DAY 3325

Jalsa, Mumbai                      May 5/6,  2017                    Fri/Sat 12:06 am 

Jockeyed by the waves of the radio and swayed by the eminence of their presence, we learn to conduct our speech in a manner that offends not the Fourth Estate, lest they conduct their responses in a manner that offends us ..!!

Manifestations of the different moods and expressions of the person under the sword .. manifestations because one has to give the same response to the different mobile recording devices thrust into your face !!

Hehahaha .. same answers, but how does one devise a methodology to sound and express differently ..that is the test of a true artist .. without complain, without remorse, without any outcry .. and the hope that the opposite party with the modern technology in hand, does sympathetically understand the issue .. else all hell shall have to be faced .. 

My word .. this is such a fearsome occurrence .. !!

There was ‘homework’ tonight, or rather in the evening, for the coming months, which shall dictate what and how one shall demonstrate ability in front of that machinery which propels us into the world of the the mass .. and it was filled with great discussion and creative debate .. better to debate now than regret later after the deed is done .. simple principles of life .. 

The time passed by for the adornment of finger at particular reason and instruction .. the purity of the waters that consider divinity and the nectar of the heavens .. it be for some reason .. reasons asked not .. just followed and in silent agreement .. thats it .. effects shall come to notice later .. if at all .. but better optimistic that the other ..

The body is a complicated machinery  .. it desires certain curriculum .. a curriculum that comes with the umbilical chord almost in its creation and productive element .. accept it we must .. there are no other options .. and those options that do exist are not for you or me .. !!

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Tokiya’s Punishment

or as it’s known in my google drive, “FUCK YOU TOKIYA THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”

Summary: After Tokiya threatens to quit STARISH and join Raging Agency instead, the boys are hurt and want to punish Tokiya for his actions. Fortunately, Ren knows a little secret about Tokiya that will be of incredible use to them. Tokiya has no idea what’s coming to him.

Word Count: 2,442 (jeesus)

A/N: prompt given to me by an anon, fic itself somewhat inspired by otomiya-tickles’ fic “Jumin’s Punishment,” 10/10 read please check it out

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anonymous asked:

Hey Pine and Apollo, since you guys like pee stuff, what do you think about poop stuff?

“Yeah uh, thats not really for me.” 

“I think I can kind of understand why people like it but erm- I don’t know how far i’d be able to go into that sort of thing…I-I mean.. I like the whole being desperate thing and believe me, i’ve watched some weird things but the second anyone like…..touches it– that’s too much for me.”

“…sorry for rambling– hehahaha..” 

DAY 3232

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 2/3,  2017                 Thu/Fri 2:04 am

Birthday - EF - Nandkeshor Dattatreya Paatil // Omnia Ef Egypt 

Fri, February 3 .. and we wish them all a very happy birthday .. with wishes that may last for eternity ..

Technology is a wondrous discovery pastime .. bring in one, play with it for hours, find hidden details, thrills in its ingenuity, its capacity to continuously making things easier for humanity, saving us time and effort, building bridges across the world with others, connecting us like never before, evolving, educating us in our own environs .. and its continuous process .. 


The next advanced and superior model arrives, demolishing all that you had so meticulously learnt on the previous one ..

Technology is sending important messages to us .. keeping our upper stories alive and active .. though restricting us to the couch as never before ..

But time heals .. and like never before .. a marriage brings together old friends and associates in the last few days ..

Romesh Sharma, ne Billu, a junior to Jaya in the Pune Film Institute and dear friend from donkey’s years ..who Produced and Directed me in films like HUM and the one he did for his son Karan .. 

Rakesh Kumar .. 1st assistant to Prakash Mehra in Zanjeer, assisted in Hera Pheri and directed me in Khoon Pasina, Do aur Do Panch, Mr Natwarlal, Yaarana .. his daughter marries Billu’s son .. and the celebrations have been occupying us ..

The ‘sarod’ maestro Amjad Ali Khan Saheb his two sons Amaan and Ayaan also sarod players and musicians in their own right .. Ayaan married to Billu’s daughter Nima, have twin sons aged 4 .. and who recognise me as the Swachch Bharat Uncle .. precocious and smart , tech savvy and without any inhibitions or child shy syndrome ..

And that most adorable little angel in green, with the dreamy eyes, daughter to Billu’s wife’s brother  .. 

IS what the evening is all about ..

Billu and Sujata his wife .. I had brought in his wedding Baraat in Delhi when they were getting married .. and today I bless their son getting married ..

