hehe birds

Tododeku Week 2017

Day 4: Loyalty

I’m not entirely sure what prompted me to do this but have some lovely birb couple who love each other unconditionally and forever loyal to each other~


took a break from portfolio work to doodle a self-indulgent AU of my Swan Lake story, which is already an AU of the original story….basically like “Shape of Water” where its still Cold War/1960s but in Soviet Russia instead of the US and instead of a fish boy Vassily is a Bird boy and instead of the custodian Selena is the head scientist’s daughter and there’s ancient magic involved somehow and idk what to do with the Bird Queen/Rothbart character exactly but. Something’s up

anyway calling it the “Shape of Air” hehe


sketch dump of my two fav boys and a birb lol,,,,

i failed the coloring of Ilima’s cheeks, but who cares smh - i hadn’t drawn for a long time and i suddenly felt the need to draw something, so i ended up drawing three things and then my brain gave up on me ahhaha