherent words, you just groaned into the phone.

“Hmm…seems like my princess is feeling grumpy today. Come on, move your hair out of the way and show me your pretty face!”

You reluctantly obliged and turned toward the machine, drilling holes with your eyes into the man behind the screen. 

 “Ohoho no glaring, you’re on camera so you gotta smile!” Saeyoung chuckles, “Oh speaking of which, how about we go on a date to cheer you up? I’m fine with anything, just choose what you like hehe. But if you reallyy want to go on a spaceship I mean…”

“I really appreciate that but I’m sorry Saeyoung. I’m exhausted staying up late so I’m going to catch up on my sleep today. Thanks for checking up on me although you have a weird way of doing so. I’m alright though, just stayed up to talk to Saeran,” you said apologetically. 

Saeran? Since when did he socialize with people? Then again, he began acting a little different lately. Especially when you came into the picture.

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they must have left for Bangkok really early in the morning for Jin to look exhausted like he does. It upsets me to see any of them look like that

I think jinnie just looks sleepy as opposed to exhausted. I’m just saying that because they got lots of rest. Jin got to go home to family and he went to an amusement park too ^_^ so you don’t have to worry too much anon~

Anonymous said: Is it true that Jimin is filming a drama??

it’s rumored that all of them are going to be in a web drama. but there’s no real info yet. we’ll probably find out soon.


it looks like they bleached his hair but only the top part, his undercut is still dark.

Anonymous said: hello! may i ask who are you following here? // who are your followings? hehe

hi~ ooohh i follow a lot of blogs I think, there’s like 500 and probably 300?! or so are bangtan related hehe

Anonymous said: Hello, I hope you’re having a great day and got lots of sleep! ^^ I’d like to know if there is site/social media account that announces music show winners every week, like for each individual show, except Music Core of course. I’ve been searching for that since BTS’s last comeback, but I haven’t been able to find a reliale source :/ Could you please help me with that? I’d really appreciate it :)

I’m not sure sorry, I think Soompi? usually posts about the winner.

An Almost Equal Exchange

Originally posted by idolsgeneration

An Almost Equal Exchange

- Mina Focus

Word Count: 1504

*For yuryboy79

“I’m pretty sure that hoodie’s not your size…” Nayeon commented.

“Yeah, it does look a little too big for you, Mina.” Sana added.

“That’s okay! I think it looks rather nice on you.” Jihyo said, giving Mina a big thumbs up.

Momo crept up behind Mina and pulled out the tag discreetly.

“Wait… this is a man’s large? Huh… Mina, Mina, Mina. Do you have something that you want to share with us?” Momo chirped.

“Do I really need to say anything? You all know it already.” Mina said.

“What’s going on?” Dahyun asked as she, Jeongyeon, and Chaeyoung entered the room.

“We’re talking about Mina’s extra big hoodie. And considering that it’s a guys, it’s probably from you know who.” Tzuyu filled them in.

Everyone nodded in unison as if they all understood and knew what they were all thinking about. Well, everyone, except Mina. She stood in the middle, while all of her members stood around her in a circle, smiling and nodding at her.

“What? Stop judging me! Don’t we need to rehearse for tonight’s show? Come on, let’s go guys, come on, come on.” Mina exclaimed trying to shrug off all of the giggles and stares.

“Let’s stop teasing Mina, let’s go girls.” Jihyo said with a commanding tone.

“Who said anything about teasing? I for one think that it’s super cute of her to wear her boyfriends clothing.” Momo said apologetically.

“I agree.” Sana added.

“Mhmmm.” Jeongyeon agreed.

Everyone started nodding again and burst out laughing. Mina shook her head in disappointment and chuckled a little bit too. Mina had been carrying your clothing with her as she went on tour with the rest of her group. Since she wouldn’t be able to see you for weeks, she would sleep in your clothes. At first, the other members would tease her about it, but then it became normal for them to see Mina in your clothes. Sometimes, you could even tell that she was wearing your clothes on her Instagram updates.

