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Started using this cute planner I got from Target 2 days ago 💙

a rather sketchy redraw of one of my favorite blood-lusty Gaara moments ❤️

I meant to do this for a long time now. Here is the masterpost of fanficion written for me. Mostly Vaxus and Pavelyan but also Alistair x Surana, Fenhawke and lots of OC x OC shipping. 

I love every single piece on this list. You are all incredibly talented and your writing keeps me inspired and motivated to keep going. This list was made so I have the easy access to all the beauties but it’s also a huge fic rec ;D

Thank you for making my days better <3

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Jeno scenario!!!

Sorry for the super duper long wait, and here’s your Jeno scenario! ✨💖


You sighed in awe as Jeno headed back to his seat after he received an award for winning a competition he went to last week in front of the school. He was so dreamy, handsome, smart and nice. You had a crush on him since the first time you laid eyes on him like every other girl in school. Suddenly you felt your friend beside you pat your arm a couple times as she fangirled about Jeno and shouted his name while cheering. Unlike you, she was pretty, popular, bubbly and outgoing. She was popular with the boys while you were plain, quiet and simple. She was a friend of yours but you couldn’t help but get annoyed at her sometimes. Since the beginning of the school year she had a crush on the bad boy sunbae, Johnny, but since he got a girlfriend recently she switched over to Jeno who’s in your class. His friends thought it would be fun to throw a celebration for him at the cafe close to the school. Only a couple classmates were invited including your friend and you were lucky enough to have her invite you. 

School was over now and after she finished fixing her hair and makeup, the two of you headed to the cafe. When you entered the cafe you saw three other girls that were in your grade with three of Jeno’s friends. You and your friend joined their table and took a seat as you greeted them. There were two empty seats in front of you and your friend and you noticed that there was an even amount of girls and boys. This seemed oddly like a group blind date. Soon, you heard the cafe bell jingle and turned around to see Jeno’s best friend, Mark dragging him in. Jeno seemed like he didn’t want to sit down at the table but his eyes locked with yours and his gaze softened as he let his friend pull him to his seat. He took a seat across from you and you felt your heart skip a beat as he gave you a soft smile. However, your friend cleared her throat and tapped you on the shoulder. She gave you a quick glance and you knew she wanted to switch seats so you switched with her. Once everyone was settled in, Mark started to talk. He had organized a group blind date and all of you were going to be paired off into five pairs. First everyone went around the table to talk about themselves. All the guys seemed nice and they were familiar faces that you saw in school so you didn’t mind being paired off with any of them. Mark was popular at school for being sociable, athletic and good-looking. Donghyuk was the cute, funny guy who made everyone laugh. Jaemin was the adorable baby-faced kid who’s friends with everyone. The last one Jisung was younger than the rest but he’s pretty well known for being a good dancer. And of course there’s Jeno, the quiet, gentle, handsome, smart guy that you have a crush on.

After introductions were over Mark sent all the guys out and told the girls to pull out an item that belonged to them. When he and the rest of the guys came back, they would each pick an item and pair off to go wherever they wanted to for the rest of the day. You looked through your backpack and came across a sleek black pen with gold trimmings on it. It was a special pen that your parents gifted you and you only use it once in a while. You decided on that item and placed it on the table. You glanced at your friend and she smiled at you as she placed one of her earrings on the table. The boys then started to head back into the cafe. They took their seats again and Jeno was going to choose an item first. He glanced at the items in front of him and you saw him smile as he picked up your pen. You were so excited when he chose your item but you felt your friend give you a tap as she looked at you with puppy eyes. You sighed as she excitedly claimed your pen to be hers. The other boys clapped but you saw a flash of confusion on Jeno’s face as he turned to look at you. You looked down and stayed quiet while the rest of the boys chose their items. Mark chose the earring and you were paired with him. 

As everyone started to head out of the cafe a sudden downpour of rain started. Everyone was in their pairs and stayed under the cafe’s shade trying to avoid getting wet. It was getting very crowded with more people trying to avoid the rain. Suddenly, you felt someone grab your arm and pull you out to the rain. You couldn’t see who it was because of the heavy rain but his grip on your arm was firm but gentle. 

The two of you finally stopped running when you reached the park near the school and ran under the shelter. You wiped the rain from your forehead and straightened your clothes. As you began drying the ends of your hair, you glanced up to see who you were running with. Your eyes widened as you saw Jeno smiling back at you while running a hand through his wet hair. He took a seat on the bench that was underneath the shelter and patted the seat next to him. He laughed at your shocked expression and took out his uniform blazer from his backpack and put it over your shoulders. By now, your face was blushing madly and you couldn’t understand the situation you were in. You asked him if he grabbed the wrong person by mistake, as he was supposed to be on a date with your friend. He didn’t answer but took out your pen from his pocket, wiped it dry with his shirt and handed it to you. You took it from him as the two of you locked eyes. He asked if the pen was special to you, since you only use it sometimes and treat it with extra care. You nodded your head and smiled at him but stopped and blushed when he told you, “You know…I chose the pen because I knew it belonged to you.”