Rakesh Kumar .. such enjoyable days spent with him in multiple films ..

the dreamy eyed sweet heart .. niece of Nima, Billu’s daughter, married to Ayaan, younger son of Amjad Ali Khan .. and who quietly and most graciously walked up to me and asked in the politest of a Mauritian-French-English accent - her parents heritage - if she could take a photo with me .. after which, she came came even closer to my ear and whispered : “ I adore you “ !!

I wanted to take her home .. sooooooo cute ..!! hehahaha !!

Khan Saheb and his grandsons, twins, sons of his Son and daughter in law Nima , daughter of Billu ..

Amaan and Ayaan .. the older and the younger sons of Khan saheb .. childhood friends of Shweta and Abhishek .. Ayaan the younger married to Nima daughter of Billu, and their twin sons on our laps ..

marriage spotting .. hehaha  .. keenly hearing the pundit at the mandap giving ‘gyaan’ to the newly weds on how they should lead their married life .. the amused faces of the bride and groom, giving away their complete disinterest in his preachings .. hahahahahahaha !!

the blessings with rose petals .. 

Love forever and happiness always for all those that hold hands in matrimony and eternal bliss ..

Amitabh Bachchan

okaaay ..’ Houston .. errr back end Blog .. we have a problem !!’

Cannot open my signature file … !!!! 

the signature was stored on desktop from where I used to post above my name .. this morning the extensive exercise we went through to correct the DropBox issue has now not allowed me to post the signature .. the file is showing, but as an ‘alias’ ??!!!! and the window says it cannot be opened,because the original cannot be found .. ehh ..? but it was there till the morning .. and yaaa .. there is a green tick ok mark on the side of the signature file .. so what .. I don’t get to sign off or WHHHAAAATTTTTTTT !?

AND may I inform you that almost all the files are showing ‘alais’ and with that green tick mark .. !!!!  


( and no JIO your complimentary sim card is not going to solve this one ) !!

  • Arlong: Shahahaha
  • Bartolomeo: Hehahaha
  • Bentham: Gaaaaahhahhaha
  • Bian: Ufufufufu
  • Bobbin: Boyoyon
  • Brogy: Gebababababa
  • Brook: Yohohohoho
  • Brownbeard: Uohhohho
  • Buggy: Gyahahahaha
  • Buhichuck: Buhibuhibuhibuhi
  • Caesar Clown: Shurorororo
  • Caribou: Kehihihihi
  • Catarina Devon: Murunfuffuffu
  • Chinjao: Hiyahoho
  • Crocodile: Kuhahaha
  • Dagama: Gamahahaha
  • Daisy: Zahahahaha
  • Demaro Black: Dohaha
  • Donquixote Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu
  • Dorry: Gegyagyagyagya
  • Dracule Mihawk: Wahhahhahha/Kukukukuku
  • Edward Newgate: Gurararara
  • Emporio Ivankov: Mmmfufufu
  • Enel: Yahahahaha
  • Foxy: Fehfehfehfeh
  • Franky: Uhahaha
  • Fukuro: Chapapapapa
  • Gekko Moriah: Kishishishishi
  • Gloriosa: Hawawa
  • Hamburg: Pupupupupu
  • Hammond: Hamohamohamo
  • Helmeppo: Hiehiehiehie
  • Hiluluk: Eheheheheh
  • Hody Jones: Jahahahaha
  • Hogback: Fosfosfosfosfos
  • Hyouzou: Hohehehe
  • Ikaros Much: Muhhihhi
  • Indigo: Piropiropiro
  • Jaguar D. Saul: Dereshishishi
  • Jango: Uhyahyahya
  • Jean Ango: Dededede
  • Jeet: Shihahaha/Nihihihihi
  • Jesus Burgess: Wiiiihahaha
  • Kanjuro: Kakkakkah
  • Kokoro: Nagagagaga
  • Kureha: Heeheeheehee/Kahk Kahk Kahk/Eh eh eh eh
  • Lao G: Fafafafa
  • Macro: Mohahahaha
  • Marshall D. Teach: Zehahahaha
  • Masira: Ookeekee
  • Mjosgard: Susususususu
  • Monkey D. Garp: Bwahahahaha/Wahahahaha
  • Monkey D. Luffy: Shishishishi
  • Millions and Billions: Kyahoo/Kahahahaha
  • Miss Father's Day: Geeerogerogerogero
  • Miss Valentine: Kyahahahaha
  • Mr. 7: Ohohohohohoh
  • Neptune: Ho ho ho
  • Nezumi: Chichichi
  • Perona: Horohorohoro
  • Rolling Logan: Uhihihihi
  • Sai : Kakakaka
  • Sarkies: Pahahahaha
  • Satori, Hotori and Kotori: Hoh hoh hooooo
  • Scratchmen Apoo: Apapapapapa
  • Shanks: Dahahahaha
  • Shiki: Jihahahaha
  • Spandam: Wahahahaha
  • Tararan: A-a-a-a-a
  • Tom: Tahahahaha
  • Tony Tony Chopper: Eh eh eh/Hahahaha
  • Trébol: Behehehehe
  • Usopp: Mwahahah
  • Vander Decken IX: Bahohoho
  • Vasco Shot: Toputoputopu
  • Wadatsumi: Fugufugufugu
  • Wanze: Sa-sa-sa~~!
  • Wapol: Maaahahahaha
  • Yorki: Nuhahahaha
  • Zodia: Gagagaga
DAY 3211

