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The other way around... THE END

Yup…. I’m sorry I havent updated for weeks. Busy with stuff and technical difficulties.

So Yeah! This is the last part of the other way around. After this, maybe I’ll write some one shots, just to unwind. Thanks for reading and staying with meh and sorry for the grammars and spellings.

Palette belongs to @angexci (I cant tag… y? :-(
Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy

Third Person POV

Wait that’s it?? Fell! Goth thought to himself. He put the phone next to his bed and prevent himself for thinking any further, Why didnt he questioned if I was alright? Did he not care about me? Is he with someone else? Did he have plans… On leaving me? As (Fell!) Goth was thinking about that, he didnt realize tears were forming in his eyes(sockets) and was already falling down to his cheeks. Once he realized he was crying he keep wiping them but a new set of tears were falling down.

As much as (Fell!) Goth denied, he’s always emotional when getting sick, he wants someone to be with him, he was longing for attention, longing to be loved. Heh, that’s maybe the reason why he keeps on putting himself for Fell! Palette even though he knows he cant be more than his toys. (Fell!) Goth was getting sleepy, maybe he was tired thinking and crying or maybe his fever’s rising up, he didnt really care. He closed his eyes and slowly drifting himself to sleep.

Fell! Goth was standing, he didnt know where he was, it was black, he cant see a thing and when he blink the scenary was change, he was in the park, children was running, lauging, playing, couples were sitting on the bench iling at each other. In the park, he saw Palette, smiling at him, he didnt had second thought and start running his face didnt hide his emotion, he was smiling from ear to ear, he didnt know but happiness filled his heart when he saw him smiling. But in the corner of his eyes someone was running, it was him but not him, he stopped running, when he saw who it was, it was Palette’s childhood friend. When Goth was in front of Palette, they hold hands and smiling to each other and started walking. Suddenly (Fell!) Goth’s eyes betrayed him and started crying. He was running, trying to catch up with them, screaming “Palette! Palette!”, but the distance seems to grew larger every step he made. He tripped by his clothes, and fell down, he was crying, and saying “Pl-please *hic* d-dont le-le-leave *hic* m-me” between his sobs, he was grabbed by his chin, there he saw his childhood friend, smirking at him, “Aww~ looks like your boyfriend left you” he said with his creely smile. “HAHAHAHAHA” he suddenly laugh maniacally and said “no one will love you”

“NO!” (Fell!) Goth suddenly got up to his bed. It was just a dream, it was just a bad dream, he thought to himself. But he cant stop crying. Suddenly his door was opened forcefully, there he saw Palette panting, like he was running from a marathon. Palette saw Goth’s eyes, he was crying, he run into (Fell!) Goth and embrace him, caressing his head and saying “Shhh…. Shhh… It’s alright.. Shh… I’m here. I’ll never leave you” when (Fell!) Goth hear the last phrase, his emotion burst out and started crying loudly while Palette was comforting him.

The end

Once the drama is over, palette sit on (Fell!) Goth’s bed. “Why are you here?” Goth questioned Palette. “Hmm? Well, I was going to suprise you, and I came in your house finding you were asleep, thinking that I shouldnt bothered you, I was going outside your house, when I hear you screamed so I ran to your room and you know the rest.” Palette said smiling, (Fell!) Goth was embarassed when he remembered what happened, and then he felt dizzy. Palette saw the discomfort and gently push him down in the bed “w-wait! what a-are you d-doing?” Goth asked while blushing. “Hm? I’m laying you in the bed, so you can have some rest” Palette said, “A-ah ok” Goth said blushing even deeper, suddenly Palette’s hand was in (Fell!) Goth’s forehead, getting the other skeleton flinch. Palette put a cold and wet towel into Goth’s forehead to lessen the fever. “Well now let’s get some rest” Palette said while laying down and hugging Goth “W-wait! Are you not going home?” Goth turnedasked while again blushing. “Hm? No.” Palette answered lazily, “B-but why?” Goth asked him again and Palette opened his eyes and kiss (Fell!) Goth’s forehead and said “Because I love you” (Fell!) Goth blushed on what Palette said, “Not my fault if you get my fever” he said trying to be intimidate by pouting but it turns out to be cute. Palette chuckled and said “Alright, alright lets sleep” “Mmmkay” Goth said then slowly closed his eyes. The next day, Palette was in (Fell!) Goth’s bed coughing, while Goth was standing crossed arms, “I told you, you would get my fever!” Goth said to Palette “hehe *cough* *cough* no regrets” Palette managed to say while coughig. “Ughh, wait here I’ll go get some meds for you” Goth was walking, when Palette grab his hand and pull him to an embrace. “I love you” Palette said to Goth which caught him defendless, and said “I-I love you too, jerk” Goth said while blushing.