“Hey! How are you doing? I missed hearing your voice.” You said happily, glad to be calling Mina.

“I missed yours too. I’m doing pretty well, the shows are going well.”

“That’s good to hear… don’t push yourself too hard. Take breaks, you hear me?”

“Heh, yes, yes. I’ve been sleeping like a baby for the past few nights, thanks to you.”

“I saw your updates on Instagram. Do you wear that hoodie everywhere?”

“Basically everywhere. I’m sorry if your hoodie is going to smell like me afterwards, you don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not.”

“Hehe, I’m so glad I took your hoodie with me on tour. Whenever I wear this, it feels like you’re hugging me.”

You and Mina would call each other whenever she had spare time. But because of her busy schedule, she couldn’t call you for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. While you knew that Mina was accompanied by your hoodie and shirts, you always seemed to miss Mina.

“Mina, are you sleeping in his hoodie again?” Momo asked as she got ready for bed.

“Mhm. Why?”

“Nothing, just wondering. Oh, does he have your hoodie or something too? I mean, like, did you guys exchange before you left?”

“Not really… I kind of just took some of his clothes before I left because I knew I’d miss him.”

“Oh I see. What will he do if he misses you then? Does he just stare at photos or something? Hahaha.”

“Well I try to call him whenever I get a break, but other than that…”

“That’s not fair then! You should’ve left him with something.”

“Yeah, you’re right… oops… I didn’t think about that.”

“It’s okay, I’m sure he’s holding up fine. Next time, anyways, goodnight Mina. Get some sleep.” Momo concluded as she adjusted her pillow before quickly falling asleep.

Hmm… I should’ve left something with him. Momo’s right. Ahhh… I’ve gotta make it up to him when everything finishes. Two weeks went by, and the performances were finally all done. However, Mina and her friends still had to go to fansigns and events afterwards. With a two day break in between, Mina managed to convince her members to make a quick stop at your house before leaving again. You’ve met all of the members of TWICE before as they all knew who you were, however, you didn’t expect all of them to suddenly show up at your doorstep.

Ding dong!

“Just a minute!” You yelled from your room.

You opened the door a tiny fracture, and you could hear giggling already. Nayeon, Momo, and Sana were pressed up against the door, making goofy faces at you as you opened the door fully.

“Hey girls, I didn’t know you were all coming… to my house… at this hour.” You mumbled, startled by their appearances.

“Well, we would’ve gotten here faster, if Momo didn’t buy like a bajillion snacks for the drive here.” Nayeon grumbled.

“Hey! Those snacks were absolutely necessary, and please, you ate like half of them. Sana was the one who went to washroom for like two hours!” Momo rebutted.

“What? I didn’t take two hours! Ten minutes, tops.” Sana added.

“Okay, girls, move along, there’s still six of us back here and it’s kind of cold out!” Jihyo yelled from the back.

Finally, Momo, Sana, and Nayeon were moving inwards. They squeezed past you and immediately Momo headed to the kitchen, Sana to the washroom, and Nayeon straight onto your couch. Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, and Dahyun all politely addressed you and sat in the living room. Jihyo kindly smiled at you before she started yelling towards her members for them to behave properly. Tzuyu apologized on their behalf and told you that she’d try to keep them under control before moving past you. At this point, you were completely overwhelmed, after all, your house wasn’t big enough for nine girls and one guy.

“So…” You said casually, looking to Mina who slowly walked up to you. She was still wearing your hoodie, and she held a large bag behind her.

“So.” Mina replied, smiling brightly towards you.

“Best for last?” You asked.

Mina laughed a little before she gave you light kiss on the lips.

“I missed you so much.” She finally said.

“Not as much as I’ve missed you.”

The two of you walked in, and all was quiet. All of the girls were staring at you two. They probably saw you two kiss at the doorway.

“Cuteee!” Nayeon screamed, breaking the silence. Now all of the girls were making teasing noises, awehs and ahhs.