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Jan 12,  2017                Thu  11:32 pm

In the absence of Ef birthdays … in the absence of any event where pictures could have been taken and then made to adorn these columns .. in the absence of any constructive work done during the day, except the scientific rehab process each morning, where most of the time the attention of the specialist trainer is concentrated on a lap top, iPad or a computer .. there has really been nothing of any significance to report .. which is just the way it should be ..

Invention needs no preconditioned inputs .. invention needs the reason and power to invent .. and so as I go along punching with great delight this fresh and new enhanced lap top that has gone through the rigours of initiation for the past few days, I am delighted to put to key board sound, a difference .. a difference in touch and feel .. in adjusting to all the major functioning, by touch and automatic insertions, most of which are undesired and of ‘speed breaking’ intent .. I feel in spirits that at times get expressed on the Twitter line with excessive laughter and immediate control .. 

Yes .. I read the papers and gave sound and expression to the feelings that emanated then .. they are of course intriguing and perhaps difficult to fathom .. but so long as I know what they are, it shall and will suffice .. for the moment !

“when you know it is going to be a no, why go ..”

Intonations get hidden many a time in simple express . . in many a heart felt desire .. in many a longing for the reality to come out in the open freely and frank .. but it is prudent most times to keep the trap shut .. ! wise advice given a long time back, when the trap used to open at the shortest opportunity ..

Two valuable inputs take over in such conditioning .. one, the open mouth gives vent to what at times is undesirable, so best to keep it closed than open and be a victim of it .. and two, the silence of a closed mouth keeps the others guessing on what transpires in the mind of them that have trapped shut ..

Better a shut door ..  in any eventuality !!

Speak .. yes speak, as often as you can .. here .. on this platform .. but know and be aware, that it shall be lifted, conversed with, elaborated, constructed objectively and subjectively, shattered into, driven beyond the limits of speed and turn .. and presented to the rest of the world in fashionable elegance ; one that may never have been imagined or believed .. until .. the wind mill churning its blades across the horizon turn a complete circle and wish you away in its wings and blades of fans .. 

The windmill ..

What an elegant symbol of life and more that comes along with it ..

Life in Netherland or Holland must be so sorted .. it represents almost a national symbol, the wind mill .. many on display in curio shops .. made minutely and with taste in blue and white ceramic .. matching the Dutch womens shoes, particular in shape and color .. distant from the mass variety of the coloured flowers of Keukenhof .. the destination of tulip madness .. !!!

Where did I begin and where have I descended to .. times of Amsterdam and shootings and private visits and just the most warm and friendly environs .. on cold wintery days, by the wayside cafés, enveloping the beauty of closely constructed buildings, narrow to a fault, in different hues and designs .. and bicycles .. !!!

Time to be in these climes of winter again … been a while .. 

Watching ‘TRAPPED’ a tv serial made by an Iceland crew and artists, in Iceland .. getting to see only the whiteness of snow and snow storms .. felt the bitter wind of its temperatures there, and wrapped myself in a blanket .. hehahaha !!

Its a good, happy note to bid the byes .. 

Good night dear ones .. sleep well .. I do these days ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 3212

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Jan 13,  2016               Fri  10:10 pm

Festivities galore in the firmament of our days .. ‘Lohri’ up in the North, ‘MakarSankranti’ in the astrological dates of the Calendar, and ‘Pongal’ in the Southern parts of the country ..

And my wishes go out to all for happiness and good cheer, for peace and loving .. and most of all fulfillment .. fulfillment justifies a completeness that any other does not .. and so respect its value and examination ..