Today’s going to be a great day.



Hope you like it!!!! Till next time

Ties pt. 3 - Archie Andrews Smut

REQUESTED: I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t possibly the most requested imagine on my page! I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but here we go!

“Part 3 to ties!!! Part 2 was awesome :)” - anon

“Part three of Ties is needed☺️☺️” - anon

“Do a part 3 of ties plzz” - anon


“hehe if maybe could you do a part 3?” - @cjaisml

WARNINGS: Sleepy sex, eating out, swallowing after a blowjob

SUMMARY: Sometimes the best things can come with a good night’s sleep.

NOTES: So, I’m sorry it has taken so long. Genuinely, I was battling against writer’s block for ages, and there’s been so much drama in my life, so I’ve just been trying to get past all that.

Anyway, Riverdale S2 finally has a release date!! October is now good for 3 reasons:

  1. My friend’s birthday a week before release day
  2. My dad’s birthday

I am so hyped!! Enough of that tho, on with the imagine! Thank you for being patient with me, and here is the final part of Ties!

Originally posted by storycrackimagines

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anonymous asked:

they must have left for Bangkok really early in the morning for Jin to look exhausted like he does. It upsets me to see any of them look like that

I think jinnie just looks sleepy as opposed to exhausted. I’m just saying that because they got lots of rest. Jin got to go home to family and he went to an amusement park too ^_^ so you don’t have to worry too much anon~

Anonymous said: Is it true that Jimin is filming a drama??

it’s rumored that all of them are going to be in a web drama. but there’s no real info yet. we’ll probably find out soon.


it looks like they bleached his hair but only the top part, his undercut is still dark.

Anonymous said: hello! may i ask who are you following here? // who are your followings? hehe

hi~ ooohh i follow a lot of blogs I think, there’s like 500 and probably 300?! or so are bangtan related hehe

Anonymous said: Hello, I hope you’re having a great day and got lots of sleep! ^^ I’d like to know if there is site/social media account that announces music show winners every week, like for each individual show, except Music Core of course. I’ve been searching for that since BTS’s last comeback, but I haven’t been able to find a reliale source :/ Could you please help me with that? I’d really appreciate it :)

I’m not sure sorry, I think Soompi? usually posts about the winner.

Code: Realize New Year Greetings [Twitter] Translations
Original Links: 
Sholmes / Finis / San(Saint) / Impey / Victor / Van / Lupin

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ①】
Sholmes「Happy New Year. Hmm, to think that I’ll be involved with you again this year just like this……what terrible luck I have.Now then――This year’s an important year where many events await both me and all of you. This year will still regretfully pass, day by day, however……let’s look forward to what the future brings .」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ②】
Finis「Yaw~n……Good morning, sister……what?I’m too relaxed even though it’s the New Years……?Ha, isn’t it fine anyway ?Since Twilight’s no longer around now, I’m in a circumstance where I’m free to wake up whenever I want――Peace is wonderful isn’t it?With that said, I’m gonna sleep some more……Well, you shouldn’t overwork yourself either, alright?」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ③】
San「Happy New Year. Saying this words to a lady――Hehe, surely, you won’t be able to imagine how pleased I am by it. Where shall we go this year?An unknown place with things you do not know of. Shall spend lots and lots of time together with just the both of us this year?」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ④】
Impey「Ya~y!Happy New Year!Happy New Year~!Impey-san’s love definitely won’t change this year, it’s straight towards you ! Love is Power!Or so they say!Let’s have lots and lots and lots of fun together this year too――let’s make it the best year of all!」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ⑤】
Fran「Happy New Year. The change of year makes me somewhat excited……!Even if I say that, I’m always constantly concentrating on my experiments……I only noticed that the year had changed when Impey came rocketing into the room. Ahaha……Well then, let’s make it a wonderful year again this year!」