“Arghhh, let’s go to your room. I have something for you.” Mina said, as she pulled you by your hand. Mina made sure to close your bedroom door shut so that you guys wouldn’t be bothered.

“So do you wanna tell me what’s in the bag now?” You asked curiously.

“Mhmmm.” Mina answered before she passed you the bag.

You opened the bag slowly and you pulled out Mina’s jacket from Cheer Up.

“Wow, this… are you giving it to me? Don’t you need it for performances?”

“I won’t need it for awhile plus we have extras. This is the one that I’ve always worn though. I want you to keep it, because it has come to my attention that it wasn’t fair for me to have your clothes but for you to have none of mine. So now, whenever you miss me, you can wear this, or do whatever you want with it.” Mina explained.

“Like sleep in it?”

“Haha, exactly. Well, put it on! Let’s see how it fits.”

You eagerly put on Mina’s Cheer Up jacket, it was a little bit tight and short on the sleeves and body but it fit.

“So how does it look?” You asked Mina, turning for her to see you in her jacket.

“It looks a bit tight on you…” Mina started.

“I approve of it!” Sana shouted.

“It looks so good on you, wah!” Momo yelled.

“Dead sexy. Drop dead gorgeous.” Nayeon said seductively.

The door was open now, and all of the girls were pouring in to see you in Mina’s jacket.

“I didn’t think it would actually fit… “ Tzuyu muttered.

“You kind of look uncomfortable in it, too tight?” Chaeyoung asked.

“But he also looks kind of cute in it.” Dahyun argued.

“Yeah, I agree. It’s not bad.” Jeongyeon joined in.

“Hahahaha!” Jihyo laughed loudly and uncontrollably.

“Thanks girls. I appreciate the concerns and the compliments.” You responded.

“Why. Are. You. All. In. Hereee!” Mina exploded.

Mina started to chase the girls out of your room, one by one. They all cleared out by themselves, except Nayeon who continued to tease Mina about her giving you her jacket. There you were, leaning on a nearby wall, watching Mina chase Nayeon around your house with the other girls. You breathed into Mina’s jacket discreetly so that the other girls wouldn’t notice, and thought to yourself. Smells exactly like Mina.

- itsmomorin

13x06 Commentary

Such an awesome episode. Its sad that it started off so fun then went to so sad.
Anyway heres the commentary and i cant wait to see you all next time!

This is a long opening reminder

Zombies going get ya

Wait a minute does dean give cas a dead mans hat

I love this

Oh my gawd the hug was perfect

Cas is going reconize his voice

He sounds like dean hehe

Yep that looked like a father and son hug

You said the magic word Jack

Team free will 2.0 i want that bumber sticker

Jack your more human so you need sleep

Im sorry but that looks like a “sam knows smile” to me


That was adorabe

Oh man cas has done that one too many times to know that

This is the exact opposite of all my fanfiction

Much much better

Oh man i soo love this

Hehehe deans having so much fun

OHMYGAWD its Abby from that cop show

Hes becoming such a cute good little hunter

Wait why are those two staying

Thats the wellsfargo symbol hahah

Oh thankgawd they arnt shooting baby

What the, why doesn’t cas’s grace work

Like alice in wonderland

Oh my gawd die hard reference yay

That was such a cool scene

Way to go dean and sarge

Hes doing a Castiel where he thinks leaving would be better.

Wow that sucks i mean that was awesome but damn that sucks

And thats it. Hope you guys liked the episode like i did! See ya next time!