When the body bodes well .. when the structure of nature given to us at birth with all its complicated insides .. when those that understand its delicate forms .. when willingness to accept and be constructive enough to sustain its presence despite shortcomings .. then .. then shall there be deliverance ..

Comparisons shall vary .. they should .. nature and the ‘Maker’ did not do favour .. He or a She did what they had on their pallet .. delivered the difference and watched with bated breath how it would be used abused accepted destroyed reconstructed - for many in today’s times do indulge in changing what has been given to what could have been given, inviting designs, that to me, invariably wish they hadn’t for the original is always the best !!

But to each his or her own .. more her .. for they seem to be challenging the most in the percentages that could be sourced of ‘the responsible, beautified change’ !!

Science and its progress, has drifted our attention away from the real, to the manufactured real .. attachments and gadgets harnessed onto the systems of not just humans but all methods of physical manufacturing, relies believes and calculates according to what the meter or computerised information shall emanate .. reliance on the human has diminished considerably .. in every walk of our lives and existence ..

Robots are replacing humans and that too with an attitude that defies normalcy .. they are constructed by man, run and programmed by man, yet there is uncertainty on their behaviour .. a report recently informed us that one such demagog beserked his way to assassinate the maker ..

So .. the Almighty made us .. and we have the right to assassinate the Almighty at given time or reason .. !!?? that is not right or doable .. is it ..? 

No one has seen the Almighty .. and those that have, and many do each hour, have never fed back to us the detail of the meeting .. however enlightening it could or would have been ..

Planes and cars fly and work on their own .. auto pilot the plane and you can start reading the newspaper or have a conversation with the passengers at the back, outside the cockpit, without much ado .. cars are getting into driverless conditions .. and even now, when put on ‘drive mode’, on long distance highway travel, helps us to rest our feet and merely keep that circular wooden or material operator in your hand, to turn or twist at your will .. pilotless aircraft are causing grievous injury during war operations .. this .. this very medium that you read now has replaced the pen and ink .. words appear, words correct themselves in spelling, and if faulted gives options for correction .. seeking information does not require miles of travel or educated years of study .. it is a click away ..

So in the rehab as I said .. the specialists are busy consulting their machines of information instead of watching the client struggle at the treadmill or bike of the weights or the medicine ball or the bench press er, leg extension er, or any other well designed instrument that competes with your muscular ability to win and put you in breathless shame  …

But it is a comfort zone of bewildered anonymity .. anonymous to the scientific graphic contours that build intricate ups and owns on a scale of reference .. they are the gauge for us all .. they control our being and well being .. and reliance on them is considerably more attention seeking than any other …

A strange world engages you at the bazaar of complicated weaponry inside that reconstructuring arena - the gymnasium .. !!

‘Gymnasium’ .. hehahaha .. a word that stands in its discovery form here :late 16th century: via Latin from Greek gumnasion, from gumnazein ‘exercise naked’, from gumnos ‘naked’.

AND NO .. that was not devised by me .. it is factual and real .. and if it was or is .. how many really go according to the 16th century observation of the ‘way God built us and brought us into the world’ .. err .. not me at least .. I cannot say about the others  …!!!

Such mundane talk and conversation on this platform .. when there has been other interesting developments in the creative world .. a world that we all inhabit and enjoy to our fullest ..

There can never be any more intrinsic and loved in its alert mind than the course of forming ideas that then dramatically change into fact and fiction and reality and intense critical viewing .. art in its devious methodology has indeed become another tool in the world of the web or computerised excellence .. the most vivid and enchanting visuals get recreated on canvasses that defy and challenge the real .. and with suitable substance ..

Substance that aims for reward at every brush of its creativity .. and that is where competition emerges in its ogre like presence, drifting away in the breezes of commerciality, bringing joy when its attained, hurt and debilitation when not .. 

But .. 

the decision taken for reward is not your own, it belongs to the other .. the other shall decide for posterity, value worth and recognition .. the other shall document your good or your bad ..

That is a sacrilege ..

My art contains and envelopes my reading, thought and sweat .. from my inner bodily presence .. it needs my acceptance, my perseverance value, and my consent for reward .. I shall know the right from the wrong .. I .. no other .. the other may consider its worth and reward .. that shall be acceptable, but it cannot replace the creative personality of its creation .. or the moment and health of its making ..


which is why, the best occasion for celebration is the one that resounds within us .. inside our insides .. not within the decision insides of another .. NEVER !

And that is why I ‘read the papers and laugh’ .. as I did earlier on the Twitterised 140 ..