【 Code:Realize New Year Greetings ⑥】
Van「It’s a New Year huh, Happy New Year. I did ask the count about it but, in the Far East, there seems to be a tradition of having a colorful cuisine celebration during the【New Year】. I had intended to entertain everyone with that this year but……I’d appreciate it if you’’ll help me. As thanks, I’ll……right. I’ll let you have the first taste」

【Code:Realize New Year Greetings ⑦】
Lupin「A New Year huh……。I’m really glad that i can spend this year together with you too. Together again, let’s――no, together with all of them, let’s make a fun year together with the Lupin gang. I don’t need anything else as long as it makes you smile。……I’ll be in your care this year too. Lovelier than anything else, my lady?」

The other way around... part 5.... (kind of?)

Sorry for my late update…. so many things to catch up lately. Well hope you like this!

This is not going to get dark, sorry bout that one, and sorry for short update.(Maybe a hint for my next work, after I finish this story) annnnndd my english sucks. Sorry for the messy set up. My writer’s block hasnt passed yet

Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy
Fell! Palette belongs to @angexci (it’s not letting it tag :,( Sorry!!)

3rd Person POV

The boy was standing at someone’s house Hey _____! What’s taking you so long? Said the boy. Well I have a hard time on getting permission. His friend said to him, his face formed a sad smile. No worries! Since you’re here now we can go on an adventure. Hehe. The boy grab his friend hand and started running. They’re having fun playing around, running and catching butterflies. But everything turn black there’s only one figure that can be seen, You traitor!

He suddenly woke up, Ughhh… that dream again. Since when can I sleep peacefully. He thought

Fell! Palette POV

After what (Fell!) Cray said, I didnt give it a secong thought and storm out of the Muffets. Just who does he think he is? He’s not fucking helping. Does he think, I don’t know what he’s talking about? I know, I know it very well than anyone. But I can’t, I can’t go back. My phone was ringing , who the hell will call me up this late? I answered the phone without looking it. “Hello? Who the fuck are you and why th-” he cut what I’m about to say “H-hey i-its G-Goth” he said. I was suprised, I looked into the phone and it was him “Ohh Hey Goth sorry for abouting at you” I said “Ah n-no I sh-should be the o-one to apolog-gise. Sorry for disturbing you” he said sincerely. Hehe, why do I feel relaxed when I’m with him? I smiled on what he said “By the way, why are you calling me?” I asked “Ahhh w-well I th-thought…. we-well I-I’m…. I-I just w-wanna h-hear i-if y-you know umm… if you’re doing fine.” He said stuttering. I know that’s not what he wanted to say but I just go with it. “Hmm of course honey. I’m okay, but its still lonely without you here” I said seductively. “Wa-wah! Umm…. H-hey lo-lo-look a-a-at th-the ti-ti-time, w-well i-i-its t-time t-to g-g-go to bed. Goodnight!” He said and hung up. Hehe, he’s so cute when he stutter. I foun a couch and I immediately lay down “Maybe, mavbe I can learn, maybe I can learn again.” I said to myself and I closed my eyes

Fell! Goth POV

“Ughhh” I have a fever now because of the fight last night. Sometimes when I get angry, like really angry, the next day will be hell for me because of this, weird right? This is why I hate to get angry. My phone was vibrating, and when I looked at it. It’s Palette. “Ohh hey Palette, sorry I can’t go today” I said to him. “Hmmm? Why? Are you alright?” Palette said, I can’t help but to smile, why can’t I control this feelings?! “Goth? Are you there?” I came back to reality when he speak again. “Ahh! Yeah! I’m here” I said to him, “Why can’t you go today is it about last night?” He said with a worried voice. I was shocked when he said that, “Huh? No! No, I just have a fever” I said to him to ease up his worry. “Oh! Okay. Well, go have some rest. Bye!” He said with a cheerful voice. Wait…. That’s it?!