Code: Realize New Year Greetings [Twitter] Translations
Original Links: 
Sholmes / Finis / San(Saint) / Impey / Victor / Van / Lupin

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ①】
Sholmes「Happy New Year. Hmm, to think that I’ll be involved with you again this year just like this……what terrible luck I have.Now then――This year’s an important year where many events await both me and all of you. This year will still regretfully pass, day by day, however……let’s look forward to what the future brings .」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ②】
Finis「Yaw~n……Good morning, sister……what?I’m too relaxed even though it’s the New Years……?Ha, isn’t it fine anyway ?Since Twilight’s no longer around now, I’m in a circumstance where I’m free to wake up whenever I want――Peace is wonderful isn’t it?With that said, I’m gonna sleep some more……Well, you shouldn’t overwork yourself either, alright?」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ③】
San「Happy New Year. Saying this words to a lady――Hehe, surely, you won’t be able to imagine how pleased I am by it. Where shall we go this year?An unknown place with things you do not know of. Shall spend lots and lots of time together with just the both of us this year?」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ④】
Impey「Ya~y!Happy New Year!Happy New Year~!Impey-san’s love definitely won’t change this year, it’s straight towards you ! Love is Power!Or so they say!Let’s have lots and lots and lots of fun together this year too――let’s make it the best year of all!」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ⑤】
Fran「Happy New Year. The change of year makes me somewhat excited……!Even if I say that, I’m always constantly concentrating on my experiments……I only noticed that the year had changed when Impey came rocketing into the room. Ahaha……Well then, let’s make it a wonderful year again this year!」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ⑥】
Van「It’s a New Year huh, Happy New Year. I did ask the count about it but, in the Far East, there seems to be a tradition of having a colorful cuisine celebration during the【New Year】. I had intended to entertain everyone with that this year but……I’d appreciate it if you’’ll help me. As thanks, I’ll……right. I’ll let you have the first taste」

【Code:Realize New Year Greetings ⑦】
Lupin「A New Year huh……。I’m really glad that i can spend this year together with you too. Together again, let’s――no, together with all of them, let’s make a fun year together with the Lupin gang. I don’t need anything else as long as it makes you smile。……I’ll be in your care this year too. Lovelier than anything else, my lady?」

Just You (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: hi hey hello, love! ♡ i was wondering if you could do a scenario with jay park, where he’s feeling insecure about everything going on and somehow jumps to the conclusion that he isn’t good enough for you, so you’re here comforting and reassuring him in order to have him feeling better? really love your writing, and hope to see more! hehe. love you! xoxo. 💕

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    “Jay, what’s going on?” you asked as he let you into his apartment. He looked exhausted- there were dark circles under his eyes- and he hadn’t shaved in a couple days. Instead of one of his usual stylish outfits, he was dressed in ratty sweatpants and a tank top, and his hair was rumpled, unbrushed.

    “I… I just need to talk to you,” Jay said. “I wanted to do it in person.”

    “Okay…” you said, concerned, following him farther inside and sitting down with him on the couch. “You look terrible; how much have you been sleeping?”

    “I dunno, like three hours a night?” he said. “Me and Chase are working on the album a lot, so… I’m fine though.”

    You looked at him skeptically. “No, you aren’t.”

    “No,” he said after a moment. “You’re right. But not sleeping isn’t what’s wrong. Look… I was just thinking about our relationship, how I’m always busy, the way I dance when I perform and all these music videos I make with girls and stuff- it’s… I shouldn’t have done all that stuff while we’re dating; I just…” He trailed off with a frustrated sigh.

    “Babe, I know that’s part of your image,” you said sincerely. “Really. I’m not gonna say I’m not jealous sometimes, but I’m okay with it, really.”

    “But should you be? Should you have to be?” he asked. “Why don’t you just date some guy who’s…” he hesitated, his shoulders slumping as he looked away. “Who’s not like me.”

    “Why would I want to date someone who’s not like you?” you said indignantly. “Jay. I love you.”

    He looked down at his lap, his brow furrowed, not reacting to your words. “I just think you deserve someone better than me.”

    “What’s making you say all this?” you asked, “Did someone say something to you?”

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It was just like any other day in winter. The Matsunos were just having a lazy day at the household mainly sleeping. As night came by the boys soon felt a bit peckish and decided to go to Chibita’s oden stand even though it was a bit chilly. However, the third eldest had a better plan.


