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dating Sherlock would involve:

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-him teaching you how to dance (“practicing” being an excuse to dance with you)

-little to no PDA

-“sherlock! you almost shot me!” “but I didn’t.”

-you punching Donovan for her insults

-having bad habits which Sherlock keeps pointing out

-him instantly knowing if you feel sad or angry

-him knowing exactly what to do to fix it

-shoving food in his mouth if he refuses to eat

-getting very jealous when irene comes around

-him indirectly assuring you he wouldn’t choose anyone other than you

-john freaking out when he finds out you two are dating

-john finding out by walking on you two having a make out session (which happens rarely)

-john threatens to kill Sherlock if he breaks your heart

-you occasionally punching Sherlock if he gets on your nerves with his attitude

-often slapping him to get him out of his mind palace

-you both trying to please each other

-because you both know you’d be depressed without each other

-although there’s little affection to your relationship you and Sherlock know you love each other dearly and neither of you would give the other up.


Poirot and the 1930s Charleston dance


Dang….Jay Park certainly seems to fit in well with the 1 Million Dance Studio crew doesn’t it? Hehe...first the MV Collab, then Making of vid and now Dance Class. This 30 yr old CEO just keeps on churnin’ out dance vids and music and video contents non stop! Where’d he get all the stamina haha….amazing.

Little Dance - Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 1033
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Featuring: Harrison Osterfield (aka his contact name is “Better Than Spider-Man)
Warnings: its lowkey really cringe
Requested by @jaderz-mega-yikes
HEY BITCH (ha I can never say that with a straight face) Can you write an imagine based off of that one gif of Tom dancing in the airport? Maybe YN (hehe me😏)picks him up & there’s a shit ton of fluff. From yours truly - Dumbass (aka MegaTriggered)
Authors Note: So this is the post it was loosely based off of, lol! I had a much harder time than I expected I was going to, but i think it turned out okay xD

Cast Members Masterlist. Masterlist.

To: Better Than Spider-Man
How long will it take for Tom to stand up?

From: Better Than Spider-Man
I give him five more minutes tops.

You turned to look at Harrison and leaned closer to him. “He does have some long legs; he’s going to need to stretch them soon. These seats are small.”

Haz laughed and nodded, both of you stealing looks over at Tom. Within just a few more minutes, he stood up to stretch.

“Geat, now that you’re standing, you can get me food!” A big smile flashed across your face, along with an eyebrow dance.

Tom sighed and rolled his head to look over at you. “Are you serious?”

“Yep! Hurry along Tom, just because you’re famous does not mean you aren’t my servant,” You moved your hands to shoo him away.

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When sleepy JK facetimes you

*you hear your phone vibrating on your nightstand next to you*

Y/N: *slides phone screen to accept the call*

JK: Hai Y/N~

Y/N: Kookie~ 

Y/N: You look so tired, did you have a rough day?

JK: I’m fine, we were just practicing the choreography and I’m taking a break right now

JK: *notices that you did your hair in soft waves*

JK: *can barely keep his eyes open* Wah your hair looks really nice today, if only I can touch…

Y/N: *blushes* You should get some rest!! You can call me after you take a nap

JK: I don’t want to *pouts* I need to see you so I can regain my strength and I won’t be meeting you until *counts in head* 2 to 3 weeks later

Y/N: *giggles* you’re always so hardworking whether its dancing or even our relationship

JK: Hehe, because of you it’s possible to do anything

Y/N: *embarrassed* Look at you being all smooth, I’ll wait for your return okay?

JK: Okay *smiles* love you buttercup 

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Hoseok went out for coffee with friends and Zelo! ♥♥♥♥

The reason I’m so excited is because Hoseok and Zelo attended the same dance academy growing up. Reunited hehe~♥♥

random style headcanon:

so we all know stan has some dance moves and kyle…doesn’t

so stan will always pull kyle onto the dance floor whenever they’re at a banquet or dance and try to get him to dance with him. he’ll usually be reluctant and disagree at first, but after a while, kyle lightens up and just enjoys himself, forgetting everything else except the fun time he’s having with his boo ~