Mohegan Sun trip

Just got home from trip to Mohegan sun casino. It was supposed to be a golf trip But husband said that wives were going and it would be a nice few days away. Plus he said teddy planned it all and he is one of those high roller type gamblers so husband said rooms were all comped. But when we got to casino it was us mike, joe and his wife, Steven , Brian , teddy and his friend jimmy. So I’m thinking great just me and joe wife all day then I find out she is golfing also. So I’m on my own later on teddy tells everyone he made dinner for 9:00 so husband says he is going to casino and will be back at 8:30. No sooner did hubby leave that my cell phone rings it’s teddy he tells me to come to his room. When I get to the elevator I can’t get up to his floor with out the key. So teddy call the desk at the elevator and the guard looks and me and asks my name and then just gives me this big smile looks me over and let me go to the elevator . When I get to the room teddy is in this huge tub with a bottle of champagne he tells me to strip and get in. He pulls me on his lap and starts to kiss me and his hands go right for my tits. I don’t know if the jacuzzi tub the champagne or teddy hard cock but I was soon horny. Ok it was because of teddy a hard cock. He kissed and fingered me for about ½ hour then we got up and went into the shower where he continued to kiss and and finger my pussy until I got down and put his hard cock in my mouth. After a few minute of that he stood me up and bent me over in the shower and fucked me so good that I came twice before he was filling me with cum. He kissed me so more and told me to take he bag on the sofa and go back and get dressed for dinner. When I got back to the room and opened the bag it was a very tight and short black dress I was supposed even husband liked it that he wanted to fuck before dinner but I still had teddy cum inside me. So I told him after dinner At dinner I got big looks and smiles from all the guys. But the time we got back to hotel I was so horny again and as soon as husband go me out of dress he went right for my pussy and started licking. It was so hot and he didn’t even say anything about my pussy except I was so wet for him (hehe) after I cam he got on top and fucked me I barely felt him but he can and then went to sleep. The next morning they were all going golfing so i slept in and I had nothing to do but go in the pool for a little while then I went shopping About noon I got a call from teddy that to meet him In his room for a surprise I told him what about my husband and he said the all went to play another round of golf. I dropped off my stuff and went to his room when I got there there was another guy dressed in all white there and then teddy told me the good news he scheduled a full one hour body massage for me in his suite. I love massages and for an hour I was in heaven I went into the bedroom to change into towel and when I came out the massuse go me on the table and put towel around me. Teddy said something in Italian to him and he took the towel off completely. Teddy can over and kissed my and said it so much easier for him with out towel I laid on my belly and got this wonderful massage it felt so good. But then… Knock on the door it was jimmy him and teddy went over to the sofa to talk and then the masseur told me to turn over so now I’m on my back fully naked for all to see. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the massage. He rubbed everything my breast my thigh my belly the only thing he didn’t do was get a finger inside me but he was very close. After he was done I just laid there then teddy said did you like it I said I loved it. Then he said that Jimmy paid for it and I need to thank him with a hug and kiss. I sat up looking for a towel but none was around Jimmy came close to me and I stood up to give him a hug. He put his arms around me and his hand went right for my ass he then started to kiss me a few times then he went in for a long kiss and his hand found my breast the more he kissed the more his hand roamed until he felt my pussy he had his finger inside me. He kissed me a little more until teddy called him in Italian and he stopped. Teddy was sitting on the sofa in his robe . Teddy then called me over to him and told me to show Jimmy how much I appreciate everything he does for me. I knew what he wanted I opened his robe and teddy was rock hard already. I started sucking his cock trying to forget that Jimmy was right there watching. Teddy kept say how great I suck his cock and as he was about to cum he just held me head and fucked my mouth until he filled it. I swallowed it all down and licked him clean and when I turned around Jimmy had left. I got up and teddy said I better get back because my husband should be done golfing soon.