“Y/N!” He said a bit too loudly over the phone. Quickly correcting himself, “Ah, y/n, my brothers won’t be home for a few hours. Do you want to come over?” Despite not having a great reputation to keep a secret, Choromatsu had kept one and that being he had a relationship. He had always kept Y/N a secret from his family, not because he didn’t want them to meet them…actually yes that is the reason. This would be the first time they would have ever visit his home. So throughout the day, he had cleaned up the place a bit.

“Really?” they said over the phone, both shocked and overjoyed at the idea.

“Mhm, maybe we could watch that anime I know you’ve wanted me to check out or-”

“Yes! Oh my gosh! Okay okay. Ill be over in ASAP, just text me the address,” they exclaimed causing a certain someone to turn red.

“A- Alright! Ill see you here.”

“Okay! I love you Choromatsu~” His face grew a bit redder.

“I- I love you too!” He stammered. Choro hung up and gave himself a mental pat on the back. Now all that there is was set everything up.


Knock knock

“A- Ah! Coming!” Choromatsu raced to open the door to find his lovely one and only Y/N. “S- Sorry for not inviting you sooner. Come in!”

“Aw. Its alright Choro-chan! I don’t mind,” They said with a smile, once again causing him to blush. He had always loved that nickname they had given them. Heck, well he loved everything about them. He led them into a room where a a variety of their favorite snacks were put in bowls, along with his laptop, which was charging, and some pillows tossed by the wall. They gasped.

“I know it’s not the most comfortable but- Ah! Y/N-” He said, being cut off with a hug.

“Its perfect…” They said nuzzling into his chest. He blinked a few times before hugging them back. A few moments later they were cuddled together on the floor watching some anime that they wanted him to watch and everything just felt so right. The way his arm lazily wrapped around waist, and how their small hand gripped onto his shirt. God he was so lucky. He gently pushed them a bit closer, blushing wildly. For most of the time, he wasn’t even watching the show. How could he when they were curled up next go him? Nothing could possibly ruin-

“Um, Choro?”

“Hm?” He said, his trance suddenly evaporated.

“I, um… I’m a bit cold,”

“Ah! Sorry, Ill get you a blanket!” He quickly popped up and rushed to find a clean blanket. Unfortunately, all of the blankets either stunk of some odor or were full of cat hair. So, he brought his grey sweatshirt with the family crest on it. Hopefully it will suit nicely. “It may not be as warm-,” Before he could finish his sentence, Y/N had already put it on looking pleased. It was a bit big on them, making the arms be a more like Jyushimatsu’s sweater, but they did look cute. He quickly rushed down to them, holding them close causing them to laugh. He loved their laugh. He loved their smile. He loved them. Choro leaned into them, pecking their lips. Their laughter filled the room, as he kept kissing them.

“C- Choromatsu! Hehe,” A blush dusted both their cheeks. They brought him into another kiss, this time a bit longer. How he loved their sweet lips. Nothing could ever feel so perfect against his. Releasing from him, their forehead and nose touched his, Y/N still with a smile. With his foot, he un-paused the show and they kept watching.

After a few hours of cuddling and watching, Choromatsu fallen asleep along with Y/N.


“WE ARE HOME!” Jyushimatsu yelled.

“I wonder why Fappymatsu didn’t want to come,” Totty wondered aloud.

“Eeeh, probably to jerk off or something,” Oso answered, opening the door.

“At least our dear brother has the decency to do it when-” Karamatsu suddenly stopped his sentence at the sight before him. Choromatsu was asleep…with another person.

“EEEEEEEEEEHH???” They exclaimed in unison. Choromatsu quickly woke up to find his brother surrounding him and Y/N.

“WHOS THIS NII-SAN?” Jyushi asked. “THEY ARE REALLY CUTE!” Choro blushed with anger.

“They are mine! Now get away from them and let them sleep!” He said shushing them.

“Hehe, look like our brother has a significant other~” Karamatsu said, putting his glasses on.