Be in well behaved circuit .. in command and intensity of your own worth .. nothing can ever invade or make hostile, your own .. this special body of flesh and skin and veins and brain, shall remain unique in every respect and time ..

Honour and dignify it .. it does not take long to do so .. 

Just do it .. (with due apologies to Nike) ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2956

Jalsa, Mumbai                 May 4/5,  2016               Wed/Thu  12:52 am

TRISHUL .. completes 38 years of its release … !

38 years is like an eternity, but an eternity that one looks back with great nostalgia and extreme joy ..

The narration itself by Salim-Javed in the presence of Yash ji and Gulshan Rai the producer was a moment .. I was there too .. it was a mere formality I think, for the text and the desire to make the film had already been taken. The story idea had been shared to me by the writers and its concurrence for its production house was to be taken by Gulshan ji ..

New Delhi was the location for most of the film and the newly appointed Oberoi Intercontinental Hotel was the parking lot of the cast .. and for some of the scenes as well ..

The hotel had the only ‘disco’, an unfamiliar word at the time, in the basement and it was our daily evening haunt after shooting packed up .. the name of the discotheque was ‘Tabela’ which in the language you read, means a place where horses are parked, a shed where they are kept .. and the decor inside this dark restaurant with a central dance area lined by the walls with seating, was one that represented an area where you would quite obviously find the finest breed .

Often we would keep it going till the wee hours of the morning, and emerge after the sun had made an appearance for the new day, and we were on our way to our respective rooms, while Yash ji would be standing at the reception in admiration of Shashi ji and me, being ready for the days shoot much before time ; little realising of course that our night was yet to end !!! hehahaha .. !

Youth and its oddities shall never return, neither will its madness .. this surely was our years of madness .. !!

If not the Tabela, it would be long hours of ‘sitar’ playing in my room with a few of the cast .. no one knew what I was playing, because I do not know how to play the instrument, but I pretended to be playing it somewhat professionally, the posture and the strumming being almost like the real, and all the others equally ignorant of the technicalities, would seriously listen in with the occasional acknowledgement of the finesse that they were hearing .. it was pretty professional looking stuff .. but no where near it !!

Yes it was quite a dynamic film and somewhat progressive in its story and scripting .. brilliant I should say .. and the shootings in location familiar to me from my University days was all the more exciting ..

Yash ji loved beauty and winter and food .. and that came to us in abundance in all his films that he did with us at the time, except KalaPathar .. 

He always chose the largest and biggest of casts and stars in his film, gave huge importance to the writing and the poetry of his songs .. many thoughts of which would come from his pen .. and his enthusiasm was infectious .. immeasurably infectious .. you just could not pretend to be not affected by it ..

TRISHUL .. was ‘three’ in a sense and it is quite ironic and coincidental that we have another ‘three’ a TE3N coming up again .. the circles of life .. they come back in time .. you either need to be riding it or getting off the tread mill and awaiting its return to the same wheel ..

And the offer of words .. words of wisdom and care from the well wishers, stare at me in the brightness of a plasma screen on this device that now takes away most of our time and energy .. the mobile ..

“ the moment when you feel qualified enough to judge others, is the moment we make our first wrong judgement” ..

“when you are saying yes to others make sure you are not saying no to yourself” ..

“i stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand from their level of perception” … 

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 2855

The Grand, Kolkata               Jan 26/27,  2016               Tue/Wed  12:42 am

Birthday - EF - Jitendar Shir

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

greetings are due to you for the 27th and we wish you from us all .. happiness and joy and prosperity ..

In isolation is the purity of time and thought ..

I shall endeavour .. and thank all the Ef tonight for all the gifts and wishes you bring to me .. the Ef from Kolkata and all that aligned themselves with them ..

Thank you so much all .. I shall ever be obliged and grateful ..

Its early tomorrow and its late now .. and I have as you know lost the contacts on my mobile .. well most of it .. so its a tough life .. hehahaha .. !!

But fear not .. I shall recover it somehow .. all the Ef have been so generous in sending me messages to reassure me of their presence and their numbers ..

Early this morning I pushed down some squares on this contraption and expressed some words which I am so thankful I have not exposed here .. it would enrage many and perhaps give much distress to several that are NOT form Ef or Blog or any .. it is just some comments on what I think .. and they may be uncomfortable to many .. outside ..

NAAAHHH … !! just kidding .. got all of you all worked up right .. haha .. no nothing like that .. all is well .. did not write any .. imagination ..

Ok enough .. 

Good night ..

Sleep well ..

Love  ..

Amitabh Bachchan