Just You (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: hi hey hello, love! ♡ i was wondering if you could do a scenario with jay park, where he’s feeling insecure about everything going on and somehow jumps to the conclusion that he isn’t good enough for you, so you’re here comforting and reassuring him in order to have him feeling better? really love your writing, and hope to see more! hehe. love you! xoxo. 💕

Originally posted by j7nseok

    “Jay, what’s going on?” you asked as he let you into his apartment. He looked exhausted- there were dark circles under his eyes- and he hadn’t shaved in a couple days. Instead of one of his usual stylish outfits, he was dressed in ratty sweatpants and a tank top, and his hair was rumpled, unbrushed.

    “I… I just need to talk to you,” Jay said. “I wanted to do it in person.”

    “Okay…” you said, concerned, following him farther inside and sitting down with him on the couch. “You look terrible; how much have you been sleeping?”

    “I dunno, like three hours a night?” he said. “Me and Chase are working on the album a lot, so… I’m fine though.”

    You looked at him skeptically. “No, you aren’t.”

    “No,” he said after a moment. “You’re right. But not sleeping isn’t what’s wrong. Look… I was just thinking about our relationship, how I’m always busy, the way I dance when I perform and all these music videos I make with girls and stuff- it’s… I shouldn’t have done all that stuff while we’re dating; I just…” He trailed off with a frustrated sigh.

    “Babe, I know that’s part of your image,” you said sincerely. “Really. I’m not gonna say I’m not jealous sometimes, but I’m okay with it, really.”

    “But should you be? Should you have to be?” he asked. “Why don’t you just date some guy who’s…” he hesitated, his shoulders slumping as he looked away. “Who’s not like me.”

    “Why would I want to date someone who’s not like you?” you said indignantly. “Jay. I love you.”

    He looked down at his lap, his brow furrowed, not reacting to your words. “I just think you deserve someone better than me.”

    “What’s making you say all this?” you asked, “Did someone say something to you?”

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akaasheeps  asked:

How did you get the idea for the plot to your original work? I want to write an original work as well but everything I think of seems cliche and overused.

tbh I don’t know??? I was just lying in bed about to go to sleep when my brain suddenly said “virtual reality au kuroken” and then once I thought about it more I realized it could work as an original idea. As I fleshed it out I borrowed some from The Hunger Games and a couple other sources … (I did have a very clear picture in my head when the idea sparked … I can’t say it tho cuz it’ll give away the plot twist, hehe)

Honestly tho I’ve always gotten ideas very easily. Once all I had to see was a production company’s logo and I thought of a story idea.

As far as cliche or overused ideas, I think everyone can put their own spin on things to make them interesting! Coffee Shop AUs are rather cliche but tbh depending on how you write it it could be very original! (Plus I don’t think there’s any original coffee shop stories out there … COFFEE SHOP IN SPACE!!! Now there’s an original spin on a cliche trope XD)

anonymous asked:

Hey :) I saw your post and I think you should definitely do the selfie tag thing, I'm sure you're beautiful !! Also, thanks for the cookie, yep I read this far in the tags ^^' Have a nice day 😘💖

Awwwwww!!! Thank you! And as I said before, if my beautiful anons say it, I might comply, just let me take a picture in which I don’t look straight up dead 😂😂😂
(You’re welcome for the cookie, you have now been officially fed by me. Enjoy thinking about that when going to sleep…. )
(That sounded creepy)
(I’m creepy)

Some replies to… well… whatever this was. LOL

@bagog said:

Sounds like you’re having a good morning

*blushes*  mmmm… maaaaybeee

@ellebeedarling said:

Lol, actually I really do love mornings like that! Sounds like a good start to your day! ;)

hehe… yeah. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that but it was worth it.

@earlgraywarden said:

Yeah I do lol, i certainly miss those moments

You’ll have them again, don’t you worry!