“SHUT UP KUSOMATSU!” He screamed quietly. Choro shoved them out of the room and out into the hallway. Boy, was he going to get asked so many question.



ok i said i was going to bed i shoudl hehe its just . i always lie awake w ith mythoughts for so long because i have to keep my mind off the #flashbacs its so hard to sleep its 1am im nt goinb g to slepe until at least like 5am 

Straight White Boy Problem #576

*at my friends house, in his dad’s man cave, watching ridiculousness on the big tv*  dude im not going to lie, i was at this party on saturday and this girl was all over me. we like made out but she was totally smashed!! now i had church the next morning and i didnt want to go to sleep at 3 so i told her that we should hang out sometime and we got each others digits and i asked her to send me a text and she sent me one that said “plow m–"   *friend’s mom busts into the mancave with two piping hot digiornio pizzas, obviously eavesdropping*  plow my……crops on farmville. i could really use the coins hehe  *friend’s mom looks at me approvingly, gives me a paper plate*

anonymous asked:

Hello!!! Can I request for the drabble thing? I hope so hehe. Okay what about Hoshi and stay?

genre: fluff (bet y’all thought it was gonna be angst, huh? xD)

word count: 488

synopsis: you’ve got to go to work, but hoshi doesn’t want you to leave.

author’s note: i’m pretty sure i’ve written a scenario similar to this before but iDK. and i love how i said these would only be a paragraph. that’s funny, aubrey xD anyways, i hope you all enjoy ^-^


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Love your writing😍 I'd like to request a Star Crossed Myth where MC wakes up with the mark of a god in her eyes so they go to the heavens where the king says that she will once again become a goddess?

Sure thing and awe thanks I love you for loving my writing! I’m doing this off the first six guys, not any after the second prologue. Is it bad that I have had not time to read Dui or Hue yet? And I have no need to play Teo, so he is going to be OCC just saying hehe. Ugh, I work to much. Once my ask is cleared i’m definitely going MIA. Anyways, enjoy!



Leon watched as your eyes fluttered open from last nights sleep. As he lovingly brushed your hair back out of your face his hand stopped cold as he stared into your eyes, grabbing both sides of your face.

“W-what?” You asked, confused and still in a daze from sleep.

“There are stars in your eyes,” He almost asked instead of said as he brushed the pad of his thumb over your cheeks, “How?”

Before Maria could answer there was a knock at the door, Karno running in, “The King is calling for the both of you what did you do?” He asked. In a huff, Leon stood up and snapped his fingers, causing you both to change and make your way to the heavens.

“What is the meaning of this?” Leon asked, throwing open the golden doors to the heavens, dragging you in tow. 

“Ah Leon, you should be grateful for what I’ve done.” The King said with a smirk. Confused, he looked back into your eyes. There were still stars reflecting back at him as he looked back at the king, “I’ve gave her her stars back. She is once again the goddess of fate.” 

Leon was utterly shocked as you remained silent. You had no words that could simply express what you felt. 

“But be warned,” The king said, braking off your thoughts, “I control her stars. You cross me, I take them away.” He said with a smile. 


Maria was walking out of work to see Scorpio waiting in the lobby for her. Waving and walking over, she felt light headed as she started to sway. In all of seconds she was in Scorpio’s arms, “What’s wrong?” He asked.

You opened your eyes and placed a hand to your head, “I’m not sure I just felt dizzy..” You mumbled. But Scorpio was to busy looking into your eyes, which were now open and containing thousands of stars, “W-what?” You asked under his piercing gaze. 

“We need to go to the heavens.” He said, snapping his fingers and transporting you to the Kings chambers. He placed you down on the ground and grabbed your hand, walking briskly towards the golden doors, “What is the meaning of this?” He demanded, now pulling you along to match his pace.

The King slowly turned around from another god, “Ah my beloved Scorpio I’m glad you came.” He said.

“Enough of that. Explain to me why there are stars in her eyes?” He asked.

“Stars?” You asked as well. ‘What does he mean about stars in my eyes, I’m human,’ You thought.

