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Gramma tells the BEST bedtime stories when her grandsons are smol. And even when they're not so smol, she's always got a story or two to tell them about their father that'll make them smile in their dreams.

Hehe! Considering I play Grandma like the guardian of memory of the family (and since we saw her tell tons of stories about Jeff and her family already in the series), I think that’s pretty accurate. X3

Her grandsons may run away at the sight of her cookies, but damn no one is leaving if she starts telling a story. She LOVES telling stories and you can feel it. I like to think she has so many of them that she doesn’t really retell lots of them unless asked. XD

Although she and Grant did share bedtime story time, there was always a little SOMETHING more in how she read stories. It’s the kind of thing that you can’t lose, even if you haven’t tell stories to kids in 25 years or so. I can imagine Scott being her number 1 fan for a while until the others can appreciate it. And each of her grandsons had their way to ask Grandma a story. And even when the years go by, she kept that spark and effortlessly read any classics for the 1000th time.

So long story short…

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Ootd (feat. My grandmas dog hehe)
I’ve been kind of dying for a crop top and skirt combo and as of right now, really can’t afford one sooo I used what I have haha.
The crop top is the basic black one from forever 21+ (I sized up to 3x for all of them)
And the pleated hi-lo skirt is from target at least a year ago.
I also put on my go to belt from ASOS
And my Michael Kors sweater (that I got super cheap at Marshall’s) for the breezy NY weather.