@juleshawke said:

Yep, even after 40 years of marriage ;p

You go! And 40 years? Congratulations!

sualocin  asked:

"rise and shine motherfucker" Seb and Lewis with fluffy goodness please ♥️♥️

Pairing: Sebastian Vettel/Lewis Hamilton
Warnings: None, maybe tiny mature references hehe

“I’m going to eat all of your cookies.” 
“Hmmmmmm? Wait, WHAT?” Lewis sat up in his seat in the jet where Seb and him were currently curled up. “What did you just say?” 
“I said ‘rise and shine motherfucker’.”, Seb grinned. “Was about time that you wake up, you’ll be totally jet lagged if you continue to sleep during the flight.” 
Lewis answered with a yawn and didn’t bother to hold his hand in front of his mouth, blinked sleepily and rested his head back against Seb’s shoulder. “Thanks for waking me up”, he slurred and Seb couldn’t tell if there was sarcasm in this statement or not. 
“Well, don’t go back to sleep now. I’m bored, entertain me.” 
“Entertain yourself!”, Lewis shot back. “What do you expect me to do? Conjure a pole and dance for you?” 
Seb pretended to ponder that. “Sounds definitely more entertaining than watching you snore.” 
“Rude!” Lewis sat up straight again. “I don’t snore! Must have been Coco!” 
Seb blinked. “Excuse me but I’m pretty sure I hear you snoring Every Single Night, Lewis. Coco doesn’t usually sleep in our bedroom.” 
“I don’t snore”, Lewis insisted. “Maybe you’re snoring yourself and just imagining that it’s me!” Laughing, Seb shook his head. “Now you’re being ridiculous.” 
Lewis smirked, Seb had walked right into Lewis’ trap there. “And you’re not ridiculous for wanting me to pole dance in a flying airplane for you?” 
Indignantly Seb openend and closed his mouth a few times. “I’m - I’m just bored!” “Hmmmmm”, Lewis made condescendingly. “You know, I don’t have a pole but I guess we could check out the toilet for some Mile High Club Premium Memberships.”~

written ship

@mochi–jiminie said:

‘’Heyy:)) Can I please have a BTS written ship? I hope it’s okay if I make the description a little longer hehee…

I’m creative and realistic, chill, open-minded, leader-ish. I am also a really complicated and cold person. I give blunt and honest answers and don’t like to joke around, tho I have a sence of humour. In some cases, I want to be better than others. But if I’m in a really good mood, I tend to be really talktive and giggly.

Boxing, drawing, music making + listening, video gaming, editing, photography, cooking, sleeping, going to a shooting range, paint-ball, writing (my mind on a paper).

I loove huge hoodies, small cafes, dogs, late night walks in the city, candles, cozy beds, music-composing studios and different kinds of electronic products, tattoos, aesthetics, apartments which are on top of 24/7 open stores, cactuses, action figures.

I hate crowded places, the heat, drama, rejection, over girly-girls, know-it-alls, over-clingy ppl.

And I don’t know if you need this (you can delete this if you don’t need), but looks:
I’m 162cm, curvy, blue eyed girl with short (the lenght is basically the same with bts hair) dark blonde hair and blue-ish/green-ish/grey-ish eyes. I have 6 ear-piercings and 1 lip-piercing. Also have a dagger tattoo on my hand.

Ahhh… sorry for the long description… Thank you and please stay healthy ❤️❤️❤️’’ 

Hey baby thanks for requesting and tbh you really sound like a person I would like to hang out… I’m shipping you with


Originally posted by nnochu

Because besides your  matching hobies he would like your blunt and honest answers.And I think he is THE person who would understand your ambition about being better than everyone else and would respect your boundries about clinging. He would sometimes get cocky but I think it wouldnt be a big problem and your hight difference would be cute also I think you guys go to game date nights and be competitive together in a team or to each other 

- admin K

Straight White Boy Problem #576

*at my friends house, in his dad’s man cave, watching ridiculousness on the big tv*  dude im not going to lie, i was at this party on saturday and this girl was all over me. we like made out but she was totally smashed!! now i had church the next morning and i didnt want to go to sleep at 3 so i told her that we should hang out sometime and we got each others digits and i asked her to send me a text and she sent me one that said “plow m–"   *friend’s mom busts into the mancave with two piping hot digiornio pizzas, obviously eavesdropping*  plow my……crops on farmville. i could really use the coins hehe  *friend’s mom looks at me approvingly, gives me a paper plate*

anonymous asked:

Hello!!! Can I request for the drabble thing? I hope so hehe. Okay what about Hoshi and stay?