The King only smiled as he explained, “I gave the human her stars back. This way she is indebted to me and me alone.” 

“What kind of sick joke is that?” Scorpio pressed, but the King merely held up a hand.

“Now listen. This just ensures that you won’t be swayed from grace. It’s a favor. Remember this.”


Huedhaut watched as you slowly opened your eyes. He felt his own stars return as the left your body and was awaiting to see yours. As your eyes slowly fluttered open he saw it. The beautiful arrangement of stars that lined your eyes that he knew so well. Your stars have returned. 

And with them came the memories of all you had lost. The came at you at a rapid pace, flooding your thoughts as you missed what Huedhaut asked you. 


You snapped your head back at his calling of your name to only become more dizzy again. He lifted you up in his arms as he whispered into your ear, “Were going to the heavens.”

In seconds you both were before the king, questioning him, “Why does she have her stars back?”

The King only smiled, “Why aren’t you happy?”

“That is besides the point why-”

“Oh I simply did you a favor. Don’t make me regret it.” The King said as he looked at you in Huedhaut’s arms.

Teorus (disclaimer OCC):

You were walking towards the gods mansion, just stepping foot inside when everything went white for a second. Shocked, you reached out and held onto the door when Teo walked into the lobby, “Maria?”

You slowly looked up and laughed, “Haha hello Teo. Sorry I’m just dizzy.” Although you told him you were fine, he rushed to your side and lifted up you chin, looking into your eyes. “W-what?”

“Why do you have stars in your eyes?” He asked, his cheerful demeanor replaced with a serious tone taking over his voice.

“W-what?” You asked confused, slipping out of his grasp and walking to a mirror to see them for yourself. 

As you were admiring the speckles of stars scattered in your eyes Leon came into the room, “The King is calling  for you two. What did you both do now?” He asked. although when you turned to look at him he was silenced by the sight before him- you had stars.

Making your way to the heavens to the King, you noticed how many gods just shied away from you both as you appeared before the King. “So I assume you both have noticed the gift I left you?” The king asked, tilting his head to the side with a smile on his face. You both were confused at the gesture when the King reminded you, “I don’t give out gifts freely.”


You and Dui were at your apartment when you were trying to get up from the couch when you fell back down, clutching your face, “Urghh.” You moaned as Dui tried to look at your face, but you wouldn’t let him as you said the pressure helped to relieve some pain. Sensing that this wasn’t a normal human occurrence, Dui took you to the heavens.

Arriving, the King was already waiting for the two of you as he told Dui to remove Maria’s hands. When he did he saw a sea of stars in her eyes as she blinked a couple of times from the lingering pain.

“Why does she have stars in her eyes now?” Dui asked.

The King only laughed as he continued, “Do you think I’m cruel enough to kill a powerful goddess. Shame on you Dui.” He scolded, “However, this doesn’t mean I wont be asking for favors now and again.

Ichthys (he’s not even out yet how am I even-):

Itchy’s was just about to leave his room when Maria came bursting in, “Itchthys please tell me this is another prank!” You called, running so your faces were right in front of each other. He was about to retort when he was caught by your eyes, the stars in them dances across so beautiful.

“That-that wasn’t me.” He said, gripping onto your shoulders to get a closer look, “Are they real?” Although you had no answer for the question, Ichthys whirled you away to the heavens to ask the King.

“Of course they are real.” The King said with a smug look on his face, “I did you a favor.”

“Haha, thanks!” Ichthys said rather quickly, taking your arm and walking away briskly in fear that the King would continue talking.

“Leaving so soon?” He asked, causing a cold sweat to go down Ichthys back as he turned with a grin, 

“Why would I be?” He asked, scratching the back of his head and making sure you were kept close to him.

“Remember, those stars are mine Ichthys. Not yours to play around with.”

I wanted to leave it a a cliff hanger. Maybe make a part two about the King trying to take the stars back? Consider them prologues maybe, I don’t know? Sorry that they’re short and if you don’t like it!