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And they were unnaturally still, not quite troll and not quite serpent, though it seemed as if fire throbbed through the veins of the devotee wherever the familiar brushed against her skin.

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I was wathcing Pretty little Liars and there's this girl called Alison that, at the begining, is all bitchy and mean but then it's revealed that she uses this facade to hide she's broken inside and bisexual (which she represses for years until she falls in love with a friend). I can't stop finding Bi!Dean and destiel parallels everywhere, help!

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Don’t worry you’re not fully down the bottom of the pit until you laugh out loud at the movies when Belle tells Beast “let’s go home” or re-watch the sob fest that is Brokeback Mountain just cos someone *cough* @margarittet made you do it to see the parallels and you feel like you just watched a Brokeback tribute act in season 12…

Actually @margarittet and I were just talking about how literally every Disney movie is so easily relatable to Destiel, that sometimes it’s funny just how blatant it is. The familial/belonging side with Lilo and Stitch, the helping to pursue your own adventure and endgame with Moana, then of course all the romantic ones which are WAY clearer… there’s a reason we ship them, they use all the standard tropes and Disney is a great way to see these as they are so OBVIOUS in Disney because of the nature of the type of stories they are, for kids, they are so much less subtle, so there’s a reason why we can relate everything Romantic and Disney to Destiel.

Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid… The Immortal who chooses a Human life and alongside that, their lover, the Human making the Immortal more “Human” and finding their Humanity, making them happier. Even Hercules which doesn’t follow this exact structure still has ALL the blatant Hercules/Meg Cas/Dean parallels. Generally all the will-they-wont-they moments that are so mirrored, the structure of the story (setting up their endgame first, then meeting, falling in love, generally reluctantly, breaking up for some “supernatural” reason and then reconciling right at the end…).

Which is why its not only Disney but everything else, other TV shows, all the way to the classic Greek mythologies, Shakespeare lol, it sounds ridiculous but they are so relatable…

Yeah, I struggle to see how so many well known romantic stories are exact mirrors of Dean and Cas’ relationship and then how theirs can be platonic. Especially with all the additional subtext of the way they act around each other, the chemistry, the extra added tropes like the bickering, the mixtape, the “always choosing them”, “did it for one Human”, “he’s in love with Humanity” etc etc.

If 1+1+1+1+1 = 5, then the answer is usually 5 ;)

John #24

Okay so it’s 1:20am and I have to go to bed cos I can hear birds (way too early, stupid birds) but I’m pretty overall happy enough to post it.

Funnily enough, preludeinz, #24 was the one I sorta figured for John anyway, when I was looking at them, so thanks for a great choice. I had fun doing it.

Reference was a HQ screencap posted by thunderbirdthor​ but I can’t find the right post for a link right now sorryyyy but thank you for posting them! Twas exceedingly beneficial!

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What are some onomatopoeias in spanish?

Sometimes they come from English, sometimes not.

There are some verbs that are derived from onomatopoeia like zumbar “to buzz”, sisear “to hiss” / “to sizzle”, aullir “to howl” or gluglutear “to gobble (turkey)” and piar is “for birds to chirp” and mugir / hacer mu “to moo”… all of those are related to the sound, zummmm is a “buzz” or “hum” while the noun is el zumbido, and auuuu is the sound of a dog or wolf howling which is el aullido “a howl”. Things like that.

Otherwise you could see zas, pam, pum, bam, bum…

There’s also ñam or ñom which is the sound of someone biting or eating, mua/muac/muak the sound of kissing, chin-chin is sometimes what is said when you mean “cheers!” because it’s the sound of glasses clinking together, there’s ta-chán which is “ta da!”, ay is the sound of a scream or pain or shock, guau guau is the sound of a dog barking, miau is a cat meowing, kikiriki / quiquiriquí or some variation is the sound of a rooster crowing, and toc toc is the sound of someone knocking.

EDIT: There’s also tic tac which is “tick tock” of a clock

And of course jaja or jeje or jiji or jojo which are “haha”, “hehe”, “heehee”, and “ho ho” as in laughter.

I also think the sound of “ah” and “oh” and “ooh” and “ow” are pretty universal.