genre: fluff (bet y’all thought it was gonna be angst, huh? xD)

word count: 488

synopsis: you’ve got to go to work, but hoshi doesn’t want you to leave.

author’s note: i’m pretty sure i’ve written a scenario similar to this before but iDK. and i love how i said these would only be a paragraph. that’s funny, aubrey xD anyways, i hope you all enjoy ^-^


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bedtime with babyboy

last night, my boyfriend and i were on call but i could tell he was sleepy! i knew he wouldn’t go to bed unless i did so too, but i wasn’t sleepy at all. i know the perfect way to get him to bed though, hehe!

i slipped into mommy mode and said, “are you sleepy, baby boy?” and i could sense the big smile from the phone. “yes, mommy” he said in the cutest sleepy voice!

i told him if he was a good boy and went to bed, mommy would sleep too so he wouldn’t feel like he left me alone. he did make a bit of a fuzz but eventually he went to bed. i love my baby boy.

  • FAN: TOP oppa, I was curious about something. Remember the UFO Town video you posted a long time ago where you said things like, “You’re a pure love man, come on, come on. My voice is pretty. Turns out you’re a blood type B, too." Ah, I really can’t understand what you’re saying…Were you sober or drunk then? I have always been curious since a while ago. [*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnuun-CfCgQ]
  • T.O.P: I was sober then, too.
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, I can’t sleep even though I have to go to school tomorrow. Is it a good morning to you oppa? It’s a good night to me. I may go to school with less than 3 hours of sleep. So tired. Even though I’m in my senior year in high school, I will keep fangirling.
  • T.O.P: Thank you. Hang in there and study hard.
  • -
  • FAN: Why did you delete the video (laughs) [*https://youtu.be/aG2DTG8qIfw]
  • T.O.P: I'm not drunk but I was surprised by the comments hehe
  • -
  • FAN: 5x5 BAE BAE
  • T.O.P: unusual unusual~
  • -
  • FAN: You should wear lip balm before going to sleep, your lips...
  • T.O.P: What is 'lip balm'?
  • -
  • FAN: You won't ever take a normal selfie right? (laughs)
  • T.O.P: Nope
  • -
  • FAN: What you said in the interview is touching. I’m relieved that you’re enjoying Insta, but it will feel lonely if you delete it later once you get bored with it. Hope we can keep seeing each other. Fighting.
  • T.O.P: 😛 Depends on what I feel. This is my insta. I’ll delete it when it becomes boring.😛😛
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, you don’t know how to hashtag (laughs)
  • T.O.P: Why do I need to add hashtags? I don’t like it. It depends on my mind. This is my insta-ya.
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, I like you but please don't post up too many things T_T I can't see any other insta postings T_T I really love you, but please no more postings T_T
  • T.O.P: Then please unfollow~ This is my space.
  • -
  • T.O.P: are you crazy??
  • -
  • FAN: ...♡ I want to pinch your cheek
  • T.O.P: Wake up, you girl
  • -
  • FAN: Oppa, there is an article saying oppa uploaded 300 photos in 4 weeks, (laughs) Fangirl is happy
  • T.O.P: If you are happy I'll upload more in the future, you fool.
  • -
  • FAN: If oppa comes out with the hair, two-thirds of females in the world will be taken to the hospital because of excessive nose bleed. You were definitely considerate of the fans (for having) abnormal hair. I got to know how considerate you are...
  • T.O.P: Don't overreact/exaggerate
  • -
  • FAN: Oh oppa, please call me a fool too.
  • T.O.P: You like “fool”?? You fool.
  • **Replies are not in chronological order.
  • Translated by: huisuyoon,big_seunghyun, shrimpljy@twitter.com
  • Compiled by: ygfamilyy@tumblr.com

I said I would do a full Poth pic, so I did. Hehe. These two are the most adorable beans ever.
Goth by @nekophy
Palette by @angexci

Worked all day on thi-.. its 5am.. eheh.. I’m gonna go to sleep. My index finger feels so sore after swiping on the ipad all day working on this x.x.. but I love how the pic came out! So, can’t complain too much lol. Anyways, rant ending, hope ya enjoy! ^_^