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Tododeku Week 2017

Day 4: Loyalty

I’m not entirely sure what prompted me to do this but have some lovely birb couple who love each other unconditionally and forever loyal to each other~


정국이떡꾹이뻐꾹이춗하ㅐㅎㅎ #꾹이생일ㅊㅋ

Congratulations Jungkookie, Ddeok-Kookie, Cuckoo Bird-Kookie hehe #KookieHappyBday

(T/N: 꾹이/Kookie is a cute way to say Jungkook’s name. 떡꾹이 is a play on words because it sounds similar to 떡국이 which is rice cake soup that is eaten during celebrations. 뻐꾹이 is also a play on words as it sounds similar to 뻐꾸기 which is a cuckoo bird)

Trans cr; Mary & Sevina @ bts-trans


last time i was here it wasnt there


also enjoy my tired art =A=;


YEA U SAW??!! the submit button !! back again hon hon! im so glad !! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

And thankiiies! glad u drew this hehe! this bird is sooo kyote !

And i looks completely terrified haha! 

Love your art style too! it’s soo neat ! (*≧▽≦)

Fun DEH headcanon doodles #2

“another one isn’t exactly a headcanon, but i just love to imagine Connor and Zoe playing Mario Kart together and it’s veRY INTENSE HAha. ((“if you hit me with a blue shell one more time i am going to destroy you i stg)). speaking from personal experience, siblings ramming colorful video game cars into each other is a gr8 alternative to actually fighting hehe. “
- @supportive-bird


sketch dump of my two fav boys and a birb lol,,,,

i failed the coloring of Ilima’s cheeks, but who cares smh - i hadn’t drawn for a long time and i suddenly felt the need to draw something, so i ended up drawing three things and then my brain gave up on me ahhaha